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Breezy HR is a modern and intuitive HR management platform that can help businesses attract and hire top talent. With features such as candidate tracking and interview scheduling, Breezy HR is a great choice for businesses looking for a comprehensive hiring solution.




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Breezy HR Overview

Breezy HR is an award-winning applicant tracking system (ATS) that automates the entire recruitment process, from finding candidates to hiring them. Moreover, Breezy, founded in 2014, now has a global customer base of over 3,000 enterprises and has established itself as an industry leader thanks to its excellent usability and extensive feature set.

Is this the platform for you? Read this Breezy HR review to compare this software to others so that you can make the best decision for your company.

We believe Breezy’s end-to-end recruitment software makes it easier for organizations to manage many applications. The software has a modern look and feel, with an intuitive architecture that makes it easy for teams to adopt with little training.

Pros and Cons

+User- friendly – Breezy HR has a pipeline that may be customized with drag-and-drop capabilities to graphically organize candidates

+Easy Integration – Remote hiring with integrated one-way video questionnaires and two-way video meetings

+Great Automation Tool – Candidate communication is made easier with automated templates, emails, and advanced scheduling.

-Limited Customization – You cannot customize your reports

-Expensive – There isn’t a mid-tier pricing option; therefore, it’s expensive if you only have to advertise a few jobs.


You can seamlessly post to numerous job boards using Breezy HR (free and premium). You may also create a customized Career Portal to promote your company and attract potential recruits. Using a drag-and-drop Kanban-style pipeline, you can follow applicants through the recruitment stages (Applied, Interviewing, Feedback, etc.). The visual approach gives you a good perspective and may be tailored to your company’s needs. Individual phases can also be automated to expedite your procedure and decrease manual activities for your team (such as sending exclusion emails).

The software comes with a number of pre-built reports that can help you better understand your hiring process (there’s currently no option to create custom reports). This may impede enterprises who seek to examine metrics or KPIs using diverse data types; however, it’s easy to use.

Overall, Breezy is an excellent choice for large organizations that require reliable recruitment software to manage prospects and automate various processes. Paid subscriptions, on the other hand, start at $149 a month (billed annually), which might be too expensive for small firms that need to promote multiple positions on a regular basis. Thus, the price point may affect the usability for smaller corporations.


A few of the key features that can benefit your company include:

  • Job advertising – The most significant aspect of the recruitment process is to advertise your job. A well-publicized job allows you to reach the widest possible audience of competent candidates and identify the ideal candidate for your position.
  • Creating job postings – The step-by-step wizard in Breezy HR makes creating a job opening simple. You can either write your own job descriptions from scratch or use one of the many templates available.
  • Interviews and scheduling – You may schedule interviews and communicate with candidates using this software.
  • Candidate management – Breezy manages candidates using simple pipelines. Pipelines are graphic representations of the various steps of recruiting.
  • Team collaboration – Breezy has a real-time messaging system that you may use to communicate with your team about vital candidate information.

Support Quality

Breezy’s customer service team emails you several times after you join up, offering support and a live demo. When you use the different functions, there are additional pop-up notifications that show at the bottom of the screen, offering you extra assistance.

You can ask the operators a question on live chat by clicking on the messages, and you’re given a response time to assist you with regards to when you’re going to hear back.

Breezy HR Pricing – What does it cost?

Breezy HR pricing is the biggest cause for concern in this Breezy HR review as it can be considered quite expensive. A single job ad and candidate pool are included with the free plan.

Paid options for limitless job positions start at $149 per month (paid annually).

The most popular package includes all services at $299 per month (paid annually).

Free TrialYes
Free PlanLimited
Startup$171 per month
Business$479 per month


Breezy HR is ideal for expanding companies and recruitment agencies wishing to streamline its onboarding process. Furthermore, Breezy frees up time for connecting with prospects and executing fair and thorough evaluations by automating activities like screening, advertising, and follow-ups.

Moreover, Breezy makes the entire hiring process not just simpler but also more successful with sourcing tools that connect to LinkedIn, a visible pipeline for candidates to travel through, interview aids, and scorecards. Breezy should be a crucial component of your company if you run a remote organization because of its integrated video answer questionnaires and video conference interviews.

Lastly, Breezy is ideal for recruiting agencies and large firms who employ frequently because paid plans offer an infinite number of job vacancies. We hope this Breezy HR review helped you in making an informed decision.

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