Uppler is a B2B eCommerce platform designed for businesses of all sizes. With its comprehensive features and customizable interface, Uppler makes it easy to create and manage your online B2B marketplace, track your sales performance and optimize your marketplace for success.

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Uppler is the leading B2B marketplace and ecommerce solution.

Our technology lets you build B2B e-commerce websites and marketplaces with everything set up for B2B transactions: catalogs, prices, privacy, payment terms.

Uppler offers a plug-and-play solution to create your own B2B marketplace : a full stack solution, including front-office templates, middle office for vendors and back-office for operator to create your own B2B marketplace, from hosting to design. Build against our API to integrate any third party software.
Our unique approach to unified marketplace infrastructure enables the speed, agility and innovation required to take over new markets.

In order to offer the best customer experience to buyers and suppliers, Uppler’s marketplaces include features such as : price variations (let suppliers set price variation depending on client types, groups or quantity ordered), B2B ordering process (reproduce B2B ordering specificities: quotation, request for proposals, negociation on orders), social features (enhance communication with profiles, news feed, shop-in-shop and notifications), privacy settings (let suppliers manage their own level of privacy with custom catalog access and price visibility settings), payment terms (offer different payment methods (bank wire, direct debit, credit card…) and payment in several installments to your clients), credit risk (guarantee all the transactions on the marketplace with dedicated credit insurance from our partners).

Feel free to reach out to us to request a demo of our solutions.

Key Features

  • Wholesale orders management
  • Request for proposals
  • Catalog management
  • Quote requests
  • Private pricing
  • Catalog confidentiality


Intended Users: Large Enterprises, Mid Size Business, Small Business
Devices Supported: Web-based
Supported Countries: United States
Supported Languages: English


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