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Recommendations for the best training software

Finding the right training software can be a challenge. Discover our top recommendations and empower your learners to efficiently acquire new skills and knowledge.

1. Thinkific

— Thinkific is an all-in-one learning management system. It enables users to build digital learning products with the… Thinkific Review

Starting price$49/mo
Pricing modelPer User
Free Trial30-day (money back)
Free VersionYes
Featured the logo for iSpring
2. iSpring Learn

— iSpring Learn is a robust, cloud-based learning management system (LMS) designed to streamline online corporate education, enabling…

Starting price$2.00
Pricing modelPer User
Free TrialYes
Free VersionNo

What Is Training Software? 

Training software is an educational tool that handles and administers virtual learning and training courses for business and educational organizations. Online training software can design and assign courses according to your company’s focus. You can formulate them as and when you need to according to your company’s project and focus. 

Once you have created the course, you can assign it to employees and track their progress. If some employees need training in IT while others don’t, you can select who uses the training. Based on your employees’ progression with the training, you’ll be given feedback and be able to see how they coped. 

You can evaluate this feedback and cater your future courses to their individual needs so that they learn more in future training. Additionally, you can see areas of the training that they struggled with and provide extra courses to address these gaps in knowledge. Training software will help advance your employees’ knowledge to better your business. 

What Does Training Software Do? 

Training software provides you the platform to continue the education of your employees. It allows you to ensure that your employees retain the required amount of knowledge to perform their jobs to the highest standard. Managers can organize training sessions for onboarding, annual training, or based on current projects at work. 

Training software is incredibly useful in any situation where you feel your employees could work better if they had more knowledge. It strengthens their abilities by teaching them new skills and improving their existing ones. 

With a greater level of expertise, your employees will be able to take on a wider variety of projects and expand your company’s abilities. This will help your company generate new leads, gather new clients, and increase earnings substantially. Training software provides your company the opportunity to advance and improve itself. 

Main Features Of Training Software

Training software is highly beneficial for the progression of your company. It offers your employees the ability to grow alongside your business. Online training software provides a range of additional features to benefit your company and its employees more.

  • Create Your Courses

The courses that you provide your employees with are unique to you. With training software, you can direct each training program to fit your vision and intent. You can design the layout and content of each training program. To do so, you can upload your documents and videos to specialize the content. 

  • Host A Virtual Classroom 

Many online training software programs have built-in features for teleconferencing with trainers and learners across the globe. You can design and organize online training to run as part of a virtual classroom for learning all at once. With this feature, you don’t have to compromise on the quality of your training sessions or pay ridiculous fees for in-person trainers. 

  • Access Training Easily 

The best training software solutions offer your employees on-demand and easily accessible training sessions. To make training more convenient, they can access the training sessions online via their computer, mobile, or tablet.

  • Track Their Training 

Often, online training software allows users and managers to track online learning progress.  Users can use this function to manage the necessary certifications to perform their job. At the same time, managers can evaluate which employees are completing courses, at what speed, and how well. This will allow them to adapt their course structure and support struggling individuals. 

Benefits Of Using Training Software

Training software is essential software for any company that desires progression. It is an incredibly beneficial program that offers limitless potential. There is a never ending list of ways that training software can revolutionize every aspect of your company. The most significant benefits that online training software can provide lie in the training software applications. 

Teach Employee Skills 

When you get new employees, you can run onboarding training courses online so that they can begin training before coming into work. This saves time and costs as you just need to assign the virtual training and your new employee comes to work educated and ready. Current employees can also equally learn new skills to continue to progress in their role and grow with the company. 

Run Compliance Training 

Every company must have its employees undertake annual compliance training. Failure to do so can result in legal and financial consequences for your business. With online training software, you can ensure that the training is compliant with all regulations and rules and distribute it as you see fit. Again, you can have employees complete their training out of the office. 

Provide Workplace Safety Training

Depending on the industry that you’re in, workplace safety training is another necessity. You can provide regular training on safety practices in the workplace to reduce the number of injuries and lawsuits. You can cater the courses to what is applicable in your workplace and make it work better for your company. 

How Much Does Training Software Cost? 

Training software costs depend on your desired features and how many users there are. If you want training software with more users and features, you are likely to incur higher costs because the software is providing more. Training software pricing often takes a tiered approach, so cost equates to services offered. 

In addition, the size of your business can impact the price of your training software. Small, new companies will incur smaller fees as they will have fewer needs, while an enterprise will incur greater fees. Training software costs will depend entirely on what you need from your software. 

Types Of Training Software

Training software is an extensive category with many variations to suit different companies. Not every company will have the same setup, and therefore, they also won’t have the exact training needs. Variations of online training software provide a solution for every type of company. 

Onboarding Training

Onboarding training supports new employees and can continue throughout the process of your employees’ first year. This type of training will only deliver training sessions specific to onboarding. It will address every possible area of the industry so new employees will have the necessary skills to progress. 

Video Training 

Video training can be integrated into most learning management systems to offer employers an opportunity to deliver specialized training. Instead of completing questions and surveys, your employees can watch customized videos and attain all the necessary information. 

Technical Skills Training 

Every employee can improve on their technical skills and grow as an employee. Technical skills are essential for your employee to learn how to do their job correctly. This type of training software teaches them how to perform their job and how they can continue to improve. 

Soft Skills Training 

Many companies are beginning to see the importance of soft skills. Soft skills training provides your employees with general skills that they can apply in multiple areas of their role. They will learn about communication, time-management, problem-solving, language learning, and more to improve their skill set overall. 



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