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Vendasta is an all-in-one platform for companies selling to local businesses. You can search through a list of digital services you can brand as your own and resell to other businesses. Vendasta currently offers 250+ curated products.

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Vendasta Facts

Pricing ModelSubscriber based
Free TrialYes
Free VersionNo

review new │ Vendasta Overview

How do you build a digital agency that sells to local businesses without investing a lot of money in hiring various digital marketing experts?

You can hire contractors or freelancers, but that can be challenging to manage. There’s an easier solution that will help you build a wide range of digital services that you can offer. It’s called Vendasta. Vendasta is an all-in-one platform designed to help companies that sell to local businesses.

With Vendasta, businesses can quickly and easily find products and services to sell and fulfill orders under their own brand. The platform offers a variety of features, such as marketing automation, CRM, task management, invoicing, and order fulfillment, to help businesses grow without additional costs.

Vendasta’s marketplace includes more than 250 products, all pre-screened and offered at wholesale prices, allowing businesses to quickly and efficiently expand their product offerings.

Read our in-depth review and learn how you can start selling SEO services, reputation management, website design, content marketing, social media marketing, and more with Vendasta.

Vendasta – Best for digital products and digital services. Vendasta creates every digital solution that you can think of to help small and medium-sized businesses expand their offerings.

pros and cons new │ Pros & Cons of Vendasta

In what way will Vendasta help your business with digital marketing solutions? Here are some of the many pros and cons to think about before making your Vendasta purchase!

Vendasta Pros

tick new Expert digital marketing

Vendasta knows the digital marketing industry inside and out and can offer the very best digital marketing solutions. 

tick new Direct sales

You can go direct to Vendasta instead of the Marketplace and save money using their professional digital marketing products and services.

tick new Wide-reaching

Many businesses use Vendasta products and services to market their brand to small and medium businesses.

tick new Experience

Vendasta has over a decade of experience, moving with the technological advancements and changes in the digital marketing world. 

tick new Numerous products and services 

With over 250 products and services, the Vendasta Marketplace is thriving with different solutions to make your business great!

tick new Partnership 

Vendasta is experienced in developing excellent partnerships across many businesses and understanding what a business wants.

tick new Vision

Vendasta continually updates and upgrades digital solutions, moving with technology and pre-empting the next big thing!

Vendasta Cons

cons new Complicated platform

Vendasta’s platform is substantial and so it is easy to become consumed inside of the software. 

cons new Integrations

Vendasta does not aid as many integrations as it could, only focusing on a Salesforce connector.

cons new Business App 

The Business App needs to be accessed from the browser and is not a downloadable app.

Vendasta AdvantagesVendasta Disadvantages
plus new Experts in their fieldminus new Platform is complicated to use
plus new Buy direct rather than the Marketplaceminus new More integrations would be a bonus
plus new Wide-reaching businessminus new Business App needs work
plus new Vast range of experience
plus new Many products and services to choose
plus new Many partnerships are developed
plus new Upgrades and technology advancements

Vendasta Logo

Try Vendasta Now!

Vendasta sells digital marketing products and services to your business so you can sell to small and medium businesses. Try Vendasta now and see what products and services you can use in your business!

what new │ What Is Vendasta?

Vendasta sells digital marketing software solutions to other businesses. Those businesses then re-brand the digital marketing solution as their own. They target small to medium size businesses as a solution to market their businesses more successfully online. Vendasta holds a B2B2SMB business model.

Vendasta additionally provides a Snapshot report that shows a business how they are performing in specific areas. How is your business performing in social media, or SEO?

Vendasta will also utilize marketing automation to enhance marketing campaigns. Check out your sales and success using the customer relations tools, and use multilocation to sell to local businesses.

There is also a local business online toolkit that you can take advantage of, providing free marketing tools in the hope of making a sale down the line.

point new Sell digital marketing solutions
point new B2B2SMB business model
point new Snapshot report explains successes analytically
point new Marketing automation for marketing campaign success
point new Multilocation to sell to local businesses
point new Local business online toolkit
point new Free marketing tools to entice users to buy

how new │ How Does Vendasta Work?

Vendasta works on a B2B2SMB business model. Vendasta sells digital marketing solutions to businesses that then sell those solutions to small and medium businesses.

A vast range of solutions can be purchased from Vendasta. Available from Vendasta is a wide range of different products and services to suit your business needs.

Find out how useful Vendasta can be for your business and clients! Use the free marketing tools available from Vendasta’s local business online toolkit now and try before you buy!

feature new │ Features of Vendasta

Vendasta offers products and services that encompass a wide range of digital marketing solutions and strategies. 

A high Genius Score has been achieved by Vendasta due to the sheer volume of products and services offered! But, what features can you expect from Vendasta?

point new Local business online toolkit.

Use a variety of free online marketing tools from Vendasta’s local business online toolkit.

point new Partner center.

Partner with Vendasta and never feel alone in business again, seeking support when you need it!

point new Client accounts.

Create separate client accounts in your business to manage your own business activities.

point new Numerous tools.

There are tools for everything in the Vendasta Marketplace!

point new Task manager.

Manage each task and activity thoroughly with effective CRM.

point new Snapshot report.

See how your business is performing with the snapshot report.

Why Do YOU Need to Use Vendasta?

point new Free online marketing tools to usepoint new Effortless support and partnerships
point new Plenty of tools to use and enjoypoint new Manage your tasks and your clients
point new Assess business performance using the snapshot report

Vendasta Logo

Vendasta works for all business sizes! 

Do you want to offer a more comprehensive suite of digital products and services to your customers? Vendasta’s Marketplace has everything you need to grow your business.

who new │Who Should Use Vendasta?

Vendasta provides digital marketing solutions. But which businesses would benefit from using Vendasta?

Continue to follow our complete Vendasta review and discover the benefits that Vendasta can provide to your business.

point new Beginners

Beginners to business should use Vendasta to monopolize Vendasta’s experience in the digital marketing field. 

point new Experienced

Those with prior experience in business will benefit from Vendasta’s partnerships and awareness of the industry.

point new Small and Medium Businesses

Small and medium businesses should use Vendasta to get their digital marketing business off the ground, accessing a vast range of different products and solutions.

point new Large Enterprises

Large enterprises should use Vendasta as their business grows, utilizing Vendasta’s latest solutions to the digital marketing industry.

point new Small businesses should use Vendasta to capitalize on the experience Vendasta has in digital marketing.
point new Medium businesses need Vendasta and the 250 products and services on offer!
point new Enterprises love Vendasta for the newest technology and the latest updates to the industry.

Vendasta Logo

Try Vendasta Now!

Vendasta is the perfect solution for all business sizes! Use Vendasta’s digital marketing solutions to grow your digital marketing company and attract your own clients!

cost and time new │Vendasta Time and Cost

How much time and money will Vendasta save you? Once up and running, Vendasta saves you substantial time and effort. 

The digital marketing solutions are ready for you to re-brand and use immediately. You can start developing digital marketing for your small and medium business clients straight away! You will also save money in contrast to other providers and competitors of Vendasta. 

Why not try the free version of Vendasta now and see how much time the solutions can provide to your business? You can access free online marketing tools from Vendasta.

usability new │Usability

Vendasta has achieved a superb Genius Score! But, have the aims and USP of Vendasta been achieved? Read the full Vendasta review to find out!

The purpose of Vendasta is to create digital marketing solutions in a B2B2SMB business model. Over 250 different solutions and products are provided by Vendasta to equip your digital marketing business in full.

You can then re-brand the solutions and seek your own clients to fix their digital marketing services.

However, the Vendasta platform itself is complicated! It is so vast that it is easy to get lost amongst the many features provided by Vendasta.

pricing new │Vendasta Pricing – What Does It Cost?

How much will Vendasta cost you for using their services and products? Monthly subscriptions range from as low as $99 per month to a pricey $999 per month. There is also a custom package that suits the enterprise business.

However, onboarding fees are also typical for some subscription packages, costing an extra sum of up to $1,500.

The Individual package is priced at $99 per month, whilst the Team package will cost you $499 per month. Alternatively, the Advance package will cost you $999 per month. It is important to remember that Vendasta will charge you the price as a total annual cost, however.

IndividualStarting from $99/month paid annually
TeamStarting from$499/month paid annually
AdvanceStarting from$999/month paid annually
CustomStarting fromCustom price paid annually

Vendasta Logo

Discover your Vendasta quote today!

Find out which Vendasta pricing plan is the best option for your business! Connect with a Vendasta expert now!

tools new │What Tools Are Included With Vendasta?

When purchasing Vendasta, a vast array of tools are opened up to you and your business.

Product Marketplace

Discover the many different products and services that Vendasta has to offer! Over 250 products and services are available from Vendasta to encompass a tailored digital marketing solution for you!

Product Marketplace


Vendasta allows you to re-brand their digital marketing solutions for your business. Tailor the dashboard for your business and create your own client reports, helping to grow your business effortlessly!


Analyze your own data with the analytics dashboard, searching with any fields you desire to discover and measure performance.

Points to Note
point new Use the marketplace to choose from over 250 digital marketing solutions.
point new Customize your dashboard with your own business branding and client reports.
point new Analyze data to discover and measure performance.

example new │Vendasta Use Cases

Which companies are using Vendasta to ensure that their clients are receiving the best digital marketing solutions in the industry?

point new Patient Point

Vendasta’s digital marketing solutions are utilized by Patient Point to create exceptional doctor and patient engagement. The company operates a successful digital marketing campaign using Vendasta’s solutions.

point new MAN Marketing

MAN Marketing use Vendasta’s digital marketing services and products that are central to their business activities. The latest marketing strategies are utilized to their fullest capacity.

point new Welk Resorts

Welk Resorts love the diversity of Vendasta’s offering, taking full advantage of the many products and services offered by the provider.

support new │Support Quality

Vendasta provides a vast range of events, webinars, blogs, and guides, supporting all users impressively! As a result, Vendasta has achieved a great Genius Score for support quality!

Vendasta’s Resource Center contains the training materials, sales and marketing tools, and sales and success center that you need for your business. The Business App is an additional feature that is perfect if you have a small business and are just starting out as a start-up.

You can ask about a specific inquiry by submitting a request with an additional file attachment option. Further support options include asking the community and other users of Vendasta.

Whilst Vendasta does not offer a specific support phone line, the general phone number for Vendasta is 1-306-955-5512.

Vendasta Support
point new Support is available from submitting a request and sending attachments.
point new Use the Vendasta Resource Center for training materials and tools.
point new Use the Business App, perfect for small businesses.
point new Phone the general Vendasta number on 1-306-955-5512.

conclusion new │Conclusion

Vendasta is a leader in digital marketing solutions! Vendasta offers a vast range of products and services that can be re-branded by your company. Your digital marketing company can then work to develop digital marketing campaigns and strategies for your small and medium business clients.

Vendasta is a robust provider of the latest digital marketing releases and updates. Choose from over 250 digital marketing services and products to develop your digital marketing company. 

You will then attract your own small and medium business clients so you can use your re-branded Vendasta solutions. True partnerships are developed and sustained, helping you to help your clients develop their businesses.

But how does Vendasta measure up against the competition? Well, there is no other provider who offers the same service as Vendasta. 

Although BirdEye is pretty much a credible alternative to Vendasta although they sell directly to businesses. Birdseye, however, does not feature sakes CRM or internal sales team analytics which makes Vendasta stand out from the crowd!

Vendasta Logo

Try Vendasta Now!

Ready to streamline your business operations and offer better digital products and services to your customers? Try Vendasta to see how it can help you grow your company.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Vendasta operates a B2B2SMB business model to provide you with digital marketing products and services. You can develop your digital marketing offering by re-branding the Vendasta software and using the solution for your clients. You will then develop digital marketing campaigns and solutions for your small and medium business clients.

Channel partners buy Vendasta software solutions, with agencies and independent software vendors being two major users.

Yes, Vendasta offers a free trial, although the capabilities of the free version are limited. However, you do gain an insight into how Vendasta will help with digital marketing solutions overall. You can also try free online marketing tools from Vendasta.

In addition to the free trial offered by Vendasta, there are four pricing options for your business. The Individual plan costs $99 per month whilst the Team package is priced at $499 per month. In addition, the Advance package will cost $999, and the Custom package offers a tailored price. All packages must be paid annually, however.


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