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UENI is the perfect web-building software for small businesses. It is easy to use, and it comes with various features that will help even inexperienced users to come up with great results. You can use UENI to edit your website design, integrate social media profiles, get a custom domain, and set up a tailored marketing strategy.

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review new UENI Overview

UENI is a website builder focusing on bringing small businesses online by creating websites that look good and are easy to manage in the long run. The UENI solution is best for creating a professional online presence, regardless of the location of your business.

pros and cons new UENI Pros & Cons

Much like any other software solution, UENI comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. However, in this case, the good far outweighs the bad, but we’re going to present both sides of the coin — the good and the bad. 

UENI Advantages

Read about the high points of using UENI and see why it’s so popular in the small business world. 

tick new Affordable Services

The first thing that comes to mind when talking about websites is that they’re expensive. That’s not the case with UENI websites. All the plans are affordable, so you won’t have to worry about your ultra-expensive website, regardless of your choice. Plus, there are no hidden fees, and you get free lifetime web hosting. 

tick new Quick Delivery

When you order a website through UENI, you can expect to see the final product in just 7 days. Some agencies may take months to deliver a website, and if you set out to build your own, you’ll certainly need more time. Not to mention the extra effort required to create a website. But UENI can deliver a fully-developed, well-designed, and highly functional website within a week. 

tick new Easy-to-Use Websites

One main thing that sets UENI websites apart from the rest is their usability. These websites are easy to use by customers and can also be easily edited and managed by you. So, you needn’t worry about managing your site once it’s live. UENI creates sites that can be edited by anyone, even people with no prior experience in this field. 

tick new 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

By choosing UENI, you’re making a risk-free decision. If you’re not satisfied with the website they’ve created, you can reach out to the support team and request a refund. Get a website, see how it performs during the first month, and if there’s anything you don’t like — get your money back. 

UENI Disadvantages

UENI rarely disappoints, but certain areas could use some improvement. 

cons new Lack of Customisation

The UENI websites are built on pre-existing templates, and sometimes they may look similar to other sites. Some customers have expressed their wish to have more customization available so they can edit the sites to their liking and add their personal touch. 

cons new Videos Can’t Be Uploaded Directly

You can upload photos and videos to your UENI website, but you may experience some issues with the videos. You can’t upload them directly on the website. Instead, you’ll have to upload the video on Vimeo or YouTube first and then link it to your UENI website.

plus new Affordable servicesminus new Lack of Customisation
plus new Quick Deliveryminus new Videos Can’t Be Uploaded Directly
plus new Easy-to-Use Websites
plus new 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

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Try Out UENI Now!

With UENI, you can build your website in no time without any coding expertise. Try out UENI and join thousands of users already using the platform.

what new What is UENI?

Launched in 2014, and currently boasting more than 625,000 users, UENI is a company whose primary goal is helping small businesses. First, by establishing an online presence for each business by building a website, and then assisting them in growing their online business. The UENI team will take care of all the technical aspects of building the website, but they will also create the design, write content, choose images, and launch your site. 

In addition to building a website for the business, UENI will create a Google Business Profile that will show the business on Google Maps. They will also allow it to communicate via Google Business Messages and receive reviews from satisfied customers. Once a business has a Google Profile, its location can be shared on social media and even on other Internet browsers. 

But that’s not all! With a UENI website, business owners can sell their products online and take bookings for their services. The websites are not designed solely for marketing purposes, although UENI does offer a marketing strategy that will help grow a business. A UENI website can be used to run an online business and significantly increase the owner’s profit. 

how new How Does UENI Work? 

Ueni is a subscription-based service, so all users need to do is pick a plan that suits their business needs, create an account with Ueni, and purchase the plan. Once the purchase is complete, users are redirected to a form that contains questions essential for building the websites.

In the forms, business owners need to provide general information about their business, such as the business name, logo, and the kind of services the business offers. The following steps consist of uploading images, adding links to social media profiles, and supplying any other information that needs to be shared with prospective customers.  

feature new UENI Standout Features 

One of the main considerations when choosing a solution to improve a business is the number and quality of features it offers. Luckily, UENI doesn’t suffer from a lack of features — plenty available. 

point new Website Editor

Possibly the most prominent UENI feature is its website editor, which allows business owners to make changes to the website after it’s been launched. This editor is extremely easy to use and allows for adding new products to the site, accompanied by images and text. It also allows adding product reviews and creating discounts and promotions. 

The editor feature allows for much more — anyone can change the overall website design, choose new colors and fonts, add a blog and upload new content, and update older content on the website. The possibilities are many, and the editor is quite straightforward, making it one of the best UENI features. 

point new Integrations

An Ueni website is very suitable for integrating other tools on the site. It will allow you to integrate social media and Mailchimp Lead Capture, making it easier to organize your social media and email marketing campaigns. 

Users can also integrate the website with Google Analytics and constantly track its performance. Each UENI website also integrates several payment methods, like debit and credit cards, as well as PayPal. 

point new Free Hosting & SSL Certificate

Once you pay to have your UENI website set up, you’ll also receive free hosting — forever. This means that the site will always be online without you having to pay any monthly or yearly fees. UENI provides the hosting through Amazon Web Services and guarantees that the website will be fast and secure. 

UENI also acquires an SSL certificate for each of its websites, ensuring that all site data is secure. This encourages customers to use the site and enter personal information with peace of mind, but it also signals to Google that the website is trustworthy. 

point new Custom Domains & Emails

Business owners who already have a domain associated with their business can connect this domain to the website. For those who don’t, UENI gives them the option to choose a name from their catalog of domains. 

In addition to the domain, UENI creates custom email addresses for businesses that correspond with the business name. So, for each website, users can get a matching domain and email address.

point new Tailored Marketing Program

UENI offers much more than web building. Businesses can also benefit from a marketing program tailored to fit the needs of the business. These programs are divided into stages, and a new theme is covered during each stage. 

The UENI team can provide advice and guidance on a variety of marketing strategies and channels. Whether it’s an email campaign, social media posting, or advanced-level SEO, UENI can help you achieve better visibility for your business — thus, more sales. 

Why Use UENI
point new Easy-to-edit websites
point new Social media, email, and payment integrations
point new Free SSL certificate and web hosting
point new Customized domain name and email address
point new Marketing program tailored to the business

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Why Wait? Use UENI Today!

UENI comes with a bundle of features that will make your life easier. With the app, you’ll be able to build and host websites, integrate social media, get a custom domain name, and so much more!

who new Who Should Use UENI?

After reading through the benefits UENI offers and all the features it boasts, you may still wonder whether this is the right choice for you. Below, we list several categories of people who will benefit most from UENI services. 

point new Small Business Owners

The UENI services are aimed at small businesses, i.e., businesses that don’t have a team of people working on securing an online presence. Running a business can be overwhelming, and owners often don’t have time to focus on running a website — that’s where UENI comes in. Owners can focus on running their day-to-day operations while UENI builds their website and optimizes it to ensure the best performance. 

point new People Looking for Affordable Web Solutions

One thing that separates UENI from other web-building solutions on the market is the price tag. UENI is the best option for people who can’t afford to spend thousands of dollars creating a web presence for their business. All the UENI plans are affordable, so even people who can’t spend a lot on their websites can still establish an online presence. 

point new Less Tech-Savvy Entrepreneurs

Many people are intimidated by the intricacies of creating a website and the complexity of the whole process stops them from using one of the DIY website builders. However, UENI doesn’t require anything from their customers except supply information for creating the website. Once the website is up and running, owners can turn to an easy-to-use website editor and make some tweaks to their site — no experience needed. 

Who Is UENI Best For
point new Small businesses
point new Anyone looking to establish a website at an affordable price
point new People with little or no tech experience

cost and time new Time Consumption & Cost of Using UENI

Signing up for a UENI account is quick — it shouldn’t take more than a few minutes. Filling out the form and attaching files also takes a few minutes, but you can do it whenever you have the time. The UENI team will send the form to the email address you’ve listed, and you can fill it out whenever you have the time. 

After you’ve supplied all the necessary information and chosen a plan that works for you, you’ll only need to wait for 7 more days. It’s when UENI will present the ready-to-launch website, and the time you spend on your site after the launch is entirely up to you!

As for the cost of UENI, each new user has to pay a one-time $199 setup fee, except for those that choose the Lifetime Deal, which also requires a one-time payment of $599. However, there are three other plans to choose from. The monthly cost of these plans ranges from $10.75 to $41.58, plus the $199 setup fee. 

usability new UENI Usability

Using UENI is extremely simple. Registration is quick and easy, and as a customer, you won’t have to do anything while the website is being built. Once the website goes live, you’ll receive real-time alerts for any lead, sale, or booking made through the website. You don’t need to check the site constantly, as you’ll get an SMS or WhatsApp messages. 

The website editor is very easy to use, so you won’t have any trouble when you want to make a change to the site. And if you do encounter any problems, the UENI customer support team is always available and willing to help you resolve your issue. 

Overall, UENI services are very approachable and can be used by anyone, even by people who have no prior experience with web building, web design, or digital marketing. In terms of usability, the UENI solution is best for creating a professional online presence in the virtual world. 

pricing new UENI Pricing

We previously mentioned that UENI has 4 plans that users can choose from, and each one offers different features and is accordingly priced. 

point new Lifetime Deal 

The Lifetime Deal costs $599, but requires only one payment without any recurring fees. At this price, you get a fully-built UENI website, personalized web design and copy, a Google Business Profile, and free web hosting forever. Plus, you gain access to the website editor, receive alerts for everything happening on the website, and use plenty of other features. 

point new Basic 

The Basic plan includes all Lifetime Deal features, a custom domain name and two business email accounts. This plan costs $10.75 per month or $129 per year. You can opt for either recurring monthly payments or a single payment once per year. There’s also the $199 setup fee, which also has to be paid by users who choose either the Plus or the Growth plan. 

point new Plus

According to UENI, the Plus plan is the most popular choice and costs $29.08/month or $349 per year — plus the setup fee. The cost for this is significantly higher than the cost of the Basic plan, but that’s due to the fact that it’s very comprehensive. It contains everything from the Basic plan, plus a concierge service, quarterly SEO review, and website tracking, allows for many integrations and third-party plug-ins, and much more. 

point new Growth

The Growth plan is the most expensive of the UENI plans, priced at $41.58 per month or $499 per year, topped off with the $199 setup fee. However, the plan is extremely elaborate. In addition to containing everything included in the less expensive plans, it also offers a customized marketing program, competitor tracking, and reputation management. You can also use other advanced tools and features for managing and maintaining a strong online presence.

UENI PlanPrice
point new Lifetime Deal$599 one-time payment
point new Basic$10.75/month; $129/year + $199 setup fee
point new Plus$29.08/month; $349/year + $199 setup fee
point new Growth$41.58/month; $499/year + $199 setup fee

UENI logo

Give UENI a Go!

UENI comes with affordable pricing, and you can choose different plans based on your budget and web-building needs.

tools new Notable UENI Tools

UENI is very versatile, largely due to the inclusion of many tools that make the user experience easier and contribute towards achieving better results. The most important and most interesting UENI tools are analyzed in the following sections. 

Tracking Tools

UENI tracking tools

UENI connects Google Analytics, Hotjar (check Hotjar pricing), Google Tag Manager, HubSpot Tracking, and other tracking tools to your website. These tools allow you to check how well your website performs in terms of ranking and see the number of visits. You can also monitor visitor interactions and see what captures your customers’ attention. 

Lead Capture Tools

UENI lead capture tools

One of the main goals of every business is to identify potential customers and keep them interested in their products and/or services. The best way to do this is by capturing leads, i.e., enticing visitors to sign up for a mailing list or a newsletter, so they can be approached with attractive offers. UENI enables this by embedding tools such as Mailchimp and email capture on their websites. 

Messaging Tools

UENI messaging tools

One of the best options for reassuring customers that you’re available and eager to answer any and all of their questions is by adding a Live Chat option to the website — UENI can make this happen. Each UENI website can integrate Facebook Messenger or another messaging tool, ensuring that you offer instant support to your customers. 

usability new UENI Best Points

Key Features
point new Concierge service
point new Well-stocked library of website examples
point new 1-1 Grow Your Business service
point new 0% commission on sales, bookings, and leads
point new Useful and educational blog posts
point new Demo call prior to launch

example new Using UENI in Real Life

The UENI official website contains real-life examples of their work — up-and-running websites created by the UENI team. The websites are created by a team of real people — not robots — so each of them benefits from a personal touch.

The UENI websites are created for a wide variety of services and products, and each site is designed according to the industry it’s in. All these sites are quick to load and well-organized, so users won’t have trouble navigating. 

Many business owners that commissioned a UENI website are extremely satisfied with the end result and state that they would recommend the service. For more insight, you can read the customer testimonials on the UENI website.

support new UENI Customer Support

If you want to get in touch with the support team at UENI, you can choose between two options: Live Chat and email. 

The Live Chat option is available from Monday to Friday, between 08:00 and 18:00 CST. If you want to get in touch with the UENI team outside of working hours, send an email to [email protected]

Before reaching out to the support team, you can go through the Frequently Asked Questions section and read through the answers to see whether you can find a solution to your problem. If not, don’t hesitate to reach out to the support team — they’re always willing to help. 

UENI Support MethodAvailabilityResponse Time
Live ChatMonday-Friday, 08:00-18:00 CSTImmediate
Email24/78-24 hours

UENI Alternative

It’s always a good idea to have a backup plan, so we singled out the best alternative to UENI — Wix. Wix is a DIY website builder that allows users to design professional-grade websites for free. Anyone who wants to add eCommerce options to the website will have to choose one of the paid plans. 

With Wix, all the creative decisions are left to you. Choose from a library of customizable templates, allowing you to do whatever you like with your website. However, the theme can’t be changed or edited once the site is live. 

UENI vs. Wix: Comparison

For better clarity, UENI and WIX are compared in the table below. 

Websites are built for you by a team of professionalsDIY website builder
4 plans8 plans
Limited customization optionsUnlimited customization to the ready-made templates
eCommerce services available to all userseCommerce solutions available only to users on paid plans
No free planOne free plan

conclusion new Final Words

UENI is best for creating a professional online presence for small businesses looking for affordable web-building options. By using this service, owners of small and local businesses can have a website created for them. With it, they can gain new customers, attract more attention, and increase their earnings. 

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Try UENI Now!

UENI is an easy-to-use website builder with over 600,000 users. The software comes with all the tools you need to create a website with ease. If you’re a SMB owner or an experienced entrepreneur, UENI can help you out!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Christine Telyan is the CEO and co-founder of UENI. Along with Anh Pham Vu, Telyan founded the company after experiencing difficulty finding online services near her.

UENI was founded in 2014 and has been operating ever since.

The UENI Lifetime Deal costs $599 — that’s a one-time payment. The other three plans, Basic, Plus, and Growth, cost $129, $349, and $499 per year, respectively, plus the $199 setup fee.

The UENI company is based in London, but its services are available in many countries around the world.



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