Thinkific is a cloud-based online course platform that helps businesses create, market, and sell their own online courses. With its advanced features and customizable interface, Thinkific simplifies online course creation, enhances student engagement, and improves revenue generation.




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Thinkific Facts

Pricing modelPer User
Free Trial30-day (money back)
Free VersionYes

Thinkific Review


Thinkific is an all-in-one platform that makes it easier than ever for creators and educators to make, market, and sell custom courses to a wider audience. This product is aimed at any creators who have expertise to share, from authors and trainers to speakers and teachers. 

Read on for our comprehensive Thinkific review, which includes key features, usability reports, and pricing options for this subscription plan-based product. With all these considerations, we score Thinkific with a higher genius score, so keep on reading to find out why.

Pros and Cons 

The pros of this product are:

  • Able To Scale— From a handful of students to hundreds, Thinkific course management lets you easily scale content based on participants. 
  • Course-Hosting— Thinkific’s option for hosting course content removes the need for third-party software.
  • Learning Interface Options— Choose learning styles that best fit your course content and promote them.

Our Thinkific review also found cons, like:

  • Limited Certification— Certificate functions are only available for higher tiers of Thinkific’s subscription plans.
  • No Integrated Email Marketing— Though users can connect with other email programs, a dedicated email marketing service is lacking.


Thinkific scores highly for its usability. And because Thinkific creators come from every industry imaginable, this product requires comprehensive user accessibility to accommodate the wide range of people who rely on it, from building a business to marketing yourself.

For this reason, Thinkific’s intuitive and user-friendly toolkits make it easy for creators, instructors, and students to make their way through the content. Users can also establish an online community with fellow creators, or for their students, at the higher tiers of Thinkific’s subscription options.

This product is marketed to enterprises of any size, from a business just getting off the ground to large corporations, and the tools available depend on users’ subscription tiers, which can limit small business accessibility.

Thinkific currently supports a variety of platforms and browsers, including Mac, Linux, and Windows-based computers, as well as Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari. However, Thinkific does not have a dedicated app for mobile device users, who have to access course content via the Thinkific Course Player on supported mobile browsers.


Thinkific’s features are among the factors that cause it to be rated so highly. As a product that promotes creators and their knowledge, no prior expertise in teaching templates, marketing, and sales is required, thanks to the user-friendly features and tools that allow anyone to achieve success in sharing what they love. 

Some user-favorite features of Thinkific include:

  • Authentication & Security— From user accounts administration to compliance management certifications, Thinkific provides comprehensive security integration and data protection.
  • Available Integration— Thinkific offers many options for integrating other programs and services to implement your business. This includes Google Workspace, Mailchimp, Paypal, Slack, Stripe, WordPress, Zoom, and more.
  • Easy Course Builder— Use the simple drag-and-drop creation template to style your courses and create the content as you visualize, including live classes, blended learning, or on-demand sessions.
  • User-Friendly e-Commerce— Rely on Thinkific for the sales aspect of teaching your passions and choose between paid, replay fee, or free courses that are available to everyone or members-only. 

Support Quality

With fairly high ratings for support quality, Thinkific has several options for users who need to get in touch with the help desk and solve their issues. 

Along with routine system reports, including custom report metrics to keep users up-to-date with Thinkific’s workings, tech support is available at each Thinkific subscription plan tier, including the free trial.

The basic support provided with each plan includes phone and email contact during business hours, as well as access to Thinkific’s FAQ page. However, higher tiers come with more structured support, including live chat, priority support, multiple site administrator accounts, and onboarding calls, depending on the price users pay.

Thinkific Pricing – What Does It Cost?

Thinkific is available for subscription, with 20% discounts for annual users. The package benefits are as follows:

PlanPriceAvailable Features
TrialFreeLimited courses, email and phone support.
Basic Plan$49.00 per monthUnlimited courses and students, custom domain, one-to-one student email, and live chat support.
Pro Plan$99.00 per monthUnlimited courses, students, and content, plus completion certificates, live lessons, and priority support.
Premier Package$499.00 per monthUnlimited courses, student, and content, plus site administration, API access, group analysts, and white labeling.
Advanced ServiceContact Thinkific for a quoteAccess to core features, plus white-glove service, advanced customization support, SSO, and more.


Thinkific is a full-service platform for content creators and those who want to share their knowledge through online courses. 

Write quizzes, assemble multiple-choice surveys, and moderate assignments via Thinkific’s innovative tools that take the hassle out of teaching administration.

And Thinkific’s course builder not only gives users the option to craft meaningful and in-depth classes— you get to create the entire experience for those visiting your site, from landing pages to optimized checkout options. With no technical experience or design background necessary, the templates and drag-and-drop technology lets users quickly make supporting documents while focussing on their content creation.

Plus, with easy scaling abilities, users can meet an online audience where it matters, including pricing, replay functions, and other open-platform features with Thinkific. And on top of it all, all subscription tiers have access to Thinkific’s support staff who are online to help users achieve their teaching and content creation goals.

Try Out Thinkific Now!

Thinkific is a platform service for creators, where your expert courses are offered in easy-to-access formats for a global audience. If you want to share your passions, download THinkific today!



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