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1. QuillBot AI — QuillBot is a powerful AI writing tool that uses state-of-the-art… Read review

QuillBot AI

2. Fotor — Fotor is a versatile photo editing software that offers an… Read review


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1. Attio

— Attio is a highly flexible and dynamic CRM software that offers a reporting system allowing users to…

Audited and certified for security
Streamlined workflow with quick actions
Automatic contact information enrichment
Starting Price:$34/month
Pricing Model:Per User
Free Trial:Yes
Free Version:Yes

— is a cutting-edge AI platform trusted by e-commerce, education, marketing, and advertising companies of all sizes.…

Natural AI voices available in 140+ languages
As simple as 1-2-3 with no experience required
Starting Price:$9/week
Pricing Model:Per User
Free Trial:No
Free Version:Yes
3. Codebay

— Codebay is an innovative platform that offers interactive and engaging chat-style lessons, allowing users to learn and…

Engaging chat-style lessons
Interactive lectures for an easy start
Knowledge coupled with hands-on practice
Starting Price:$12.99/month
Pricing Model:Per User
Free Trial:Yes
Free Version:Yes
4. Sampld

— Sampld is a royalty-free audio sample library that offers a wide range of sounds across various moods,…

Diverse range of royalty-free audio samples
Easy search and adjustment of pitch and tempo
Starting Price:Free
Pricing Model:Free
Free Trial:Yes
Free Version:Yes
5. CommandBar

— CommandBar is an AI-powered user assistance platform that offers one-click integrations, analytics tools, data connectors, and help…

One-click integrations for most product stacks
Continuous learning from the help center and users
Starting Price:$249/month
Pricing Model:Per User
Free Trial:No
Free Version:No
6. BeeDone

— BeeDone is the ultimate app for boosting productivity with its fun and AI-powered features. It helps users…

Rewarding gamification system
Intuitive design and intelligent automation
Adapts effortlessly to conquer todos, habits, or routines
Starting Price:Free
Pricing Model:Free
Free Trial:Yes
Free Version:Yes
7. doola

— Discover the streamlined approach to launching and maintaining a US business with Doola, a comprehensive platform designed…

Free CPA consultation
Dedicated account manager support
Effortless LLC, C-Corp, and DAO LLC formations
Starting Price:$297/year
Pricing Model:Per User
Free Trial:No
Free Version:No
8. Visme

— Visme is an all-in-one visual communication tool that enables users to effortlessly create professional presentations, infographics, designs,…

Offers a wide range of design capabilities
Enables team collaboration and communication
Provides ready-to-use designs with Visme AI Designer
Starting Price:$29/month
Pricing Model:Per User
Free Trial:No
Free Version:Yes
9. ByeDispute

— ByeDispute, a pioneering platform founded by Marc, aims to prevent the devastating experience of Stripe account bans.… About ByeDispute

Prevents Stripe bans
Reverses unjustified bans
Offers a 1-minute no-code setup
Starting Price:$69 per 10,000 transaction
Pricing Model:Per Usage
Free Trial:No
Free Version:No
10. Flowlance

— Flowlance is a powerful tool that empowers solopreneurs by automating payments and invoices through calendar integration, allowing…

Financial analytics to stay up-to-date
Customizable pricing based on clients
Starting Price:$21/month
Pricing Model:Per User
Free Trial:Yes
Free Version:Yes
11. Dopt

— Dopt is an AI-powered platform that provides developers with a component library and SDKs to build seamless…

Progressive feature adoption
Tailored onboarding experiences
Starting Price:$299/month
Pricing Model:Per User
Free Trial:No
Free Version:Yes
12. Zintlr

— Zintlr is a B2B sales platform that offers comprehensive prospecting tools, including Personality Intel, to empower businesses.…

Rich and accurate B2B database
Advanced search bar, filters, and bulk options
Starting Price:$49/month
Pricing Model:Per User
Free Trial:Yes
Free Version:No
13. Flightcontrol

— Flightcontrol is developer-first AWS infrastructure software designed to provide the benefits of AWS without the need to…

Zero-configuration or customizable to your needs
Accommodates every language and framework seamlessly
Fully automated infrastructure provisioning, builds, and deployments
Starting Price:$30/month
Pricing Model:Per Service
Free Trial:Yes
Free Version:No
14. Vidiofy

— Vidiofy is an AI-powered tool trusted by major brands and publishers worldwide to effortlessly convert written content…

Easy to use
Create captivating, thumb-stopping videos
Starting Price:$29/month
Pricing Model:Per User
Free Trial:Yes
Free Version:No
RivalFlow AI
15. RivalFlow AI

— RivalFlow AI is a powerful tool that leverages AI-based content creation to help users improve their existing…

No setup required
Data-driven insights
As easy as editing your page
Starting Price:$99/month
Pricing Model:Per User
Free Trial:Yes
Free Version:No
16. Qureos

— Qureos is an AI-powered job matching platform that assists users in discovering their dream job and advancing…

Personalized mentorship
Rapid employer response time
Industry-specific project opportunities
Starting Price:Contact for information
Pricing Model:Contact for information
Free Trial:Contact for information
Free Version:Contact for information
Go Global World
17. Go Global World

— Go Global World is a platform that connects investors with carefully selected startups across various industries, including…

Profile verification
Notifications about relevant startups and deals
Access to matching with startups and investors
Starting Price:$69/month
Pricing Model:Per User
Free Trial:Yes
Free Version:Yes

— OHMYSYNT is a cutting-edge AI platform that offers personalized content generation for brands. With its AI-SYNT technology,…

Generates brand-specific content
Creates commercially safe content
Starting Price:$29/week
Pricing Model:Per User
Free Trial:Yes
Free Version:Yes
19. Re:catch

— Re:catch is a versatile and intuitive lead management tool that offers lead capture forms, automated lead routing,…

Lead data enrichment with real-time updates
Custom pipeline design without requiring code
Instant lead conversion facilitated through embedding or links
Starting Price:$175/month
Pricing Model:Per User
Free Trial:Yes
Free Version:Yes
20. Touring

— Touring is an innovative app that leverages generative AI, geolocation, 3D spatial information, and speech synthesis to…

Personalized experience
Real-time audio guiding system
Interactive and adaptive narration
Starting Price:Free
Pricing Model:Free
Free Trial:Yes
Free Version:Yes

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