iDigic review: How authentic are their instagram followers?

iDigic is a social media marketing platform that helps businesses increase their social media presence and engagement. iDigic is the place where businesses and individuals buy Instagram followers and likes.


With the rise of Instagram has come the rise of the influencer, and now, social media platforms are flooded with influencers of all different kinds. 

But, when it comes to earning a reputation and a decent following on Instagram, there are still huge audiences to gain.

However, building those audiences and maintaining a decent amount of likes on your posts can take a lot of time and effort. Some people never manage to get past the starting line when building their Instagram brand.

Luckily, it’s possible to skip a lot of that time and effort. Services like iDigic exist so you can buy followers and bulk up your audience to drive more organic followers and engagement.

But how legit is iDigic and the followers it provides for your Instagram profile? In this iDigic review, you’ll learn more about how the service works and the pros and cons of buying your followers there.

Follower Quality

One of the biggest concerns you should have when thinking about buying Instagram followers is the quality of the accounts. It’s estimated that just under 10% of all Instagram users are actually “bots.”

When you buy Instagram followers, a lot of the time you are buying bots to pad your Instagram follower numbers. But this can have really negative consequences.

What are bots?

Many services use software to automate the creation and actions of user accounts on Instagram. That’s why you’ll sometimes see comments on Instagram posts that are totally out of context with the content and message of the post itself.

They’re easy to spot, and they can have highly negative ramifications for your IG profile.

Why are they bad?

Although the concept and presence of bots on Instagram is nothing new, the platform is getting very good at identifying and eliminating these bot accounts. What’s more, they’re taking active steps to penalize Instagram profiles who are using bot automation software to add followers to their account and drive engagement with their posts.

Using bots can get your Instagram profile deactivated with no warning. Not only that, but you can be “shadow banned” from Instagram. This means that, although your account is still active, your posts won’t show up in people’s feeds or be discovered through hashtags or as a recommended post.

Not only that, but using bots can damage the reputation of your brand and harm the organic following of your Instagram account. Followers will quickly drop off or disengage if they detect the use of bots to bolster your following.

What about iDigic follower accounts?

One of the things this platform specializes in is avoiding the use of bots or any type of profile that Instagram doesn’t like. It’s part of what makes them the best site to buy Instagram followers.

iDigic only uses authentic, high quality followers. So when you buy followers from them, you’re getting genuine accounts that won’t be detected as purchased and get you penalized or harm your reputation. 

Super-Quality Followers

Recently, iDigic also introduced an additional service. Known as “super-quality,” these followers have active accounts that have content posted and look 100% “real” when clicked on. 

The drop-off rate is much lower than any other type of followers, too. It’s slightly more expensive than the standard “high quality” followers, but probably worth it if you’re nervous about purchasing followers in the first place.

Automatic Refills

Instagram is regularly cleaning out the platform of accounts they don’t want – that sometimes encompasses accounts that are extremely low activity on the platform.

Occasionally, followers that you buy from iDigic may get caught up in these Instagram user culls. But iDigic customers don’t need to panic if that happens.

One of the great things about their service is that iDigic includes an automatic refill as part of their warranty guarantee. That means that, even if some of the followers you have purchased do drop off, iDigic will work in the background to replace those followers quickly and easily without you having to do a thing.

If you do notice your follower numbers go down without being replaced, they also have a 24/7 email and chat support team who are very quick to respond, friendly, and prompt to fix the issue for you. A big plus in a world of service providers that seem impossible to get hold of!

Pricing and Packages

Not everyone needs to buy the same amount of followers or is working with the same budget. For example, someone starting out on Instagram or who has never bought followers before and is a little nervous, might want to start small.

On the other hand, established influencers who just want a boost or brands that are trying to out-do their competition may have a little more spending money to work with. They are also more likely to want to buy in bulk.


iDigic’s packages are pretty well designed to cater to all these needs and more. You can start off with just 100 high quality followers, and that will cost you $2.95. The packages then go up in follower numbers and price right up to 5,000 high quality followers at $39.95.

If you choose to go with their super-quality followers option, packages start at 100 followers for $4.95. Again, you can choose from different tiers of follower numbers and pricing up to 5,000 super-quality followers at $84.95.

The prices are very reasonable for what you are getting. And having the different packages available makes it a highly flexible service to suit a range of follower needs.

Speed of Delivery

If you’ve read reviews about other services that accept your payment only for your new followers never to appear on your Instagram profile, it’s not something you have to worry about with iDigic.

Their service guarantee means your new followers will appear in 0-3 hours. But it’s likely that you’ll see them start to appear within 5 minutes. 

The same goes for their other services (Instagram likes and video views) and for any top-ups needed through the automatic refill. It seems like this speed of delivery is very reliable with iDigic too, which is a major plus.

Even if a glitch or problem occurs and you don’t see your new IG followers after a couple of hours, they’re so responsive with customer service requests that you’ll have any issues sorted out in no time.

Summing Up Our iDigic Review

It’s totally natural to wonder whether it’s a good idea to buy Instagram followers. If you’re paying good, hard earned money for a bunch of bots that disappear a few days later, it can be so frustrating. But at least with iDigic, you know you’re getting amazing quality with your new followers and a guaranteed refill should your numbers drop off slightly. Couple that with their customer support and pricing and it’s a winning combination!