Sales software has everything you require for optimization and productivity on one platform. It facilitates tracking and lead generation, offers automation that’s easy to use, and provides lead scoring to understand how all areas of the sales cycle perform. To find the best sales software for your software sales professionals, check SaasGenius, we have the best list for you to choose.

Zoho CRM
1. Zoho CRM

— Zoho CRM offers the best general-purpose business and vertical solutions all on one platform. In association with… Read review

Starting price$14/user/month
Pricing modelTiered per user
Free Trial15-day
Free VersionYes (3 users)
2. Keap

— Keap is a CRM software that delivers so much more. It's an integrated platform that puts marketing… Read review

Starting Price$40/mo
Pricing ModelSubscriber based
Free Trial14-day
Free VersionNo
3. Drip

— Drip is a multichannel email marketing software that helps business owners engage their customers using automated channels… Read review

Starting price$19/mo
Pricing modelSubscriber based
Free Trial14-day
Free VersionYes
SME Favorite HubSpot CRM
4. HubSpot CRM

— HubSpot Sales Hub is a flexible and user-friendly CRM platform that terminates friction by integrating all your… Read review

Starting price$45/mo
Pricing modelTiered
Free Trial14-days
Free VersionFree (lite) version
5. Thryv

— Thryv is a secure and user-friendly marketing software that helps automate tasks and give your customers a… Read review

Starting priceQuote only
Pricing modelUser-based
Free Trial7-day
Free VersionNo
Pipedrive Review
6. Pipedrive Review

— Pipedrive is a highly rated CRM software, with an easy-to-use interface. With no setup, contracts or hidden… Read review

Starting price$15/mo
Pricing modelPer User
Free Trial14-day
Free VersionNo
7. Freshsales

— Freshsales is a CRM platform that helps businesses transform their sales experiences and generate leads using advanced… Read review

By separating leads from contacts it ensures high-quality pipelines.
Starting price$18/mo
Pricing modelPer-user
Free Trial21-day
Free VersionYes
8. Review of

— is an all-around project management software that helps you plan, track, manage, and improve your business… Read review

Starting price$10/mo
Pricing modelPer Seat
Free TrialYes
Free VersionYes
9. FieldAssist

— FieldAssist is a sales force automation solution for FMCG, CPG, or Apparel companies to make the on-field…

Starting PriceContact for price
Pricing modelQuotation based
Free TrialYes
Free VersionNo
Enterprise Salesforce CRM
10. Salesforce CRM

— Salesforce CRM is customizable and scalable at every level and includes all the high-end features a business…

Starting price$25/user/month (billed annually)
Pricing modelPer User
Free Trial14-day
Free VersionNo

Overview of Sales Software

Many software sales professionals get confused when it’s time to buy sales software. They don’t realize that there’s a difference between sales CRM software and traditional sales software.

CRM software is a digital tool that manages customer interactions from the initial contact point until you finalize the sale. It infuses marketing options to generate leads so that you can interact with your potential customers. 

Some sales software includes CRM capabilities, meaning you get everything you require from a centralized hub. That’s often the goal, but it’s hard to know which platform to choose.

With so many options available, you get confused about what features you need and what’s offered by the software. Most of the time, you worry that you’re spending too much and not getting the functionality you require. 

That’s where SaasGenius assists you. We’ve listed the best sales software for you to choose from based on your needs. Just read the summaries of each product and determine what works best for the team.


Our goal is to help you build your business with the appropriate sales software. You get more productivity from one platform and can track leads, automate processes, and much more.

We make sure that we only list the most important sales software because it provides value to the software sales professionals. That means our team does extensive research on the products available before creating the list.

It often takes months to analyze everything in-depth, but that’s why you can trust our recommendations. We don’t just choose what everyone else says is the best. Instead, our team uses the sales software and makes sure it does what it claims. Then, we ensure that it comes with the capabilities and functionality that most software sales professionals require.

What Is Sales Software?

Sales software is often used by software sales professionals to help clients find out what technology requirements they have and what software solution might work best. 

It includes everything needed to be productive, such as lead scoring for every part of the sales cycle, lead generation, tracking, and automation. 

In many cases, sales CRM software is also included with the product; that way, you can focus on lead generation without having to switch to another platform. It’s easier to work faster and more proficiently when it’s in an all-in-one centralized hub.

Characteristics to Focus on for Sales Software

Sales software should have these characteristics:

Contact Management

Every sales department focuses on interacting with others. Therefore, you must have a contact management system available to organize customer data in a centralized hub. This can include things like demographics, contact numbers, names, and other pertinent information.

Lead Management

Sales software often includes a lead management option. You receive a 360-degree view of your completed deals, deals in the making, sales activities, and tasks completed. If you choose a sales software with CRM capabilities, it connects to your contact management system to provide you with a view of your customer and the interactions thus far.


The dashboard is at the heart of any sales software. It helps you see the data streams and where they come from more meaningfully. That way, you generate patterns, behaviors, and trends and gain market insights. Some software options offer advanced features, such as tracking your lead data from the third-party sites you use.

Deals and Tasks

Sales software should let you assign, add, and track items and include them in your business pipeline. Software sales professionals often have multiple tasks to complete and deals to make. It’s usually hard to keep each customer separate if you don’t have a calendar. Plus, the sales CRM software should do all this in real-time.

Campaign Management

Campaign management allows you to measure success using predefined metrics, automate your work processes, and set up your target clients. The sub-features included here are:

  • Email Management – You can track your clicked and opened emails, and it should work with email service providers like MailChimp, Outlook, and Gmail.
  • Social Media Management – This tracks your online social networking platforms to see which customers share, comment, like/dislike, review, or mention your brand.


Organizations prefer to know what’s ahead in their lead funnels. For example, you wish to understand the sources that produce more revenue, where communications falter, conversions at each stage, business response times, and more. Such knowledge is crucial for reinforcing the lead management process.

Opportunity Management

Software sales professionals can track sales opportunities through quotes, pipelines, and orders. General sub-features include order management, goal setting, and tracking.

Time Management and Productivity Management

With this feature, sales reps can manage daily work schedules and organize meetings with potential leads using document management, task scheduling, and calendar invites. Sub features often include collaboration tools, calendar management, task tracking, task scheduling, document storage, and confirmable workflow options.


Many times, your company has protected product information on the servers, and that data is often found in the sales software. Therefore, security is crucial. That way, you can monitor file permissions and log-in information for sales representatives. This typically includes single-sign-on features, role-based permissions, and access control.

Benefits of Using the SaaSGenius Software List

We always do thorough research before recommending any type of software because we care about you. You’re using these lists to find the top sales software, and you can’t do that effectively if you don’t trust the provider.

Our software sales professionals know what it takes to have the best sales software, and here are some of the advantages when choosing something from our list:

  • Increased Revenue – You are more productive and efficient when you have all the tools lumped together in your sales software.
  • Better Communication – Most sales software includes collaboration tools, making it easier for you to ask questions and get pertinent information to help your clients.
  • Tracking and Analytics – You can’t know how well your sales software professionals do if you’re not tracking their progress and measuring success with various metrics. Now, it’s possible because you have the best sales software.
  • Lead Generation – Many sales software products can handle all aspects of sales, including lead generation and tracking.

How Do I Find Software on SaaSGenius?

Most software sales professionals wonder how we create our software lists. We focus on:

– Affordability
– Ease of use
– Performance
– Popularity
– Disadvantages/advantages
– User ratings

To find the software, start by clicking “sales” in the navigational list to the right of the homepage. You can find the subcategories for you to choose.

You’re taken to the webpage with the top recommendations when you choose the subcategory. We include brief summaries about what the software does to help you understand each one better.


When you’re in sales, you’re sure to run into problems. Customers might not be happy with the service or products available. However, many of those issues melt away when you use the proper sales software.

Our software sales professionals focus on various software solutions to help you find the right one. SaasGenius saves you money and time because you can choose the best software for your brand. We have reviewed countless products to provide the best-rated recommendations. Please get in touch through our social media platforms, online form, or email to learn more!