Paylocity is a flexible, user-friendly HR platform that offers comprehensive payroll and HCM solutions, from onboarding to retirement. It helps businesses manage their workforce more effectively and automate HR processes.




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Paylocity Facts

Pricing modelQuotation based
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Paylocity Overview

Paylocity is an all-in-one platform, meaning you can use it to access a wide range of payroll and HR services. Furthermore, Paylocity is a cloud-based HR software platform that saves all of your data in the cloud and allows you to access your account via the internet.

Aside from the identical payroll and HR capabilities offered by Paylocity, it’s worth mentioning that it allows you to outsource certain operations to your teams, such as wage garnishments, payroll taxes, and more. 

How does it compare to others? Keep reading this Paylocity review to find out! We believe this is a fantastic option for those companies that want a tighter grip on the HR function. 

Pros and Cons

+User-friendly – The features are intuitive and easy to use.

+Good Customer Support – Customer service is dedicated to helping clients with their needs.

+Diverse – There are numerous solutions to help with all HR processes.

-Confusing – It can be tricky to navigate due to how many features there are. 

-Too Many Updates – The company is constantly changing, and it can be difficult to keep up with it.


Paylocity users praise the system’s synchronicity and how the fact that all of the features work together to reduce paperwork, save time, and enhance communication between employees and HR. Furthermore, Paylocity also features fantastic reporting, is typically user-friendly, and has excellent customer support, according to consumers.

Paylocity is designed to integrate with your firm’s procedures and simplify critical payroll and HR activities. Customized and mobile-responsive onboarding options are displayed by the program.

Paylocity criticisms, on the other hand, tend to focus on specific features; nonetheless, some users claim that specific aspects of the platform are confusing and may benefit from further explanation inside the system. Users only believe that it is complicated because of the number of features that one has to comprehend. 

You can use the following Paylocity integrations:

  • Guardian
  • VOYA Financial
  • Empower Retirement
  • Principal Financial Group
  • Cornerstone on Demand


The features on the higher end on the scale of this Paylocity review are:

  • Payroll – Use templates or develop your own to monitor your processes and guarantee payroll compliance. Personalize information fields for new hires and easy editing, plus automate payroll updates using employee action forms.
  • Benefits Administration Technology – Customize employee benefit packages, give employees control over their benefit choices, and send documents to carriers to modify employee coverage. Keep track of enrollment statistics and generate reports on the subject.
  • Talent Management – Create unique procedures for identifying candidates, create job application templates, communicate with candidates and managers, and issue offer letters.
  • HR – View data at the position level to keep track of headcount and status for each position and forecast changes in open positions. Employees and supervisors can use the Self-Service site to access company and personal information data at any time.
  • Engagement – Allow employees to communicate with one another using Community, a social collaboration platform. Moreover, allow employees to acknowledge one another’s work by using virtual “pats on the back.”

Support Quality

There are two forms of customer support: online and over the phone. You can visit the website at or contact client support at 888.873.8205.

The HR customer support center provides clients with access to HR specialists’ perspectives, tools, and information to assist them in making better HR decisions and improving their processes. Its guidebook has been amended, and Paylocity has developed a new one for clients this year.

Paylocity Pricing – What Does it Cost?

Paylocity pricing works on a quote-based system. Therefore, it’s almost impossible to compare prices. You have to contact the sales team directly for further information on prices. The benefit of this is that you can work with the sales team to figure out the monthly or annual Paylocity pricing, which depends on the payroll schedule, the size of the company, and specific functions you might need.

Free TrialNo
PaylocityStarts at $2 per employee per month


When it comes to Paylocity, the platform’s employee engagement features stand out. Paylocity focuses on boosting communication between managers, employees, and HR members.

Paylocity’s mobile app provides employee engagement elements such as a social collaboration tool, employee appreciation, and communication functions, in addition to employee self-service options. Additionally, Paylocity allows employees to participate more actively in the business than only handling their HR-related information and payroll in this way.

This software features a marketplace full of add-ons that you may use to sync existing systems or integrate new tools to increase your platform’s capabilities. Lastly, while it’s difficult to give an accurate assessment without actually utilizing the site, user reviews indicate that Paylocity is quite user-friendly. Despite some concerns about the software’s complexity and simplicity of use, more critics appear to praise Paylocity’s user-friendliness.

Paylocity is, therefore, best suited for midsize to bigger organizations that require all-in-one HR software and payroll. As per this Paylocity review, it’s also a good option for companies looking for third-party integrations and a strong focus on employee engagement.

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