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Discover the best eLearning software solutions that enable educators, trainers, and organizations to deliver engaging and impactful online learning experiences. Maximize learner engagement, streamline course creation, and effectively assess learner performance.

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Recommendations for the best value eLearning software

Our curated list presents the best eLearning software solutions that guarantee a comprehensive and interactive online learning experience. Unleash the potential of eLearning with our top recommendations that focus on value and effectiveness.

1. TalentLMS

— TalentLMS is a user-friendly learning management system that provides all kinds of training and experience for partners,… TalentLMS Review

Starting price$59/month billed yearly
Pricing modelPer-user
Free trial30-day
Free versionYes (basic)

What Is eLearning Software?

eLearning software is an educational tool that allows businesses to implement employee training and development easily. With eLearning software, you can build and customize your courses based on your business’s unique needs. 

eLearning software helps you establish courses that your employees can use to develop their skills on their schedule and at their own pace. Rigid training schedules could inhibit your employees’ productivity. Allowing employees to create their training schedule will enable them to work their training around their workloads and deadlines.

With eLearning software, you can use a blended approach to training with meetings, virtual classes, and self-guided learning. 

eLearning doesn’t just apply to the training and development of employees but can also help establish clearly-defined and consistent onboarding processes to ensure your new hires are inducted into the company quickly and efficiently and are provided with all the information they need to move forward. 

System administrators and managers can easily track employee progress on the courses to gain insight into how employees are doing in terms of training.

What Does eLearning Software Do?

To understand how eLearning software works, let’s take a look at some of the main functions of eLearning software:

  • eLearning software helps you set assessments – if you wish to effectively train your employees and ensure that they retain the information they have learned during their course, then you should set assessments. eLearning software helps you to create assessments that consolidate the knowledge employees gain from your courses.
  • Course management – eLearning software gives you accurate insight into your employees’ progress on their courses. It allows you to create and curate courses, manage them, and edit them.
  • Assigning courses – eLearning software helps you assign courses to employees based on what is relevant to their current role.
  • Onboarding – eLearning software can help you create onboarding courses that give new hires a better understanding of their role and the company before they assume their position.

How We Rank the Best eLearning Software

At SaasGenius, we apply a comprehensive ranking methodology to identify the best eLearning software solutions. Our evaluation incorporates criteria such as user reviews, features, ease of use, customer support, and pricing. We assign an individual score, called a Genius Score, to each software solution to evaluate it. The Genius Score ranges from 0 to 100 and is calculated based on external reviews and our internal testing. If you want to learn more about our evaluation methodology, please visit our dedicated page.

Main Features Of eLearning Software

Here are some of the main features you should look for in an eLearning software product:

  • Online assessments and assignments – to ensure that your employees are learning effectively and absorbing new information, eLearning software helps you implement online reviews and assignments for employees to complete once they have finished a training module.
  • Role assignment – for each employee’s role and responsibilities, you can implement targeted eLearning assignments. Employees will receive training assignments and modules relevant to their current position.
  • Reporting tools – eLearning software gives insight into your employees’ progress on their training modules with automated reporting functions.
  • Content managementYou can curate content and manage online training courses easily to ensure your employees have all the training resources they need.
  • Mobile learning – with mobile-enabled eLearning software, your employees can learn new skills and expand their knowledge from anywhere.
  • Integrations – You can integrate eLearning software with HR tools to help leverage training data in business decisions.

Benefits Of Using eLearning Software

In this section, we will discuss some of the main reasons why your business might benefit from investing in an eLearning tool. Consider your current training program and whether you might improve it with the use of eLearning software.

How Do You Use eLearning Software?

eLearning software helps organize your employee training information and make all training data available on one platform. You can use eLearning software for a variety of different purposes, so let’s discuss some of the main uses of eLearning software.

You Use It To Onboard New Employees

In every company, there is a set of rules and best practices that each employee must follow to be successful. You need to implement onboarding procedures to ensure that your new hires are well-equipped with the knowledge to take on their new role and blend in seamlessly with your company. 

With eLearning software, you can host your training and onboarding information in one place. New employees will be able to learn about the company on a user-friendly interface. You can easily update onboarding information based on changes in your company and its policies.

You Use It To Support Continued Professional Development

When you hire employees, you don’t want them to remain stagnant in their roles. You want to increase the skill set of your employees and promote continuous growth. eLearning software helps you to encourage employees to continue their development and keep their knowledge relevant.

You Use It To Support Changes

If your company makes any changes, your employees might be required to learn new skills or adapt to these changes. You can use eLearning software to ensure that all employees can keep up with any new practices and policies within your company.

What Are The Benefits Of eLearning Software?

Now that we have covered some of the primary uses of eLearning software let’s discuss some of the benefits your company could gain from implementing eLearning software.

It Can Help You To Retain Employees

Your employees wish to develop their skills and progress in their careers. If your employees are not gaining any new skills and their role becomes stagnant, they may want to find a more challenging job that helps them to increase their value. 

It Can Help To Save Time And Money

Regarding company training initiatives, you would typically need to hire a venue for a seminar and possibly fund a hotel stay. With eLearning software, you can remove unnecessary costs like providing employees with training books and printouts. Instead, all the information employees need is readily available on an online platform.

It Can Help You To Scale Your Training Resources

eLearning software allows you to adapt and scale your training resources in line with your company’s growth. You only have to invest in eLearning software once, and then you can roll it out to as many employees as you need to with minimal effort.

What Kind Of Company Needs eLearning Software?

To understand whether your company stands to benefit from eLearning software, let’s take a look at some of the top companies that need eLearning software.

Healthcare Businesses

The healthcare industry continuously develops with new treatment methods, technologies, and information to provide its employees. The healthcare industry uses eLearning software to educate its employees and the public about new diseases and health-related information as it develops.

Retail And eCommerce Businesses

In the retail industry, the more informed employees are about technological developments and the company’s products, the better. eLearning software can be extremely helpful in the retail and eCommerce industry. The more skilled employees are, and the more educated they are on the company’s products, the more they will drive the business toward success.


The education industry has shifted towards more eLearning since the beginning of the pandemic. Teachers and educational institutions had to find ways to implement online teaching, and eLearning software provided a solution. Since then, educational institutions have adopted eLearning software to facilitate a more independent approach to learning and to give students access to online resources in addition to classes and in-person resources.

How Much Does eLearning Software Cost?

When you invest in an eLearning tool, the price varies based on the complexity of your requirements and the number of people you wish to provide eLearning services to. When you invest in eLearning software, you can expect to pay a setup fee, which covers the design of the system, along with the training of system administrators who will be responsible for managing the platform. The price can vary between $1 and $10 per user. You can opt for one of two payment plans:

  • Per user – this payment plan is based on the number of users you wish to provide eLearning resources to, whether they use the software or not.
  • Per active user – with this payment plan, you pay per active user each month, which means you only pay for the number of people that have used the software and logged into the system each month.



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