Shopify Pricing Review


Let’s take a closer look at Shopify’s pricing options and help you understand the costs involved in using the platform. We’ll cover the different plans available, as well as any additional fees that may apply.
Shopify Review

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Shopify – Transforming the Works of E-Commerce 

As a trailblazer in e-commerce, Shopify stands as the ultimate website builder aimed at easing e-commerce without a glitch. Namely, Shopify offers a wide array of tools business owners need to launch and run an online shop. 

Businesses that use Shopify gain access to many website features like sales channels, design flexibility, and many more nifty tools and features. As the leading e-commerce website builder, Shopify has been used by more than 1.7 million businesses worldwide while helping them achieve more than $200 billion in sales thanks to Shopify’s customized websites.

Due to the user-centred interface that’s pretty intuitive and easy to use, businesses that use  Shopify can easily communicate with their customers, manage operations, and achieve a spike in sales.

It is made possible through Shopify’s four pricing plans — each developed to suit the particular business needs of companies with different business goals.

Shopify’s pricing plans start with the Starter plan and go up to the Advanced one. Continue reading as we elaborate in detail about the specs of each pricing plan, as well as deliver insight into Shopify’s most valuable tools.

An Overview of Shopify’s Pricing Plans for 2023

As we mentioned, Shopify offers its clients four pricing plans, ranging from Lite to Advanced. The Starter subscription plan costs $5 a month, whereas the Advanced plan is priced at $299 a month.

Each subscription plan comes with a set of distinctive tools and options aimed at fulfilling the different business needs of e-commerce stores.

Shopify Pricing PlansMonthly Plan Cost ($/month)Annual Plan Cost ($/year)
point new Starter$5/
point new Basic $29$14.44
point new Standard$79$39.44
point new Advanced $299$147.78

Value Metrics

Staff accountsStaff with access to Shopify’s admin and Shopify checkout system.2515
Cost per staff accountsStaff with access to Shopify’s admin and Shopify checkout system.$14.50$15.80$19.93
WarehousesConnect stock items to retail stores, warehouses, pop-up stores, and other places where you store products.458
Cost per warehousesConnect stock items to retail stores, warehouses, pop-up stores, and other places where you store products.$7.25$15.80$37.38
Transaction fee unless Shopify Payments is used (%)210.5
Sales in several languages555
Cost per Transaction fee unless Shopify Payments is used (%)$5.80$15.80$59.80
Features Listed232428
Cost per Features Listed$1.26$3.29$10.68

The Complete Shopify Pricing Plan Offer

Unlimited number of productsEverything included in the Starter plan, plus:Everything included in the Basic plan plus:Everything included in the Standard plan plus: 
Access to Shopify appsShopify order management and integrated fulfillment network2.6% + 30¢ USD for credit cards online2.4% + 30¢ USD for credit cards online
Access to Linkpop2.9% + 30¢ USD for credit cards online2.5% + 0¢ USD for credit cards in person2.4% + 0¢ USD for credit cards in person
Customer inquiry contact page2.7% + 0¢ USD for credit cards in person0.0% for Shopify payments in transaction fees0.0% for Shopify payments in transaction fees
Fast and secure checkout0.0% for Shopify payments in transaction fees1.0% transaction fee for other processors0.5% for other processors
Abandoned cart recovery2.0% transaction fee for other processorsDetailed reportingAdvanced reporting
Free SSLDiscount codes5 staff accountsDelivery and store pickup
Gift Cards2 staff accounts15 staff accounts
Blogging ToolsE-commerce automation
5% + 30¢ USD for credit card rates online


Try Shopify’s Basic Plan Today!

For only $29/mo, sign up for Shopify’s Basic plan and have a go at super handy e-commerce tools like an unlimited number of products for sale and discount codes!

Shopify’s Feature List

Unlimited Number of Products for Sale

Shopify’s no-limit policy on the number of products is a super helpful trait that’s part of every paid plan. Regardless of how many items you want to sell, Shopify won’t stand in your way, which is why so many online shops love working with Shopify. This particular trait is a perk to many startups and small businesses.

Whether you go for the Starter, the Basic, the Standard, or the Advanced subscription plan, you’ll be able to sell as many products as you aim to.

By products, we mean everything from physical goods to digital downloads, services, and gift cards you offer clients. Adding products in Shopify is easy — upload images of whatever services or goods you are selling and enter appropriate product descriptions. If the particular item/service comes in several options, you can insert info on the color, size, or any other particularity.

Additionally, you can easily view, update and organize your entire inventory through the Products page in the Admin section.

Order Management and Fulfillment Network

All Shopify subscription plans, except the Starter plan, have integrated order management tools, which is yet another reason so many businesses choose Shopify as their online shop builder.

The order management and fulfillment network allows admins full access to the logistics, delivering details revolving around the start and completion of purchases.

You won’t have to hassle over the shipment and logistics when someone purchases from your online shop. A fulfillment network is basically a third-party warehouse that organizes and ships your order on your behalf. This is a convenient option for online shops quickly selling a wide selection of products.

Access to Linkpop

The link-in-bio trend is now readily available with Shopify. The famed phrase you find on almost every online shop on Instagram can now work its magic for your shop too. You can connect your Shopify channel to Linkpop and have customers buy directly from your landing page.

All the subscription plans have access to Linkpop, whether it’s the Starter plan that costs $5 a month or the Advanced one that is priced at $299 monthly. You’ll particularly love Linkpop if you’re a small business that wants to use a smart, online business card. 

Did You Know?

Shopify allows businesses to test-drive the platform before they subscribe to a plan. In fact, Shopify offers a free 2-week trial to give users insight into the platform’s powerful features. 

The Integration and Extensions of Shopify’s Pricing Plans 

Another perk of using Shopify as your online shop builder is the ability for seamless integration with other leading platforms regarding shipment, payment, and so on. Plus, as we mentioned, Shopify is easily connected to Linkpop and all of the social media platforms businesses use to promote their brand and drive sales.

There are numerous Shopify extensions in the form of plug-ins you can install on your Shopify website. These extensions help businesses enhance customer satisfaction, boost sales, and attract more leads.

The Shopify App Store holds more than 7360 plugins you can use. Growave, Tipo, Instafeed, SendOwl, and Packlink Pro are just some of the extensions. Each of the Spotify subscription models can use the extensions, with the note that not all are free. SendOwl, and Growave, for example, need to be purchased to be used.

The Starter and the Basic plan round up all of the essential tools and features for your business, whereas the Advanced plan is more suited for large-scale businesses. In any case, here’s what each of the subscription plans encompasses:

point new The Starter plan is basically your go-to model if you’re launching your brand or need more social presence. It’ll do wonders for social media selling. Plus, it’s handy for sharing products on WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, and anywhere else. Your customers will have it easy to make fast and reliable transactions via the Shopify checkout. In essence, the Starter is designed for personal websites that get access to fundamental features like product pages, Linkpop, Inbox, and checkout. That way, you can start selling without any hassle, even if your primary business asset is your smartphone only. 

point new The Basic plan includes everything in the Starter plan plus the option for discount codes and two staff accounts. This subscription model is best suited for small businesses aiming to forge an all-around online shop using Shopify’s multi-channel selling features, like drop-shipping. The Basic plan comes with an online store, a blog, and a website. 

point new The Standard plan comes packed with everything in the Basic plan plus the option for professional reports, discounted credit card rates, more reasonable shipping discounts, international pricing, and domains. The Standard plan will be the best-suited option if you have already established an online shop and your business is growing. 

point new The Advanced plan is different from the other pricing options in that it serves as an upgrade of the Standard plan. Moreover, the transaction fees and credit card processing fees are much lower compared to the other pricing plans. The Advanced plan is the most cost-effective option if you’re a large-scale business that’s selling thousands of products monthly.

Best Shopify Plan For Support

Out of the many positive feedbacks clients have reported for Shopify, their customer service is one of the aspects that clients appreciate greatly. Namely, Spotify has fantastic customer support that’s readily available 24/7. 

Shopify’s customer support specialists are practical individuals with vast experience and diverse expertise. In other words, you might get a solution to your problem beyond the typical nasty stuff. If you’re a novice business just starting, you can reach out to Shopify’s customer support to seek advice. You’ll be surprised to know they can offer professional advice on building, managing, and growing your brand.  

In essence, all of Shopify’s plans come with around-the-clock customer service in the form of live chat, help center, phone support, community forum, and How-to YouTube videos.

Overview of Shopify’s Pricing Plans

Regardless of which subscription model you go for, Shopify offers impressive tools and features to help you boost your brand’s online presence, attract more leads your way, and, ultimately, sell more.

Each pricing plan encompasses useful and efficient features, so let’s look into them in more detail. 

The Starter Plan

Shopify offers the Starter plan as the simplest of all available plans. It includes basic tools and features mainly aimed at small and up-and-coming businesses. The Starter is packed with useful tools that will boost a brand’s online presence and forge a bridge between the brand and the customer.

The following features characterize the Starter plan: 

  • Unlimited number of products for sale
  • Access to Shopify apps
  • Access to Linkpop
  • Free SSL
  • Recovery of abandoned cart
  • 24/7 support.

The Basic Plan

Second in line in Shopify’s selection of subscription models is the Basic plan that’s packed with everything included in the Starter one and more. One of the most significant traits of the Basic plan is the order management and integrated fulfillment network. This particular feature allows brands to pair with other companies in the warehouse and shipping industry, allowing easy logistic management.

In comparison to the Starter plan, the Basic one offers the following features: 

  • Discount Codes
  • Two staff accounts
  • Finance reports
  • Drop-shipping options
  • A website
  • Product analytics
  • An analytics page.

The Standard Plan 

Compared to the previous two subscription models, the Standard plan includes everything consisted in the aforementioned plans, plus some other advanced options like performance reports, and more. Established online shops looking to grow their brands further can best use the Standard plan.

The main components of the standard plan include the following characteristics:

  • Detailed reporting
  • 5 staff accounts
  • Gift cards
  • Professional reports
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Fraud analysis.

The Advanced Plan

Lastly, Shopify offers the Advanced plan that encompasses every feature of the other subscription models with a few added extras. With that in mind, the Advanced plan is the costliest of all, and it’s mainly aimed at large-scale businesses that sell and ship massive amounts of products.

Some of the most prominent traits of the Advanced plan include the following:

  • Advanced report builder
  • Delivery and store pickup
  • 15 staff accounts
  • E-commerce automation
  • Significantly fewer transaction fees and credit card processing fees.

Shopify Pricing ModelsBest for 
point new StarterStartups 
point new BasicSmall businesses
point new StandardAlready established online shops looking to boost sales 
point new Advanced Large-scale eCommerce businesses 


Sign up for the Standard Plan Today!

If your customers already know how amazing your brand is, sign up for Shopify’s Standard plan! The Standard plan will help you boost your brand’s presence even further for only $79 a month or  $39.44 for a year-round subscription

How Much Does Shopify Cost?

In general, Shopify’s pricing options start as little as $5 a month for the Starter plan and go up to $299 for the Advanced option. However, what’s especially neat about Shopify’s services is that you can try them out before making a purchase — the 14-day free trial allows precisely that.

Here’s a summary of Shopify’s prices:

  • The Starter plan costs $5 a month and it’s best for up-and-coming businesses;
  • The Basic plan  is best for small businesses and is priced at $29/month;
  • Shopify offers the Standard plan, mainly used by online shops looking to augment sale rates for $79 per month;
  • The Advanced plan will cost you $299 per month and deliver unique features to massive e-commerce companies. 

What Pricing Option Is Right for You?

From what we have elaborated on so far, we can easily say that Shopify can cater to the needs of differently-sized businesses looking to do more for their brand online. For instance, if you’re an online clothing shop that has already amassed a following but wants to reach an even wider audience, the Standard plan could easily be the option for you.

On the other hand, if you’re part of a large-scale business that deals with hundreds of monthly purchases, then the Advanced plan is the most suitable choice.


Let Shopify Boost Your Startup!

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Additional Information About Shopify Pricing

Additional Costs of Shopify

Shopify offers its services at predetermined monthly or yearly subscription prices to choose from. In essence, all you do is pay for what you see on the website. However, if you want to enhance your Shopify website with handy plugins, you might need to pay extra, but all of it is optional.

For instance, some of the extensions we mentioned earlier are free to use, like Tipo, Instafeed, and others. Also, some require a purchase to be used, like SendOwl, but none is mandatory. 

Speaking of added costs, the transaction fees vary from one plan to the other, ranging from 0.5% to 2.9% + $0.30. Plus, the domain name has to be purchased separately — Shopify allows domain names from Google Domains or DreamHost (average cost is approx. $15 a year).

What’s Included in Shopify’s Advanced Plan?

As we mentioned, the Advanced plan is the priciest among other subscription plans, but it comes with a few fantastic perks especially aimed at household brands looking to keep up with heightened demand. With the Advanced plan, businesses can connect their Shopify website to significant shipping and payment companies to simplify the customer experience.

With the Advanced plan, businesses get unlimited bandwidth and storage, advanced financial reports, and more. 


Keep Updated with the Demand with Shopify’s Advanced Plan!

Help your business stay updated with the demand coming from your loyal customers! Sign up for the Advanced plan and enjoy unlimited storage, bandwidth, and the most affordable transaction fees!

How to Save Money Using Shopify?

Yes, you can see your business flourish using Shopify, but what if you can actually save money while paying for some of Shopify’s subscription models? 

  • Opt for annual subscriptions instead of monthly purchases. Even though many businesses choose to go for monthly-based payments, the truth is yearly subscriptions can save you a lot of money. Shopify will even save you 50% on monthly subscriptions!

How to Pay For a Shopify Subscription?

Shopify supports all major credit card companies. You can pay for your Shopify subscription plan by:

  • Mastercard, American Express, or Visa credit cards;
  • Visa, Mastercard, or American Express co-branded debit cards;
  • Shopify Balance (in some regions);
  • PayPal (in some regions).

Can I Use Shopify For Free?

Unfortunately, Shopify isn’t forever-free. However, the upside is you can test-drive Shopify for two weeks and see how it works for your business. Each subscription plan can be tried for free, and when the trial period ends, you can choose the Starter, the Basic, the Standard, or the Advanced Shopify pricing plan.


Boost Your Brand’s Performance with Shopify’s Standard Plan!

Choose Shopify’s Standard plan and enjoy the benefits of detailed reporting, up to 5 staff accounts, fast and secure checkouts, as well as awesome gift cards for only $79 per month!

Switching Plans in Shopify 

Shopify users can easily switch plans and choose to upgrade or downgrade. Whichever plan you’re using, contact customer support services, make an inquiry, and the staff will direct you on the steps to take.

Do Shopify’s Prices Vary By Location?

The pricing of the subscription plans is the same regardless of geographical location. However, due to different currencies, there might be a slight difference in the final fee. For more details, contact customer support at Shopify.

Comparison of Shopify Pricing Plans With BigCommerce

Competitor-wise, BigCommerce is Shopify’s closest platform regarding the available features. For instance, Shopify charges an added 2% transaction fee for purchases made through other payment channels other than Shopify Payments. In that context, BigCommerce doesn’t charge an additional fee.

On the other hand, BigCommerce doesn’t offer an Abandoned Cart Recovery option in its cheapest plan, while Shopify includes the feature in the Starter subscription model.

Monthly Planspoint new Starter: $5
point new Basic: $29
point new Standard: $79
point new Advanced: $299
point new Standard: $29.95
point new Plus: $79.95
point new Pro: $299.95
point new Enterprise: Customizable
Prosplus new Fantastic blogging options
plus new An array of features in the cheapest plan
plus new Unlimited item sale
plus new Superb security
plus new Easy to use
plus new Suitable for international sales
Consminus new No email hosting
minus new Card processing fees
minus new Limited item sales
minus new Pricy

Even though Shopify does check almost every box on our quality & functionality list, it won’t hurt to have an alternative in mind, just for the sake of it. BigCommerce is the alternative we’d suggest, and for the following reasons:

  • It’s perfect for international sales;
  • It’s straightforward to use;
  • Safeguards user and client data with the highest safety standards;
  • Highly customizable and functional.


If you’re looking for an efficient (and budget-friendly) option to help you boost your brand’s online presence and drive more sales, then Shopify is your go-to eCommerce website builder. 

One of the major upsides to Shopify that we (and users) loved is that there’s an abundance of features included even in the cheapest plan — the Starter plan.

Due to excellent customization options for plug-ins and the ability to save 50% on the yearly subscription plan, we deem Shopify the ultimate money-to-value eCommerce website builder!


Ready to Get Started?

For just $5/mo, you can give Shopify a red hot crack. We know you’ll fall in love once you see just how powerful our E-commerce builder and tools are.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Yes! You can download Shopify on your tablet, desktop, or smartphone.

You can, but only for 14 days. That’s the trial period after which you decide which plan to choose.

Everything except guns, gun parts, knives, and everything within the tactical category is out of the question.

Yes, the plans can be upgraded or downgraded at any time.



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