Editorial Principles 

Our editorial principles set the standard for delivering the best SaaS content. From being simple and straightforward to being transparent about how we make money and sharing data you can rely on, our principles tell you how everything editorial works here at SaasGenius.

Simple Language 

We want our SaaS support to be available to everyone, so we always write simple product pricing reviews, reviews that all readers can understand. 

Facts You Trust 

To create content you can trust, our in-house editorial team fact-checks every article we publish to ensure the quality remains high. We use industry-leading data from tools such as Statista and get first-hand data by testing the platforms and information directly from SaaS partners to write our content. We regularly refresh them to make sure we have the latest information. 

Focus on Market Research 

At SaaSGenius, our SaaS specialists are passionate about helping businesses make informed SaaS pricing decisions. To support businesses, we research the latest SaaS providers and market trends from pricing, strategy, AI and more to help keep you ahead of the curve. And we keep our data up-to-date so we can help you make those big business decisions. 

Valuable Resources 

We are the world’s leading authority on SaaS pricing. Our platform is designed to help businesses and individuals make informed buying decisions for SaaS products – and our team of experts has decades of SaaS experience to offer easily digestible reviews, articles and actionable tips. We are always looking for new ways to help online businesses grow by sharing industry trends and growth areas, such as new AI tools

Value Metrics

We add ‘Value Metrics’ to every product pricing review at SaaSGenius. The metrics provide well-researched, unique data that enables businesses to make informed decisions. It also helps you understand each price plan’s available features and choose the ideal one for your business. 

Transparent Business Approach

We share how SaasGenius makes money on our website. We use affiliate partnerships and links within some of our articles. This means that selected partners pay us a commission for any sales they receive via our platform. For more information, you can read more about how we are funded. However, it’s worth noting that affiliate relationships don’t affect our decisions about what we write about within our reviews and guides. And we always write about what is in the best interest of our customers.