Best Website Builder Software

Website builder software is a powerful tool that helps to build a website with no manual code editing. Learn the features and how to select the best website builder software that matches your needs from the article.

List of the Best Website Builder Software

If you are finding it hard to choose the best website builder software, our list will help you find the perfect option. Here we have included a list of the best site builders available in 2022. Each site builder product has been carefully selected via a process of detailed analysis of the functionality and quality of the software available.

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WIX is a website builder software that offers every user the chance to create, design,… Read more
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Zoho Sites

Zoho Sites is an easy and fast website builder software that helps you build your… Read more
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Free Trial15-day
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Squarespace is a website builder software that enables users to create a website, sell anything,… Read more
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Bubble is a powerful no-code website builder software for building digital products faster. This software… Read more
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Weebly is a platform that offers content management software tools that empower businesses to build… Read more
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Overview Design’n’Buy has years of expertise in designing and delivering Web to Print solutions. Our… Read more
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Having a personal website is highly important if you want to have an online presence. Today there are thousands of website software builders available, so choosing one from this pool may be difficult. Each platform has a number of different options when it comes to its website software. It’s also important that you consider the size of your company, the amount of graphics or other media you will need on the site, and so on when looking for site builder software.

We have compiled a list and compared all the best website builders that will help you find the best site builder tools, so you can create fast and easily accessible websites.

Ranking Method of the Best Website builder software

If you want to find the best website builder for small business owners, our list will give you a hand with that. This list is a compilation of the highest-ranked platforms. We have gone through various ranking services to sort through over 100 products. We have also taken into consideration expert reviews and user reviews and through that, brought this list down to the top best website builders out there.

Also, we have tried the recorded demos of each product. Our experts have evaluated the UI/UX design, usability and have taken into consideration the search intent data for each software, website traffic trends, Google trends, and Social Listening tools. We have then set a score for each product and ranked them.

A Comprehensive Review

In this day and age, everything is online. If you wish to grow or promote your business, it is imperative that you have a workable website that’s easy to use and loads quickly. A site builder can help you do just that, cutting down the time it takes to make a fully optimized and scalable site. By being able to create a clear website, you can expect to encourage more customers, thus growing your business. But, not all of the site builders out there offer the best services. That’s why it can also be hard to find the best free website builder for small businesses to meet all their needs.

In fact, oftentimes, users will just choose the most popular builders website software rather than taking a look at all the features it actually offers. With this in mind, we have taken the time to rank all the best website builders, ranking them on their features, not just the way they look. Additionally, in our list, you will find any product you are looking for whether it’s the best website builder for small business owners or the best website builder for medium-sized or multinational businesses. The final software options chosen here are from the top 100 best website builders and are the best of the best ones in their particular niche.

Website builder software overview

The ability to create an entire website quickly and easily from scratch is hugely important in this internet-based world. In order for your company or business to stand out, you need an effective site. To do this, the best free website software options are there to help as they provide templates, building blocks, drag-and-drop features, blogs, and much more.

What is website building software?

If you want an internet presence that offers your customers something accessible and easy to navigate, then a website builder is a must. These tools will help you build your entire website via a series of templates and drag and drop features. Rather than having to manually code an entire website, a site builder will actually do this for you through the click of a button.

Of course, each builder’s platform will have a variety of features. For some of them, the emphasis will be on the storage, speed, and bandwidth available to you and your website. Others will focus on templates, website building, attaching and registering your domain, setting up a shop, taking payments, adding a blog, and so on. Because of this, it is important that both small and large companies determine what exactly they need from their website and select the best paid or free website builder for their needs.

What does site builder software do?

There is a wide selection of things that website software can do. For the most part, it helps you set up and design a website very quickly. It can also help with SEO content, the creation of blogs, speeding up the website load time, providing custom content, and a whole lot more. Below you can find some of the main features of a website builder.

  • Design — The best website builders are all about providing you with the best options to create your site. This will include a wide range of features including templates, photo galleries, borders to ensure your site looks great, color schemes, and more.
  • Mobile optimization — Most of the best free website builder tools for small business owners will also make sure that the site is mobile optimized. Some will do this automatically, while others offer a section for adjusting the main site to fit smaller screens.
  • Monetize — Top builders’ website software will also make sure that there are monetization options such as including banners on the site. They will also make sure that the site is able to host a shop, take payments, and more.
  • Social sites and statistics — Again, top site builder software will also make sure you can add social media icons to the site, linking everything together. Better still, some will have SEO tools as well as statistics to check the site’s traffic, page views, top visited pages, and more.

Website builder software meaning

The best website builders are simply software that helps you to create a website. By using this type of software, you get a lot of help along the way to ensure your site is optimized for use across a range of different devices, can handle high levels of traffic, is SEO optimized, has a great design, fast load times and so on. With all of these factors in place, it’s even easier for you to make time to create the perfect content to then encourage customers to visit your site. However, not all the website builder options out there can do all these things, but the best website builders will have at least some of these features. Many will have a lot more besides.

Main features of the best website builders software

The very best website builder will have a wide array of different features and functions. All of these are in place to make sure that you can create a great website very quickly and easily. And, not only will that website be quick to make, but it will look great and be appealing and accessible to all your clients too. Within the website builder, there are a number of features that will vary across software solutions, but all are in place to ensure a streamlined website creation process. In the following section, we have listed a number of top features found in the best site builder software.

Good template selection

An important feature of website creation software is the ability to provide a massive range of templates for you to use. Some have only a few while other software options have hundreds. By offering a wide range of templates, you can choose one that fits your company or niche very easily. Of course, it is possible to create a website from scratch with these site builders, but it will take longer and these providers are likely not your best option if you want to code your site from scratch. The best website builder for small business and large business ventures will offer both a range of templates and customizable options.

Free plans

For smaller businesses, in particular, being able to access a free plan is essential. Many of the best free website builder options out there have a wide array of features. Usually, the main difference between a free plan and a paid one is the reduced storage, bandwidth, and speed capability of the site. In some cases, you will find a reduction in the type of premium features you have access to as well.

Customer service and Troubleshooting

Top website software will also have comprehensive FAQs and helpful customer support in place. While many of the best website builders are self-explanatory, it can be helpful to get input on the design. And what happens if something doesn’t quite work when trying to integrate an e-commerce tool, add a blog, or add an additional language to the site? Whatever the issue, the site builder should have responsive support to get you back on track.

Benefits of using site builders

When you look at the best free website builder, there are a number of things to consider when looking at the benefits available. Because each company and business will have certain requirements, it’s important to look at all the features each software option provides. Larger companies will need more bandwidth, often need more image space, faster load times, and even a more comprehensive e-Commerce platform than a smaller one. In contrast, smaller companies will need to focus on design, and branding in order to promote themselves.

Use case of builders website options

There are a number of use-case scenarios for using the best free website builder out there. For instance, a site selling posters will benefit from using a website builder to improve the layout and design of their shop. Not only that, but they will benefit from e-commerce plugins and the ability to list products and get paid. Better still, top site builders will also ensure the content is SEO optimized so that traffic is directed to the website as well, thus growing the business.

Benefits of using a website builder

There are many different benefits to using the best free website builder, so we have looked at some of these options. No matter what you need this software for, there are some great benefits to doing so rather than attempting to build a website from scratch or by using code.

SEO features

A huge benefit to anyone creating a new website is the array of SEO features most site builders will have. The options for this include being able to run keyword checks to see how they rank and being prompted to input SEO keywords. Some builders also have options to add alt text to images to help those show up in searches as well.

Live chat options

For most companies, being able to get in touch with customers in a timely fashion is incredibly important. That’s where live chat comes in. The top software for building a website will offer live chat capabilities that can be added with the click of a button. Of course, you will need someone who can receive these messages.

e-Commerce features

As a business, it’s likely you will need to be able to get paid for products. Top builders website options will have an array of e-commerce features available. This will allow you to sell products and integrate various payment methods. Above all, you’ll be able to add security and protection to the site within the plan so that payments and customer details are kept safe and secure at all times. Top software will also have email marketing, shipping tools, the option to add promotions, and so on.


The best website builder for small business owners will also make sure that the site being created is mobile-friendly. This means that with the touch of a button, the entire site can be optimized for users on the go. What’s even better is that these sites often have their own apps, so you can build the website from your mobile device as well.

Creative Cloud

Some of the best free website builder options out there also have the option to include Creative Cloud features too. This is a series of applications from Adobe and is a great way to perform video editing, improve graphics, photography, and a whole lot more. Being able to access this suite within a web builder plan can be hugely beneficial to creating a recognizable and consistent brand.

When it comes to which companies should be using the best website builders for their sites, the answer is everyone. In order to create a great-looking site, it’s always best to get help. Builders website options can really help the creation process thanks to their templates, customizable options, handy help teams, and more. Of course, depending on the business and the type of site, some site builder options will be better than others. Below are a few different companies that should carefully consider which of the best free website builder software options they actually need.

Charities and NGOs

Everyone needs a website so even if you are not selling anything, creating a brand is a must when it comes to building awareness. Website builder software is often available relatively cheaply, which means NGOs are able to create beautiful sites at little to no cost. They are able to add a lot of pictures and images with eye-catching designs to interest people in their cause.

Big retailers and large companies

Retailers and companies that are built on a larger scale will also benefit from software such as this. Site builder software can help streamline various processes, keep payments in one place, and make sure the brand is cohesive across all areas of the business. Social media apps can be integrated into the site with statistics being provided so that growth can be monitored.

Individuals and independent companies

Single users can often opt for some of the best free website builder options as they won’t need so much bandwidth. However, depending on the type of business or company, it can be worth checking out what features the different options have. Artists may want to look at options with access to Creative Cloud, while those geared toward e-commerce will need to look at strong security and payment options.

What does the best website builder software cost?

Generally, website building software tends to come in tiered plans. The type of plan needed will depend on the size of the company and what they need. However, there are a number of the best website builder options for small business owners that are completely free. Many will offer a basic plan for free, though there are limitations and after some time, most people will eventually upgrade.

For larger companies that need a lot of bandwidth, display large galleries and visuals, and need strong security and a wide array of payment methods, there are often tiers offering more features. For the top-level options, prices tend to be around $56 per month although most will be looking around the $20 mark per month.

There are a variety of different website software options available. Which one works for you varies and depends on the use you have for it. At the basic level, all companies will need templates, SEO optimization, and the option to integrate social media. However, some will need more in the way of e-commerce options, more detailed statistics, access to better graphics editing such as Creative Cloud, and so on.

Small businesses

Smaller companies will generally be unlikely to need huge amounts of storage space meaning that the best website builder for small business owners will likely be cheaper from the outset. By simply reducing the amount of bandwidth needed, small companies can save money while still having access to all the same design features as a higher-tier plan.

Large companies

Conversely, large companies that have a global brand will need to be able to handle thousands of users at any one time. The amount of traffic can be enormous, so the builder will need to be able to offer huge amounts of storage and bandwidth to handle it. Large sites may also need to optimize content for other languages too and have features that allow for that as well.

The most popular builders website options are the ones that have a range of top-quality features for website design. This means having an array of pre-existing templates, the ability to be customizable, offering fast design capabilities, as well as having high site loading speeds. However, technology and the subsequent needs of websites are always changing. This means that it’s important to stay abreast of the latest trends as this can impact which software you choose. Here are some of the current trends in the best website builder for small business owners.

  • UI — as with almost any software, being able to quickly understand the way the software works is important. Finding software that’s easy to use such as drag and drop creation sites is important for quick website creation.
  • Mobile optimized — being able to create and design while on the go is increasingly important. Not only should the website be able to be accessed on a mobile, but creators want to be able to design in a mobile app too.
  • Storage and load speeds — storage is growing increasingly important with website creating software providing greater storage options to improve website load times and minimize lag, buffering, or crashing sites.

Which is the best website builder software?

It can be hard to choose the right website builders option as there are many of the best website builder options for small businesses out there. Some have specialized options too, such as access to Creative Cloud. Others specialize in blog creation, being able to handle high-res graphics, best designs, or high speeds. We are here to help you find the best option for you through the various free plans and demos on offer. We do suggest that you start off by looking at our top list as these are the ones we consider the best options.

How to choose the best website builder software

No matter what website builders option you are looking for, you need to make sure it matches your needs. You don’t want to choose one of the best website builders for small business owners options only to find that the bandwidth and storage are too small causing your site to crash. Conversely, you don’t want to end up paying lots for the best website builder software and having a ton of features you never use. We look at all these options, curating the top list with all their standout features.

Most have a trial version or a free plan allowing you to check out the options for yourself. Make sure that you see if your chosen package offers mobile and SEO optimization, provides a good range of templates, and has strong security protocols for your e-commerce needs.


To improve your business, boost traffic, and stimulate growth and customer retention, the best website builder software is going to be an enormous help. Being able to quickly create and maintain a stylish website is essential. You’ll also be able to need to offer a variety of services while ensuring your site is straightforward to navigate and fast loading. No matter the size of the business, builders’ website options are necessary. To help you, we’ve given you all the information to make the right choice when choosing the best website builder software from our top list.