Ingramer is a powerful cloud-based Instagram marketing software that helps businesses grow their Instagram audience and improve engagement. With its advanced features and customizable interface, Ingramer automates the Instagram marketing process, improves targeting, and enhances customer experience.

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Ingramer Facts

Pricing modelSubscriber based
Free TrialNo
Free VersionNo

Hey there! Just a quick heads up that Ingramer has been rebranded as Inflact. We’re working on updating our review ASAP, so keep an eye out for that. Thanks for your patience!

review new │ Ingramer Overview

Instagram originally started out as a simple photo sharing site, rapidly growing into one of the world’s most popular social media platforms and evolving even further into a fantastic business and marketing tool.

But even now, many companies struggle to make the most of Instagram. Ingramer can help with that. It offers a range of marketing tools and services for you to build an audience and engage with your customers through Instagram. Find out more in our full Ingramer review.

Ingramer – Best for InstagramIngramer allows you to adapt and evolve your Instagram account for business purposes, engaging your audience, expanding your reach, and building up your brand in an easy and effective way.

pros and cons new │ Ingramer Pros and Cons

Later on in our Ingramer review, we’ll take a look at key features of this platform, as well as its pricing, useful business tools, examples of real-world users, and more. But before we get to that, let’s take a look at some of the main pros and cons of using Ingramer to help you see if it’s the right platform for you.

Ingramer Pros

tick new Make more of your Instagram account 

The main aim of Ingramer, or Inflact, as it is now known, is to help business users get more out of their Instagram accounts. It can help you maximize the reach and effectiveness of your posts, attracting a wider audience and potentially making more sales to grow your brand.

tick new Flexible, customized pricing 

Like other platforms, Ingramer has a few payment plans for users to choose from. But, if the plans available don’t suit you, you can also make your own completely custom plan, picking and choosing the features you need at a price that’s right for your business.

tick new Free tools for personal and business use 

Another great thing about Ingramer is its array of handy tools, like the hashtag generator and profile analyzer. These tools are free to use and great for helping people get more out of their Instagram experiences.

tick new A range of useful features 

Ingramer is one of the most fully-featured Instagram marketing and efficiency toolkits around. Not only does it offer promotional tools to market your posts, but also DM services to communicate with customers and automated posting tools, too.

tick new Automate processes to save time

If you’re running a business, you may not be able to dedicate too much time to posting on Instagram. Ingramer can help with that, offering a range of handy automation features that help you save time and resources, while still getting the most from your IG account.

Ingramer Cons

cons new Can be quite expensive for larger teams 

One of the downsides of Ingramer is that it can start to cost quite a lot of money if you need one of the high-tier accounts for multiple users, as you’ll need to pay separate fees for every single user on the system.

cons new No free trial available 

Another downside with Ingramer is that, at the time of this review, it doesn’t offer any kind of free trial. The only “trial” you can get for now is a 7-day Pro trial, but you still have to pay a small fee for this, and it’s not always available.

cons new Customer service can be slow

Ingramer has got some decent customer support in general, but some users have reported quite slow responses at certain times of the week, so you won’t always get immediate answers to your questions or solutions to your problems.

Ingramer AdvantagesIngramer Disadvantages
plus new Optimize your IG accountminus new Costs can add up
plus new Make your own payment planminus new Can’t try it for free
plus new A range of free-to-use toolsminus new Support isn’t always responsive
plus new Lots of useful services
plus new Save time and resources


Try Ingramer now!

Ingramer is one of the best toolkits to use to help you make more of every post you share on Instagram, expanding your audience and broadening your brand’s appeal. Give it a try and take your brand’s IG game to the next level.

what new │ What Is Ingramer?

In recent years, Instagram has evolved from being a simple photo sharing social media site to a valuable business tool. All over the globe, brands of various sizes have set up their own accounts on Instagram and share IG content daily to their fans and followers, and this can be a very viable way to grow and evolve.

However, making the most of Instagram isn’t always easy, especially for busy business owners or people who don’t have too much experience on the platform. This is why a range of software solutions and toolkits have also appeared in recent times, designed to make it easier for businesses to get more value out of their IG accounts.

Ingramer is one of those toolkits. Recently rebranded as Inflact, but still operating under the Ingramer name for now, Ingramer is a multi-purpose Instagram marketing toolkit that offers a range of features for Instagram promotions; in other words, it can help Instagram users get more followers and grow their brands online.

Inflact by Ingramer is divided into three main modules: 

  • Promo, 
  • Direct, and 
  • Scheduled Posting. 

The Promo module is all about promoting your posts in the hope of reaching a wider audience. The Direct module, meanwhile, is focused on optimizing and organizing your account’s DM to make more of client conversations. Finally, the Posting module is focused on automating your posting schedule to save time and keep your account as organized as possible.

All of these modules, along with Ingramer’s other features like hashtag generation and story saving, are designed to help users get more value out of Instagram on a daily basis, and you can pick and choose which modules and tools you want by designing your own custom payment plan.

point new Overall Rating4.0/5
point new InstagramIngramer is an Instagram-oriented platform to help you expand the reach and impact of your account
point new Multi-facetedThere are many features, or modules, associated with the Ingramer platform, from automation to promotion
point new Easy to useIngramer is famed for being very simple to use, with lots of handy guides and great user support
point new ScalableYou can rely on Ingramer to help grow your account, no matter whether you’re starting with something small or an established brand

how new │ How Does Ingramer Work?

In order to use Ingramer and enjoy the various features and benefits this platform has to offer, you’ll have to head over to the official Ingramer site and sign up for your account. You can pick from one of the preset payment plans when getting started, or customize your own plan.

Either way, once you’re up and running with Ingramer, one of the first things to do is activate a VPN. This will safeguard your account from any potential risks that could come from using a robotized service like this one on Instagram. Fortunately, all of Ingramer’s payment plans come with a strong and reliable VPN included, so you can activate that and then proceed.

From there, the first place to start off with Ingramer is the Promo module. This is arguably the most important part of Ingramer’s services, as it focuses on getting followers and growing your account, which is what most people want from this app.

How this works is that Ingramer will scan through the follower lists of accounts that are similar to use or competing for the same kind of audience, and it will then target those followers with its own AI-powered promotional robot. You can target specific hashtags, as well as using filters to get the most ideal followers for your account, too.

Of course, that’s not all you can do with Ingramer. You can also make use of the Direct module to engage followers with automated direct messaging services, or send out mass messages to your entire follower-base. 

Then, there’s the Posting module, which is all about automating and organizing your posting schedule. This feature lets you save huge amounts of time by preparing posts in advance and posting them out at specific times with minimal hassle.

feature new │ Ingramer Features

So, what can an Ingramer actually do for you? 

Well, there are three main modules associated with this application: Promo, Direct, and Posting. Each module has its own aim and functionality, and there are also plenty of useful tools included with Ingramer, too. Here’s a quick breakdown of the main features.

point new Promo

As the name implies, the Promo part of Ingramer is all about promotion. It makes use of an Instagram follower bot that you can customize to scan through competitor follower lists and target specific hashtags to help you grow your account with the right kind of followers. Plus, thanks to the inclusion of a VPN with this service, the bot is safe to use, and it’s really advanced, with lots of filters you can adjust to get the specific followers you’re looking for.

point new Direct

Next, we have the Direct tab, which is all about your Instagram DMs, or direct messages. The Direct tab allows you to automate your Instagram’s direct messaging service, greeting new followers with a friendly hello or sending out mass messages to all your audience at once. It even lets you automate responses to specific questions or trigger phrases, which can save you tons of time that you would usually spend typing out individual messages one by one.

point new Posting

Next up, we have the Posting module of Ingramer. This part of the service is all about post planning and automation. It can take a lot of time out of your day to prepare and plan out each individual Instagram post, as well as making sure they get posted at the right times. Ingramer aims to change that, offering posting automation services that let you automate posts across up to 10 different accounts.

point new Tools

The final major feature of the Ingramer platform is the tools section. This is where you’ll find a range of handy tools that can help you carry out various Instagram and other social media functions with ease, like the hashtag generator, which can make the perfect tags for your post, or the fonts tool, which allows you to make use of interesting, elegant fonts in your Instagram profile bio.

Why We Need to Use Ingramer
point new Make more of your IG account
point new Get more followers on Instagram
point new Automate posts to save time
point new Boost your social media marketing


Use Ingramer to do more on Instagram 

Instagram can be a valuable tool, and Ingramer can help you unlock its full potential. With the services and features of this software, you’ll be able to exponentially grow your online following and turn Instagram into a viable sales channel.

who new │Who Should Use Ingramer?

So, who is Ingramer actually for? Should small businesses be using this software, or is it more tailored towards larger, established brands? Well, Ingramer is quite a versatile app that can appeal to a wide range of users, and here are some of the key groups that can make the most of this platform.

point new Independent Freelancers

As an independent freelancer, you can use social media to spread the word about the services you offer, and Instagram is a great tool for this. With Ingramer, it’ll become much easier to grow your account and get lots of followers quickly.

point new Startups

If you’re just setting up a new business and want to make an immediate impact on social media, Ingramer can be a valuable tool to use. It allows you to quickly get your new account up and running with a growing follower count and automated tools to save time.

point new Small Businesses

If you’ve already got a small business set up and are looking for ways to help it grow, Ingramer could be the answer. It allows you to grow your IG following without needing to invest lots of time and money into the process.

point new Mid-Size Companies

Even established, mid-size brands can get value out of Ingramer. Stop investing so much time and effort into making posts and managing conversations; instead, use Ingramer’s promotional features and automated functions to make your Instagram more efficient.

point new Works across a range of industries
point new Suitable for small and bigger businesses
point new Very little training required to get started


Give Ingramer a try today

Ingramer is one of the top-rated options around when it comes to Instagram marketing. Whether you’re a freelancer looking for more followers or a big brand that wants to save time and automate your IG account, this application can help.

cost and time new │Ingramer Cost and Time

It’s important to weigh up key factors like time and money when investing in any new piece of software. So, how does Ingramer compete in terms of value? Well, it’s actually one of the cheaper options out there in most cases, especially when compared to other brands, and you can get a lot of return on your investment as your profile grows.

In terms of time, Ingramer is a major time-saver. Thanks to its handy tools and automation features, this application allows you to save hours of time in terms of making posts, responding to direct messages, and managing your social media schedule. It can do so many things for you, saving you minutes or even hours on a daily basis.

usability new │Ingramer Usability

In terms of ease-of-use, Ingramer is a joy to work with. The whole platform and all of its features seem to have been designed with beginners in mind, and you can get up and running with this toolkit with no hassle whatsoever.

Even those with limited Instagram experience can get Ingramer set up without any fuss, and once the automation features are established, you can mostly just sit back, relax, and watch your account grow.

Plus, Ingramer has lots of handy guides, tutorials, and other helpful resources on its website, making it really easy for new users to follow along, step-by-step, and figure out how to get the best value from this software.

pricing new │Ingramer Pricing

Of course, you’ll need to spend money to make money with Ingramer, and this platform offers a few different pricing plans that users can choose from. Each plan has its own monthly fee, along with its own set of tools and features for you to use. Here’s a quick breakdown of the plans, covering their contents and their price tags:

point new Basic

First up, we have the Basic plan for Ingramer. This plan starts at just $38 per month and it offers some of the main promotional tools of the platform. With this, you’ll be able to attract more potential clients and build up the audience for your account. You’ll also get Ingramer’s VPN included for free, along with the hashtag generator tool.

point new Advanced

Next up, we have the Advanced plan. This one is priced at just $45 per month, when you pay annually, and it’s the most popular plan currently offered by Ingramer. It comes with the Promo and Direct services, allowing you to promote your account and organize your DM with Ingramer’s own CRM for Instagram and online chat service.

point new Pro

At the top end of the spectrum, we have the Pro plan. This one costs $59 per month, when paying annually, and it gives you access to all of the major services and tools provided by Ingramer, including the Promo, Direct, Scheduled Posting, and VPN services, plus the hashtag generator, stories saver, and downloader tools. The only thing you won’t get is the Instagram Search tool.

point new Custom 

One of the best things about Ingramer is that it also allows you to customize your own payment plan, picking and choosing the modules you want and the tools you need access to. This allows you to only pay for the features you’ll actually use, getting a price that is fair for you and in line with your business’ budget.

BasicFrom $38 per month
AdvancedFrom $45 per month
ProFrom $59 per month
CustomPrice varies

tools new │Ingramer Tools for Business

As well as its promotional features and automated posting services, Ingramer also has a range of handy tools for business users to try, including a hashtag generator and profile analyzer. Here are some of the tools and brief descriptions of what they do.

point new Hashtag Generator 

If you’re tired of trying to find the perfect hashtags to help your posts be successful, you can use Ingramer’s AI-based hashtag generator. Simply enter a keyword, URL, or photo and let the generator do the hard work for you.

point new Profile Analyzer 

Ingramer’s Inflact also offers an Instagram profile analyzer. This allows you to freely analyzed any profile on Instagram. Simply type in the username and let the analyzer provide you with detailed statistics on that user in less than 30 seconds.

point new Instagram Downloader

There may be various reasons why you need to download Instagram content, and you can use the Ingramer free downloader to do so. This downloader tool allows you to download and save content from Instagram as well as other platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Points to Note
point new A range of useful tools for Instagram
point new Download and anaylze IG content
point new Generate effective hashtags for better performing posts

example new │Ingramer Use Cases

Ingramer has already been used by a lot of different businesses, as well as individuals looking to broaden their reach on Instagram, and more companies are signing up all the time. Here are some examples of real-world use cases involving this platform.

point new Ripely Ltd

Ripely Ltd is a marketing and web design agency that decided to start using Ingramer as a way to make more of an impact with its Instagram posts. The company has been particularly impessed with Ingramer’s Promo features, allowing each of its posts to reach a bigger audience.

point new Bamboo India

Bamboo India is an eco-friendly startup specializing in bamboo products. It wanted to spread the word about its work on Instagram, but struggled to get traction, so started using Ingramer to find the perfect hashtags and make more successful posts.

point new Baxter Photography

Baxter Photography is a photography studio that wanted to help its photos stand out more on Instagram. The company started working with Ingramer and see immediate improvements in terms of post reach and engagement.

support new │Ingramer Support

If you need any help with Ingramer while getting set up or want to learn more about the platform, you can rely on the company’s excellent customer support. There are two main ways to get in touch: you can either use the online chat or send an email for less urgent issues.

No matter which option you choose, you should get a response relatively quickly, although the chat service is only available during weekdays at specific times, and Ingramer’s support agents are usually very friendly and professional.

There are also plenty of helpful articles and guides over on the Ingramer site that can help you solve common issues or answer most questions, along with an extensive FAQ section to read through, too.

Email and live chat support
Friendly and professional responses
Tutorials and FAQ
Alternative to Ingramer – Flock Social
Flock Social is an Instagram growth application that is designed to help users grow their Instagram followings organically, without any use of spam or bots. This software can help you gain more followers and engage in new discussions with users on the IG platform.
Comparing Ingramer to Flock Social
Ingramer and Flock Social have similar aims, but go about them in different ways. Ingramer has a more varied set of features and functions, based on promotion, communication, and automation, while Flock Social is mainly just focused on promoting an account.

conclusion new │Conclusion

In order to grow your brand, it’s a good idea to make use of multiple channels of marketing, from email to social media. Instagram can be a really powerful tool for this, but you need the right software to get the best returns from your Instagram account.

As far as Instagram marketing software goes, Ingramer is one of the top tools around. It has a huge range of features, along with free tools like the famous hashtag generator, helping to make it one of the most comprehensive toolkits on the market.

It’s not bad value, either, and the customer support is very good. So, if you’re looking for a way to grow your Instagram account and automate your posting schedule to save time, Ingramer, or Inflact, is a great way to get started.


Try Ingramer Now!

Ingramer can help you get more Instagram followers, engage with your clients, generate new leads, and much more. Give it a try today and see how Ingramer’s tools and services can elevate your IG account.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Ingramer is an Instagram toolkit, with various features and functions to help users get more from their Instagram accounts.

Ingramer can work for any kind of business or even individuals who want to market goods and services through Instagram.

Ingramer live chat is available from 9pm to 2pm, Eastern Time, on weekdays.

Yes, Inflact is the new rebranded name for Ingramer's software.



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