Best Email Marketing Software

Engage with your customers using this powerful tool. It helps you to turn visitors into customers. Find out more about email marketing software in this article.

List of the best email marketing software

Email marketing services help to build and engage with your customers. It also helps to promote your brand and educate your readers. Below is a list of the best email marketing software tools carefully chosen based on functionality and quality of service.

Featured EcoSend
1. EcoSend

— EcoSend is an eco-friendly email marketing platform that helps businesses reduce their carbon footprint and improve customer… Read review

Starting price$49/month
Pricing modelSubscriber Based
Free Trial7-day
Free VersionYes (Up to 500 contacts and limited features)
2. GMass

— GMass is an email marketing software that enables users to send a series of cold emails that… Read review

Starting price19.95 / mo
Pricing modelSubscriber based
Free TrialNo
Free VersionNo
Pipedrive Review
3. Pipedrive Review

— Pipedrive is a highly rated CRM software, with an easy-to-use interface. With no setup, contracts or hidden… Read review

Starting price$15/mo
Pricing modelPer User
Free Trial14-day
Free VersionNo
4. MailChimp

— Send the right messages to all your customers and take your business to higher levels. If you… Read review

Starting price$9.99
Pricing modelSubscriber based
Free TrialNo
Free VersionYes
5. ActiveCampaign

— ActiveCampaign is a sales platform that offers you information on driving growth and sales using customer experience… Read review

Starting Price$11/mo
Pricing ModelPer User
Free Trial14-day
Free VersionNo
6. AWeber

— AWeber is an email marketing software that offers marketing solutions like email marketing, landing page templates, email… Read review

Starting price$19.99/mo
Pricing modelSubscriber based
Free TrialNo
Free VersionYes
7. Benchmark

— Spend minimal time on marketing with reliable email marketing software. With Benchmark, you can quickly set up… Read review

Starting price$15/mo
Pricing modelSubscriber based
Free TrialNo
Free VersionYes
8. Keap

— Keap is a CRM software that delivers so much more. It's an integrated platform that puts marketing… Read review

Starting Price$40/mo
Pricing ModelSubscriber based
Free Trial14-day
Free VersionNo
9. EmailOctopus

— EmailOctopus is a simple and user-friendly email marketing software. It uses insights and data to separate your…

Starting price$24/mo
Pricing modelSubscriber based
Free TrialNo
Free VersionYes
10. Sendinblue

— Sendinblue is an all-in-one marketing platform designed for businesses of all sizes. With its email marketing and…

Moosend Logo
11. Moosend

— Moosend is an all-in-one email marketing platform designed for businesses of all sizes. With its drag-and-drop editor,…

Starting price$9/month
Pricing ModelSubscriber based
Free TrialYes
Free VersionNo
Shift Logo
12. Shift

— Shift is desktop software that unifies and organizes all your work-related activities. It allows you to access…

Starting Price$119/year
Pricing ModelPer User, Subscriber based
Free TrialYes
Free VersionYes
Cakemail Logo
13. Cakemail

— Cakemail is a powerful email marketing platform designed for small businesses. With its user-friendly interface, customizable templates,…

Starting Price$8/month
Pricing ModelSubscriber based
Free TrialNo
Free VersionYes
14. GetResponse

— GetResponse is an all-in-one platform with an email marketing software, conversion funnel, landing page creator, and several…

Starting price$15/mo
Pricing modelSubscriber based
Free TrialNo
Free VersionYes
15. XgenPlus

— XgenPlus is a comprehensive email management software that provides businesses with advanced features such as end-to-end encryption,…

Starting Price₹ 250/year
Pricing ModelPer User, Quotation Based
Free TrialYes
Free VersionNo
ZippySig Logo
16. ZippySig

— ZippySig is a powerful email signature generator that enables businesses to create professional, customized email signatures. It…

Starting Price$4/month
Pricing ModelSubscriber based
Free TrialYes
Free VersionNo
17. Gimmio

— Gimmio is an intelligent brand management platform that helps you create a consistent brand experience in all…

Starting Price$4/month (billed monthly)
Pricing ModelPer Feature
Free TrialYes
Free VersionYes

Business owners are always looking for a way to get more profits by improving their marketing efforts. Email marketing is one of the most powerful tools that can be used in such a situation. To fully harness the power of email marketing platforms, it is important to choose the best free email marketing software 2022. This might prove to be quite a challenge given the huge number of solutions available. However, in this article, we provide detailed information about email marketing platforms and a list of the best email marketing software 2022.

Ranking methodology of the best email marketing software 2022

To produce a list of the best email marketing platforms, we checked the rankings of each product from different software-ranking platforms. This allowed us to find the top email marketing platforms and create a list of the best 50-100. Furthermore, we checked user reviews to gain insight into the actual functionality of these emailing services. Finally, our experts examined the email marketing tool UI and usability. This allowed us to identify key features and metadata for each product. Taking into account all the above, we calculated a score and ranked each of these email marketing tools. Our list contains the best of the best products.


The best email marketing software does more than just track and send emails to your audience. It also provides tools that can help increase your client base, combine different marketing channels and segment your lists. This creates a powerful solution that will help you earn more revenue and grow your business further.

Creating a list of the best email marketing tools takes time since it involves carefully checking each service. Our ranking method follows strict rules to ensure that each listed service performs its intended purpose.

Although different organizations and companies use emailing services for different purposes, each of the solutions listed above works best depending on the use case. Considering that the list was generated from the 100+ best email marketing services currently available, each software works perfectly in its own way. This means that choosing any of the above best free email marketing software guarantees ease of use, functionality, quality, and the inclusion of tools to help with your emailing services.

Since there are different types of email marketing platforms, your individual needs are what helps you find one that perfectly works for your company. Consider the number of users you intend to contact and what kind of additional tools you need. This can easily be tested using the best free email marketing software or by using trials and demo versions of an email marketing tool.

Free trials and demo versions give you the chance to use emailing services in real-world applications. This provides you with information regarding how the software works and if it is suitable for your organization. All this is done before making the crucial decision of whether to purchase the email marketing tool.

Now, let’s take a deep dive into the topic and give you more information about email marketing platforms.

Best email marketing software 2022 overview

Email marketing tools consistently deliver a higher ROI compared to other modes of marketing. They give companies a way to build and engage with customers in an environment that feels personal. Not only do you get a one-on-one customer-level interaction, but you can also generate more leads, build relationships and increase sales.

What is email marketing software?

Email marketing platforms are simply SaaS (Software as a Service) tools that are cloud-based. The best email marketing tool enables its users to create, send and track emails sent to a defined list of subscribers. This software makes it easy for organizations to design emails and also see the metrics. These metrics include open and click-through rates.

Advanced email marketing tools can automate the process based on the client’s behavior. Automation increases the likelihood of engagement since it enables a personalized experience depending on interests. Email marketing tools are effective in almost all industries that need to constantly contact their customer base.

An example of the best free email marketing software at work involves an e-commerce company. Consider a user who was browsing an e-commerce website and left something in the cart. An automated email can be sent to the user reminding them about the product is in the cart and also encouraging them to make a purchase. Although email marketing tools are not new, their effectiveness has been proven.

What does email marketing do?

Email marketing tools share similar functionalities and features and only differ in their deployment and packaging. Here are some common things that email marketing platforms do:

  • Mail list management — Email marketing tools allow you to manage who or where the email will be sent. The list can also be segregated into smaller targeted groups depending on metric results. Customers can be in more than one group that matches their profiles. This allows the user to conduct specific campaigns.
  • Analytics and reports — Similar to other business solutions, reports on analytics provide insights for effective solutions. An email marketing tool allows you to check email click rates, demographics, and trending content. Furthermore, some tools have live trackers to stream metrics as soon as they occur.
  • Auto-responding — When a targeted email is sent to a group of individuals, autoresponders are used to nurture leads. Replies that answer queries or thank the user for clicking are crucial in maintaining leads. Autoresponders include a way to schedule emails, sort recipients, and send emails based on a certain trigger.
  • A/B testing tool — If you are not sure if your campaign method is working, you can email a set of smaller groups. Using the feedback from the group, the design, and delivery of the information can be fine-tuned to make the best-performing email version.

Email marketing meaning

Email marketing is a form of marketing that utilizes the customers on your mailing list. It informs them about new products, offers, discounts, and other services you deliver. Email marketing can also be used as a way to educate your audience about your brand and keep them engaged. This helps you to grow your business by attracting more customers.

Main features of the best email marketing software

The best free email marketing software has different features included to boost functionality and service delivery. Without these tools, you will be at a disadvantage compared to your competitors. Here are some important features you should consider.

  • Scalable pricing — If you are new to email marketing then you don’t want to break the bank. Find a provider with a scalable pricing plan that suits you financially. Most mailing services include different tiers depending on the user base.
  • Robust analytics — Digital marketing is all about data. An email marketing tool should have a robust analytics engine capable of handling such huge data and providing reports.
  • Customer service — Hopefully, you won’t face any problems while using email marketing platforms but this is bound to happen. With this said, some providers have reliable customer service that can help you solve your issues quickly, while others don’t.
  • Marketing automation — If you are still using a manual email marketing campaign, then you are missing out. Efficient products offer an automated service for all email marketing needs. This involves setting automatic sequences for everything.

Benefits of using the best email marketing software

If your company is yet to use an email marketing tool then it’s definitely time to utilize it. Email marketing has been cited as one of the marketing options that offer a higher ROI. Thousands of businesses use these products around the globe to improve sales and attract more customers. Here is a use case scenario followed by the benefits of using email marketing.

Use case scenario

Currently, over 90% of consumers use the internet to find local products or services. More than 82% use online reviews as a guide to making a decision. One use case scenario involves an e-commerce platform. Research shows that a company will increase its sales by guiding its customers to reviews. This can be done by sending an automated marketing email to customers who clicked on a product and left. Furthermore, the company can also include offers in the targeted email to entice potential new customers as well as information about new or existing related products.

Benefits of email marketing

Of course, there are a large number of benefits to using such software. Here are some of the top benefits when using email marketing services.

Reach a global audience

A marketing platform such as social media helps you to reach a global audience. However, with these options, there is no way to tell if people are actually reading the content. The best free email marketing software allows you to reach a global audience while providing metrics on how users interact with the content. This gives you information on products most likely to sell more.

Create personalized content

As stated earlier, email marketing services can customize your campaigns by creating targeted content for consumers. Personalization can be as simple as including the customer’s name in the email to increase the click-through rate. Additionally, you can create content based on a segmented group, which could either be new or current consumers.

Improve sales

Since email marketing is one of the most powerful marketing tools, it increases your sales by attracting new customers. According to research, marketers have found that the biggest source of ROI is through email marketing services. Emailing services can feature both products and services depending on the organization using them.

Allows communication with the target audience

As a market specialist, it is crucial to have good communication with your audience. If the client base is free to communicate with the service provider, then they will be loyal to the brand. With email marketing services, the audience can easily communicate with the brand through surveys for example. This also gives the business information on what to improve.

Generates traffic

When great content is produced and disseminated, likely a certain percentage of readers would want to know more. This process involves visiting your official website. This generates and increases the amount of traffic on your website, thus increasing your SEO ranking. Moreover, your customers will be engaged with both your brand and site.

Increase leads

Similar to improving sales, you can also increase leads when using the best email marketing software. By using the inbound method, you can attract new leads, nurture them and convert them into customers. This works especially well if you have a demo version or offers that accompany the product or service. Bad leads can also be avoided by the sales team to avoid time wastage.

Cost-effective campaigns

While traditional campaign methods like direct contact and printing cards are costly, email marketing services are more cost-effective. For instance, there are no additional costs for location, photoshoots, printers, and mailing. The only cost incurred is for a copywriter and a graphic artist. Furthermore, email campaigns take a shorter period to produce.

Which companies should buy the best email marketing software

Organizations and businesses face the dilemma of whether to include email marketing services. The fact is, email marketing is the most effective tool to find leads and convert them into customers for any sector. Here are some companies that should buy email marketing services to improve service delivery and customer relations.

Financial services

Profitable financial services including insurance, banking, consultancy, and mutual investment funds use email marketing since they offer multiple products. If such companies spend time investing in the best email marketing software, there is no doubt that their clicks will shoot up.

Healthcare services

The best email marketing software in healthcare services helps to build a strong and long-lasting relationship between patients and healthcare providers. It can be used to send seasonally appropriate information, personalized patient education, and information on various medical come-ups.


The telecom industry is constantly evolving in terms of data deals, tariffs, and handsets. Customers expect information from brands on available digital platforms. The best email marketing software helps in such a situation in a cost-efficient way to distribute personalized information on different platforms.

Sports and entertainment

Sporting events and entertainment, in general, need an audience to generate income and survive. Event organizers can use email marketing platforms to find an audience and learn what they want. Sports and entertainment events including music performances, games, and matches can then be arranged and communicated to a relevant customer group.

What does email marketing cost?

Email marketing services vary in terms of how much you pay. The price range usually depends on the number of contacts you have or how many emails you will be sending out. The typical price range is from free to $50 per month. However, some can run into the thousands of dollars. Most include a demo or trial version of the software. Prices also differ if you are on an enterprise tier.

Types of email marketing

Whether you are new to emailing services or already sending emails, you know that this is the best communication medium and that’s where some of the best free email marketing software can help. However, you need to be smart in terms of looking for new ways to grow and build customer relations. This section lists the different types of email services that you can use to improve customer experience and grow your business.

Mail newsletters

Email newsletters are the most popular and common campaigns in the market. As a business, you can use this type of email to give the user helpful information about an organization. This type of email entails engaging content, how-tos, and announcements on new products or services on offer. For a better understanding, ask yourself what the contents of the email are all about.

Acquisition mails

Your mailing list can sometimes have customers who have opted to receive emails but are yet to be converted into customers. By creating informative emails with attractive offers, you can show them what they are missing. This also encourages them to join in as active customers for a product or service. For the business, acquisition emails are a great way to grow faster by moving leads through a funnel.

Retention mails

Experts in email marketing campaigns prefer retention emails for both large and small businesses. The purpose of these emails is to request feedback from consumers regarding a promotion. Such emails are targeted at customers who haven’t interacted with the organization for quite some time. This type of email is crucial since it helps to retain your hard-won clients.

Promotional mails

If you want to drive sales, introduce a new product, or encourage sign-ups to your business then using promotional emails is a great way to achieve this. These emails contain offers meant to entice the target user to buy a service or product. Furthermore, promotional emails can be used to reward active subscribers by using exclusive offers on new products.

As more and more businesses move to the online platform, there is a greater push to connect and engage digitally through email marketing. Different technologies including automation and personalization create a strategy that perfectly works to communicate with customers and increase ROI. Below are trends in the best email marketing software 2022.

  • Hyper-Personalization and Micro-Segmentation — Creating more relevant targeted content will be more crucial than ever. This is where micro-segmentation comes in. It involves separating a target group depending on what they are doing on a platform. For instance, in e-commerce, you can separate buyers and searchers and increase the frequency of emails depending on the group.
  • Implementation of AI for optimized email strategies — Robust email marketing tools come with built-in AI systems for predictive analytics. Using the results from the analytics, an AI system can optimize send times, restructure email campaigns, clean up the mailing list, and include subject lines in the emails. AI ensures that the process runs more smoothly by carrying out tasks that would have otherwise taken more time.
  • Optimizing email on different platforms — With advancements in technology, there are different online platforms available. Some users prefer using mobile devices or tablets while others choose computers. As you send out your marketing emails, you need to be sure that every device gets the same experience. It would be worth it to source help from an IT firm.
  • Visual email marketing — The human mind is known to process visuals faster than text. This is why, over the years, visual email marketing has grown immensely. For a better understanding of what you want to convey, you should include static images, 3D images, videos, illustrative animations, and graphs. Brands with visuals in their emails have a 7x increase in customer involvement.
  • Privacy-friendly emails — Customers are now aware of their privacy and are more conscious of how it is used. As an email marketer, you have to go beyond mainlining PCI and become GDPR compliant. This helps especially if you want to win customers’ loyalty and trust. Ensure that all your emailing services are privacy-friendly to meet the customer’s expectations.

Which is the best email marketing software 2022

Choosing an email marketing tool that works for you as an individual or organization is a bit challenging. This is due to the fact that each organization has different uses and requirements for the tool. The best way to find the perfect email marketing tool is by testing them out in the real world. You can start by testing the ones listed above since they are among the best in the market.

How to choose the best email marketing software

This article is here to help you find the best email marketing service suitable for your organization. We have listed the best email marketing software 2022 from which you can choose one that suits your business. The email marketing tool you choose will revolutionize your business by personalizing the customer experience.

However, before implementing one or more of these tools, consider testing the product first to ensure that it works for you and your organization. You can test one or more of these solutions using demos and free trials especially when it comes to finding the best free email marketing software. Furthermore, consider additional features that will be beneficial to your organization. Such tools include automatic emailing services and AI.


Emailing services are among the most powerful ways to build customer relationships and increase sales. Choosing the right emailing service can have a significant impact on how your organization markets itself. With so many options available in the market right now, it might be challenging to find the best free email marketing software. This article provides a solution by listing the best email marketing software 2022.

Before implementing one of the services listed above, consider testing the product first. Thanks to features like free trials and demo versions, you can implement the best free email marketing software before purchasing. Take your business customer relations to the next level with one of our recommended best email marketing software 2022 options.