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Recruitee is a collaborative recruiting software designed for HR teams, hiring managers, and recruiters. Recruitee streamlines the recruiting process and helps businesses improve their hiring efficiency and candidate experience.

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Pricing ModelSubscriber based
Free TrialYes
Free VersionNo

review new │ Recruitee Overview

Recruitee provides round-the-clock solutions to help internal teams with hiring, thereby improving procedures. Recruitee is a collaborative hiring software that has been used by many  businesses because it is highly effective and simple to use.

Companies including M&S, Taco Bell, Asus, and more have used the recruitment management and applicant tracking system of Recruitee. This effectively helped them find, interview, and hire the best talent amongst the lot.

Presently, more than 118,000 users from at least 4000+ companies have leveraged Recruitee. And no wonder they are finding it super easy to navigate through their intuitive UX for building custom pipelines. Moreover, it is helping them attract top talent, evaluate candidates, and source and hire future team members.

If you’re considering Recruitee for applicant tracking and recruitment management, then there are numerous things that you need to learn. This review will impart valuable insights regarding highly effective recruitment management solutions.

After you thoroughly go through this review, you can make an informed decision. So stay tuned until the very end!

Recruitee – Best solution for serious HR departments
Recruitee is highly efficient recruiting software that does everything from job promoting, applicant tracking, and career page branding, to candidate sourcing. It has remarkably smart talent sourcing and job promoting capabilities. 

pros and cons new │ Recruitee Pros and Cons

Before digging deeper into what makes Recruitee the leader in recruitment management, let’s check some pros and cons. Each of them will provide you with a general insight regarding the good things and bad about the software. Also, it will enlighten you to make some quick decisions regarding the focus point of your research.

Recruitee Pros

tick new Applicant Tracking

It is probably one of the best and easy-to-use tools for tracking applicants.

tick new Access to Numerous Job Boards

You can post a single job opening on numerous job boards with the help of the software.

tick new Customizable Career Pages

It allows you to create customized career pages by making the best use of your company’s branding elements.

tick new Effective Candidate Pipeline

With the help of candidate pipelining, you can acquire a comprehensive view of the status of every candidate.

tick new Collaborative Recruitment

This software seamlessly facilitates collaborative recruitment.

tick new Personalized Dashboards

Besides the four pre-made dashboards, you can also create personalized dashboards. This will essentially help you analyze the key metrics of their hiring procedure.

tick new Third-Party Integration

It provides top-notch options for integration with other significant third-party applications.

Recruitee Cons

cons new Limited Form Customisation

The software grants limited customization when it comes to application forms.

cons new Limited Remote Job Postings

It doesn’t allow recruiters to make remote job postings or openings in multiple locations.

cons new Unclear Settings

The setting options are pretty confusing and challenging to navigate.

cons new Lesser Filter Options

There are less options than are required for vacancy level.

cons new Lower Coding and Customisation

There are significantly fewer coding and customization options via webhooks and APIs.

cons new Dark Mode Absent

The software lacks a dark mode.

cons new Limited Categories

It has significantly limited categories for interviewing.

Recruitee AdvantagesRecruitee Disadvantages
plus new The easy-to-use software is best for applicant tracking.minus new The software provides minimal customization forms.
plus new Allows job postings on numerous job boards.minus new The remote job posting options are pretty limited.
plus new The career pages are highly customizable.minus new Settings are quite unclear and challenging to operate.
plus new The career pages are highly customizable.minus new The filtering options for vacancy levels are also minimal.
plus new It hosts a seamless collaborative recruitment procedure.minus new It provides fewer options for customization and coding.
plus new It allows you to create personalized dashboards.minus new Dark mode lacks considerably within the software.
plus new It provides effective integration with third-party applications.minus new Quite a few and minimal interviewing categories.

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what new │ What is Recruitee?

Recruitee is an efficient cloud-based collaborative applicant tracking and recruitment management solution. It is primarily designed for streamlining the core processes of recruitment. This can be seamlessly used by HR teams of every size looking forward to scaling their hiring activities.

Currently, more than 5000 companies worldwide are making the best use of this software. Companies including Vodafone, Redbull, Evbox, Peeryby, etc., have seamlessly leveraged Recruitee.

The software comes with a drag-and-drop user interface that you can easily customize. Also, you can formulate custom pages for every job posting and opening. And the best thing about Recruitee is that you are not required to write or create job descriptions.

You can easily choose from the already existing job description templates without formulating job descriptions from scratch. Here, applicants can apply via online application forms and also upload their resumes. On the other hand, Recruitee provides a plethora of tools for facilitating enhanced applicant and recruiter recruitment.

Some of the specifications of Recruitee are:

point new Overall Rating4.5
point new Support24*7 Live Online Reporting, only during business hours
point new DeploymentAndroid, iOS, SaaS / Web / Cloud
point new Customer TypeLarge enterprises, medium businesses, small businesses
point new Payment SupportBoth annually and monthly, including customization, API, and mobile support
point new Desktop PlatformsWeb Applications only
point new Language SupportEnglish, Dutch, German, French
point new Recruitee CategoriesSome of the categories of Recruitee include:
Software and IT Software
HR Software
Job Portal Script Software
HR Mobile Apps Software
Talent Management System
Recruitment Software
Applicant Tracking System

how new │ How Does Recruitee Work?

Recruitee is an effective all-in-one solution for enhancing your sourcing, evaluating your prospects, and efficiently automating your recruitment procedure. The software grants every resource you require for seamlessly hiring the best talent in your team. With it, you can automate your processes and save manual labor.

On the other hand, you can establish templates to repeat pipeline architectures. Also, it grants comprehensive roles and permissions effectively to your hiring team. You can even make the best use of intelligent campaigns for simultaneously posting on numerous job sites.

This will help you locate a broad pool of candidates and discover the best of the best. And with significant social sharing connections, you can easily make everyone become a recruiter. Further, you can provide them with sourcing tools, sharing connections, and recommendations.

Recruitee allows you to send links to Schedulers to make booking simpler. Also, it ensures that it fits the schedule of everyone, thereby eliminating headaches associated with calendars.

Undoubtedly, the software makes it considerably easier for your hiring staff. They can seamlessly participate in the procedure and use notes, interview templates, mentions, and notes best. You can acquire e-signature integrations that you can use for signing offers.

Did You Know?
point new The Recruitee was founded in August 2015 by Perry Oostdam and Pawel Smoczyk.
point new Within four months of its public launch, it attracted more than 1000 SMEs and recruiting agencies worldwide.
point new There are at least 12 recruitment methods offered by Recruitee.
point new The software provides numerous training options, including live online, in-person, documentation, webinars, and videos.
point new Scaling businesses, including M&S, Taco Bell, Staples, and more, have leveraged the applicant tracking and recruitment management system.
point new There are more than 181,000 active users at present.
point new At least 5000+ companies are making the best use of the software.

feature new │ Recruitee Features

There are numerous characteristics that are strongly associated with Recruitee. Here is a comprehensive list of Recruitee’s most admirable features:

point new Easily Accessible Job Openings

The platform ensures that you can easily find your job listings. Also, it efficiently helps you attract the best talent within the industry. Besides, it has many features that allow you to promote your job openings efficiently.

point new Modern Recruitment Procedure

Numerous small and medium-sized companies still rely on spreadsheets and their inbox for hiring new candidates. Recruitee offers high-quality tools for modernizing this procedure. Also, it essentially adds a professional touch to the entire recruitment procedure.

point new Easy Job Posting

All HR professionals have the capability of posting new jobs on both free and paid job boards across the world. Moreover, you can seamlessly build social campaigns and post job openings on the leading social networking sites.

point new Career Site Editor

You can use the career site editor to share your company’s vision. Also, this helps build your brand and showcase your company’s culture.

point new Seamless Collaborative Hiring

There are collaborative hiring tools that can essentially improve your overall hiring procedure. Besides, this is done by collaborating with your firm’s recruiters and hiring managers. This feature provides real-time updates to you and your team.

point new Screening Questions

It is immensely crucial to provide a spotless candidate experience to every applicant. And you can attain this only with accessible applications and advanced screening questions.

point new Automation

The automation tools help you save considerable time on repetitive tasks while efficiently focusing on other essential tasks. You can even set up actions that automatically trigger while candidates move through the recruitment procedure. The replies and messages can also be automated in every email communication to boost productivity.

point new Integrated Existing Hiring Stack

Recruitee can be easily integrated with your existing HR software system. This significantly helps you become more efficient and never lets you lose track of top candidates. This software enables you to connect with your existing software and create a flawless workflow.

point new Analytics

Analytics allows you to measure the overall performance of your entire hiring process. Also, you can tweak and modify them only to make them more effective. You can create customized dashboards or choose from the pre-built dashboards for evaluating your hiring metrics.

Why Do We Need to Use Recruitee?

point new Recruitee hosts every feature that is crucial for both job posting and employee hiring.point new The effective tools help businesses source the best of best talents for every job vacancy.
point new Their most affordable plan offers up to five job openings. Besides, it supports remote job listing and job posting by location.point new The software allows you to customize your plan according to your recruitment needs.
point new There are smart campaigns and automation features that efficiently simplify the hiring procedure.point new The lowest paid plan provides all the features required for five job openings and hiring processes.

Empower your organization with Recruitee!

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who new │Who Should Use Recruitee?

Recruitee is highly effective software that fits best for every growing business. Businesses that can benefit from using Recruitee are:

point new Small Businesses With Low Recruiting Requirements

Recruitee grants all the features required for the hiring process even in the lowest paid plan. This is no doubt more than what others offer. Besides, the interface is straightforward to navigate if there are few company job listings. So special training for using the tools is not necessary.

point new Fast-Growing Businesses

You can easily customize your plan according to your recruitment needs. And when more job listings are required, companies can add more in the five-slot increments while adhering to the same features. Also, the intelligent campaigns and automation features help them simplify the hiring procedure.

point new Businesses Spread Out in Numerous Locations That Have Remote Job Openings

The software allows companies to advertise their jobs across various locations. Also, it efficiently supports both remote and international job boards. And with the more expensive plans setting up a career page in different languages is relatively easy.

point new The applicant tracking and recruitment management software is truly remarkable for every size of business.
point new It can be used as a CRM for storing client data and communication. So you can create jobs and talent pools for the same.
point new The software allows you to keep track of the client requisitions.
point new You can seamlessly store every important document.

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cost and time new │Recruitee Cost and Time

Recruitee allows you to keep track of the minimum, maximum, and average time for your hiring procedures.

  • Click Reports from the menu on the left.
  • Under the Candidates option, click on Time to Hire.
  • You will get an overview of your hiring time in three significant tabs.

The table below will also give you more significant insights into your company’s hiring time.

There are three pricing plans offered by Recruitee:

  • Scale: $333/month
  • Launch: $185/month
  • Lead: Custom Pricing

usability new │Recruitee Usability

While getting started with Recruitee, you must head over to their website first. You must click the Try for Free option at the top right corner. This will lead you to a page where you can seamlessly enter your company details. You can complete the basic configurations of your account.

Since this is a Cloud-based SaaS recruiting platform, businesses of all sizes can use this platform. Also, it provides recruitment analytics and grants the best-in-class support and onboarding. Thus we can say that Recruitee helps in finding efficient, skilled, and reliable candidates.

pricing new │Recruitee Pricing

The vendor offers three specific pricing plans. They include:

point new Scale

You need to pay $333 monthly for ten job slots for a monthly subscription.

point new Launch

You need to pay $185 per month as a monthly subscription for ten job slots.

point new Lead

Here, the pricing is custom based. So it would be best if you got in touch with Recruitee to acquire a quote for the same.

PlanMonthly PayAnnual Pay
Launch€199/month€166/month (16% off)
Scale€349/month€291/month (16% off)
LeadCustom PricingCustom Pricing

While the Annual Pay option for every plan is highly affordable, you should consider leveraging Recruitee for your business.

tools new │Recruitee Tools for Business

There are a plethora of Automation tools granted by Recruitee. This efficiently helps in automating most of the hiring tasks, where you can

  • schedule emails
  • check the availability of team members
  • determine the best time for conducting interviews
  • Automate actions and triggers, etc.
Points to Note
point new Recruitee has robust automated tools.
point new Businesses of all sizes make the best use of the automated tools.

example new │Recruitee Use Cases

Recruitee has a wide range of use cases because of its enormous versatility in recruitment management. We have enlisted a few large businesses that leveraged Recruitee for applicant tracking and recruitment management. They include:

point new Staples

Staples, an American retail company, hosts all business essentials, including computers, ink, printers, printing services, promotional products, and more.

point new M&S

Marks & Spencer is a British multinational retailer selling beauty, cloth, home, and food products. 

point new Framestore

It is an Oscar and Bafta-award-winning creative studio that offers a wide range of visual effects. Also, it provides direction, production, and post-production services.

point new Hotjar

Hotjar is a fast visual technique for understanding your users. Further, it provides everything that a business requires to uncover insights. This efficiently helps in making the correct changes to their websites.

support new │Recruitee Support

Recruitee has an accessible help center that you can access 24*7. The software also provides live chat support to consumers who require further help. Businesses who have leveraged the Lead plan of Recruitee can benefit from the perks of extra support. This also includes dedicated customer success representatives who assist with onboarding, rollout strategy, and more.

point new The highly effective software provides 24*7 customer support.
point new It offers additional live chat support.
point new Customer success representatives support customers of the Lead plan.
Alternative Recruitee Software – Breezy
Breezy is a visual recruiting and applicant tracking system that helps organizations modernize their hiring procedures. The automation features and drag-n-drop interface makes it easier to focus on suitable candidates.With Breezy, you can easily attract, automate, collaborate, and hire the best suited candidates.
Comparing Recruitee to Breezy
Both Recruitee and Breezy efficiently meet the requirements of businesses at a highly comparable rate. While comparing the quality of ongoing product support, experts believed that Recruitee is the highly preferred option. Besides, for roadmaps and feature updates as well, Recruitee was given greater preference over Breezy.

conclusion new │Conclusion

It is no secret that Recruitee is a well-balanced recruiting software that incredibly takes care of job promotions. Also, it efficiently helps in applicant tracking and talent sourcing.

The software provides aid to the hiring managers to customize their team members who are involved in the hiring process. Further, they help the managers collaborate with their team members on a single platform.

Recruitee boasts at least 1,250+ job boards, automation tools, and smart job promotion campaigns. Besides, they also provide a browser extension for fetching skilled and efficient candidates. Thus we can rightfully say that leveraging Recruitee is highly beneficial for all businesses.

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Recruitee ranks first in recruitment management and applicant tracking. At present, Recruitee serves more than 181,000 clients across 5000 companies. Try it today.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Recruitee is efficiently built and tested to work seamlessly on the following web browsers. However, it is likely to work on other browsers as well, but they aren’t officially supported. This is because Recruitee has been vigorously tested on Windows and macOS devices.

The web browsers supported by Recruitee are:
- Mozilla Firefox (Updated Version)
- Google Chrome (Updated Version)
- Safari (Updated Version along with 1 major version backward)
- Microsoft Edge (Updated Version)

Ever since January 2022, Recruitee is no longer supported by Internet Explorer. But if you are still using Internet Explorer for accessing Recruitee, it’s time you switch. This decision was taken ever since Microsoft announced that Internet Explorer 11 would not be supported on specific operating systems. This, however, became effective in June 2022.

Some other reasons why Recruitee no longer supports Internet Explorer include:
- Only 0.2% of their total users use Internet Explorer for accessing Recruitee.
- Internet Explorer lacks the requisite speed, security, and functionality. However, Recruitee desires to emphasize the focus of their resources on their Roadmap.

You can seamlessly submit your requests and suggestions on the Roadmap of Recruitee. They send you invites for leaving feedback, upvoting topics, and explaining their importance. This allows the entire team of Recruitee to learn about your priorities. Further, they will also let you know whenever your ideas have been implemented.

There are numerous designated boards for various parts of their products. It includes Integrations, Mobile apps, Reports, and Careers Site. However, you can also submit a general feature request from the options under Feature Requests.

Before deleting your company account from Recruitee, you must cancel your subscription first. And after that, you need to request permanently deleting your company account. However, it is recommended not to close your account until you’re sure you don’t require further access to your recruiting data.

After the account deletion procedure is complete, your account will be locked for 14 days for all users. This will delete every data in your account permanently. Moreover, you cannot reverse the already processed action after the said period.

- Go to Settings > Company Settings > General
- Click on Edit next to Company Details
- Click on Delete Company
- Confirm the command of company deletion and click on Delete Permanently

That’s all. This will permanently delete your company account from Recruitee.


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