Drift is a conversational marketing platform that helps businesses of all sizes connect with their customers through targeted, personalized conversations. With features like live chat, chatbots, email, and more, Drift enables businesses to engage with their customers at every stage of the buyer journey.




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Drift Facts

Pricing modelQuotation based
Free TrialNo
Free VersionYes

Drift Overview

Drift focuses on B2B companies with its live chat and chatbot solution. It also refers to itself as the “Revenue Acceleration Platform.” However, it also provides users with its own live chat as well, this is all included in the Drift software. With an easy to set up system, it is no wonder why people are talking about Drift. 

To learn more about Drift and everything it has to offer, continue reading our Drift review down below. 

Pros and Cons


  • Flow builder – The flow builder is great to organize how you want your page to look.
  • Languages – You can program different languages into your chatbot.
  • Emails – You can send emails once an email is gathered from a customer.


  • Media – There should be more media available, because then, the customer can engage in the images and videos.
  • Intent – The user cannot learn the intent or entities of the customer.


The flow builder allows users to create their own chatbot and how it works. This is in the Playbooks section of Drift. There are several elements that the user can pick from and edit. With added customization to how the chatbot is supposed to respond, it makes for a pleasant experience to work with. 

Also, the user can help predict how an individual is going to respond to better customize and create their chatbot responses. Users are able to test out their chatbot flow before it goes live. This is great to have because users are not surprised by their chatbot and know exactly what to expect.


Now, in our Drift review, we want to look at features. Drift gives you many features to use and enjoy, but these are the top four features available to you:

  • Elements – The chatbot is able to gather information about the customer and schedule a meeting with them, so the customer can speak to an actual representative. 
  • Users – See a complete list of all the users who have used chatbot, so you can better customize responses.
  • Languages – You can program different languages into the chatbot.
  • Integrations – There are many integrations like the built-in live chat and salesforce.

Support Quality

Drift provides support in many ways. There is a lot of documentation and videos online for users to check and learn from. This allows users who want to figure out their own problem by themselves. Also, webinars are available when it comes to learning about the actual software and how it operates. 

Additionally, there is an email and live chat option as well.

Drift Pricing – What Does It Cost?

There are four pricing options here, and each one builds upon the last. However, the features from the free package are also found in the other tiers. There is a free version for people to start with, but in order to see the pricing of the other tiers, you have to contact Drift’s team. Here is a breakdown of all the tiers:

Free PlanFreeLive chat
Email fallback
Welcome message
Basic reporting
Mobile & desktop app
PremiumContact DriftCustomer chatbots
Basic lead routing
Drift intel
Drift salesforce app
AdvancedContact DriftFastlane
A/B Testing
Drift audiences
Advanced lead routing
EnterpriseContact DriftWorkspaces
Multiple languages
Virtual selling assistants
Conversation analysis


Overall, Drift is a chatbot and live chat software that has thoroughly thought of everything. With its add-ons and different packages, there is surely going to be one for everyone. Also, as our Drift review has shown, the free plan is available and has a lot of promise for those who are not ready to commit to paying for the service. 

 Try Out Drift Now!

Convert all your traffic into a database that allows you to customize your responses. With so much promise, Drift is definitely a service to look out for.



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