Best Brand Management Software

Discover the power of brand management software when it comes to maintaining brand consistency, streamlining workflows, and strengthening your brand’s presence across channels. We’ll help you find the best value brand management software to fit your unique needs.

Recommendations for the best value brand management software

We've compiled a list of the best brand management software solutions that offer exceptional value. Read on to find the ideal brand management software for your business.

1. Brand24

— Brand24 is a powerful social media monitoring tool that allows businesses to track and analyze their online… Read review

Starting price$49/month
Pricing modelSubscriber based
Free TrialYes
Free VersionNo
SME Favorite HubSpot CRM
2. HubSpot CRM

— HubSpot Sales Hub is a flexible and user-friendly CRM platform that terminates friction by integrating all your… Read review

Starting price$45/mo
Pricing modelTiered
Free Trial14-days
Free VersionFree (lite) version
3. ClickUp

— As a task management software, ClickUp helps you create a clear and concise plan of action for… Read review

Starting price$9/mo
Pricing modelPer User
Free TrialNo
Free VersionYes
4. Bitrix24

— More than 10 million organizations have chosen Bitrix24 as a solution for their workplace management. This program…

Starting Price$49/mo
Pricing ModelPer Team
Free Trial30-days
Free VersionYes
5. Ingramer

— Ingramer is a powerful cloud-based Instagram marketing software that helps businesses grow their Instagram audience and improve…

Starting price$38/onth
Pricing modelSubscriber based
Free TrialNo
Free VersionNo
6. Newsmeter

— NewsMeter is a powerful media monitoring and analytics platform that provides businesses with real-time insights into media…

Starting PriceContact for price
Pricing ModelPer user
Free TrialYes
Free VersionYes
7. rater8

— rater8 is a cloud-based healthcare reputation management software that helps healthcare providers improve their online reputation and…

Starting Price$59/mo
Pricing ModelPer Doctor, Subscriber based
Free TrialYes
Free VersionNo
Sprout Social Logo
8. Sprout Social

— Sprout Social is a comprehensive social media management tool that helps small businesses, digital marketing agencies, and…

Starting Price$89/month
Pricing ModelPer User, Subscriber based
Free TrialYes
Free VersionNo
9. Canva

— Craft magnificent designs with your teams in a simple and convenient way. Interestingly, Canva provides three tools…

Starting price$12.99/mo
Pricing modelPer User
Free Trial30-day
Free VersionNo

What is Brand Management Software?

Brand management software is a marketing tool that keeps every element of a business or company consistent with its brand. It will present you with a comprehensive set of processes so you can ensure that new products and announcements don’t betray your brand.

Additionally, it helps a company maintain relevance in its industry by using the most up-to-date branding elements (logos, copy, images, etc.).

A new business can also use brand management software to create and design a brand. Then, when it makes the brand, it can deliver it across all business channels, so customers are aware of it.

Brand management software is also a tool for measuring customers’ perceptions of a company’s brand. The software uses complex analytics to compile customer feedback on the general brand to see if it is creating the correct response. Additionally, it can search customer reviews on specific products to check if the product upholds the brand.

What Does Brand Management Software Do? 

Brand management software is accessible to anyone in a company who needs to use it. However, a company will usually assign a brand manager to use the software to ensure that the company maintains its brand. Additionally, employers will often access to ensure there are no brand inconsistencies.

Here is what a brand manager can do with brand management software.

  • They can use the processes in brand management software to analyze products and company announcements and ensure that they are compliant with the brand guidelines.
  • They can use it to ensure their company remains relevant in its industry by using modern branding elements, such as modern language, current images, and more.
  • They can use it to create and brand (this is for a new business or a rebrand). Then, after the software designs the brand, it can deliver to all business channels (website, logos, packaging, etc.)
  • They can use it to measure customers’ perceptions of their brand. Brand management software has analytics to compile customer feedback on the general brand to see if it is creating the right response.

How We Rank the Best Brand Management Software

Our ranking of the best brand management software includes a comprehensive evaluation of pricing, features, ease of use, collaboration capabilities, and overall value. We analyze user reviews, conduct thorough testing, and consider industry trends to create an unbiased rating. Check out our full rating methodology page to learn how we rank the best brand management software options and empower you to make informed decisions for your brand.

Main Features of Brand Management Software

Maintaining a brand for a business or company is a complex process, so brand management software products have multiple features to ensure that a brand is consistent and relevant.

  • Brand tracking: the software can track responses to branding elements like marketing campaigns, new products, and more.
  • Social media scanning: Brand management software has a tool that scans social media for mentions of the company’s brand and provides feedback on potential changes.
  • Brand strategizing: Brand management software can create strategies to design a brand, rebrand a company, and more.
  • Automated features to organize customer reviews: Brand management software can target customer reviews concerning a company’s brand. In addition, the software can ensure that brand managers only see these reviews (instead of unnecessary ones).
  • Search engine visibility: Brand management software can help a brand reach peak visibility on search engines to attract local customers.
  • Analytics: Brand management software uses analytics to provide charts and feedback on how the brand is performing and if every element of the company is consistent with it.

How Can Brand Management Software Benefit A Company?

Our brand management software guide will now examine how brand management software can benefit a company. 

We will look at the main ways to use brand management software and how those uses can positively affect a company.

How Do You Use Brand Management Software?

There are many ways to use brand management software; here are its main uses.

You Can Use It To Track Your Brand Across Multiple Channels

Brand management software has many processes that ensure that new products and announcements remain consistent with a company’s brand. 

For example, to check if the branding strategy resonates with the company’s target market, brand management software can track brand mentions on social media and compile them using analytics. 

It can also track the brand on search engines to determine the company’s visibility and use the data to improve the brand and make the company more visible to a local audience.

You Can Use It To Update A Brand With Modern Elements

If a company doesn’t continually update its brand, product range, and central values, it will fall behind the competition and become less profitable.

Brand management software can help a company remain relevant in its industry by updating its brand with more modern elements. These can include current images, more up-to-date written copy, product ranges that address customers’ current needs, updated company values, and more.

You Can Use It To Create A Brand Strategy

A new business (or a business that needs to rebrand) can use brand management software to create and design a brand. 

Before it does this, brand management software can create a brilliant strategy for designing a brand and delivering it to the target market.

When the brand management software product creates the brand strategy, it can deliver it across all business channels, so customers are aware of the changes.

You Can Use The Analytics To Measure Brand Performance

Brand management software is also a tool for measuring customers’ perceptions of a company’s brand. The software uses complex analytics to compile customer feedback on the general brand to see if it is creating the right response. 

What Are The Benefits Of Brand Management Software?

Now you know the best uses of brand management software, you need to know how they can benefit a company.

It Gives A Company A Better Understanding Of Customers

Brand tracking is a brilliant way for a company to see what customers say and understand their wants and needs.

Brand tracking works on multiple channels, such as social media, retail websites, search engines, and more.

It Allows A Company To Maximize Its Brand Potential

The brand creation aspect of brand management software gives a company the best chance to create a compelling brand. 

Additionally, brand strategies can give brand managers a better understanding of how to roll out a brand through all the company’s channels.

It Allows A Company To Stay Relevant

Brand management software can provide analytics on the current trends that other companies in the industry use to give the companies the best chance to remain a top competitor. 

Providing up-to-date ideologies and products can also impress the company’s target audience.

Who Should Use Brand Management Software?

The features of brand management software products are extensive. Therefore, it can benefit many different companies.

Here are three of the many company types that should purchase brand management software.

Companies That Sell Products

The primary company type that should consider brand management software is a company that focuses on selling products.

Companies that sell products can use brand management software to ensure that their products, packaging, and product marketing align with their brand. 

Additionally, they can use the software to find customer reviews that comment on the branding of the products to address problems or see what works.

Small Businesses

It’s challenging for small businesses to become profitable and stand out in a crowded market. Therefore, they need an excellent brand.  

Brand management software can help by creating a detailed brand strategy that includes designing and delivering the brand across all the business’s channels.

Large Companies And Enterprises

Large companies and enterprises need to maintain a positive reputation. Brand management software can help with this by ensuring they remain relevant in their industries.

The software can help by teaching current trends and implementing them into the company’s branding channels (written copy, logo, etc.).

How Much Does Brand Management Software Cost?

The cost for all brand management software isn’t black and white; it can differ based on the target audience, the included features, and the specific focus of the software product.

Although you will ultimately need to pay for a brand management software product, many offer a free trial to give you an impression of the product and its features.

You will usually encounter three pricing tiers for brand management software: a basic tier, a mid tier (with most of the essential features), and a pro tier for larger companies and enterprises.


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