Ceridian Dayforce

Ceridian Dayforce

Ceridian Dayforce is a cloud-based HR and payroll solution that can help businesses manage their workforce with ease. With features such as workforce management and benefits administration, Ceridian Dayforce is a great choice for businesses looking for a comprehensive HR and payroll solution.




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Ceridian Dayforce Facts

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Ceridian Dayforce Overview

Ceridian Dayforce is an HR and payroll solution that’s innovative and cloud-based. However, it’s slightly confusing because Ceridian is the provider, and Dayforce is the platform. There are other platforms out there, so you must ensure you’re using the right one.

With Dayforce, you can easily manage your payroll and HR transactions from a single database.

Most users prefer the flexibility because it lets you audit and access payroll data during the pay cycle. Therefore, you’ve got more time for accuracy and reviews.

In this Ceridian Dayforce review, you learn about the pros/cons, features, and pricing structure to get a better idea of if it’s ideal for you.

Pros and Cons 

+ Various services – You have access to tax services, HR, and payroll options.

+ Update and manage payroll easily – With the system, you can update your payroll activities and manage everything from one hub.

+ Self-service portal – Employees can use the self-service portal to manage and view their information.

+ Live chat – Though most systems only offer phone or email support, Ceridian Dayforce includes live chat!

– No pricing information – Ceridian Dayforce doesn’t disclose its pricing information online.

– No integration – The platform doesn’t include any integration tools, so you must convert all information from other systems into this one.


Ceridian Dayforce is a cloud-based system, so there’s no need to install or download anything. While you can use it on the go, there’s no dedicated mobile app. Therefore, you must navigate to the website from your favorite search engine and use it as normal.

Though it’s easy to use, you require the Firefox PDF plugin or Adobe Reader 7 to use the print-check feature and read forms. 

It’s nearly impossible to play around with the program without paying for it, though demo videos are available. From the footage, it appears that the platform is clunky and outdated. There’s not much to the software, so it’s easy to navigate through benefits, payroll, HR, and all the rest.

Overall, Ceridian Dayforce is bespoke because the demo frequently mentions that the features are designed during its implementation. This is where the company sets up third-party integrations, though customization appears to be limited.


Any quality Ceridian Dayforce review should focus on the features of the system. With this software, you have access to:

  • Tax management – It automatically calculates the employee taxes, remitting them to Revenu Quebec or CRA. By default, it also creates appropriate summaries for the company at the end of the year.
  • Dayforce wallet – With this, employees can access their pay whenever they want, with standard, one-time, and on-demand payments.
  • Global access – Effortlessly pay the employees throughout the world while satisfying culture, currency, and compliance requirements for each separate region.
  • Self-service – With Ceridian Dayforce, your employees can manage and view data when they want.
  • Executive dashboard and reporting – HR teams can get reports for employee data to use as reference or keep appropriate records. The user-friendly dashboards can even provide insight into the payroll data.
  • Future dating – With Dayforce, you may enter pay increases early, testing them in future payrolls to determine what the employee paycheck looks like.

Support Quality 

Though there aren’t many customer reviews, it’s clear that small business sales aren’t what the company is after. However, these are the ways to contact someone for help:

  • Phone – While there’s a phone line listed, there aren’t any listed hours.
  • Email – You may contact customer service via email from inside or outside the payroll program.
  • Live chat – This is available during normal business hours.
  • Help center – This contains forms, lists, and articles to help you stay organized.
  • In-software support – Users can access various help sections from within the software.

Ceridian Dayforce Pricing – What Does It Cost? 

Ceridian offers a software suite with various features included. Dayforce is just one of those, and they’re all customized to each business. Therefore, there’s no specific pricing structure available for the Dayforce software. Companies must contact the business to get an individual quote after providing appropriate information about demands and size.

Some third-party sources list the cost per employee as being between $10 and $11.50.

Free TrialUnknown
Ceridian DayforceCall for a quote


Overall, Ceridian Dayforce is an excellent choice because it’s comprehensive, cloud-based, and offers more than just record-keeping and document management.

In a sense, the software is just as diverse as the companies that use it, which include domestic vendors and product marketing firms. Plus, you can access it anywhere, even on your smartphone’s browser. However, there’s no mobile app available, which is something to think about.

Above all, it’s easy to use, so it can improve the employee experience. Though it’s geared toward small businesses, it might be more cost-effective for medium-sized companies. 

This Ceridian Dayforce review focused on the features, pros and cons, and pricing structure of the software. Now, it’s up to you to determine if it’s suitable for your requirements.

Try Out Ceridian Dayforce Now!

Are you ready to take control of HR and payroll needs in your company? If so, now is the time to sign up for Ceridian Dayforce and start making sense of it all.



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