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Hotjar offers monthly and annual subscription plans that can be tailored to the needs of any company. To learn more about the features and capabilities that each of the pre-set plans has, read our detailed pricing guide. Don’t forget to look into the company’s custom package, too.

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How Much Is Hotjar Pricing: Quick Answer

Hotjar provides a variety of pricing plans to meet different needs and budgets. The Observe plan starts at $39 per month or $32 per month when billed annually, while the Ask plan costs $59 per month or $48 per month when billed annually. Prices for more advanced features, such as Engage, range from $350 per month to fully customizable options, ensuring flexibility for businesses of all sizes.

Overview of Hotjar Pricing

Every business with an online presence that looks to improve and evolve its operations wants – no – needs to know how potential customers behave or feel when exploring their website. Thanks to Hotjar, now they can.

User experience (UX) is an essential component that can make or break a business, which is why insight into the experience of website visitors is vital. This article provides a review of Hotjar’s pricing plans and cost of Hotjar’s services and features.

How Much Does HotJar Cost?

HotJar PlanSubscriptionBasicPlusBusinessScale
Ask Monthly$0$59$79$159
CustomGeneral CustomizableCustomizableCustomizableCustomizable

Value Metrics

Daily sessions35100500 – 270kUp to 270k
365 days data storage
Analyze the underlying recordings & heatmaps
Top pages chart
Unlimited users
Features Listed19213947
Cost per Feature$0.00$1.86$2.54$4.53

HotJar Pricing Table

Observe Heatmaps & Recordings

All featuresBasicPlusBusinessScale
Daily sessions35100500500
Data capture (Automatic & continuous)
Filter and segment data 
Events API: track user actions 
Identify API: track custom user attributes  
Filter by rage clicks, u-turns, & clicked elements  
Filter by referrer URL  
Engagement zones in Heatmaps  
Frustration and engagement scores  
Track and filter by errors   

Observe Integrations

Google Analytics  
Google Optimize  
Hotjar API   
3,000+ more integrations via Zapier  
Analyze the underlying recordings & heatmaps
Top pages chart
User sentiment chart
Rage clicks & u-turns chart
New vs Returning chart
Technology chart
Top countries chart
Errors chart   
Add your own custom charts   
More featuresBasicPlusBusinessScale
Unlimited users
30-day money-back guarantee
One script installation
Multi-device support
Ability to export & share
Reliable customer support
Regular check-ins  
Early access to beta features  
Dedicated CSM   
SAML Single Sign-On   

Hotjar has been operational for almost a decade and, since then, has undergone comprehensive diversification of its features and services.

Naturally, as a diverse software solutions company, a one-size-fits-all pricing model is a limiting factor. Considering the range and diversity of the expanding online business landscape, Hotjar has created multiple payment models.

The costliest model does not necessarily mean it’s the most suitable for everyone. The Hotjar pricing model is scalable and adjustable to the essential needs of your business.

Depending on what you need Hotjar for, you can choose one of four plans: Basic, Plus, Business, and Scale. There are three categories of services for which these plans apply: observation (Observe), inquiries (Ask), and engagement (Engage).

Whether you want to conduct basic observations using heatmaps and recordings, conduct surveys and get feedback, or engage website visitors – all paid subscription plans start with the ‘Plus’ plan. On the other hand, all ‘Basic’ plans are cost-free.

The ‘Plus’ plans for all service categories – observation, inquiries, and engagement – are the lowest-cost. While these may be suited for particular types of businesses with small-scale operations, the ‘Business’ plans are the most popular and start at $99 a month for observations, $79 for the Ask plan, and $550 for the Engage plan.

If you subscribe to the annual plan, you will save up to 20% on monthly costs.

Did you know?

Hotjar is trusted by 1.1 million websites in 180+ countries.

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Types of Hotjar Pricing Plans

Each plan comes with different tools relevant to the cost and package. Below, we offer a brief outline of the features included in each package.


  • Basic: The basic ‘Observe’ plan includes 35 daily user sessions and access to features like automatic and continuous data recording and storage and unlimited heatmaps.
  • Plus: The Plus package comprises all Basic features but offers filter session recordings, events API, heat data, and feedback responses.
  • Business: This plan includes all ‘Plus’ components, multiple in-built app integrations, negative response signals, and tracking of commonplace user actions, such as purchases or conversions.
  • Scale: The ‘Business’ plan has all previously mentioned features plus funnels, trends, Hotjar API, priority support, customer success manager, error tracking, etc.


  • Basic: This plan includes three surveys and three feedback widgets, survey automation via AI, over forty pre-defined languages, and more than forty templates for surveys, filter responses, and up to 20 monthly responses.
  • Plus: This plan includes everything in Basic, plus up to 250 monthly responses, unlimited surveys and feedback widgets, as well as customizable widgets and surveys.
  • Business:  The Business plan offers everything in Plus, adding widgets and surveys to target specific customers, survey performance assessment, and in-built integrations.
  • Scale: As the most advanced plan, Scale features everything in Business, as well as customer success manager and preview and access to all new tools and features.


  • Basic: Up to 3 monthly interviews from your network with one spectator, as well as up to half an hour of interview time and recording retention of 30 days
  • Plus: Includes everything in Basic, along with 3 interviews in the Hotjar pool of participants and 6 interviews in your network, two spectators, one co-moderator per interview, and two-year recording retention.
  • Business: All Plus features and up to 14 network interviews, 7 Hotjar participation pool interviews, transcriptions in 20 languages, participant compensation, and an interview recording retention of two years. 
  • Scale: Everything in Business, plus up to 60 monthly interviews, up to 40 Hotjar participation pool interviews, interviews of up to 120 minutes, custom reward per interviewee, and up to 4 moderators and 10 spectators.

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Which Companies Should Use Hotjar

Anyone who actively runs a website can use Hotjar’s software tools. The platform’s adaptability to various digital business ecosystems makes it well-rounded and adjustable to virtually any website. Below, we look at some of the most common use cases of Hotjar’s software.

Basic & Plus Plans: Casual Websites, Startups

The ‘Basic’ and ‘Plus’ plans include between 35 and 100 daily sessions, 20 to 250 monthly responses, and between 30 and 110 yearly interviews. These and other features included in the two lowest-cost plans make Hotjar an excellent stepping stone for developing startups and non-profit websites.

Business Plan: Small and Medium Businesses

Hotjar’s Business plan is its most popular and includes in-built integrations with Google Analytics, Optimizely, Slack, Segment, and other apps. It also comes with filters for monitoring targeted audiences and ‘frustration and confusion signals,’ which make the Business plan suitable for online product and service merchants and sellers, travel agencies, retailers, businesses in the automotive industry, hospitality, etc.

Scale Plan: Medium and Large-Scale Enterprises

This plan combines features from all other packages and has exclusive features such as funnels, trends, console tracking, customer success manager, and much more.

Most companies with an employee base of hundreds, even thousands of employees and multi-million annual revenues, can arrange a suitable Scale Plan. Mid- and large-sized enterprises mainly apply the plan in accounting, IT, marketing and advertising, financial services, construction, communication, PR, etc.

Custom Plan: Any Website

With the Custom Plan, you can create a Hotjar pricing plan with an adequate toolset for your website. Depending on which metrics and variables are most important for growing your business, you can combine the key elements of two plans – Basic or Plus if you run a small organization, or you can pay a higher rate to unlock even more features that will create a system for broad overview in across multiple departments, as well as create tunnel vision in various segments to detect invaluable nuances in customer behavior.

Overview of HotJar Pricing Plans

Basic & Plus Plans Best for Casual Websites, Startups
Business Plan Best for Small and Medium Businesses
Scale Plan Best for Medium and Large-Scale Enterprises
Custom PlanBest for any website

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Get the HotJar Business PlanThe Business Plan is the best fit for small and medium businesses for just $99 a month. Get started today and enjoy the benefits HotJar has to offer.

HotJar Support

Hotjar provides comprehensive support to its customers, offering various channels such as email, live chat, and extensive documentation. 

Their dedicated support team is readily available to assist with any inquiries, technical issues, or guidance on maximizing the platform’s features. 

Whether you’re a new user or a seasoned expert, Hotjar ensures prompt and reliable assistance to help you succeed in optimizing your website’s performance and user experience.

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Start Your Journey With HotJar Plus Plan
Buy the basic HotJar Plus plan for an annual cost of $39 and get 100 daily sessions and 100+ yearly interviews.

Additional Pricing Information

Which is the Best Hotjar Pricing Plan?

It is hard to pick one pricing model that is overall the best, considering each business decides the variety and range of Hotjar tools they need to implement the desired changes.

Overall, the Business plan is Hotjar’s most popular package. It includes all the Basic and Plus package features and adds extra features in each of the three usage categories (Observe, Ask, and Engage).

How to Choose the Right Hotjar Pricing Package

You can decide which Hotjar package is best for you by looking into your business’s needs, the type of business you have, the type of services you provide, and the behavioral intricacies of your clientele and targeted audience.

The Plus plan is best for smaller teams that monitor traffic, get relevant responses, or conduct interviews. The Business plan is for growing companies who want to streamline operations and consolidate vital data sets. Finally, the Scale plan is intended for large enterprises and analytics experts who need to chart and analyze intricate user activity.

Does HotJar Offer Any Discounts?

Getting a discount on your Hotjar subscription is possible through several options. The first option is to subscribe to the Observe, Ask, or Engage plans on an annual instead of a monthly subscription. That way, you can cut costs up to 20% on the first two plans and up to 76% on the third plan. 

Apart from this, there is the option to apply for the non-profit organization discount, as the platform promises a lifetime free Ask Business plan and 500 free daily sessions as part of the Engage plan for such organizations.

You can apply for this discount by sharing the needed information directly on the Hotjar platform. If these plans do not cover all your needs and you wish to subscribe to one of the higher plans, there is another discount you can look into. 

Namely, Hotjar will give you a 50% lifetime discount on your selected plan – no questions asked, as long as you can provide the documents to prove your organization is a non-profit one. Don’t hesitate to make use of these discounts! 

HotJar vs. FullStory Software

One of Hotjar’s biggest competitors is FullStory, which offers some of the same services as Hotjar. Similarly, it helps businesses learn more about their customers by extracting valuable data from websites and apps. However, the approach of both companies is different, and there are also some differences in the available tools and features. 

First, we need to look into what these companies focus on. If you need all the data from your website extracted into one place, then FullStory is your best bet. Contrastingly, Hotjar’s paid plans can help you learn more about your customers through a package of tools that you can use for behavior analytics. The tools offered depend on the plan you subscribe to, whereas with FullStory, you get the same data analysis regardless of the chosen plan. 

A significant difference between the two that also puts Hotjar at a disadvantage is the lack of mobile app analysis, which is possible with FullStory. However, this is only one shortcoming we have found in Hotjar, as opposed to its various benefits over FullStory. Namely, Hotjar allows you to get heatmaps, do user interviews, and utilize surveys and feedback to learn more about your customers. None of these features are available on FullStory at the moment. 

Considering how many features these companies have, we can go on and on about what separates them or what they have in common. Ultimately, which one you choose depends on your needs and preferences. However, Hotjar is largely regarded as the better option due to its multiple subscription options and features that allow you to understand customers and their needs better. 

If Hotjar is not your cup of tea regarding behavior analytics for your online business, you can always explore other options. It’s also wise to know the best alternatives in case you ever need an additional option or feature that Hotjar doesn’t offer. We’ve created this list of alternatives and their key features to save you the trouble and time spent on research, and here is more on each one: 

  • FullSession: FullSession has similar features to Hotjar, like creating hotmaps for users, but it also offers session recordings, customer feedback, funnels, and conversions. If you decide to look into this company, you should know there’s no free plan. You can purchase a monthly or annual subscription to the Basic, Business, or Enterprise plans while also exploring the option of a custom plan with advanced features. 
  • Glassbox: Glassbox is a digital experience analytics platform with all the features you would ever need. It offers mobile app analytics, something that Hotjar lacks, interaction maps, performance and funnel analysis, product analysis, voice of the silent, and countless other options. However, we don’t like that there is no set price for the subscription plans. While tailored to your specific needs, the plan prices vary with each feature you add, so the costs can quickly add up. This is not a platform we would recommend to beginners but to established businesses that know exactly what they need for their business. 
  • Mouseflow: Based in Denmark, Mouseflow is an established company that collaborates with big names such as Phillips, Verizon, Vodafone, and over 210,000 more companies. This platform stands out due to the larger number of plans, all of which are available for a 14-day free trial. Once you look into Mouseflow’s pricing, you will see that you can choose between the Free, Started, Growth, Business, Pro, and Enterprise plans. All are available for monthly or annual subscriptions, with the latter featuring a 20% discount. 
  • Contentsquare: Contentsquare offers so many features that any business, whether small or large, would find something they can benefit from. What the company does best is digital experience analysis and monitoring while also offering product analysis, mobile app analysis, session replay, and various other features. Like Glassbox, there are no pre-set prices and subscription plans, but users have reported that even the most basic plan you can craft is still somewhat expensive. So, this is not a company geared toward startups and small businesses.
  • UXtweak: UXtweak is a relatively new company, having been established in 2019. Since then, this platform has gained quite a customer base because of its pristine UX research and usability testing features. Like Hotjar, you can use it to make heatmaps, but this platform also allows you to make Figma recordings whenever needed. There are three paid plans and one free plan at UXtweak, but even the most affordable plan starts at a higher price compared to Hotjar. So, while similar in capabilities and offerings, UXtweak has a higher cost that might be a considerable downside for businesses with a tighter budget. 
  • UserTesting: UserTesting is a convenient platform if you need a quick estimate of your website. Why do we say this? Well, that’s because you can immediately sign up for the free trial and even get a call from the UserTesting team for free testing. Calls are received within one hour of making the request, so you will quickly learn everything you need about how your website looks to customers. Not only that, but this platform offers three pricing plans that you can tailor to your needs. The Essentials, Advanced, and Ultimate plans all feature capabilities similar to Hotjar’s, so this platform is a great alternative for new and existing businesses. 
  • CrazyEgg: CrazyEgg has a feature that would make it stand out compared to most competitor platforms: the A/B testing tool. This tool allows you to see review results immediately after they come in, making it easier to decide your next course of action. An A/B tool is not offered at Hotjar, so CrazyEgg would be the better option for those looking for such a tool. Another thing that makes CrazyEgg stand out is that it has an extended trial of 30 days, while most competitor platforms offer only a 14-day trial. So, if you are unsure whether you want to invest in the platform, the trial option will surely come in handy.  


Whether you are just starting to grow your online business website or looking to get a handle on your traffic across essential segments – clicks, conversions, reactions, impressions, sales, leads, etc., Hotjar will meet your requirements.

Even in areas the platform lacks, such as the absence of an in-house A/B testing tool, its ability to integrate with third-party software and suited applications makes it a highly adaptable and versatile platform for bolstering your overall UX.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Some Hotjar users have reported the initial learning curb as a problem, as they found it difficult to understand the interface from the get-go. Another prevalent issue is the high costs for larger companies, as some competitor platforms offer plans with the same features but a lower cost.

There isn't a definitive answer on whether Hotjar or Google Analytics is better, as this will vary depending on your business and its needs. It's best to go for one of Hotjar's paid plans, which allows you to integrate Google Analytics, giving you the best of both worlds. That can be achieved if you go for the Observe Business or Scale plan.

Hotjar's services can be free if you subscribe to the Basic Plan, which is free regardless of whether you choose the Observe, Ask, or Engage plan. All other subscription plans are paid plans, so you cannot use any of their features without paying first.



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