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TalentLMS is a user-friendly learning management system that provides all kinds of training and experience for partners, employees, and customers. These include onboard training, compliance training, extended enterprise training, and remote workforce training. On TalentLMS, you can also get marketing and sales training.




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TalentLMS Facts

Pricing modelPer-user
Free trial30-day
Free versionYes (basic)

TalentLMS Review


TalentLMS is a platform built for successful online training. It allows teams and companies to grow as members utilize the platform to increase their knowledge and certification. TalentLMS is customizable and easy to use, which is what makes it so popular.

In our TalentLMS review, we have covered all the information you need to know on this interactive training platform. We have scored TalentLMS highly across three categories, usability, key features, and support quality. To find out why, keep reading our review now.

Pros and Cons

Our TalentLMS review covers a range of aspects of this app, including the pros and cons of using it. We have gathered our information from users and expert testimony, as well as our own experience.

The pros of using TalentLMS are as follows:

  • Integration – users were happy with the way TalentLMS integrates all of the training information into one centralized training platform
  • Great user interface – clean, simple, and easy-to-use; users praise the interface of the TalentLMS platform
  • Support – many users and experts commented on the level of support offered by this app

The cons of using TalentLMS are as follows:

  • Expense – the cost of TalentLMS was considered high by some users and experts
  • Template limitations – some users commented on the limited templates for certifications and portals in-app


We have scored TalentLMS highly in the usability category due to feedback from users and experts on their experience of the app, as well as our own research.

With a simple and clean interface, TalentLMS is considered incredibly user-friendly. Current users of the platform comment that even their least tech-smart employees have no trouble using the platform.

The platform supports various content types for learning, meaning users can upload a variety of different resources in varying formats. This allows training to be more accessible and more interactive.

Users from large organizations commented on the ease of deployment of the platform as well as management thereafter. This means the platform is suitable for a range of company sizes and can be used easily across them.

TalentLMS offers customizable options and while some users reported issues with this feature, it does allow the platform to be more personal to each institution.


The key features of TalentLMS have been scored highly by us.

Key learning management features include mobile-friendly software that allows users to access training resources remotely and video learning for a more interactive experience. These features provide a rounded training experience for users.

TalentLMS also offers progress and tracking reports on user learning, helping admin stay up to date with the progression of employee and student training.

Additional features include activity tracking and training management to support administrators and a calendar that syncs with users’ Google calendars. These organizational features can help all users to stay on track and up to date with changes.

TalentLMS also offers third-party integration which many current users have praised for its ability to create a centralized space for training.

Support quality

TalentLMS offers its users a wide range of support features which is why we have given it a high score in this category.

TalentLMS has an email helpdesk and chat option for live support for users, though some support may change depending upon subscription terms.

The TalentLMS site also provides an FAQ page and a forum to help users get feedback and support on common issues that other users have found.

Generally, the support quality of TalentLMS has been praised by both users and expert reviewers.

TalentLMS Pricing – what does it cost?

TalentLMS comes in a variety of subscription styles. Below, we have summarized each tier.

FreeFreeUp to 5 users, up to 10 courses, email support
Starter$59/mo billed annually, or $79/mo billed monthlyUp to 40 users, unlimited courses, email support
Basic$129/mo billed annually, or $159/mo billed monthlyAll of the above, plus up to 100 users, and single sign-on support
Plus$249/mo billed annually, or $329/mo billed monthlyAs above, plus up to 500 users, custom reports, automation, success manager, and SLS for your custom domain
Premium$429/mo billed annually, or $529/mo billed monthlyAs above, plus up to 1000 users, and live chat support


Our TalentLMS review has covered the general information regarding this online training platform. We have scored the platform highly across the usability, key features, and support quality categories and have found many users and experts find the app easy to use and manage.

The TalentLMS interface gets praise for being clean and simple and is known to be easy to use. It allows for various upload formats, making learning more accessible and interactive for users.

The platform is customizable, providing a certain level of personalization and helping to create an inclusive learning experience. Key features include progress tracking, video learning, and third-party integration.

TalentLMS offers a range of pricing tiers and caters to a variety of different business and institution types.

Try TalentLMS now!

For an easy-to-use and easy-to-manage online training platform, why not try out TalentLMS and bring your learning online today. With a range of learning management features, this resource is invaluable to your business.



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