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Discover the potential of online community software to build engaging and interactive digital communities. With the right software solution, you can realize the full potential of community building.

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Recommendations for the best value online community software

Finding the right software for online communities is critical to fostering collaboration, engagement, and growth in your digital communities. Our top picks have been thoroughly researched to ensure they offer advanced features, intuitive user interfaces, moderation capabilities, and cost effectiveness.

1. LearnWorlds

— LearnWorlds is a learning management system specializing in the promotion, sales, and creation of online courses. This… LearnWorlds Review

Starting price$29/mo
Pricing modelPer User
Free Trial30-day
Free VersionNo
2. Thinkific

— Thinkific is an all-in-one learning management system. It enables users to build digital learning products with the… Thinkific Review

Starting price$49/mo
Pricing modelPer User
Free Trial30-day (money back)
Free VersionYes
3. Kajabi

— Kajabi is a business learning management system that offers collective products, landing pages, websites, payments, marketing automation,…

Starting price$149/mo
Pricing modelPer User
Free Trial14-day
Free VersionNo

What Is Online Community Software?

Online community systems are marketing software that helps users create an online community. The precise community you create is dependent on you and the needs of your business. You can customize the software in any way you want!

How many times has an important message become lost in a sea of emails? Integrating online community software into the daily life of your business can keep all relevant communication in one place.

You can refer back to chats and create separate groups inside the community. Your sub-groups can be tasked with separate responsibilities and collaborate effectively.

How Can Online Community Software Help My Business?

Online community software can develop a rapport across your business like never before. Engage in powerful discourse to drive your business to grow exponentially! 

Create an environment where your team members can work together and learn together, liaising swiftly to enable your business to succeed. 

Design a community for your customers to enhance their user experience! Enable your customers to leave reviews and effectively engage, increasing your customer retention levels.

How can online community software help your business? Here are the predominant reasons you should use online community software in your business:

  • Instantly post comments.
  • Like and comment on posts.
  • Create sub-groups.
  • Liaise to develop projects.
  • Reporting functions and analytic features.
  • Generate learning modules for continuous professional development.
  • Tailor authorized credentials for users.
  • Customize the community, tailored for employees or customers.

How We Rank the Best Online Community Software

We analyze user reviews, conduct thorough testing, and consider industry trends to create an unbiased rating. Check out our review methodology page to learn how we rank the best online community software solutions, so you can make informed decisions based on your specific community building goals.

What Are the Features of Online Community Software?

Online community software can gel your team together. Enhance the communications between your team and ensure liaisons are effective and immediate. 

Here are the top 5 features of online community software:

  1. Speed. Send messages quickly. 
  2. Verification. Like and comment on posts instantly.
  3. Authorization. The group is safe with authorized credentials needed.
  4. Customization. You decide what online community you want to create.
  5. Additional features. You can create a questionnaire, or learning modules, depending on the needs of your online community.

What Are the Benefits of Online Community Software Tools?

Online community software is a safe place for your online community. Your community members can interact and liaise with each other, developing subgroups and collaborating effectively.

Here are the predominant benefits of using online community software in your business.

Instant Chat

Sending an email may result in an important message becoming lost, or left unread for days. Using social media is not safe and secure, and is inappropriate for the workplace.

Alternatively, using online community software creates the safe and professional environment you need. All messages are sent instantly and notifications occur within a second of being sent. All chat is backed up and left on the system, aiding a clear referral and audit trail.

Share Knowledge

Create a community where your team can share knowledge and partake in professional development.

Design learning modules to ensure team members receive first-class training.

Develop Networks

Create various groupings for different purposes and personnel. Enhance your networking across the community and grow links inside and outside of the team.


Use online community software to meet the needs of your own business. A great software product will enable you to customize its superb features and create the highest benefit for you!

You can generate a community for customers, enhancing loyalty and increasing customer retention. Enable customers to communicate and provide you with direct feedback, allowing you to make necessary changes and make your customers happy.

Grow Further

A tight-knit community can go from strength to strength. Provide your team members the tools they need to succeed and grow your business.

Alternatively, grow further with customer loyalty and retention. Listen to your customers and let them help you grow your business.

Online community software will ensure that you create a dedicated mode of interaction to gain the best out of your business.

Who Should Use Online Community Software?

An online community system is vital for all businesses, big and small! With so many projects and different streams occurring inside the business daily, a secure record is needed. 

A small business can grow when using an online community system, focusing on the customer base and developing retention. Understand what your customer base wants and provide it! Make decisions by listening to your customer.

A medium business needs online community software to communicate across the different teams. Create subgroups and send instant messages to let employees know that something needs to be done!

A large enterprise can tailor the online community system to generate questionnaires and design learning modules. Create the training that your teams need going forward!

How Much Does Online Community Software Cost?

The cost of online community software varies across the industry. On average, a basic package can cost you $39 per month, growing in price as the package grows.

Price ranges:

  • $39 – $79 per month for smaller businesses
  • $79 – $149 per month for medium businesses
  • $399 and bespoke packages for enterprises

Online community software is available in many forms. Take advantage of demos and free trials to see which system meets your needs.

You can try free demos and trials with no obligation so test an array of platforms! Find which software works best for you!

Our best online community software list is a great place to begin your search for the best available software tools.



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