Tools your HR team needs to hire and retain the best talent

So you’ve taken a step in the right direction when you hired an HR team to handle all the headaches that come with employing staff. But when they don’t use the right tools they won’t really be able to do their jobs. 

tools your hr team needs to hire and retain the best talent

What are the challenges of HR?

  • Simplifying the employment process
  • Retaining the employees
  • Finding smart and useful strategies for all functions

Finding the best candidate for the job can be hard enough but keeping the same employee can be even harder. And let’s be clear: This challenge is relevant to any business because all employees have similar traits.

Five Reasons Your Employees are Leaving

About 3 million Americans quit their jobs each month. No employer wants to waste valuable time and money on re-opening applications & training staff all over again. 

Perhaps understanding their perspective will help you curb the problem:

  • Poor management: Employers or managers don’t put time & effort into their employees and create negativity within the company.
  • Not getting paid enough: Employees will go to different companies for only a few hundred dollars extra. Yes salaries require huge amounts of your capital but making it worth their while to stay will benefit you in the long run.
  • When employees don’t feel included: Your employees are the ones that help you reach your company’s goals. They want to feel celebrated when you reach a certain objective they helped you obtain.
  • No growth within the company: No employee will want to work in the same position for the same salary forever. Staff will apply for higher positions in other companies if you don’t offer it to them.
  • If employees feel unnoticed: People like being recognized especially when they put extra hours and effort into a project. When they don’t get recognition from you, they’ll look elsewhere.

These challenges have been around for decades in modern business setups. That means many strategies have been created so you don’t have to look too far for a solution. Much of it relates to how well your HR team is empowered. So let’s get that fixed.

Top Seven Tools Your HR Team Needs

If your HR team is not doing its job you’re going to have a list of problems with your employees such as the ones above. And here’s how a tool or two can benefit you, your employees and the company.

Strategic Planning

Before your HR team starts with any job advertising or hunting, they must first have an intentional plan and goal in mind. The team must be aware of what the company needs to grow and move forward & what type of individual will be a suitable candidate for the position.

Developing Leaders

Your HR team should be able to identify future leaders for your company. If everyone on the team has the same vision in mind, functions with go getter attitudes & problem-solving qualities, you’ll grow a strong, successful company. 


Diversity can offer your company a range of creativity. If your HR team can recognize exactly what diversity it is that the company will benefit from, you’ll see your sales and productivity rise.

Having a variety of backgrounds, opinions, colours and talents in the workplace will have a list of benefits such as:

  • Problem solving techniques based on different life experiences
  • Different points of views, broadening the knowledge of others so you become more relevant to a larger audience
  • And expanded market because you cater for more clients because your activities are driven by a diverse workforce

When there are opportunities to use diversity to the benefit of the business, your employees will feel they have purpose and stay loyal.

Motivational Tools

After finding the right person for the job, the important but tricky part comes in: Keeping staff engaged & enthusiastic about your company. Your HR team needs to know how to keep your staff positive & excited to partner with the company through tools such as training, grievance procedures and more. 

Employees will most likely stay when they feel:

  • Safe
  • Valued
  • Respected

Research Is Key

If you’re still recruiting new employees every other month for the same position, you need to get answers as to why you’re not retaining your staff. 

The HR team should be able to do research into why your employees are leaving & they also need to come up with suitable solutions to each problem for instance:

  • Looking into salaries
  • Making sure work schedules are fair and realistic 
  • Offering employees the option to grow within the company
  • Offering benefit packages 
  • Incorporating incentives

HR Technology

These days your HR team will have handy tools to use along the way.

Firstly they can manage your workforce better by using state of the art software for payroll, employees’ files and even clocking in procedures. Visit for more insight. 

But technology also plays a significant role in efficient recruitment. Your HR team should be up to date with the newest recruitment technologies that can broaden the search for potential employees such as:

  • Google hire
  • Yello 
  • Jobvite

Why Use Recruitment Technology?

It’s all about automation and reaching answers faster:

  • Get ahead of the game: 93% of companies make use of social media for recruitment so beat your competition to it & find the best employees online.
  • Bigger scale: The biggest part of the population is a part of social media so you’ll definitely reach more candidates by recruiting through the internet.
  • Transparency: When you’re using social media as a recruiting platform, you’ll also be able to view more details about the candidates than you’d be able to elsewhere. This information gives you insight into people’s interests, motivation and characters.

When you use all these diversity hiring tools you find the right type of candidates that will blend well with your team and stay on for years.


Here’s one of the most important activities in your business: Employing staff that will be the building blocks of your company. And your HR team must get this right. So start with an HR team that has the knowledge and knows how to apply these tools. It’s how you stay ahead of the rest.