Shopify is an e-commerce platform that can help businesses sell their products online. With features such as customizable storefront and payment processing, Shopify is a great choice for businesses looking to start or expand their online sales.

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Free Trial14-day
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Shopify Review


Shopify provides an e-commerce software program that enables you to create your own online store. To learn more about its pros and cons, features, pricing, and other helpful details, you can read through the Shopify review below. You can then use this information to compare Shopify features and pricing with other similar platforms.

The software’s overall score sits at the higher end of the rating scale due to its ease of use, user-friendly interface, support quality, and other notable features. The Shopify review provides more details to explain this rating.

Pros and Cons


  • Easy to use — Shopify’s platform has a user-friendly interface.
  • Fully-loaded Features — The company provides a platform that comes with many useful features.
  • Extensive Integration Capability — Shopify explained that its platform can be integrated with a multitude of apps for a seamless e-commerce operation.
  • Professional Platform Design — Shopify provides a well-designed platform that enables its customers to set up professional-looking online stores.
  • Good Content Management System — Content such as product information, categories, and other data can be easily updated.


  • Software Package is Costly — Compared to other similar software packages, the overall pricing of Shopify packages is on the expensive side.
  • Additional Cost for Basic Plug-Ins — Users will need to pay for additional plug-ins to access basic features such as credit card payments.


Based on our Shopify review, we found that the platform is one of the easiest to use for new users looking to set up an online store. The instructions that are provided are also straightforward and clear.

We also liked the user-friendly navigation feature of the platform and the layout of the menus. These Shopify features made it easy for us to complete the tasks needed to set up an online store.

With regard to usability, the Shopify platform is at the higher end of the rating scale. We gave high ratings to the platform on the ease-of-use aspect. Based on our Shopify review, we also liked the compatibility of the platform with mobile device screens.


Shopify features on its platform include APIs, customization options, reporting, product migration, and many more. You can take advantage of Shopify features to set up your online business for success.

Merchandising and Marketing tools With these Shopify features, you can easily build your retail presence based on the Shopify pricing plan selected.

Product Catalog Functionality — This functionality can help in managing your e-commerce site content, setting up search and filtering, and other related processes.

Order Processing Feature — The full suite of the Shopify features includes the checkout process, shipping selections, multi-channel ordering, and other aspects of online stores.

Headless Commerce Components — With headless commerce, you can separate your front-end customer touchpoints from your backend infrastructure to seamlessly configure your online store.

Support Quality

Based on our Shopify review, there seems to be no variance shown on the level of support provided across company sizes as all were provided with 24/7 support. Overall, the support quality provided by the platform is at the higher end of the rating scale. As Shopify explained on its website, the company focuses on providing a great customer service experience.

Shopify provides 24/7 support to its customers. You can contact them through email, live chat, or phone. You can also access the support documents that Shopify provides on its website. The turnaround to resolve the issue can be immediate but can also take some time depending on the complexity of the problem.

Shopify Pricing — What does it cost?

The Shopify pricing plan provides suitable pricing tiers for e-commerce stores of all sizes. Shopify explained that you can also get free trials. The Shopify pricing structure offers a 10% discount on annual pricing plans and a 20% discount on biennial plans upon upfront payment. The following inclusions scale up with the pricing tiers that Shopify explained on its pricing page: staff logins, reports, and other exclusive privileges. Based on these Shopify pricing details, users can select plans that are suitable for their business size.

The following Shopify pricing plans show the monthly rates for each plan if availed on a monthly basis:

  • Trial version: Yes
  • Basic Shopify: $29 per month, billed monthly
  • Shopify: $79
  • Advance Shopify: $299.
  • Enterprise: Custom


In conclusion, our review finds the Shopify features to be very helpful as it provides a user-friendly interface that can enable you to set up your online store easily. The Shopify team also provides good customer support for its clients.

With regard to Shopify pricing, the company’s offering is relatively more expensive compared to other platforms. Also, some basic plug-ins that you need to add require additional cost.

Our Shopify review ratings show scores at the higher end of the rating scale for its key features. With regard to the Shopify pricing plans, some features scale up with the pricing tiers offered as Shopify explained on its pricing page.

Overall, the features of Shopify explained above can greatly help you to set up your e-commerce store easily. It can also provide sales and marketing tools to help you promote your products and gain more customers.

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You can try out Shopify now to avail yourself of the benefits of having an enticing e-commerce store that can effectively promote and sell your products.



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