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Turing is a platform that connects businesses with elite remote software developers. With its pre-vetted talent pool, intelligent matching algorithm, and flexible hiring options, Turing simplifies the process of hiring and managing remote developers.

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review │ Turing Overview

Businesses often struggle to find the right independent contractor to handle their software development needs. Finding quality software developers with competitive prices can take quite some time and is a hassle. 

Turing understands this predicament and offers you a way to find quality software developers with minimal effort!

Want to learn more about Turing’s services? Keep reading! This excellent service has experience helping big names like Disney and Pepsi find quality software developers. And, they can help your business find services you can trust.

Our Genius Score has rated Turing among the top developer-finding platforms. Read our full Turing review to find out what makes Turing the best developer-finding platform!

Turing – The best deep jobs platform!
Find only high-quality and fully-vetted software developers using Turing!

pros&cons │ Turing Pros and Cons

Before discussing the ins and outs of Turing’s software developer recruitment platform, it’s essential to gain some perspective on the benefits and disadvantages of using Turing.

Use our Turing review to decide whether this is the most suitable tool for your needs.

Turing Pros

Let’s look at what you stand to gain from investing in Turing’s deep job platform.

tick Full-Time and Long-Term Projects

When looking for talent or work on Turing, you get the added benefit of more extended and full-time projects. Upwork and other job-finding tools usually focus on shorter-term projects. However, Turing allows you to hire employees for longer projects, enabling you to use the platform for more extensive and ambitious software development needs.

tick Reputable Companies

When you use Turing to find work, you can choose from reputable companies. Turing works with plenty of large businesses, allowing you to find a permanent position with a larger company. Turing also enables you to choose from smaller businesses and startups.

tick Reputable Software Engineers

You can select from the best when you use Turing to find software engineers. There is a rigorous vetting process at Turing, which is what gives them such a stellar reputation. You can choose the best software engineers for your project without researching.

tick AI-Driven CV Processing

You can reduce the heavy lifting of the hiring process with Turing’s AI-driven CV processing tool. Your HR team will no longer have to sift through thousands of CVs to find the right candidate. Instead, you can choose from an AI-processed list of ideal candidates shortlisted for the role. Using AI also eliminates the margin for human error or prejudice in the shortlisting process.

tick Remote Management

When you use Turing to hire a software developer, you aren’t restricted to software developers in your area. Turing can help you to find software developers remotely and even facilitates the remote management of your software engineers.

Turing Cons

Time to take a look at the negatives. Keep these in mind when deciding whether Turing is right for you.

cross Only Full-Time Work Available

If you’re a business or software engineer looking for part-time work, Turing won’t be your cup of tea. You will mostly find full-time jobs on Turing, so unless you want to work around 40 hours a week, it’s best to look elsewhere.

cross No Free Trial

Unfortunately, you have limited options for trying out Turing. You will have to invest in the tool to figure out what using it is like. 

Turing ProsTuring Cons
plus Full-time and long-term contractsminus Only full-time work available
plus Reputable companiesminus No free trial
plus Reputable software engineers
plus AI-driven CV processing
plus Remote management

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Try Turing Now!
If you’re looking for work as a software engineer or a business looking for a remote software developer, why not try Turing? Choose from thoroughly vetted engineers and big companies.

what is │ What Is Turing?

Turing is a deep jobs platform. A deep jobs platform is a tool customers can use to put bids forward for projects. Turing only filters users by job rating, so customers needn’t worry about biased algorithms.

If a software engineer subscribes to Turing to find work, they must undergo many vetting procedures before placing their bids. This way, companies know that they are getting the cream of the crop and can trust the engineers Turing recommends.

Turing allows businesses to automate the CV reviewing process with AI to streamline the hiring process. The AI CV review process eliminates the risk of personal bias, allowing for a fairer procedure. The company can then review the AI-generated shortlist to choose the most suitable candidate.

Once a company hires a candidate, they can manage their software engineers remotely through Turing. Companies can cast a wider net when hiring and accessing software engineering services worldwide.

Turing helps to provide long-term projects to software engineers and allows companies to find candidates for their long-term projects.

how │ How Does Turing Work?

For companies to use Turing, they must first sign up for the service. Once they have signed up, they can post their remote work jobs and receive a curated list of candidates. This shortlist will be compiled using AI. 

Since the pandemic, businesses have implemented cloud-based solutions facilitating the transition towards remote working. Turing allows enterprises to find software engineers from around the globe, managing them fully remote. By enabling businesses to manage their software developers remotely, Turing ensures that companies have access to the best software developer for the job, regardless of location.

For software engineers, Turing presents the opportunity to find long-term and reliable contracts with reputable companies. Finding work as an independent contractor can be difficult, which is why Turing is popular with software engineers. Software engineers can find a job quickly and easily if they are prepared to fill out rigorous vetting forms.

features │ What Are Turing’s Main Features?

Now that you know what Turing is let’s take a look at what Turing has to offer for both businesses and software engineers.

features point Finding Work and Finding Contractors

Turing help contractors to find work with leading companies in the industry. It also helps companies find contractors performing in the top 1% in their field. Turing provides only high-quality contractors to reputable companies using AI-led matching and shortlisting.

features point HR and Payroll Functions

When you hire a freelance software developer using Turing, you gain the ability to perform HR and payroll functions seamlessly. Turing will clear payroll each month on your selected payment date, specified in your contract with the contractor. 

The contractor must register their bank with an online payment platform, and all payments will take place on this intermediary platform in US dollars. You can establish smoother and quicker payments using this method.

features point Workflow Builder

Turing allows you to build workflows for your remote contractors and provides time-tracking capabilities. You need to ensure your contractors are working productively and meeting the goals you have set for them. Turing’s workflow builder helps you to manage your remote workers.

Workflow Builder

features point Communication Tools

Communication and collaboration are essential for a remote working relationship. Turing offers tools to facilitate live chats and weekly 1-on-1 meetings and helps ensure your contractors are available during working hours in your time zone.

features point Intelligent Vetting

You can rest assured knowing that Turing will only show you candidates that have passed the rigorous vetting procedures. Candidates must undergo over 5 hours of interviews and vetting procedures to be listed on the site.

features point Performance Reviews

All contractors hired through Turing must undergo regular performance reviews. These reviews will determine whether the contractor is providing adequate services for the company and ensure that companies gain a solid ROI on their hires.

Why Should You Use Turing?

tick Turing helps you to automate the recruitment process for remote software developers.
tick Turing uses AI-led CV reviewing to provide you with the best candidates.
tick Turing helps you to manage your developers with workflows and communication tools remotely.
tick Turing provides performance reviews to enhance productivity and performance.

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Why Not Try Turing For Your Next Software Development Contract?

Turing can pair you with the leading software developers in their field using AI-led matching. Try Turing and get matches for the role quickly and effortlessly.

who │ Who Can Benefit From Turing?

Let’s look at some industries and businesses that would benefit most from Turing’s services.

features point Healthcare Industries

The healthcare industry is constantly evolving, and more and more medical care is being provided online. Healthcare companies can benefit from hiring software developers to establish eConsult services, online appointment booking, and user-friendly patient resources. Turing can help healthcare businesses access the best software developers to handle complex tasks.

features point Retail

Retail businesses need software developers to establish online shopping resources and use technology to innovate the in-store and dine-in experience. Retail companies can use Turing to find developers that meet their needs and have a creative and innovative approach to software development.

features point Small and Large Businesses

Most companies must establish online and cloud-based platforms to facilitate easier sharing and support hybrid and remote work models. Both small and large businesses can benefit from using Turing to find and manage remote software developers.

features point Software Engineers

Software engineers seeking more autonomy in the job-seeking process can look for freelance contracts on Turing. Turing helps them to connect with big-name businesses in thriving industries. However, software engineers must have proven excellence in their field to use Turing successfully.

Who Should Use Turing?
Healthcare businesses – use Turing to find developers for your eConsult and online services.
Retail businesses – use Turing to create an innovative customer experience with software developers.
Small and large businesses – Turing can help small and large businesses find qualified developers
Software developers – developers can use Turing to find work with reputable companies.

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Turing – Find Software Developers!
Software developers and companies can connect through Turing. No longer will the search for freelance software developers be so challenging.

time │ How Much Time And Money Does It Take To Use Turing?

For businesses looking to hire freelance software developers, using Turing takes very little time and effort.

Turing’s primary goal is to provide job posting services without wasting a company’s time. To use Turing, you simply need to create your job posting. From there, Turing automates the CV review process to provide you with a shortlist of candidates best suited to the role. 

To minimize risk and ensure you get the best ROI on your recruiting investment, Turing offers you a two-week free trial.

usability │ How Easy Is It To Use Turing?

Since Turing is designed to automate the CV reviewing process using AI-led recruiting, the tool is relatively simple. You simply list your job requirements, and Turing will provide you with a list of the ideal candidates. 

Once you have selected a candidate, Turing supplies remote management tools to help you stay on top of your remote hires and implement effective management. You can implement prioritized workflows with ease. 

Turing is best for software development recruitment as it allows you to find the right candidate, communicate with them effectively, and clearly outline your expectations for the finished project. Turing also implements automated performance reviews to ensure you get the most out of your software developers.

However, due to its stringent vetting processes, Turing is more accessible for customers to use than software developers. To become certified by Turing, software developers must be prepared to undergo many screening processes and tests.

pricing │ How Much Does Turing Cost?

The actual commission Turing takes is unclear. Let’s cover what we do know about Turing’s pricing.

Turing offers a two-week trial period to ensure you are happy with your new hires, minimizing risk and maximizing ROI. You are not required to make any payments for the recruiting process. Turing helps you to find qualified and quality software developers from around the world free of charge. Once you have hired a developer, you can access a two-week trial period to ensure they are suitable for your company. 

When this trial period is over, you will have to start paying Turing a commission fee, which will cover their remote management services. The cost of Turing’s commission is not available on their website, which may mean they charge on a case-by-case basis. 

The good news is that you will only have to pay Turing when they find you the right software developer. The bad news is that you won’t know how much Turing charges until you have located your new developer and are happy with their services.

tick Turing has a 2-week free trial period for new hires.tick Undisclosed commission fees for Turing’s services.

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Why Wait? Give Turing A Try!
Hire and manage your freelance software developers in one place. Get your new hires a two-week free trial period to ensure solid ROI.

tools │ Turing Tools For Businesses

Turing has many tools and features to help businesses hire and manage new software developers. Here is a list of the best Turing features for businesses.

Vetting For Remote Candidates

Your company’s HR team is responsible for hiring new candidates but may not be able to allocate enough time towards vetting remote software developer candidates. You need to ensure your candidates are experienced and you need to ensure they are reliable. Turing’s vetting processes perform all the work for you and compile a shortlist of the most qualified candidates for your role.

Hire For Specific Skills

Turing helps businesses seek candidates with specific skillsets. For instance, Turing allows you to search for developers with data visualization skillsets, material UI developers, photoshop developers, dedicated java developers and more. Whatever skill sets you’re looking for, you can find experts in that niche with Turing.

Hire For Specific Skills

Communicate With Your Developers

Turing doesn’t just help you to find developers. You can communicate with your developers using Turing’s built-in communication tools. You can schedule weekly 1-on-1 meetings and live chats to ensure your developers can ask you important questions about the project and gain a clear perspective of your vision for the project.

Establish Workflows 

To ensure your developers work productively; you can establish workflows and deadlines and prioritize tasks using Turing’s management platform. Automated progress reports will allow you to review your developers’ progress and maximize productivity.

Performance Reviews

Performance reviews are necessary to ensure your developer will complete your project on time and within the scope of the contract. Turing helps you establish regular performance reviews and keep in touch with any productivity or performance issues your developers are experiencing.

Performance Reviews
points Let Turing vet your candidates to choose from the most qualified developers.
points Turing allows you to seek out specific skills, like data visualization.
points You can communicate with your developers throughout their contract with Turing’s management platform.
points Establish workflows, prioritize tasks, and maximize productivity.
points Turing continuously implements regular performance reviews to improve performance and productivity in line with your goals.

use case │ Turing In Action – Use Cases

Let’s look at some businesses benefiting from Turing’s services. Since Turing has helped over 200 Fortune 500 companies find developers, their top testimonials are submitted anonymously.

  • HR manager of multi-million dollar software provider: ‘Turing has been a valuable partner in helping us grow our team. We use Turing because it helps us quickly find great talent globally in the ultra-competitive climate.’
  • Tech lead of a fast-scaling delivery optimization platform: ‘Our team had a great experience working with Turing to expand our growing company. Their platform and shortlisting process were beneficial and efficient for everyone involved.’
  • Hiring head of a fast-emerging communications startup: ‘Turing has brought us perfect solutions. You can count us as satisfied customers. We would encourage other companies looking for talent to try Turing.com.’
  • HR of a NY-based, multi-million dollar rewards app – ‘so happy to report that the Turing developers we hired have added some much-needed bandwidth to our team. They have been making some big contributions despite being onboarded a month ago. Thank you to Turing for helping us find such high-quality developers in such a short time.’

support │ Turing Customer Support

What support is available if you’re having trouble using Turing? Here are some of the support avenues you can take to answer queries or resolve issues:

  • The help center – Turing has a help center devoted to answering customer and developers’ queries about using Turing. 
  • The email support helpdesk – you can access two separate email helpdesks for customer support. Turing offers an email helpdesk for developers at [email protected] and a helpdesk for customers at [email protected]. The email helpdesk usually has a response time of 24hrs.
  • Performance support – Turing offers support with performance reviews to keep your software developers on the right track.

Unfortunately, Turing does not seem to offer any live support features, which means you will have to wait up to 24 hours for all queries to be answered.

What Customer Support Does Turing Offer?
points Help center – FAQs and guides.
points Email support helpdesk – replies within 24 hours.
points Performance support – performance reviews for your contractors.
Alternative To Turing – Upwork
Upwork is a platform that connects businesses with independent contractors across the globe. The platform is not specifically tailored for any contractor type and allows freelance professionals in various fields to find work. Using Upwork, businesses can communicate with their independent contractors and collaborate on projects to achieve their vision.
Upwork Compared To Turing
Since Turing is explicitly tailored towards software developers, you may have an easier time finding high-quality developers with specific skills on Turing. Upwork is generally tailored towards short-term projects. So, if you’re looking to hire a developer for a long-term contract, you might benefit more from using Turing.

Turing Logo

Use Turing To Find Software Developers!
A wealth of fully-vetted software developers are available on Turing. Simply provide your project specifications, and Turing will provide you with a shortlist of high-quality candidates.

summary │ Conclusion

Turing is one of the most reliable platforms where companies can find software developers for long-term contracts. Turing provides the highest-quality developers while reducing your workload. You don’t have to review CVs manually; Turing’s AI-driven review process will supply you with the ideal candidates for the role. 

Fully-vetted developers can be found quickly and effortlessly on Turing, and you get access to the best developers across the globe. Turing helps you to manage developers remotely – so you aren’t limited to developers in your area.

Businesses in need of software developers should invest in Turing. Developers, too, can benefit from using Turing to find top-tier companies looking for reliable contractors for their long-term projects. 

Turing is the ultimate matchmaker for software developers and companies in need of software engineering services and has helped over 200 Fortune 500 companies to find outstanding developers.

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Find Fully-Vetted Software Developers At Turing!
Don’t miss out on the high-quality developers available at Turing. Receive bids from the best candidate for the role, and automate the recruitment process!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Turing is a recruitment platform that helps businesses to find remote software developers. Turing also helps businesses to manage their contractors remotely and maintain healthy productivity and communication.

You don’t need to pay anything for Turing’s recruitment process. You get a 2-week free trial with your Turing developer. Once the trial is over, you begin paying Turing an unspecified commission

Any business looking to hire remote software developers for long-term contracts can benefit from Turing. Software developers, too, can benefit from using Turing to find work with reputable businesses.

Turing supports remote contracts. Turing helps you to choose from the best candidates for the role across the globe and provides communication tools and workflows to help you manage your developers remotely.


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