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UKG Workforce Central is a cloud-based HR and workforce management software that can help businesses automate their HR processes. With features such as time and attendance tracking and scheduling, UKG Workforce Central is a great choice for businesses looking for a comprehensive HR and workforce management solution.




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UKG Workforce Central Review


UKG Workforce Central used to be called Kronos Workforce Central. It’s a full-service solution to meet the needs of businesses, regardless of size or industry. Since it’s cloud-based, it’s fully scalable, allowing users the flexibility they need to use the functions on the go, even if the company grows exponentially.

With the many capabilities it offers, managers can streamline and automate most HR tasks. In this UKG Workforce Central review, you learn everything you require to decide if it’s the right solution for you.

Pros and Cons 

+ User-friendly – The functionalities are easy to use and intuitive.

+ Functionality – This system delivers the promised features and lives up to user expectations.

+ Customization – Native integration capabilities and customization let users adjust the system to meet their requirements.

+ Support – You get responsive support, which is helpful and knowledgeable.

– Reporting – Most people feel that reporting is limited and doesn’t offer customization needed.

– Integration – While they exist, integrations might slow down the system, causing it to take longer to finish tasks.


While it’s easy to use the system, most people have issues with system speed. The platform often loads slowly and may lead to downtime. Most users have had problems with this. 

There is no mobile app available, but the platform is cloud-based. That means you can access it on a smartphone through your preferred browser. However, some people claim that the site isn’t mobile-friendly because you must zoom in and can’t see all the information at once. 

Though there are plenty of main functions that you see later in the features section of this UKG Workforce Central review, it doesn’t offer as much as other systems. Therefore, you may end up needing something that’s just not available. Often, users have to pay extra money to get what they require, and that can cut into the bottom line.


You need to know about the many features available to decide if UKG Workforce Central is the best option. Here are some of the top benefits:

  • Employee self-service – You can enable the self-service function to let employees view schedules, answer their questions, update availability, clock in and out, and much more.
  • Time-tracking – The system sends real-time alerts via text or email to tell managers what needs immediate attention. 
  • Scheduling – You may automatically generate schedules to ensure that there’s no overstaffing or understaffing. Employees may use self-service to view their schedules or set their preferences.
  • Absence management – Maintain your productivity levels by seeing where absences affect labor costs and who’s absent most often.
  • Core HR – Measure and collect data, such as performance metrics. You can update benefits programs and profiles, analyze payroll information, manage schedules, and all the rest.

Support Quality 

Along with the basic help desk services, UKG Workforce Central offers four support tiers: Platinum Plus, Platinum, Gold Plus, and Gold. Options include:

  • Training – There are many resources in the community portal, such as blogs, articles, and FAQs. Everyone has access to it, and there are even remote support, eCase management, and customer forums.
  • Phone – Users may contact the company by phone. If you have Platinum Plus or Platinum, you get 24/7 support. Everyone else can access a representative from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Friday.
  • Email – There is no email address, so users must ask questions through the community portal.

UKG Workforce Central Pricing – What Does It Cost? 

UKG offers more than just Workforce Central, such as UKG Ready, Pro, and Dimensions. Therefore, it doesn’t include pricing information on its website. Instead, you must read through each option to determine what might work best for you.

It’s possible to contact the sales team and discuss your needs directly. You may also request demos of the different systems to understand them better and see what might work well for your needs.

Free TrialUnknown
UKG Workforce CentralCall for a quote


While the company might have undergone a name change, it didn’t stop it from being one of the best software services available for HR and payroll needs. Though you can’t find pricing information unless you contact the sales department, it does provide plenty of features and capabilities. 

Most users enjoyed the analytics, automation, and integrations available from the company. It also used a unified platform, allowing people to use one system instead of many.

Throughout this UKG Workforce Central review, you learned about the features and benefits of using the system. Top among them were time tracking, scheduling, and self-service options for employees. Everyone gets what they need, and it works well for companies of all sizes. Still, UKG Workforce Central focuses primarily on medium and large businesses, so keep that in mind if your budget is low or you’ve got fewer employees right now.

Try Out UKG Workforce Central Now!

If your goal is to streamline and automate your HR tasks, it’s time to give UKG Workforce Central a try. Sign up now and figure out which plan works best for your needs.



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