Best SEO Software

Unleash the potential of SEO software to increase your website’s visibility, boost organic traffic and improve search engine rankings. Find the perfect SEO solution that fits your needs and helps you stay ahead of the competition.

Recommendations for the best value SEO software

Are you ready to take your SEO game to the next level? Explore our carefully compiled list of the best SEO software solutions that offer exceptional value. Read on to find the perfect SEO software for your business.

1. Semrush

— Semrush is an SEO software that streamlines tasks for your marketing team by putting all your online… Semrush Review

Starting price$119.95/mo
Pricing modelPer User
Free Trial7-day
Free VersionYes (limited functionality)
SE Ranking
2. SE Ranking

— SE Ranking is a multi-functional and simple SEO software that provides professionals with marketing tools and SEO… SE Ranking Review

Starting price$18.6/mo
Pricing modelPer User
Free Trial14-day
Free VersionYes
3. GoDaddy

— Improve your site speed using one of the largest hosting provider, GoDaddy. Not only better speed, but… GoDaddy Review

Starting price$5.99/mo
Pricing modelPer License
Free Trial30-day
Free VersionYes
4. Serpstat

— Serpstat is an SEO software for in-house SEO teams, SMB and Enterprise, Digital Marketing Agencies, and anyone… Serpstat Review

Starting price$69/mo
Pricing modelPer User
Free TrialNo
Free VersionYes
5. SimilarWeb

— Similarweb is an SEO software that offers fast and easy methods for businesses to generate digital traffic… SimilarWeb Review

Comprehensive collection of data.
Collects organic search keywords even when they are not provided.
Excellent UI and customer support.
Starting price$125/mo (annually)
Pricing modelQuotation based
Free TrialYes
Free VersionYes
6. Surfer

— Surfer is SEO software designed to optimize text content like articles and blog posts. It comprises a…

Starting price$59/mo
Pricing modelPer Seat
Free TrialNo
Free VersionNo
7. Yoast

— Yoast is a WordPress SEO software that helps website owners develop their sites to meet the highest…

Starting price$19/mo
Pricing modelSubscription-based
Free TrialNo
Free VersionYes
GoDaddy Airo
8. GoDaddy Airo™

— Everything your SaaS business needs to get going in one handy place. GoDaddy Airo™ provides everything you… GoDaddy Airo™ Review

Ease of use - start your business quickly.
Easily create modern, flexible websites.
Deliver a professional brand image.
Starting Price$11.99/mo
Pricing ModelPer user bundled
Free TrialNo
Free VersionNo
Marketmuse Logo
9. Marketmuse

— MarketMuse is a marketing automation tool for SEO specialists and digital marketers. It's used for content creation,…

Starting Price$7,200/year
Pricing ModelSubscriber based
Free TrialNo
Free VersionYes
10. ahrefs

— ahrefs is the ultimate SEO software that will help you optimize your site to rank higher. Get…

Starting price$99/mo + 500 set up fee
Pricing modelPer User
Free Trial7-day Trial for $7
Free VersionNo
11. Spyfu

— Spyfu is an SEO software that helps increase your website traffic, track your keyword rankings, and make…

Starting price$39/mo
Pricing modelSubscription-based
Free TrialNo
Free VersionYes
Moz Pro
12. Moz Pro

— Moz Pro is an SEO software that removes SEO complexity by targeting the most suitable keywords. This…

Starting price$99/mo
Pricing modelPer Seat
Free Trial30-day
Free VersionNo
13. Majestic

— Majestic is an SEO software that provides link intelligence data like trust flow, citation flow, visibility flow,…

Starting price$49.99/mo
Pricing modelPer User
Free TrialNo
Free VersionNo
14. Botify

— Botify is a cloud-based SEO optimization software that helps businesses improve their website's search engine visibility and…

Starting priceContact for price
Pricing modelSubscriber based
Free TrialYes
Free VersionNo

What is SEO Software?

An SEO tool is a marketing software designed to help enterprises improve their ranking on Google and other search engines, by improving the search relevance of their sites. These software tools help with the identification and analysis of keywords. They can also perform SEO audits and keyword research.

SEO software programs can help identify areas that need improvement on your website, so they can produce higher rankings on search engine results pages (SERPs). It is the best way to bring free or organic traffic to your website.

They aren’t only useful for conducting keyword research or tracking your rankings. They can help you gain insights into your competition and how your efforts are paying off. SEO tools can even show whether you are generating a strong return on investment (ROI).

An SEO platform is an online tool that helps users organize, analyze and monitor their website data relating to its performance on search engines. This data includes keyword rankings, trends to backlinks, website speed, and more.

How Do SEO Tools Help Me or My Business?

SEO optimization tools can help many businesses in a variety of sectors receive higher ROI. The best SEO tools will help your business with:

  • Targeting quality traffic — This is one of the main goals of SEO optimization tools. If you want people to find your site, you should simply prioritize SEO management, so you can jump to one of the top 5 positions on a search engine results page.
  • Increase your website or page’s visibility and ranking — The higher you rank on Google, the greater the possibility that a prospect will click on your website. This is related directly to traffic quality.
  • Build Authority — Search engines highly value page authority, which can be achieved with SEO platform tactics such as getting external backlinks from other high authority sources.

How We Rank the Best SEO Software

We take our ranking process seriously. We have developed a detailed evaluation methodology to evaluate SEO software providers. Our methodology evaluates pricing, ease of use, features, and support to ensure we identify the best options for our users. Additionally, we leverage our internal testing team and analyze existing external reviews to calculate an individual score for each software – the Genius Score. Check out our rating methodology page for more insights into our rating process.

Main Features of SEO Tools

SEO tools have many functionalities and the best SEO software programs offer different features, but there are some important ones that are a must. Always check for the following characteristics when trying an SEO platform tool.

  • Reporting — SEO optimization tools generate performance reports of your strategies and search ranking status for every keyword.
  • SEO management and tracking — This helps monitor key metrics like keyword rankings, traffic, page views, and backlinks to evaluate which changes need to be made.
  • Competition analysis — The best SEO tools help to get a view of what your competitors are doing. Through them, you can find out how much traffic they are getting and what your competitors are ranking for.
  • Site audit — Such tools crawl and analyze all pages on your site and provide a deeper assessment of your content. They point out potential issues, such as out-of-date content that need improvements and fixes.
  • Keyword research — These tools discover highly relevant keywords to drive traffic to your site. They can also calculate metrics such as monthly search volume, and other potential topics for content generation.

Benefits of Using SEO Tools

SEO management tools can help you achieve better results and improve your digital presence. SEO optimization tools are capable of delivering lots of metrics that can help you analyze your content’s performance, your competition’s performance, discover new keywords, and many other use cases.

Analyze Content

The best SEO tools show you how to optimize your site with keywords and formatting recommendations. Many programs also track rank changes. This allows users to change any content that has begun to perform poorly.

Some of these tools also provide automated reporting in real-time. You won’t need to assemble the data points manually because the SEO optimization tools will provide customizable reporting capabilities for different objectives that will make the reporting faster and easier.

Analyze Competition

SEO optimization tools not only help you analyze your site but also your competitors’ website pages. SEO management programs offer link data for competitors showing you what your competitors are doing, how much traffic they are getting, and how they rank in Google. The best SEO software programs out there will give you an overview of a domain’s performance. You will be able to see their position on the first page of search results and many more details.

Discover New Keywords

Through SEO optimization tools, you can identify new opportunities to optimize your webpages. The best SEO software programs help with researching keywords that are related to your products or services through their keyword planner tools.

Identify Opportunities

Some of the best free SEO software offers internal and external link opportunities. This means that they identify and prioritize internal or external link opportunities. SEO optimization tools also manage all aspects of the link acquisition process.

Consolidate Tasks

The best SEO software programs offer a comprehensive dashboard that will help you monitor search engine trends and rankings and analyze how you rank against your competitors. Also, it will help you assess your overall site authority.

Improved Visibility

If you improve the visibility of your website via search engines you will ultimately attract more visitors. SEO management tools can help with choosing the right keywords that will generate the most traffic. This will help you create good content from scratch, as well as reworking middling content into great content, and generating a good quantity of quality backlinks.

The best free SEO software can also maximize your business presence across multiple channels, including directory listings and mobile. When you have analyzed the reported results, you then can implement the strategies that will improve your search rankings. This will be achieved by optimizing your website, using social media marketing, and driving strong backlinks.

Long-Term Marketing Strategy

The best SEO programs don’t only deliver a significant impact within the first month of implementing them. Sometimes the effects compound over time, which increases results for a long period — we’re talking years. The more budget, time, and effort you commit to implementing SEO strategies, the higher will be the ROI. The results will never be instant but investing in it is still worthwhile.

Implementing thoughtful strategies like on-page optimization and careful content creation takes time. You should view the purchasing of one of the best SEO software programs as an investment with a long-term return and not as an expense. In this way, you will see the best results.

24/7 Promotion

Search engine optimization is working even if you aren’t. Content doesn’t disappear like paid advertising when the budget runs out. High rankings promote your website 24/7. Of course, these high rankings happen if you use one of the best free SEO software programs on our list. It allows your company to reach everyone that is searching for you.

Improved Credibility and Trust

If you rank high on the first page of Google, this will make you more credible in the eyes of potential clients. Websites are ranked on dozens of on-page and off-page metrics. These include content, mobile usability, and website speed.

Of course, no one thinks about such things when they are searching, but they have trust in Google’s ability to deliver valuable and relevant content. Keep in mind that 75% of users do not move on to the second page of Google search results.

Reach Your Entire Target Audience

Search engine optimization doesn’t only help with a single target audience. The best free SEO software programs are equally effective for targeting different audiences too and with the same service. Businesses can reach every audience via intent-driven keywords when using the best SEO software programs. To help reach different audiences, a company can create separate service pages and target different keyword phrases.

Optimized User Experience

A critical component of the best free SEO software programs is the user experience. It is also a significant Google ranking factor. Search Engine Journal says that Google can interpret an unfavorable or favorable user experience. A positive one can become a pivotal element for the success of a website.

Anyone that is searching for something on Google expects to have their questions answered in moments. Clicking onto a website that has a barrage of popups or mobile incompatibility will result in the visitor leaving the site within seconds to find another one with a better user experience. High bounce rates show that the page is not valuable for the user, which will lower your rankings.

Better Close Rates

According to statistics, 14.6% of closing rates are achieved from SEO leads. Meanwhile, 1.7% of them are from outbound leads. When you reach out to customers, the conversion rates are lower because the interaction is unasked for.

SEO leads are customers that have done some online research with specific requirements and then came to your website from a search engine results page. This is what makes them marketing-qualified leads or MQL. Only sales-qualified leads or SQLs can result in higher conversion rates.

Establish Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is hugely important for a company. It is the extent to which the targeted market recognizes the brand. It shows how familiar your customers are with your service or product, and it is one of the key steps in promoting your company.

SEO ensures that your product or service is found easily. When you are at the top ranking, people will be able to see you effortlessly. This means that your link will be picked more often and more users will visit your site. This is one of the top benefits of SEO: establishing your brand’s awareness. It also helps with the promotion of word-of-mouth marketing and builds up your business.

Who Should Use SEO Software?

The best free SEO software programs can be used by anyone, but not all individuals in a business organization need to use it. The responsibility of implementing it usually falls on content marketers or other people within the marketing department of the company. Sometimes there are even SEO specialists who do that. There are also plenty of self-employed content creators that rely on SEO to ensure that their content ranks at the top of the search engine results page.

Large Companies

Large companies are the ones that use SEO the most. Search engines are a primary channel where potential buyers can find services and products. Many businesses invest a huge amount of their marketing budget on the SEO specialist team that tries hard to make the company’s content rank higher on SERPs.

Small and Medium-sized Businesses

Small businesses include content creators with a personal brand. They can be bloggers, YouTubers, influencers, etc. This is a highly competitive space, so they want to ensure that their content is performing well on their platform. SEO programs can help with tools like brand mentions and hashtag tracking.

How Much Does SEO Software Cost?

The pricing models include per month pricing, per-user pricing, and volume-based pricing. But most SEO programs are priced on a per monthly basis. They can be divided into three tiers.

  • SEO software programs that cost from $13 to $16
  • SEO software programs that cost from $16 to $99
  • SEO software programs that cost $99 or more

Some SEO platforms are pricier because they offer more or better tools or offer all-in-one tools. Cheaper tools are mostly used for in-house SEO or small agencies. Meanwhile, the most expensive tools are used by larger agencies or companies.


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