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Pagecloud is a powerful website builder. It’s one of the most beginner-friendly website builders that helps anyone create attractive and functional landing pages, websites, and online stores.

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review new │ Pagecloud Overview

In the modern world, it’s vital for businesses to have some sort of online presence in order to attract customers, make sales, and build up their brand identity. Web creation platforms like Pagecloud make it easy to create your own business site.

Pagecloud is famed for its beginner-friendly drag-and-drop interface and affordable pricing options, as well as its advanced e-commerce options. But is it the right site builder for you? 

Read on through our Pagecloud review to find out.

Pagecloud – Best for site creation
site creation
Pagecloud is one of the most beginner-friendly site creation platforms in the world, making it quick, easy, and convenient for businesses to create attractive and functional websites.

pros and cons new │ Pagecloud Pros and Cons

Below, we’ll take a closer look at the key features of Pagecloud and examine some of the different business types that can benefit from using this platform. But first, let’s look at some of the main pros and cons of using Pagecloud to help you see if it’s right for you.

Pagecloud Pros

tick new Beginner-friendly site creation 

One of the best things about Pagecloud is how easy it is to work with. It features a drag-and-drop user interface, allowing even total beginners to move elements around and customize their pages with ease.

tick new Affordable pricing plans

The cost of site creation is something that you have to take into account, especially when running a small business with a limited budget. Luckily, Pagecloud is one of the more affordable site creation tools out there.

tick new A wide selection of super templates to get you started

In order to speed up the side creation process, Pagecloud has a huge template library, with lots of templates in a range of different themes like entertainment, health, art, and business for users to choose from.

tick new A comprehensive suite of eCommerce features

As well as having a comprehensive website builder, Pagecloud also offers extensive e-commerce features such as online shop creation, shop management, and more to help business owners market and sell their products online.

tick new Built for teams

Another great thing about Pagecloud is that it’s designed with teams in mind. Users can invite team members and provide them with access to edit and manage the site, allowing lots of people to work on the site together and add their own content and improvements over time.

Pagecloud Cons

cons new You have to pay to make your site

One of the downsides with Pagecloud is that you will have to pay to make your site. There are some free site creation tools out there, but this isn’t one of them, and even a basic site will cost money to create.

cons new Missing stats and analytics

Another negative point of Pagecloud is that it doesn’t have any kind of statistics or analytics page, so if you want to track the performance of your site, you’ll need to invest in another app or system.

cons new Integrating add-ons can be time-consuming

Some users of Pagecloud have also complained that it’s quite time-consuming and tedious to integrate add-ons with your site. Often, you have to set up extra accounts on third-party sites to get add-ons running smoothly.

Pagecloud AdvantagesPagecloud Disadvantages
plus new An intuitive, easy-to-understand site builderminus new Even basic sites cost money to make
plus new Not too expensive to useminus new Could be improved with analytics
plus new Lots of handy templatesminus new Not easy to install add-ons
plus new Great for making online stores
plus new Works well for collaboration

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Try Pagecloud now!

If you’re getting ready to set up your new business site and want the process to be as quick and easy as possible, Pagecloud is ready and waiting for you. Give it a try today and see how easy Pagecloud really is.

what new │ What Is Pagecloud?

Pagecloud is a website builder that allows users to easily and conveniently create their own sites. It features a drag-and-drop building system, designed with beginners in mind and allowing individual elements to be moved around across the page to customize each site. 

Like other site builders, Pagecloud also has an extensive template library. It features many templates for different types of sites, from arts and crafts sites to sites based around photography, travel, and general business. 

Users can pick a template that suits their needs and tastes and then use the Pagecloud drag-and-drop builder to customize their chosen template. You can also easily duplicate or reuse sections, as well as create new sections and pages to expand your site. 

Pagecloud also has an extensive e-commerce site creation suite. This allows users to build their own online stores to start marketing and selling their products to customers around the world, and the e-commerce features include inventory management, sales tracking, and more.

So, no matter whether you want to set up a simple business site or a brand new e-commerce store, Pagecloud can help you make it, and this platform stands out from the other options on the market due to its flexibility and intuitive nature.

Pagecloud also offers some more advanced features for users who need them, like collaborative sharing and site creation among teams, search engine optimization to boost your site’s performance in Google’s rankings, form creations, and even a dedicated team of “Pagecloud Pros” who can help you design your site from the ground up.

point new Rating4.0/5
point new SimplicityPagecloud is designed to be really easy to work with
point new TemplatesThis site builder has a huge template library to start working with
point new CustomizationWith Pagecloud, you can customize almost any element of your site
point new eCommercePagecloud also helps you make and manage an online store
point new CollaborationWith Pagecloud, multiple users can make a site together

how new │ How Does Pagecloud Work?

So, how does Pagecloud actually work? Well, as explained above, this platform has been created with simplicity in mind, so every stage of the process is relatively quick and easy to understand, beginning with the sign-up process. 

First, you’ll need to head over to the official Pagecloud site and click on the Get Started button. From there, you’ll be asked to enter some basic information or link your Google or Facebook profile to create your account. 

Next, Pagecloud will introduce you to its extensive template library, and you can browse through the many templates, narrowing them down via the filters and categories provided until you find one that suits your specific needs and tastes.

Once you’ve picked a pre-made template, you’ll be able to move on to customizing your website. You can name it, add pages, adjust individual pages and sections, and use Pagecloud’s excellent drag-and-drop builder to make the changes and customizations you need.

Pagecloud makes it really simple to add and edit each section of your website. It also allows you to preview your site by clicking the View Live button to get a look at how your site will look to visitors.

And, of course, if you want to make an e-commerce store rather than just a simple website, Pagecloud can make that happen, too, and the editor is just as simple and straightforward for e-shops as it is for standard sites.

feature new │ Pagecloud Features

Pagecloud has plenty of great features to help you make your website or e-commerce store. Here’s a quick breakdown of some of the main features of this platform to help you get a better understanding of what Pagecloud is capable of.

point new Drag and Drop Builder

One of the key features of Pagecloud is its drag and drop builder. Some website creators force you to understand complex coding or use awkward menus to create pages and move elements around, but Pagecloud keeps things super simple; all users have to do to customize pages is to drag and drop the various page elements around.

point new Template Library 

Another key feature of Pagecloud is its extensive template library. There are lots of different templates to get you started, from sleek and modern business-style templates to art and design templates, templates based around entertainment and music, and much more. You can browse through the options and choose a template to form the foundation of your new site.

point new Store Builder

Pagecloud isn’t just for creating simple sites; it can also be used to make your own e-shops and e-commerce businesses. There’s an entire e-commerce store builder section on the Pagecloud website, and it comes complete with a whole host of e-commerce-oriented features like sales tracking and performance management so you can see how well your store is working.

point new Apps and Integrations

Another great benefit of using Pagecloud to create your new website is its total compatibility with many popular apps. You can actually drag and drop widgets and apps from other platforms directly into your site. This works with everything from Twitter to Google Maps, YouTube videos, and more.

Why We Need to Use Pagecloud

point new SimpleAn easy to use, beginner-friendly site builder
point new UsefulIdeal for creating attractive, unique websites
point new VersatileAlso works for online stores and e-commerce
point new AdvancedAdvanced features for businesses and collaborative creation

Pagecloud Logo

Use Pagecloud for site creation

Looking for an easy-to-use site builder? If so, Pagecloud is a good option to choose. Not only is it very beginner-friendly, but it also has lots of fun templates and attractive design elements for you to create beautiful, striking sites.

who new │Who Should Use Pagecloud?

So, who is Pagecloud for? Well, this versatile site builder can be a good option for a wide range of different businesses and professionals. And since it’s so easy to work with, you don’t need to worry about spending a long time learning the software before you start to use it. Here are some examples of businesses and people who can make use of Pagecloud.

point new Creative individuals

Independent creatives can benefit from having their own personalized websites to show off their portfolios or highlight some of the services they have to offer, and Pagecloud gives you the tools you need to easily make a fun and unique site.

point new Startups

When starting a new business, it’s so important to leverage as many tools as you can to attract attention and get eyes on your products. Pagecloud can help you quickly and efficiently start a new site and start generating some leads.

point new Small businesses

Pagecloud is a fine choice for small, growing businesses, too. This site builder proves that you don’t need your own development team or IT experts in order to make a great site, as you can make something attractive and engaging in no time at all.

point new Non-profit organizations

Pagecloud also has a range of templates aimed at non-profit organizations. So, if you’re running a charity or some other kind of non-profit, you can set up a site with Pagecloud to generate more buzz and hype about your organization.

point new Useful for businesses of various sizes, from start-ups to bigger brands
point new Works for many different industries, from creatives to tech companies
point new Easy-to-use drag and drop system is simple for everyone to understand

Pagecloud Logo

Make Pagecloud your go-to site builder

Whether you’re a freelancer setting up your very own portfolio site or a new startup owner looking to make waves in your industry, Pagecloud can help you improve your online presence with a well-crafted site.

cost and time new │Pagecloud Cost and Time

Time and money are two major factors that every business needs to take seriously, so how does Pagecloud perform in terms of value and efficiency? 

Well, let’s start with cost, first. 

Pagecloud may not be free, but it’s still a relatively affordable option when compared to other site builders, with flexible payment plans. Plus, it lets you create your first page for free.

In terms of time, Pagecloud is one of the most efficient options around, with lots of handy features to save time and maximize efficiency. The premade templates are great for helping you save time on site creation, and the drag-and-drop site builder is really useful for saving time on page creation and editing.

usability new │Pagecloud Usability

Usability is another key factor that you have to take into account when building a new website, as some site builders are a lot easier and more convenient to work with than others. So, how does Pagecloud compare to other builders in this area?

Well, as stated throughout our Pagecloud review, Pagecloud is super simple to use. It feels like the team behind this platform spent a lot of time making sure that Pagecloud’s site builder was as easy and intuitive as possible.

With lots of templates to choose from, a drag-and-drop building system, and not many confusing or complicated features to worry about, this site builder is absolutely ideal for beginners or people who don’t have too much site creation experience.

pricing new │Pagecloud Pricing

So, how much does Pagecloud cost? 

Well, you can create your first page for free, but once you go further than that, you’ll need to pay, and there are a few different payment plans available for both the site building and e-commerce store creation elements of the system.

point new Small Business – Site Building 

First up, we have the Small Business site building plan. This starts at just $19 per month and is ideal for small businesses, start-ups, or individual entrepreneurs. It lets you create one full site with up to 100 pages and 1,000 form submissions a month.

point new Business – Site Building 

Next up, there’s the Business level plan for site building with Pagecloud. This starts at just $29 per month and is good for growing businesses. It lets you create one site with up to 200 pages and 5,000 monthly form submissions, and it supports up to 10 team members working together across the site.

point new Pro – Site Building 

If you need even more resources, opt for the Pro site building plan. Costing $58 a month, this plan is aimed at agencies and marketing teams, offering space for up to five sites with 200 pages each and 1TB of bandwidth per month. You also get priority support and site migration services with this plan.

point new Starter – E-commerce 

Over on the e-commerce side of things, Pagecloud starts off with the Starter plan at just $29 a month. This lets you create a small online shop with up to 100 products and 100MB of space per file. It allows you to issue gift cards and comes with free SSL certificates.

point new Advanced – E-commerce 

The next tier up is the Advanced e-commerce plan. This is for larger stores, supporting a whopping 2,500 product pages in total and coming with some extra features like Mailchimp email marketing, the ability to sell via Amazon and eBay, product filters, product variations, a multilingual product catalog, and more, all for $49 a month.

point new Unlimited – E-commerce

Last but not least, the top-tier e-commerce plan is the Unlimited plan. This plan costs $89 per month, and as the name implies, it supports unlimited products with up to 10GB of space per file. It also supports Amazon and eBay orders, wholesale pricing, product filters and variations, point-of-sale integration, volume discounts, and expert chat support.

Small BusinessFrom $19 per month
BusinessFrom $29 per month
ProFrom $58 per month
StarterFrom $29 per month
AdvancedFrom $49 per month
UnlimitedFrom $89 per month

Pagecloud Logo

Give Pagecloud a try

These days, every business needs to have a strong online presence, and with Pagecloud, it’s easier than ever to make an amazing, attractive, and engaging site to wow your audience. Give this site building platform a try and set up a super site with Pagecloud.

tools new │Pagecloud Tools for Business

Pagecloud is mainly aimed at business users, so it’s no surprise that this site builder also comes with a range of business-oriented tools and functions. Here are some of the top business tools included with Pagecloud.

point new SEO 

Pagecloud can help your company aim higher in Google rankings with a range of basic SEO features like title tags, meta descriptions, and access to Google’s analytics tools that help you track engagement and adjust your SEO strategy.

point new Google Workspace

All Pagecloud plans come with free Google Workspace access. Valued at over $70, Google Workspace is a collection of cloud tools and products developed and managed by Google to help with your business, like Gmail for email marketing and Google Currents for employee engagement.

point new SSL Security

Pagecloud understands the importance of having a secure site that you and your customers can count on. That’s why all Pagecloud sites and e-commerce stores come with automatic SSL certificates for your protection.

Points to Note
point new A range of features for businesses and individuals
point new Extensive e-commerce functionality for online stores
point new Integrate all of your favorite apps with your site

example new │Pagecloud Use Cases

There are lots of companies and professionals out there who are already using Pagecloud to create their sites and online stores. Here are a few examples.

point new Bragi

Bragi is a software platform for audio products. The company decided to make use of Pagecloud to create its business site, resulting in a site that has received widespread acclaim for its beauty and striking design.

point new Teslica

Teslica is an ebike brand based in Canada. The company created its own online store and website with the help of Pagecloud in order to sell its products to the widest possible audience and make ebikes more accessible.

point new Prudence Takle

Prudence Takle is an Australian marriage celebrant who used Pagecloud to set up her own site. She has since used her gorgeous site to attract new clients and expand her online profile, becoming a leading celebrant in the Melbourne area.

support new │Pagecloud Support

Since Pagecloud is so simple to use, you may not need to contact the company’s customer support for any assistance. However, if you do need a helping hand at any stage of your site creation journey, Pagecloud will be happy to provide it.

Pagecloud offers a range of support features for its subscribers, including email and live chat assistance. If you pay for one of the high-end plans, you can even get your own Pagecloud Pro advisor to help you through the whole site creation process.

The Pagecloud site is also a goldmine of guides, tutorials, and extra information teaching you how to use the various features of Pagecloud’s builder and how to make the most of the services and features Pagecloud has to offer.

point new Live chat and email support
point new Many guides and tutorials
point new Pay extra for your own advisor
Alternative to Pagecloud – Wix
Wix is another leading site creation tool that allows users to create all kinds of websites. It stands out for its flexibility and ease of use, as well as its super 24/7 customer support and scalable payment plans.
Comparing Pagecloud to Wix
Pagecloud and Wix actually have a lot in common in terms of their basic functionality and beginner-friendly appeal. But they do have some differences, like the fact that Wix lets you build a whole site for free, or the fact that Pagecloud focuses quite heavily on e-commerce.

conclusion new │Conclusion

So, what’s our final word on Pagecloud? Well, overall, this is a simple, intuitive, easy-to-use site builder platform that gives you the chance to create a beautiful, functional, high-performing website with ease.

Thanks to Pagecloud’s clever design and handy features, you can create and launch an amazing site in a matter of hours with this platform, and you don’t need any previous development experience to get started. 

It’s a really great platform, and it works well for e-commerce stores, too. With that said, there are still a few areas that need improving, like the apps and integrations, and it would be nice to see Pagecloud offering a free site creation plan, too.

Pagecloud Logo

Try Pagecloud Now!

Pagecloud is one of the top site creation tools you can use, and you can see what it has to offer and create your first page for free! Give it a try today and see what kind of site you can make with Pagecloud.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Pagecloud is a website builder with a drag-and-drop system, allowing the user to simply drag and drop various elements into the correct position to customize their site designs.

Pagecloud was founded and is headquartered in Ottawa, Canada.

Pagecloud does not currently have a fully-featured free plan, and you'll need to pay at least $19 per month to make your site, but you can try out the service and make a one-page site for free.

Pagecloud was founded in 2015.


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