Bambee is a comprehensive HR solution that can help businesses manage their HR tasks with ease. With features such as employee relations and compliance, Bambee is a great choice for businesses looking for a reliable HR management solution.




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Bambee Overview

Bambee is an HR platform that was developed for companies of all sizes. This tool helps businesses establish and create HR policies, maintain compliance, and streamline the onboarding and termination processes.

Overall, it’s geared toward small business owners who don’t have the budget to pay a full-time or part-time HR manager. During this Bambee review, you learn about the features, pricing, and other details so that you may determine if it’s right for you.

Pros and Cons 

+ Easy to use – The platform ensures that it’s easy to implement and create different HR policies.

+ Compliance – Regardless of your industry, you ensure compliance, no matter what state you’re in.

+ Great customer support – If you often have questions and need help, you get quick response times.

+ Affordable and professional – Bambee is suitable for small companies that want something inexpensive and meets their needs.

– Setup fee – There’s a steep one-time fee to set the system up for your company.

– Delays with HR manager assignment – Each company gets a representative to help them with everything, but it could take time to be assigned one.


For most people, usability is a huge concern, so we want to make sure to fully cover that in this Bambee review. Overall, most users say Bambee is very easy to use. You even get support and training to help you figure things out. With that, it has a nice user interface, which ensures that the younger and older crowds can navigate it easily.

Though there’s a mobile app available, it doesn’t include all the functions. You may download it to your smartphone and do some things. However, you may find that a quick run to the office is needed for certain situations.

Along with that, it’s not very customizable. Companies often need to make the software their own. They might have specific needs that another industry doesn’t. However, it’s not very easy to customize things, and there are limited options.

With that, some companies might find the integrations lacking. Though there are some, there could be more. Overall, you may spend more time adding everything to the Bambee platform instead of onboarding it all as needed.


The idea behind Bambee is that every company should be allowed to hire an HR department, even if it’s small. This system provides you with a real and experienced HR department. Its features include:

  • Quick communication and interactions – Communicate with the HR manager through live chat, phone, or email.
  • Compliance indicator – All users have access to the dashboard, which features a compliance indicator score. At a glance, you see how protected and efficient you are.
  • Corrective platform – People make mistakes, but Bambee handles it all and actively works to fix them through the CAP. This includes deformed policies, written/verbal warnings, and more.
  • Performance reports – The dashboard offers a comprehensive employee report, allowing you to track each person’s performance in a single window. They can help you choose who to terminate, promote, and keep.
  • E-signatures – When employees need to fill out and sign important documents, you can rest easy with the e-signature feature.

Support Quality 

Each company that signs up with Bambee has access to an HR manager. You may contact them at any time to talk about whatever situations might arise. Phone, live chat, and email are all options. 

This person audits the structures and processes of your business, ensuring compliance at the federal, local, and state levels. They can then customize, implement, create, and manage the policies based on your business and culture. This includes obtaining signatures, handling communication, and document storage.

Bambee Pricing – What Does It Cost? 

Bambee works differently than other software options. You have full access to an HR manager who handles all employee needs. This includes a one-time setup fee, and the price is dependent on the number of employees you have.

Free TrialYes
1-4 Employees$99 per month with a $500 setup fee
5-19 Employees$199 per month with a $500 setup fee
20-49 Employees$299 per month with a $1,000 setup fee
50-500 EmployeesCustomized


The company goal of Bambee is to lower internal operating costs by reducing redundancy to pass those savings onto you. It focuses primarily on small companies that are starting to grow and require more assistance. However, those businesses can’t afford to hire an HR Manager.

Those who need an end-to-end HR system should consider Bambee as the ideal solution. It’s much cheaper than hiring an HR manager or not managing these issues well. The person assigned to you handles all HR management tasks, so you’re not bothered by them. However, this means a full audit of the company’s system, which is an extra one-time fee.

Most users found it easy to use the system, but they had qualms about someone else having access to sensitive information. Still, it’s ideal for those who don’t have an HR department and need one.

Consider trying it for free after reading this Bambee review and learning all that you can from it.

Try Out Bambee Now!

If you’re a startup or small company with fewer than 150 employees, you should try Bambee for free. Sign up now to enjoy an HR manager without hiring them directly.



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