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Instagram is conquering new territories. While it started out for school kids and housewives, it’s now where serious brands and companies go. Naturally, such competition stimulates new services, and Ingramer is one of them.

This service is popular for IG promotion. It primarily gained popularity because it could adapt to constantly updated algorithms on the Instagram platform and provide hashtag generators, auto-posting, and chat options.

The assistant helps users work on IG conveniently by automating most processes. Plus, it applies AI algorithms to make the tool more precise.

Please read through the entire Ingramer review so that you can easily compare it to other products. We think it’s a great choice and has a good Genius score!

Pros and Cons


  • Secure – The website you use to access Ingramer features the “HTTPS” and padlock design.
  • Transparency – The company pricing and packages are clearly visible on the website.
  • Verified payment gateways – You know your money is going to the company to pay for the subscription and nowhere else.
  • Easy to contact support – If you’ve got questions, you may email support directly from the website and get a response quickly.


  • Violates Instagram’s Terms of Service – Instagram directly states that you can’t use robots to advertise or do anything else, and that’s what this service offers.
  • Hard to set up a DM feature – While it’s possible to set up the direct message feature, it’s not easy to do, and you may have to contact support to finalize it.


Ingramer works as it should, but it’s quite slow in the beginning. You’re likely to experience a few stops during those first few weeks. However, when you go into this with that understanding, it makes life a little easier. Instagram works hard to kill these services, so you’ve got to be patient.

Overall, it’s hard to measure the tool’s efficiency because it’s based on a human reaction. If users don’t like the content you produce, you’re never likely to bring in a loyal audience. Still, we enjoy the analytics report because it uses infographics. That’s rarely found in services like this.

The Instagram Chat feature is quite unique. It lets you receive and send IG messages on a Mac or PC. People can save time because they don’t have to go to their phones to talk to others.

Connect as many accounts as you wish and use messenger on all of them without logging in and out all the time. You can even search within messages and get details about each profile on the sidebar. The user experience is pretty good, which makes sense because of the higher Genius score.

With Ingramer, you can fill in details about each user, such as their demographic information and phone number. It’s possible to label chats or mark them with different colors to search through them easily. You may even leave notes about the customer to include important information for the team to understand.


Our genius score in Ingramer review indicates that there is plenty to like from the software. Here are the top features:

  • Hashtag Generator – It’s hard to find and use hashtags correctly, and new ones pop up each day. If you do things right, you catch the trend wave when it starts. The generator helps you find them and use them in your post. 
  • Auto Like – Most Instagram bots offer this feature, and that’s because it works. When you like other people’s posts (especially smaller accounts), those people get a notification and are more likely to check out your page. The key here is to interact with the most relevant ones. 
  • Auto Follow – This feature is highly effective at getting attention from small accounts. Those people check their notifications to see who followed them and often view those accounts. You can even target users based on different filters to create a targeted group of people.
  • Trending Hashtags – While similar to the hashtag generator, Trending Hashtags helps you find what’s trending in your niche or industry. It doesn’t help create them, but it shows you what others are using in their posts. 

Support Quality

When selecting a product, it’s important to know how well customer support handles your issues. Ingramer has a good Genius score, and that’s partly because of its support quality.

It claims to be available 24/7, but it’s unclear if that’s true. Still, when you send an email with a question, you receive a response quickly. Typically, you’re doing this during business hours, so there should be no problem getting help when it’s needed.

Generally, it’s hard to confuse the support team, but that sometimes happens. You may wait a little longer to get assistance, but someone is bound to talk to you and help you.

Ingramer Pricing – What Does It Cost?

The Ingramer Pricing structure focuses on how long you want to use the automated bot. You get all the services available, including scheduled posting, automated activity, hashtags, and DMs.

There is a free trial available, but it’s not complete. You can only use it to try three hashtags, DMs, and auto-posts for free. Still, that’s a great option if you aren’t sure you need the product.

There’s also a VPN service from Ingramer, but it’s separate and is $10 per month.

You don’t get an annual discount because you can only pay for three months at a time. However, that does provide savings.

Free TrialYes, Limited
2 WeeksStarting at$82/account
1 MonthStarting at$128/account
3 MonthsStarting at $307/account


Mastering Instagram isn’t easy for anyone. As a marketer, you have so many other things to do and might like to automate certain tasks. Ingramer allows you to do that through its hashtag generator, scheduled posting options, and more. It’s easy to follow and unfollow people, and you’re bound to bring in more followers and likes.

When you choose Ingramer, you know the website is secure, and the prices are transparent. You’re likely to require assistance, and customer support is there for you.

It’s best to set aside a few hours to learn about the system. Though it’s easy to use when you get the hang of it, users tend to take longer getting it ready. Don’t get deterred; you can easily talk to customer support for assistance.

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