Tanda is a cloud-based workforce management software that helps businesses automate their HR and payroll processes. Tanda simplifies scheduling, attendance tracking, and employee management, improving workplace efficiency and reducing labor costs.

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Tanda Facts

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review new │TANDA Review

The key to any successful business is effective employee management. This can be challenging, particularly if you have multiple business sites or a large workforce. 

TANDA can streamline employee onboarding, scheduling, and payroll to save you crucial time, money, and resources. This Australian software company is tried and trusted by over 10,000 businesses and is a top contender in the employee management market. 

Read our TANDA review to explore how this cloud-based software can help your business. 

TANDA – Best for automating workforce management! TANDA automates every aspect of workforce management you can imagine. From onboarding to payroll, TANDA has simple, digital solutions to make managing employees effortless. 

pros and cons new │TANDA Pros and Cons

Before we dive into the ins and outs of TANDA, let’s look at its key pros and cons. These should give you a better understanding of the software product and help you in the research process. 


tick new Makes it easy to build schedules

Use simple templates and historical data to build high-quality rosters with ease. TANDA’s rosters have powerful customization and let you see the big picture for accurate decision-making. 

tick new Access comprehensive reports and analytics 

Identify trends and create sleek reports with TANDA’s all-new reporting suite. Track vital metrics in real-time and receive actionable insights to improve efficiency and profitability. 

tick new Make decisions on the go with mobile apps 

Managers can view who’s on shift, make quick changes, and be alerted to lateness, overtime, or missed breaks. This can all be done from a mobile device for maximum efficiency. 

tick new Onboard new employees with ease

TANDA’s digital onboarding system is paperless and automatically links new employees to the payroll system. TANDA collects the necessary information to comply with tax and data protection regulations. 

tick new Track attendance and streamline payroll 

TANDA’s photo-verified time clock-in system directly links to payroll and can be accessed from any mobile device. This ensures more accurate timesheets and means you no longer have to worry about over/underpaying employees. 

tick new Manage to leave requests with one click 

Employees can submit leave requests through the scheduling app, and managers can easily view and approve these. TANDA automatically updates rosters and timesheets to reflect any changes. 

tick new Find cover for shifts without wasting time or money 

Broadcast available shifts to your workforce and find the best fit with TANDA’s intelligent staff selection tools. Monitor wage costs and ensure shift swaps won’t lose you money because of overtime or premium pay. 

tick new Maintain constant communication among your workforce

Send out announcements and receive staff feedback with Tanda’s mobile messaging service. It instantly notifies staff of new schedules and upcoming, or vacant shifts with push notifications. 


cons new Reports can’t be customized 

TANDA doesn’t offer customizable reports to their customers. Although they provide various reports, some users have complained that these aren’t sufficiently personalized. 

cons new There are limited integrations

Some have complained that HR, Payroll, and POS software integrations are limited. If your business uses more obscure software, this might not be compatible with TANDA. 

TANDA AdvantagesTANDA Disadvantages
plus new Simple employee rostering.minus new Restrictive reporting
plus new Staff performance and financial monitoring. minus new Limited integrations 
plus new Mobile-friendly solutions.  
plus new Automated, paperless onboarding. 
plus new Attendance tracking and payroll integrations.
plus new Efficient leave management.
plus new Real-time shift editing. 
plus new Employee messaging service. 


Don’t hesitate. Try TANDA Now!
TANDA is an easy-to-use, multi-function workforce app that easily automates administrative duties. Save time and help your business thrive with TANDA’s innovative technology. 

what new │What is TANDA?

TANDA is an Australian software company that provides market-leading workforce management and wage compliance software. They currently serve over 10,000 businesses across Australia and are a popular choice for workforce management. 

Their primary goal is simple. They work with companies to ensure staff gets paid correctly for the time they work. TANDA is a fantastic option with solutions that benefit business owners, managers, and employees. 

point new TANDA’s interface is straightforward to navigate and is engineered for speed and efficiency. 
point new TANDA is entirely cloud-based for secure data storage. 
point new TANDA has a range of templates to make rostering a breeze.
point new TANDA can work well for businesses experiencing mass expansion. 

how new │How Does TANDA Work?

Before purchasing, you can request a demo and a free trial to get a feel for TANDA’s software. 

TANDA has three fundamental elements: workforce management, employee experience, and award compliance. 

Workforce management helps you to run perfect shifts with rostering, attendance, and live feed tools. You can create and personalize rosters that work for your business with TANDA. You can also track metrics, maintain compliance, and lead shifts on-site or off.

TANDA improves employee experience by simplifying the onboarding process and ensuring accurate payroll. Employees can view schedules and clock in/out from their mobile phones. TANDA’s time clock means timesheets are always accurate, and employees receive the correct pay. 

Award compliance also ensures accurate payroll by simplifying Award calculations. For example, if employees work overtime or take on more responsibility during a shift, their payslip will reflect this. 

TANDA simplifies every element of workforce management. It’s straightforward to set up and use, and their team is always available to help with any issues. 

feature new │TANDA Features

Read on for a breakdown of TANDA’s top features to find out how this workforce management software can work for your business.

point new Compliance

Ensure your schedules always comply with labor laws and receive alerts if employees exceed their maximum hours or miss breaks. TANDA will notify you if any essential contracts or legal documents haven’t been submitted.


point new Onboarding

Track the status of new hires’ onboarding process, save essential employee files and automatically transfer financial details to payroll. Onboarding is entirely paperless with TANDA’s digital verification and signing capabilities. 


point new Reporting

Create sophisticated reports based on staff counts, wages, actual vs expected costs, and more. Use these reports to forecast future demands and optimize daily operations across multiple locations. 


point new Scheduling App

Allow managers to oversee shifts wherever they are and make changes directly from their mobile devices. Employees can submit leave requests, receive important notifications, and use the chat function all from the app.

Scheduling App

point new Time Clock App

Turn any device into a time clock with photo verification, unique passcodes, and GPS clock-in. Managers can see clock-ins live and be confident that timesheets are always accurate for payroll. 

 Time Clock App

Why We Need to Use TANDA

point new Offers an all-in-one solution for all your workforce management needs. point new Has tonnes of integrations suitable for businesses. 
point new Provides valuable resources like eBooks, webinars, and templates. point new Offers sleek templates for sleek and functional rosters. 
point new Helps you avoid timesheet and payroll errors. point new Serves over 10,000 businesses across Australia. 


TANDA Can Work For Your Business!
You can maximize TANDA’s capabilities by connecting it with one of its many partners. TANDA integrates with payroll, HR, calendar, and other compatible tools to cut down time spent on admin.

who new │Who Should Use TANDA?

TANDA is perfect for any business struggling to keep on top of workforce management. It’s suitable for small, mid-sized, and large businesses thanks to its features. Workforce management is often an obstacle that puts businesses off mass expansion. 

The larger a workforce, the more stressful it can become to deal with schedules, timesheets, payroll, onboarding, etc. However, TANDA minimizes these tasks through automation, thus enabling businesses to grow more quickly. 

TANDA currently serves over 10,000 businesses across Australia. These range from small startups with a few employees to enormous franchises.

point new Great for businesses of any size but particularly helpful to businesses looking to expand. 
point new Its usability makes it accessible to those with less software experience. 
point new Suitable for businesses in any industry but is most popular in the hospitality sector. 


Use TANDA For Real-Time Decision Making!
TANDA offers live insights based on wage costs and staff performance. Make critical decisions instantly to improve your workforce’s efficiency and profitability with TANDA. 

cost and time new │TANDA Time and Cost

The time it takes to get up and running with TANDA depends on the size of your business. If you’re a smaller business with a handful of employees, you can get started with TANDA in minutes. For larger firms, it will take longer to transfer employee data and start utilizing TANDA’s features. 

The costs involved in TANDA depend on which subscription plan you choose (Basics, Business Enterprise). You need to contact TANDA directly for an accurate quote, but it’s considered less expensive than the industry average. 

usability new │TANDA Usability

One significant advantage of TANDA is its usability. TANDA has a sleek interface, which makes navigating its various features straightforward. It has excellent UX and UI design, making it a popular choice for workforce management. 

It’s built with modern businesses in mind and comes complete with mobile applications to streamline daily operations for owners, managers, and employees. It is entirely cloud-based, meaning that users can access all of TANDA’s impressive features on any device anywhere in the world.

TANDA automates dozens of mundane administration tasks, frees up employee time, and saves labor costs. TANDA’s time clock and onboarding system both link up with payroll providers to reduce the need for manual data entry and prevent human error. 

The primary goal of TANDA is to simplify workforce management for everyone involved. Their system is clean and does away with the need for complex excel spreadsheets and mountains of paperwork. It’s user-friendly and a fantastic option for small, medium, and large business owners. 

pricing new │TANDA Pricing

TANDA offers various subscription plans depending on the size of your business and the features you require. 

For an accurate quote, contact TANDA to discuss your exact requirements.  

Free 14-Day TrialYes
OnboardOnboardingRequest Pricing
Workforce SuccessOnboarding, Rostering, Compliance, Time Clock App, Wage Tracking, Mobile Apps, Payroll & POS integrations.Request Pricing
EnterpriseOnboard & Workforce Success, Payroll & POS integration, User Management, Security audits, and staging support, Tailored SLAs, Dedicated subscription analyst, and dedicated support.Request Pricing 


Get Started With TANDA Today!
With TANDA, you can increase employee job satisfaction. Accurate payroll, handy mobile apps, and transparent rosters build trust between business owners, managers, and employees.

tools new │How Can TANDA Help My Business?

Below are some of the most notable tools to help your business improve workforce management.  

point new Australian Payroll Compliance

TANDA is built with compliance in mind. Users can rest easy knowing that TANDA is always up-to-date on the latest Australian labor regulations. Labor regulations can be an enormous source of stress, and TANDA relieves this to make running a business more enjoyable. 

 Australian Payroll Compliance

point new Inbuilt Business Tools

TANDA offers inbuilt applications to enhance your business’ labor management capabilities. Tools include shift feedback for a more collaborative work environment and GPS clock-ins. GPS Clock-ins help you track the location of off-site employees and ensure accurate location-based pay rates.

Inbuilt Business Tools

point new Integrations 

TANDA also connects with external software parties for POS, payroll, HR, calendars, and more. Third-party integrations mean data flows across all of your separate systems without friction. 


point new Analytics 

TANDA tracks vital metrics, such as labor costs and employee performance. It’s also possible to integrate TANDA with analytics software for greater depth.

Points to Note
point new TANDA integrates with various business tools to enhance your software experience. 
point new With TANDA’s business tools, small, mid-sized, and large businesses can thrive. 
point new Many of TANDA’s solutions maintain positive employer/employee relationships. 
point new TANDA gives actionable insights into maximizing profitability. 

example new │TANDA Use Cases

TANDA is a very versatile software product, meaning it’s used by a variety of different companies. 

Here are a few examples of companies that use TANDA. 

point new Starbucks Coffee Australia

Starbucks is an iconic retailer of specialty coffee, founded in 1961 in Seattle. Rostering for over 55 Australian stores proved challenging. Starbucks adopted TANDA for its auto-scheduling capabilities to optimize labor costs and comply with Australia’s strict payroll laws. 

Starbucks Coffee Australia

point new Sushi Sushi

Sushi Sushi has 140 locations across Australia and New Zealand. They struggled to process labor operations manually and often encountered complications and errors. Therefore, they adopted TANDA to help facilitate expansion and speed up employee scheduling. 

Sushi Sushi

point new The Cheesecake Shop

With over 2,000 employees, The Cheesecake Shop needed software to improve visibility and expand further. TANDA provided this much-needed visibility, and its quality integrations meant The Cheesecake Shop could operate on a large scale effectively. 

support new │TANDA Support 

TANDA offers excellent customer support to help you get the most out of their software. 

The TANDA Resource Hub provides free resources, such as Ebooks, guides, templates, and webinars. You can also access client stories, partner updates, and product release notes. They also have many blogs which give valuable insights into using TANDA and relevant industry news. 

The TANDA Learning Centre provides articles to help you get started with the software and learn how to manage your workforce effectively. If you’re struggling with any aspect of TANDA’s software, there’s sure to be a comprehensive article to help. The Live Chat feature offers another layer of support if you’re struggling to find answers to your queries.  

TANDA Support
point new TANDA has countless free resources to help you get the most from its software. 
point new The LiveChat feature gives you fast responses to queries. 
point new The Learning Centre has in-depth articles to help you get set up with TANDA. 
Alternative to TANDA – TCP
TCP is a time tracking and employee scheduling solution. It allows business owners to manage their staff quickly and efficiently. With a suite of solutions, TCP accelerates shift schedule creation and offers actionable insights for an optimized workplace. 
Comparing TANDA to TCP
TCP shares many of the same features as TANDA, such as rostering software and a mobile clock-in system. However, many have found TANDA to be more affordable and to have a faster ROI than TCP.

conclusion new │Conclusion

TANDA is a fantastic platform to engage your workforce and grow your business. It provides all the features you need to manage scheduling, payroll, onboarding, and compliance!

Its main advantage is that it can automate staff management processes, saving you time, money, and resources. Innovative technology streamlines the rostering process and does away with the tedious admin. Employees can enjoy a seamless onboarding experience, and employers can rest easy knowing that compliance is guaranteed. 


Try TANDA Now!
TANDA is the ultimate workforce management software for your business. Its user-friendly design, unique features, and excellent customer support make it an ideal solution for businesses of any size and type. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

TANDA can unlock your workforce’s potential. It allows you to roster confidently, ensure seamless shifts and reduce time-consuming admin. Although free scheduling and time tracking apps are available, these don’t come close to the quality that TANDA provides

Yes. One of the key features of TANDA is its onboarding system. You can automate every step of the onboarding process to reduce manual data entry errors and become paperless. Employees can self-serve with TANDA’s app; their information will seamlessly link with your payroll software.

The easiest way to contact TANDA is with the LiveChat feature on their website. You can also contact them on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram.



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