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ZippySig is a powerful email signature generator that enables businesses to create professional, customized email signatures. It makes it easy to create stunning email signatures that leave a lasting impression on clients and customers.

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review new │ ZippySig Review

The HTML email signature creator software, ZippySig, was designed with one vital objective: to help you optimize that very first impression you make on your clients. It has recently rebranded and become Gimmio.

Email signature customization is ZippySig’s exciting promise, and getting your business its deserved brand exposure is another one of its goals. But you might be wondering if it matches your business aims.

Sit tight if you want to know more. For this ZippySig review, we’ll focus on all the critical features and give you complete information about this software’s HTML email signature features.

ZippySig – Best for HTML email signatures
ZippySig is the best HTML email signature tool available in the industry. From templates to integrations to custom options, you can produce responsive HTML customizable email signatures with ZippySig.

pros and cons new │ Pros and Cons of ZippySig

We’ll get to the key elements we know will sway you into using ZippySig further down in this ZippySig review, but first, here are some crucial pros and cons of this software. Have a quick look at these points to see its great features for yourself and those that may need a bit more work. 

Here are the pros of ZippySig:

tick new Reap the advantages of a free trial for seven days

You’ve got the option of testing all of ZippySig’s features for seven days at no cost. Find out if this software is a good match for your business with a free trial.

tick new ZippySig is quick and easy to use regardless of your knowledge or skills

Navigating and using the ZippySig editor is easy and saves you time. Your business can avoid complex, manual email signature creation and forget about HTML coding issues if you’re unfamiliar with HTML. 

tick new Access to plenty of tested templates

There’s the added bonus of millions of icon variations and plenty of templates to choose from, and you can skip the email testing requirements by using ZippySig – the platform does it all for you.

Here are the cons of ZippySig:

cons new A limited purpose that has been corrected after ZippySig’s rebranding

ZippySig’s purpose may be slightly limited, as its main feature is to generate business email signatures. However, the scope of the software has been extended after the product was rebranded at the beginning of 2019 and became Gimmio. The platform now offers you the option to produce custom business cards with advanced marketing features. 

Continue reading this ZippySig review to find out the platform’s key features.

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Look at the handy ZippySig features now!

ZippySig is best for email signature creation using HTML. Need more information about this software? Visit ZippySig for more facts when you’ve finished this ZippySig review.

feature new │ ZippySig Features

The ZippySig genius score is very high due to its incredible custom options. Here are some of ZippySig’s handy features and options.

point new You can create an email signature that has all the information you want to display all in ZippySig

All designs can be completed on the ZippySig platform. For instance, you can add all the social media icons you need to show off professionalism, take your client to your business social media page, and give them the information they need.

The Google Maps link option is easy to use. It enhances the professionalism of your brand – all that’s required is to enter the link in the Google Maps field of the ZippySig interface to provide a geographical location of your business. 

point new You can include images and your company logo in your design

Either upload the images or your company logo from your device, or drag and drop to place them in the images field of the interface to complete your flawless, informative email signature. The changes will automatically update on the template

point new Customizing the style of your HTML email signature is effortless 

You can change the size of the text and the color to suit your organization’s brand and even adjust the social link buttons’ styles. For instance, if your goal is to display a square-shaped Facebook social media button, ZippySig has an option to choose the shape.

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Get the latest information about ZippySig: Try it out now!

For extra information on ZippySig’s main features, the best way to find it is to check out ZippySig for yourself. Find out how easy email HTML customization can be with ZippySig by checking their website.

usability new │ ZippySig Usability

If you own a business and want a simple solution for producing quality HTML email signatures, ZippySig is a platform that’s user-friendly. Featuring easy-to-use email signature generation options (such as the option to customize email signatures for Apple’s dark mode), ZippySig is a software that has convenient, user-friendly features.

The interface is simple to navigate. All that’s required is to visit ZippySig’s website and either choose “Create signature” or “Duplicate.” 

You can then navigate to the different options for designing the layout of the email signature. Then you can input the data to modify your email signature and watch as the displayed template updates the output on the interface in real-time. All the changes you make to the template are automatically saved.

For extra convenience and ease of use, ZippySig is compatible with the majority of email clients. Some of the email clients you can use the software with include Outlook, Gmail, Thunderbird, and Apple Mail. You’ll have no compatibility trouble with ZippySig.

What users love about ZippySig is that they have no problems creating a responsive HTML email signature. Its email signatures are all responsive designs meaning you can view the signatures on absolutely any device – whether your recipients open your emails on a mobile, tablet, or desktop, your brand shines through.

pricing new │ Product ZippySig Pricing

In this section of our ZippySig review, we’ve provided information about subscription plan pricing. 

ZippySig’s pricing depends on the number of users who subscribe. Subscription options begin with a free trial option. Prices then increase incrementally. For one person, the subscription begins at $4.00 per month. The price then increases to $90.00 per month if you choose an account capable of storing 1,000 email signatures.

Price PlanMonthly PriceYearly Price
Free Trial7-Day Free Trial7-Day Free Trial
1 Person$4.00 Per Month$28.00 Per Year
50 People$30.00 Per Month$210.00 Per Year
1000 People$90.00 Per Month$630.00 Per Year

support new │ ZippySig Support Quality

ZippySig’s customer support is first-rate. If you require support, you can either email the ZippySig team or use the chat feature to get in touch with them. The ZippySig team also welcomes feedback on their application.

You’ve got the option of exploring their knowledge base and blog to learn even more about the features of ZippySig.

Although the supported languages include English alone, you can use ZippySig in Europe, Asia, South America, North America, and The Middle East.

conclusion new │ Conclusion

ZippySig is a great application if you’re looking for a well-developed HTML email signature generator for your business. Its customization is second to none, and it is user-friendly. The platform can transform your brand in just a few clicks, give your clients the critical information they require about your business, and is the easiest way to make the best first impression.

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Try out ZippySig now!

If you need a top platform to build eye-catching and informative email signatures from a range of fonts, styles, and colors, ZippySig is the platform for you. Check out ZippySig for top email signatures for your business.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Yes, you can use ZippySig with CRMs. There are a few CRM integration options available with ZippySig, including Freshsales, HubSpot, Salesforce, Insightly, Zoho, and Mail App.

ZippySig is ideal for marketing agencies and web designers who want to create responsive email signatures using HTML.

Some music to your ears is that ZippySig can streamline your workflow by 75%. Designing your email signature is easy – you can complete the design within the ZippySig platform and avoid importing from Photoshop. You can also import data for your email signatures from Excel and other platforms.

Great news – you can use ZippySig with Android. There are a various Android integrations to use when you choose ZippySig, including the Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, and Front applications.