Podia is an all-in-one platform for creators and businesses to sell online courses, digital downloads, and memberships. With its user-friendly interface and advanced features, Podia simplifies the process of creating and selling digital products, enhances customer experience, and boosts revenue.




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Podia Facts

Pricing modelPer User
Free Trial14 day
Free VersionNo


Podia is an all-in-one platform that helps users sell a variety of educational products, including online courses, webinars, digital downloads, and coaching sessions. Users like Podia for its straightforward and easy-to-use formatting, from creating a storefront to processing payments securely.

Keep reading our Podia review if you want to know more about this product, including its pros and cons, its features, and pricing.

Pros and Cons

Some of the pros included in our Podia review include the following user benefits:

  • Easy Content Design— With Podia’s intuitive tools, building websites and course content is easier than ever.
  • Marketing Options— From email marketing to community creation, messaging packages to affiliate marketing, your sales will soar with Podia.
  • Security Protocols— Including anti-spam, virus protection, and password authentication.

However, our Podia review also uncovered some cons, such as:

  • Cryptocurrency Not Supported— Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency payments are not supported at checkout.
  • Limited Category Flexibility— Users have found categorizing or filtering product appearances on storefronts to be limited.


Podia’s product reviews rate is fairly high in terms of usability. This product is also marketed for a wide variety of users, including creators, entrepreneurs, marketing consultants, and developers, making it easier for them to reach a wider online audience. As such, its user accessibility is very important, including ease-of-use and compatibility.

And using Podia tends to be seamless, without any previous experience required. Because this cloud-based platform guides users through creating, marketing, and monitoring a variety of learning media, the end results are streamlined and easy to achieve. 

This includes online courses, e-Books, audio lessons, cheat sheets, video tutorials, and many more types of educational content. Users can also design blogs, landing pages, and websites to optimize consumer traffic.

Unfortunately, Podia has limited usability when it comes to platforms and devices that it is compatible with. Users can access Podia on Mac and Windows computers via Apple Safari and Google Chrome browsers, and with similar browser support on mobile devices.


Podia also scores highly for its features, allowing users to make a living from teaching others about their passions, with the tools to make that happen. Some of our Podia review picks when it comes to features include easy-access files for clients, optimized web page creation, and simple but effective course creation modes.

More Podia features include:

  • Connections— Set up email subscription packages and reach out to community members to collaborate and connect.
  • Customization Tools— Create optimized websites, landing pages, and blogs for your content, and update your online presence whenever necessary with the right tools.
  • Replay Support— Instead of creating new content for every occasion, Podia lets you continue to earn revenue from your old courses and each replay that is automatically provided to paying customers.
  • Resource Integration— Use programs like Zoom and YouTube Live for your teaching sessions, available through limited product integration depending on the plan tier.
  • Management Abilities— Podia includes extensive management abilities and tools to keep your business growth on track and monitor customer satisfaction.

Support Quality

Podia has a high score when it comes to the level of support quality the product provides. 

Users can access Podia support via email, 24/7 live online chat, business-hours phone assistance, or by asking the Podia online community for tips. For self-service help, check out Podia’s large FAQ section.

Plus, for those who need some extra help getting used to the Podia interface, training sessions are also available. Choose between webinars and online tutorials, live online coughing, and in-person lessons, all supplemented with documentation from previous sessions. 

Each Podia subscription tier includes basic support and training services, but the more expensive options provide personal onboarding calls and dedicated support agents.

Podia Pricing – What Does It Cost?

Podia’s paid pricing tiers are scaled upwards— and while monthly subscriptions are available, users will save a percentage when opting for a yearly plan.

PlanPriceAvailable Features
TrialFree14-day access to course-building and marketing tools.
Mover$39.00 per month (discount available for annual subscriptions)Unlimited access to products, sales, and file hosting.
Shaker$89.00 per month (discount available for annual subscriptions)Unlimited access to products, sales, and file hosting, as well as product bundles and branding-removal options.
Earthquaker$199.00 per month (discount available for annual subscriptions)Unlimited access to products, sales, and file hosting, as well as third-party code integration and a dedicated support agent.


Podia is a cloud-based platform designed to help users market custom content and online courses of their own creation, and make a living off of those sales. As such, Podia avoids taking the cuts of user revenue that other competitors might, and focuses on providing the tools necessary to craft meaningful and sales-worthy content.

Not only can users design website storefronts and product pages, but Podia also provides interfaces for digital download libraries, online course platforming, and a fully marketable email and messaging service to reach a wider audience than ever before.

Creators and students alike are pleased with Podia’s outreach and replayability, meaning that no course content ever goes to waste. Plus, with great training options from Podia, employees and partners can become expert creators in no time.

From instructor-led classes to self-paced educational downloads, Podia lets users bring their best to the table and supports them throughout the entire experience, which is why our genius rating for Podia is so high.

Try Out Podia Now!

Podia is a complete content creator platform that lets users author, promote, and sell a variety of courses and educational resources. Download Podia and increase your business’s online audience today!



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