Serpstat is a powerful SEO and digital marketing tool that can help businesses improve their website’s search engine ranking and online visibility. With features such as keyword research and competitor analysis, Serpstat is a great choice for businesses looking for a comprehensive SEO and digital marketing solution.




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Serpstat Review


Serpstat offers an all-in-one SEO platform to enable companies to automate their search visibility optimization processes in areas such as domain and content marketing, SEO, and PPC. Read our Serpstat review to learn more about its features, pricing, and other details. You can use the information to compare Serpstat features with other similar software based on our Serpstat review.

The platform’s overall score is at the higher end of the rating scale due to its ease of use, user-friendly interface, and other notable features.

Pros and Cons

+ Accurate and Thorough Reports — Some of the Serpstat features such as its site audit report are very accurate and thorough.

+ User-friendly interface — Serpstat has an easy-to-use interface for both new and returning customers.

+ Good customer support for large companies — The support received is satisfactory.

– Limited Features for Some Pricing Plans — Some of the Serpstat pricing plans do not cover the Serpstat features that we need.

– Unsatisfactory Customer Support — Based on our evaluation of the quality of customer support for those who purchased lower pricing plans, we discovered that it is challenging to get support from Serpstat’s team.


Serpstat is an easy-to-use all-in-one SEO platform and its tools help you to obtain an online presence easily. You can navigate around the platform without any difficulties and the interface is user-friendly.

It is super easy to generate reports such as the organic keywords report. Many users are also satisfied with the well-designed rank tracking feature for heavy SEO requirements.

With regard to usability, Serpstat’s platform is at the higher end of the rating scale. Overall, we gave high ratings on the ease-of-use criteria and the mobile-friendliness of the platform when analyzing results.


As per the details of Serpstat explained below, the platform has several features that can help with your search visibility optimization processes. These Serpstat features were presented below.

  • Keyword research. Serpstat’s keyword research tool can help you find powerful keywords for your content that can help in expanding your reach.
  • Website Analysis tool. With this Serpstat feature, you can determine the key indicators and the degree of optimization of any website.
  • Integration with other Apps. To use Serpstat across various applications, you can choose from various APIs to link its platform with major apps.
  • Rank Tracking Tool. You can use this tool to check the organic and paid search results of a website. This feature can help you in detecting search result changes based on the details of Serpstat explained above.

Support Quality

Our Serpstat review found varying experiences on support quality. For the Enterprise Serpstat pricing tier, the support is satisfactory. However, we discovered that the support quality seems to be lesser for those in the lower pricing tiers.

Based on the Serpstat features of its enterprise plan, the support provided includes both online and phone channels. The more affordable pricing plans include online support only which accounted for the difference.

Overall, the support quality of Serpstat’s team is at the higher end of the rating scale. As Serpstat explained on its website, the company always strives to provide satisfactory support to its customers.

Serpstat Pricing — What does it cost?

The Serpstat pricing plan provides corresponding pricing levels for companies of all sizes. You can get a monthly price reduction of 20% when you take an annual plan as Serpstat explained on its website. Also, based on the Serpstat pricing explained on its website, some examples of the inclusions that scale up with the Serptat pricing tiers include the number of daily searches, users, API credits, support channels, and other special benefits. As per the Serpstat review comments, you can select plans based on your company size.

Based on the details of Serpstat explained on its website, the following Serpstat pricing plans show the differences for each paid plan:

LiteStarting from $69/user/month
StandardStarting from $149/user/month
AdvancedStarting from $299/user/month
EnterpriseStarting from $499/user/month


Based on the specifications of Serpstat explained above, the platform can offer you easy-to-use and user-friendly tools. It also provides satisfactory customer support for enterprise clients.

Our Serpstat review found that there are challenges with regard to getting customer support for the lower Serpstat pricing plans. Nevertheless, the Serpstat review ratings remained at the higher end of the scale.

With regard to the Serpstat pricing plans, larger companies can enjoy more Serpstat features. Our Serpstat review found that those on Enterprise plans are more satisfied with the pricing of Serpstat features.

Overall, you can improve your search visibility optimization using the features that Serpstat explained on its website. You can also leverage the extensive integration feature to incorporate Serpstat features.

Try Out Serpstat Now!

You can try out Serpstat now to use the tools that can help you in your search visibility optimization processes for your company.



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