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Phonesites is a landing page creator that helps you create high-converting pages straight from your smartphone. You can integrate Phonesites landing pages with popular apps and platforms.

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│ Phonesites Overview

Now that smartphones have become the bread and butter of information and communication, businesses are leaning into their advertising potential more and more with excellent results.

If your business could benefit from mobile advertising, you might want to consider using Phonesites. It’s an all-in-one tool for creating and managing mobile landing pages. This review will provide an in-depth look at how Phonesites can work for you. 

Phonesites – Best for smartphone-based website creation
smartphone-based website
A mobile-focused platform with multi-functional templates and intuitive editing tools makes this landing page builder a sure-fire way to promote any business in a smartphone-friendly way.

pros and cons new │ What are the Pros and Cons of Phonesites?

Like any decision, pros and cons always help you make your choice, and choosing a website builder is no different. Landing pages are customer-facing and need to be both polished and have a quick turnaround. 

Pros of Phonesites

tick A plethora of templates for all occasions

The template library is vast and far-reaching enough to find a landing page that suits your company. Opt-in funnels, Survey funnels, and digital business cards are all ready to be tweaked to your liking. 

tick Fast load times

Customers are known not to like waiting, and Phonesites provides rapid load times on all their landing pages. All the pages hosted through Phonesites load quickly on any device, meaning there’s no downtime in your customer’s experience.

tick Design on the go 

Phonesites allows you to create landing pages directly from your smartphone. See your landing page come together in real-time as you edit it on the go.

tick Good service integrations 

Phonesites integrates with many platforms like Facebook, Youtube, Paypal, and Mailchimp. Tie all aspects of your business into your landing pages and make it as easy as possible for customers to navigate between your social media, emails, and websites.

Cons of Phonesites

cons new Limited on customization

While there is a good selection of customization options, you are limited to the assets within the customization suite. You can’t import custom designs into the editor; only customize the pre-existing assets. 

cons new AI text generation isn’t perfect 

As an AI program creates the templates and their contents, the generated text can sometimes come off as stiff. It is never enough that a few touch-ups won’t fix it, but it is worth keeping in mind.

Phonesites ProsPhonesites Cons
plus new Huge selection of templatesminus new Customization limited to assets within the suite
plus new Load times are fast on any deviceminus new AI-generated text sometimes needs editing
plus new Create designs straight from your smartphone
plus new Integrates with many popular platforms

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Start creating today!

Phonesites is a landing page creator that prioritizes smartphone formatting and on-the-go creation straight from your smartphone. Integration with popular apps and platforms means this will effortlessly fit within your pre-existing media.

what new │ What is Phonesites?

Phonesites is an AI-based webpage creator. A library of templates is ready for you to make your own website. Once you have customized your template to your liking, debuting your new customer-facing content is as easy as pressing launch.

Fast load times and ease of use are at the core of the Phonesites experience. Easy integration with multiple platforms creates an effortless ecosystem that can enhance how existing customers return to your business and potential consumers view your company. The page generation’s flexibility and email follow-up automation make this a fantastic tool to fish out potential sales. 

The AI writer function can automate writing social media ads, product descriptions, and email responses. These functions integrate with systems like Mailchimp and Twilio, so you can keep customers engaged and informed about your business.

The new Pulse Cards are a new aspect of Phonesites that will amaze any client or customer. The minimalist business card uses NFC technology to seamlessly take any modern phone to the webpage of your choice just by placing the card against a device. This is customizable and can be used to pass on contact details, direct to a website or even send people to a payment screen with a touch of pizzazz.

Over 10,000 businesses use Phonesites to generate their mobile-based landing pages. The success of the software is evident in its generation of over 1 million leads.

point new Create different types of web pages using over 400 customizable templates 
point new Take advantage of Phonesites rapid loading speeds 
point new Use the AI copy generator to populate emails and webpages quickly yet professionally
point new Wow customers and clients with a custom NFC business card

how new │ How does Phonesites Work?

The webpage creation takes place online through a SaaS model. This model means you can access the content creation suite from any internet device, such as a phone, tablet, or computer. This flexibility works well for trialing new designs and working on them on the go. The customization tools use a drag-and-drop design, making it simple to make the design fit with your vision. 

The servers used to host all Phonesites web pages keep speed and quality at the forefront of the experience. Hosting the webpages from Phonesites eliminates expensive server hosting and gives you access to their ultra-fast load times. 

Set up and automate email and SMS follow-ups, allowing for timed follow-ups to be sent to customers who have integrated with landing pages. This automation can also be linked to social media apps such as Facebook or Instagram to send direct messages to potential and returning customers.

The integration options fluidly connect Phonesites to other social platforms and business tools. By using Webhooks and Zaptier APIs, you can create links to all your different business pages and resources. These connections can enhance and diversify your webpage generation and lead generation. 

A dashboard is present to track the success rate of lead generation and the number of views gained on your various landing pages. Every detail you need to keep your web pages running is present here. The statistics of your plan are also on display, showing how many pages, websites, and AI Credits you have left to use. 

feature new │ Features of Phonesites

Phonesites is a business tool with many different features that you can use to effectively and professionally automate your web page advertising techniques. 

point new Professional-looking templates and Page Builder to get you started 

The template library contains a whole host of different and unique customizable designs to fit your company’s aesthetic. The library of over 400 templates covers many web page types. Any aspect of the template can be moved and changed within the remit of the creation suite. Whether looking for a short-form landing page or a more complex and longer form factor, there will be a template in the library for you. 

point new Track and manage lead generation

Your Phonesites account will track and display a whole host of metrics showing you how well your web pages perform in real-time. The new lead notifications and analytics do a fantastic job at keeping you up to date with how your business benefits from the service and how to improve performance. The tracking aspect of your web pages can even get as detailed as showing each step of your funneling processes, from the initial click to the follow-up emails and finally to the opt-in.

point new Integration and interfacing

The integration options presented by Phonesites can diversify your web page development and create a bespoke system for your business needs. By connecting your Web pages to other services and platforms, you can create a web of services that all work in sync. Customers can go from the landing page to booking an appointment in your virtual calendar in seconds, thanks to Webhooks and Zapier support. Social media adverts can link to an opt-in funnel, tracking audience reception and interaction behaviors at every step. 

point new Support is just a click away

Your satisfaction with your plan is so vital to the Phonesites brand that you can schedule a call with an expert from the dashboard. Phonesites prides itself on its business-to-business relationships and will do everything within its power to ensure you get the most out of your subscription. A 1-on-1 onboarding session will help you get the software set up and integrated into your workflow. Weekly workshops are also held within their active Facebook community, allowing you to get professional advice and feedback on your latest digital business card. 

point new Security as a priority 

Phonesites take the security of their client base very seriously. Secure SSL encryption and top-grade security protocols keep your web pages safe and trustworthy. The protection also extends to the hosting of your domains through their servers. Your custom domains and subdomains are hosted on secure servers, allowing payment processing and data collection in a trustworthy environment. 

Why we need to use Phonesites

point new Accessible and efficient
point new Secure and trusted SSL encryption
point new Wide range of integration with key systems

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Sign up for Phonesites today!

Create secure, professional web pages that can suit a variety of situations. Track ad behavior and funnel processes to target successful pages while adjusting those that aren’t.

who new │Usage

This software works intuitively, making creating web pages as simple and efficient as possible. The drag-and-drop system that the page editor uses makes customizing each page to fit your need easy to understand and execute. 

Beginners can start with a template and make changes that serve the page’s purpose while retaining the template’s professional look. More experienced users also have the option to create a web page from scratch with the same editing tools, allowing for a fully bespoke design to be achieved. 

The accessibility also caters to small businesses, with complete editing and publishing support from mobile devices. 

Businesses that can benefit from using Phonesites are: 

point new Appointment-based businesses

Update customers on amended opening times or new services with a professional opt-in funnel. This funnel can have virtual calendar integration, allowing the customer to book an appointment straight from your webpage using a single seamless button.

point new Business-to-business interactions

Send Informational Funnel pages to businesses that could benefit from your services. Integrate videos into your page to get the point across engagingly. Link a digital business card to the page to allow potential customers to get into contact effortlessly. 

point new New businesses needing feedback 

As a new business, knowledge is power, and knowing how your business is received is crucial. Send survey funnels to customers who have previously interacted with you to get feedback on what is working and what could be pushing customers away.

UsageHow Phonsites helps
point new Effortless appointment funnelingLinking appointment booking systems to an informational web page allows effortless interaction on the customers’ side
point new B2B information exchangeUse digital business cards and longer form funnel pages to attract potential clients on a professional-looking page
point new Gathering Feedback Creating survey funnels to gain invaluable information from potential and returning customers

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Browse the template library now!

Try the web page creator that tailors to the user’s needs. There are multiple use cases at your fingertips with numerous funnels for data collection, drumming up business, and circulating information.

cost and time new │Cost and Time

The time it takes from opening Phonesites to sending off your first webpage can be minutes. Using a template removes a lot of design time from the equation. 

To get the quickest possible results, you can select a template, add your business logo, and set the AI writer to fill in the information based on a topic. Once you’re happy with it, publish your creation in a few clicks. It is as easy as that.  

usability new │Usability of Phonesites

The ease of access that comes from Phonesites can diversify your workflow. The intuitive web page creation tools are versatile yet easy to understand. This flexible tool allows you to publish complex integrated web pages as quickly as you can make a funneling page to send out in minutes. 

Educational support is always present to help you learn new tips and tricks. Whether you have been using the tools for a day or a year, Phonesites is an easy tool to master. 

Easy-to-digest tracking statistics also show you precisely what you are doing right and what you can improve on. This data makes using Phonesites an engaging and invaluable tool for keeping regular contact with customers and gaining data to improve your business.

pricing new │Price of Phonesites

The subscriptions to Phonesites come in three tiers, with different features and bonuses. 

The essential plan gives you access to the core features and tools at a competitive price. This plan is perfect for small businesses that don’t need all the bells and whistles. 

The most popular package is the unlimited plan, which features all the core tools but has no restrictions on domains, landing pages, and leads. 

The top tier package is the unlimited+ plan. This plan gives you access to every feature of the software and access to the AI copywriter. Get the Unlimited+ plan on an annual basis, and you can also access the Funnel Closer Training course, helping you to excel at generating business from your funneling pages. 

Here is a look at the pricing plans: 

  • Essential ($49/month or $499/year) – Grab all the software’s core features at a competitive price. Access to a custom domain, 25 landing pages, five multi-step funnels, and 1,000 leads makes for a great starting point for new businesses. 
  • Unlimited ($99/month or $799/year) – As the name implies, this plan gives you unlimited access to custom domains, multi-step funnels, landing pages, and leads. This plan also includes the automated email follow-up tool that is perfect for securing leads.
  • Unlimited+ ($148/month or $1,298/year) – This plan gives you everything from the unlimited plan and includes the AI copywriting function. If you choose annual payments, Phonesites also have a Funnel Closer training course valued at $997! This plan is the ultimate package for creating the best and most efficient web pages!
Free TrialYes! 14 days Free
Essential ($49/month or $499/year)
Unlimited($99/month or $799/year)
Unlimited+($148/month or $1,298/year)

Phonesites Logo

Get Creative with Phonesites!

Use templates or create a landing page from scratch, all on the go from any smartphone, tablet, or computer. Publish your new designs on the go, no matter where you are

tools new │What Tools Are Included With Phonesites?

Many tools are at your disposal when using Phonesites to make your webpage creation as fluid and efficient as possible. 

point new Template Customization Suite 

Select a template and make it your own with various customization options. The drag-and-drop blocks make editing templates as simple as possible. 

 Template Customization Suite

point new Real-time Statistics

The dashboard allows you to watch your landing pages succeed in real time! Visual and numerical data informs you exactly how many leads and views you generate from your pages. 

Real-time Statistics

point new Follow-up Emails 

Once your pages are published, you can automate follow-up emails to trigger after a customer views the page. This system works instantly within the software and is already set up for you to use from day one.

 Follow-up Emails 

point new AI-Generated Copywriting

Use artificial intelligence to create professional copy based on keywords fed into the program. Populate your landing pages and social media ads with a few buttons.

 AI-Generated Copywriting
Tools at your disposal
point new Customizable templates for different types of landing pages
point new Track the progress of your landing pages through the dashboard
point new Automate follow-up emails directly in the software 
point new Generate copy based on keywords given to an AI 

example new │Phonesites Use Cases

Many different companies are already taking advantage of the versatility on offer with Phonesites; here are a few examples:

point new Make the Day Awesome 

Joshua from Make the Day Awesome uses Phonesites on the go with his smartphone, allowing any ideas and tweaks to his landing page to be done on the go.

point new Realty One Group

Dionne from Realty One Group Used Phonesites to create landing and event pages. The tools allow her to get creative and make unique pages to share with her customers.

point new Henry Schein One

Danny from Henry Schein One used the Phonesites training and support tools to learn how to make the most of sales funnels and data capture. All of this knowledge sits in the palm of your hand as you learn straight from your smartphone.

support new │Quality of Support

The support systems within Phonesites are both extensive and accessible. The support team will arrange a 1-on-1 call to help you immediately get comfortable with the software. Video walkthroughs are available immediately to access handy tips and troubleshooting help.

Weekly workshops are hosted in the Phonesites private Facebook community, allowing you to network while you learn new tricks and find inspiration for your pages.

You can also schedule calls and messages with the dedicated support coaches straight from the dashboard. Facebook messenger is also integrated into the dashboard, meaning your question can be sent off and responded to efficiently.

Phonesites Support Methods
point new Initial 1-on-1 call to train you on using your new software
point new Video guides to help you use the software at any time of day
point new Zoom calls, emails, and Facebook messages can all be used to connect you to a support agent
point new Weekly workshops can give you that creative and technical edge for future projects
Alternative of Phonesites
Another option for creating landing pages is Leadpages. With competitive pricing and accessible drag-and-drop editing tools, this software can also help you make stunning landing pages. A long list of integrations and hosting up to three domain sites makes this service perfect for any small business. 

When comparing the two software packages, the main difference is the size of the company it suits. Leadpages is perfect for a business that is just starting up but offers little in the way of expansion. Phonesites can scale with your company and provide invaluable tools such as the AI copy generator. 

conclusion new │Conclusion

Phonesites is a fantastic piece of software for creating landing pages and tracking the progress of your creations in real-time. Efficiency does not have to come at the cost of creativity; this software proves that. 

The versatility of accessing your creation tools from your smartphone means that wherever inspiration strikes, you are ready to edit, publish and track your web pages.

The AI Copy Generator can make populating your pages as simple as clicking a button. Fill out entire adverts and landing pages in minutes with nothing but your phone and a few keywords.  

All of this is bundled into a competitively priced package. Multiple price plans make this service accessible to new businesses while providing additional tools and perks for larger businesses to make use of.

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Try Phonesites Free for 14 Days!

Create professional and versatile landing pages with creative app integrations and real-time statistic tracking. Automate your funneling processes and create AI-generated copy within minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The design of the software prioritizes running on mobile devices and a computer. As long as the device can connect to the internet, it can use Phonesites.

You can create surveys, email opt-ins, digital business cards, and more using the library of templates, or you can create a design unique to you by building a page from scratch.

Phonesites have coaches on hand to run weekly informative workshops and provide support to anybody who requires it.

You can upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time to find the one that suits you the most.


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