Methodology to Curate New SaaS Tools at SaaSGenius

Our goal is to deliver the most interesting and innovative SaaS and AI tools in a carefully curated list. On this page we present our curation method and explain how we select the tools listed on our website and outlining the sources from which we discover new tools to include.

Here is a summary of the eight steps our Website Managers take to curate the new SaaS tools on SaaSGenius. 

Step 1: Define Objectives

Before we launched the new SaaS Tools section, we looked at our objectives and criteria for curating new tools on SaaSGenius, outlining factors including: 

  • Functionality,
  • Usability,
  • Pros and cons, 
  • Pricing, 
  • Relevance,
  • Product innovation.

Step 2: Market and Industry Analysis

We conduct in-depth analysis of market trends, industry dynamics, and emerging technologies to understand the landscape in which the new SaaS tools will impact our SaaS audience most. 

Step 3: Monitoring of Industry Trends 

Our team monitors industry updates, blogs, and publications to stay abreast of the latest developments and identify new SaaS tools and emerging trends.

Step 4: Engage with Industry Experts

The SaaSGenius team liaises with industry experts, thought leaders, and professionals through participation in conferences, webinars, and networking events to gain insights and recommendations.

Step 5: Community Collaboration

Our team actively engages with technology communities, forums, and social media groups to tap into collective knowledge, gather user feedback, and identify tools gaining popularity.

Step 6: Identify Tool and Write Overview 

Once we have identified a tool, our SaaS Genius testers write an overview, including its primary use, features, facts and pros and cons. 

Step 7: Regular Updates

We regularly update the curated tools to maintain relevance and alignment with evolving SaaS industry trends.

Step 8: Monitor Performance 

Once the reviews are live, we track the performance and user satisfaction of the curated tools over time, enabling us to improve and adjust the SaaS new tools section continuously.