Bubble is a no-code platform that allows businesses to build custom web applications without any programming knowledge. With features such as drag-and-drop interface and responsive design, Bubble is a great choice for businesses looking to build custom web applications quickly and easily.




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Bubble Facts

Pricing modelPer application
Free TrialNo
Free VersionYes

Bubble Overview

Bubble is an online platform that enables users without technical coding knowledge to build web applications. It enables anyone to do what they want in constructing platforms for their business or personal uses.

By reading through this Bubble review, you will find out how people have used the platform to create an online page or pages for themselves and added the Bubble features that meet their needs.

The software has higher ratings due to its excellent usability, numerous Bubble features, and support quality.

Pros and Cons

+ Accessible to all — Practically every Bubble review you look at states that you don’t need prior knowledge of programming to use the platform.

+ Free option — You can use it free, without worrying about Bubble pricing, to learn how to operate it.

+ Simple to learn — A common Bubble review statement is that learning to use the platform is quite simple.

+ Affordable — Bubble pricing is quite affordable if you are using the advanced paid version.

Little support — No Bubble explained videos are available, so you will do most of the learning yourself.


One Bubble review after another gives the platform a high score on ease to use. That does not mean you will learn immediately. It will take a couple of weeks at the very least for you to master. There is no Bubble explained videos for this purpose on the site.

Another Bubble review common mention is that it is efficient. What a company does with a collection of experts in several fields, you can do alone on Bubble. Here, Bubble explained that its platform is 80% cheaper and faster to use in developing an app.

Bubble’s user interface is easy to understand. When you master the basic tools, you don’t need a Bubble explained video for this, you are well on your way to building your app. Moreover, you can build mobile apps.

Another commonly mentioned matter in almost every expert Bubble review is that you cannot transfer your project to any other platform. This means your app will live its entire life on the Bubble platform.


Bubble Features easily register a high score in nearly every Bubble review. There are a number of outstanding Bubble features that are worth mentioning in this Bubble explained article. They are as follows.

  • Drag and drop interface. This enables you to pick out the Bubble features you want and include them in your project.
  • Workflow builder. This enables you to create logic to carry out your work systematically. If you click the button, you save the page, and it moves you to the next one.
  • Database. This operates like an inbuilt SQL provider that enables you to carry out functions like user login and media management. It is internally integrated, so you can access it with ease.
  • API connector. This is a plugin that enables you to connect to an external API such as a mailing service provider. Such a connection can enable users to send and receive mail messages.

Support Quality

This is one of the weaknesses, which we cannot fail to mention in this Bubble review. As you struggle alone trying to learn how to operate Bubble, you will occasionally run into some problems. You will try to get support to sort you out, but it will not be easy to come by. There is a community, but they don’t respond to your queries. Even when they do, it comes really late. This is the area in which Bubble has a low score, and they need to improve urgently.

Bubble Pricing – What does it cost?

Bubble pricing ranks as one of the most affordable you will find in the market. There are 4 main categories of Bubble pricing, which are Free, Personal, Professional, and Production.

The main difference between them is that free is for exploring the app. Personal serves individual use with 10GBs. Professional builds apps with 3 server units, 2 application editors, 20GBs. Production is for apps with 10 server units, 15 application editors, and 50GBs.

Here are the Bubble pricing plans

  • Hobby – Free
  • Personal – starting from $29 per month
  • Professional – starting from $129 per month
  • Production – starting from $529 per month


Overall, Bubble is an excellent platform for building apps that can be used personally or professionally. It is easily accessible to all kinds of users, the majority of whom have no prior knowledge of coding. It is easy to learn how the platform operates on the free option. The Bubble pricing plan is highly affordable. The available Bubble features enable users to carry out different functions easily and efficiently. A Bubble explained article or two has criticized the platform for not having ready support for users when they need it. Bubble explained that they have ample support for their users, but there are still some doubts. Others have also raised issues about an app built on it not being transferable to other platforms. Nevertheless, it is a highly efficient, affordable, and easy way for anyone to build an app.

Try out Bubble now!

Bubble offers a great platform for building apps. Accessible to all, it’s perfect for both personal and professional users with no need for coding knowledge.



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