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Workday HCM is a cloud-based HR software that can help businesses manage their human capital with ease. With features such as talent management and benefits administration, Workday HCM is a great choice for businesses looking for a comprehensive HR management solution.




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Workday HCM Facts

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Workday HCM Review


Workday HCM is your all-in-one SaaS solution that helps you unify all aspects of the employee lifecycle with a single system. There is a suite of modules to help organizations operate globally, administer benefits, run payroll, facilitate learning, and manage talent.

While it’s designed for large and medium companies, it also supports the requirements of small companies. You’re sure to learn plenty of information in this Workday HCM review to help you determine if it’s right for you.

Pros and Cons

+ Intuitive user interface – It’s easy to move around the platform and do whatever you must.

+ Comprehensive employee portal – Employees can handle their own HR needs effortlessly with the system.

+ Detailed analytics and reports – Generate reports for everything and get a better idea of what’s happening.

+ Absence management – The smart calendar manages time off and tracks various absences.

– No transparent pricing – You must request a demo and talk to a representative for pricing information.

– More rules needed – It might help bigger companies to have more rules available for attendance and time.


Most companies want a modern SaaS solution that’s easy to use, regularly updated, and has a sleek user interface. That’s exactly what you get with Workday HCM. Because it’s a newer system on the market, it seems to focus on the user experience more than other similar products. Plus, it manages to maintain a feel and look of more modern options. Along with all the rest, it has every feature you could possibly need.

As we were working on this Workday HCM review, some users complain that it takes longer to learn how to use the system because of the many menus. However, each one is easy to access, and each option is marked clearly. Then, everything gets split into various sub-menus to help you drill down to the granular choices.

It doesn’t matter if you’re knee-deep in something at the moment. You can quickly navigate to the next task through back arrows or menus.


No Workday HCM review could be complete without talking about the software’s features. With Workday HCM, you get:

  • Workforce planning and management – The dashboard is full of features to help manage teams. Managers don’t need the hiring manager to create jobs and the like.
  • Analytics and reporting – Workday HCM offers a comprehensive reporting function to give you an overview of all performance aspects. They’re in the form of visual representations.
  • Talent and recruitment management – This module is the applicant tracking system and handles the hiring process from beginning to end. With the ATS capabilities, you may create attractive application forms, communicate and source candidates, hold interviews, and collaborate with other team members.
  • Employee portal – Employees are allowed to access the self-service portal from their smartphone or browser. It includes onboarding information so beginners can get started quickly. Plus, managers may tailor the experience to each person, showing a checklist to display progress through the steps.

Support Quality 

Workday HCM offers 24/7 support options. If you’ve got a problem, you may submit the question to the community or contact Workday specifically to request a solution to the issue.

You must fill out a basic form with your complaint details and the severity level of the problem to get started. Then, you may choose if Workday calls you or contacts you through your login credentials online. 

The average response time for severe complaints is just 13 minutes, so it’s speedy and beneficial.

Workday HCM Pricing – What Does It Cost?

Workday HCM doesn’t offer pricing information online, and there’s no free plan or trial. Therefore, you must contact the sales department to determine what the cost is for your organization. You may do this by calling, filling out a form, or choosing live chat.

When you call, it offers a quote for your specific company. That means you get the right package and pricing model. Though it might be nice to compare prices, you must request a quote before you can do so.

Free TrialNo
Workday HCMCall for a quote


Everyone should realize that Workday HCM isn’t for everyone. That’s not because it’s not good; it’s fantastic. However, it tends to have more features than a small company needs. You aren’t likely to use most of them and might be forking out a lot of money for the privilege. Therefore, if you don’t own a medium or large-sized company, you might be better off with a competitor.

However, large corporations often require a solution that lets them manage a bigger workforce. This includes performance management, budgets, training, compensation management, diversity, and reorganizations. They may find that Workday HCM is an excellent choice.

Overall, the attractive appearance, well-organized navigation, mobile-friendliness, and intuitive user interface are what make this an excellent option. You also learned in this Workday HCM review that pricing is based on your company’s needs, so it’s best to call for more information.

Try Out Workday HCM Now!

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