Paycom is a cloud-based HR and payroll software that can help businesses manage their workforce and payroll processes. With features such as time and attendance tracking and benefits administration, Paycom is a great choice for businesses looking for a comprehensive HR and payroll solution.




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Paycom Facts

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Paycom Overview

Paycom offers user-friendly payroll and HR technology to enhance the employee lifecycle from a single software. From benefits enrollment to onboarding to talent management, it streamlines the processes, increases data integrity, drives efficiency, and gives employees the power they need over their HR information.

How does it compare to other software? Keep reading this Paycom review to find out! We believe it’s a great fit for companies that need help with benefits enrollment, data integrity, and all the rest.

Pros and Cons

+Simple-to-use platform – You can easily find what you need while using the software.

+Saves time – Your employees can quickly locate what they need, fill out forms, and send them in.

+Highly automated and detailed – This is a full-service platform, so you can manage your specific payroll needs.

+Employee self-service app – Your employees need to manage time, documents, benefits, training, and more.

+Good customer service – If you’ve got questions, you can call customer support and get assistance immediately.

-Confusion on pricing – There’s no transparent pricing information included.

-No integration – While it has many features, you can’t integrate it with other platforms.


Overall, many people have commented about the mobile-friendliness of Paycom. It’s a cloud-based solution, so it’s compatible with all devices that connect to the internet. It includes a mobile app for Android and Apple phones, allowing you to handle payroll wherever you are.

With that, employees can access information on mobile devices or online. Users tend to like the app, though some complain that there are lag times.

Generally, the web interface is easy to use and navigate by employees, making it well-received for most businesses. However, it’s not as user-friendly and intuitive on the management side. Paycom offers onboarding support, but the costs for implementation might be higher than others.

Some people complained that the user interface is outdated and doesn’t look as sleek as other options. However, the company is working to update its appearance and functionality, taking into account customer feedback.

Still, it performs its primary functions effortlessly for the most part, so there should be no issues using it.


Paycom has the essential features required to be a solid HR and payroll management software. You get onboarding assistance and a dedicated representative, which are attractive features to those who might want focused attention for the extra cost. Here are the top features to enjoy based on this Paycom review:

  • Dashboard – The dashboard’s homepage is simple. The program helps you navigate the checklist to set up your systems. After each section, you’re told if there are more tasks to complete, and everything is organized, with important alerts shown first.
  • Employee portal – Your employees can access information online or through the mobile app. Therefore, it’s easier to do for everyone.
  • Employee management – You’ve got many facets available for employee management, such as vacations, time management, learning modules, applicant tracking, and more.
  • Payroll – It’s easy to run unlimited payrolls every month with different employee types and payment schedules. The homepage shows how much you pay and what amounts are deducted. Paycom pays the employees after you pay it, so there’s no need to worry about checks not clearing.

Support Quality 

As with other HR/payroll providers, Paycom assigns you to a representative. They go out of their way to respond to complaints, and the company makes software changes based on your recommendations.

While complaints on customer service can plague some companies, that doesn’t happen with Paycom. It scores high for customer satisfaction. Still, there are only limited options for getting help:

  • Phone – Human support is available from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.
  • Email – Though phone is the preferred option, you do get an email address for your account manager.
  • FAQs – The website offers tricks, tips, and FAQs.

Paycom Pricing – What Does It Cost?

 From the many features available through the platform, you may wonder what the pricing structure is like. Unfortunately, the website only mentions that it offers pay-as-you-go models and doesn’t include specific information about cost on the website.

You must request a demo and work with the sales team to find out how much your business might pay specifically. Therefore, you can’t compare prices until you get a quote, but expect to pay more if you have a larger company.

Free TrialUnknown
PaycomCall for a quote


Overall, Paycom’s platform stands out from the crowd for features. It is user-friendly and gives you the technology needed to tackle everything from a single software. Whether you want to manage talent, enroll employees in benefits, or need help with onboarding, it streamlines the processes for you.

There’s a great mobile app that offers everything employees need, and most people are satisfied with it. With that, your employees are more active in the company because they can handle their HR information and payroll themselves.

In a sense, the single-application software from Paycom helps medium to large companies that want an all-in-one HR management program. Though it was designed for smaller companies that need a fully-integrated system, most users handle other HR tasks instead of payroll. This Paycom review should help you understand if it’s right for you.

Try Out Paycom Now!

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