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GMass is an email marketing software that enables users to send a series of cold emails that maximizes responses and also helps companies personalize emails. This platform also uses built-in verifiers to validate lists and also maximize the deliverability. Other features include mass emails, email reporting analytics, and automatic follow-up emails.




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GMass Facts

Pricing modelSubscriber based
Free TrialNo
Free VersionNo

review new │ GMass Review

How do you use email in your business? Whilst email is a key communicator across all industries, it also offers a direct marketing solution like no other. Target your audience using expert email engagement software such as GMass!

GMass offers a customizable approach to emails that you will love! You can send efficient mail merge campaigns and include automated follow-ups to reduce your workload. Create automated follow-ups and generate analytic reports, aiding collaboration throughout your work day.

GMass is best for marketing and engaging with your clients and customers. Design targeted email campaigns and ensure that client and customer response is managed your way! Furthermore, as an extension of Gmail from Google, you know you will receive a high-quality product in GMass.

Read our entire GMass review to discover more about the GMass software and how it compares to similar products! Our Genius Score provides transparent information to help you make the best choice for you!

GMass – Best for managing marketing and engagement.

GMass helps you create email campaigns and customize your email follow-ups.

pros and cons new │ Pros & Cons of GMass

How can GMass help your business to develop and enhance its marketing and engagement strategies? Here are some of the many pros and cons to consider before making your GMass purchase!

GMass Pros

tick new Manage email campaigns 

Use GMass email as a marketing tool to target your audience directly, adapting your strategy and email structure accordingly to meet varying needs.

tick new Automated follow-ups

GMass produces automatic follow-up emails, generated when you have not received a reply. Never miss an opportunity to engage with a new client or colleague.

tick new Alerts and notifications

Remain up to date with customized alerts and notifications with GMass, keeping you up to speed with your email engagement success.

tick new Behavioral targeting 

Based on your behavioral activity, GMass will aid effective targeting so you can gain the most out of the application.

tick new Google sheets connection 

GMass allows effective integration with Google Sheets and other Google applications, keeping your data safe in one place.

tick new Scheduling 

Customize your email engagement schedule to meet your needs. Do you prefer using an end-of-the-month mass engagement email, or regular weekly emails? Whatever your preference, schedule your email engagement your way.

tick new Deliverability

Rely on an accurate and precise email service from GMass, achieving perfect delivery each and every time.

tick new Personalization 

Customize GMass to meet your needs and the needs of the business, adapting the application to match your business objectives.

tick new Track clicks 

GMass allows you to track clicks so you know when an email has been opened and read. Tailor your engagement strategy accordingly to target relevant leads. 

tick new Support

Receive effective support from GMass through email, in addition to reading support articles and FAQs and gaining firsthand information.

GMass Cons

cons new Google integration

Whilst you can integrate your Google account into GMass, multiple Google accounts will require different profiles.

cons new Calendar

There is no live calendar to view your schedule clearly, a clear benefit that GMass should address.

cons new Campaign expiration 

To begin an email campaign, you will need to pause the current email campaign.

cons new Live support 

There is not currently a live support feature of GMass, a function that would enhance the support feature of the application.

GMass AdvantagesGMass Disadvantages
plus new Manage your email campaigns effectivelyminus new Different profiles are needed for multiple integrations
plus new Automate your follow-upsminus new No live calendar available
plus new Receive alerts and notificationsminus new Pause a campaign to begin another
plus new Access behavioral targetingminus new No live chat support available
plus new Connect to Google Sheets
plus new Schedule your email engagement
plus new Perfect deliverability and reliability 
plus new Personalize the software your way
plus new Track clicks to assess open and read emails
plus new Support is available through email, FAQs, and resources


Try GMass Now!

GMass enables email campaigns to be carried out effortlessly, tracking clicks to see who is interested in your marketing campaign! Try GMass now and see how you can enhance your marketing and engagement strategies today!

what new │ What Is GMass?

GMass is an email marketing extension tool that is added to your GMail account. GMass is perfect for businesses and enables you to send thousands of emails at once. Generate effective email campaigns to attract customers to your business and ultimately lead to sales!

Prepare your emails when you want to and then schedule the emails to be sent according to your schedule. Perhaps your business objectives determine when email campaigns should be sent out, heightening potential interest and activity! 

As well as choosing your schedule, create date-driven emails that are sent on a specific date. Send out special offers on a customer’s birthday, for example. You can also personalize your emails easily to attract the customer further.

Do you ever wonder how many emails are actually opened and then receive a unique click? GMass offers analytics that inform you of the number and percentage of emails opened and closed. Discover how many clicks were made and additional features that help you plan your next email campaign even more effectively. 

point new Send email campaigns
point new Thousands of emails can be sent at once
point new Schedule when the emails will be sent
point new Personalize your emails quickly
point new Add date-driven scheduling
point new Assess analytics and see who is opening your emails

how new │ How Does GMass Work?

GMass is an email marketing extension that is added to your GMail account. Whilst your GMail address remains the same along with many GMail features, additional functions will now be available.

When using GMass, you can send email campaigns to thousands of email addresses, scheduled to be sent when you want. Emails can be personalized with a touch of a button, aiming to reach numerous clients and generate sales leads.

To determine how useful GMass is to you, try the free version of GMass now! You can only send up to 50 emails in 24 hours when using the free version, however. Although, it will give you a good idea of how the email extension works.

feature new │ Features of GMass

GMass is an additional service inside of your Gmail or G Suite account (now Google Workspace). Gaining access from a Chrome browser, setting up this software application is simple, easily integrating into your own email account.

The vast variety of features offered by GMass has resulted in a high Genius Score as a key product you need in your business! What features can you expect when utilizing this essential software product?

point new Send Mass Emails. Remove the sending restrictions present in Gmail and send bulk, personalized emails to your desired recipients. Send mass emails or cold emails to thousands of email addresses, whilst remaining professional at all times.

point new Google Sheet Merger. Live data is processed effortlessly by GMass, monitoring new information and distributing automatic emails.

point new Automatic Follow-Ups. Boost your replies with automated follow-ups, scheduled to meet your preferences.

point new Personalized Software. Every aspect of GMass is customizable, allowing this software product to work for you.

point new Analytic Reports. Generate reports to discover click patterns and open/reply trends.

point new Collaborate. Share templates and reports across the team, enjoying discounts in pricing for additional team members.

point new Zapier Integration. Zapier will follow triggers in your GMass account to create necessary actions.

Why We Need to Use GMass

point new Generate large email campaigns
point new Send thousands of emails at once
point new Personalize emails to the client’s name and birthday
point new Analyze analytics and generate reports
point new Assess who has opened and clicked on your emails


GMass works for all business sizes! 

Get in touch with GMass today, whatever your business size! All businesses will thrive utilizing the easy email campaigns generated by GMass, targeting specific customers and generating leads.

who new │ Who Should Use GMass?

GMass is a great software application for email marketing and engagement. But which businesses would benefit from using GMass?

Continue to follow our GMass review and discover the benefits that GMass can off your business.

point new Beginners

Beginners will be able to use GMass due to its simple interface. The functions of GMass are very similar to Gmail and so are quick and easy to pick up, even for beginners.

point new Experienced

Those with prior experience in business will know the benefits of email campaigns. Use GMass to save you time and send thousands of emails in a second.

point new Small and Medium Businesses

Small and medium businesses will love GMass. As an extension to Gmail, GMass is simple to use and feels very familiar. Send out emails personalized to your customer and develop the customer bases across your business.

point new Large Enterprises

Large enterprises will benefit from using GMass to connect with thousands of customers and allow them to know what is going on in the business. Leads will be generated and sales will be made!

point new Small businesses should use GMass to generate new leads and reach new clientele. 
point new Medium businesses need GMass to communicate new email campaigns with clients.
point new Enterprises use GMass as part of their marketing and engagement strategy.


Try GMass Now!

GMass is the perfect tool for all businesses, whatever size and in whatever industry. Whether your business is small, medium, or a large enterprise, you can generate email campaigns to advertise and promote your business. Generate leads and boost sales today!

cost and time new │ GMass Time and Cost

GMass saves you a great deal of time, creating an email marketing campaign in no time at all! You will be able to send thousands of emails through mail merge when you like and how often as you like. 

The personalization tool adds a personal touch for the customer, yet saves you even more time so you can work on other added value tasks!

A free edition of GMass is available with all the features included, although you are only able to send 50 emails in 24 hours using the free version. The Standard pricing plan costs $19.95 per user per month and is perfect for a small business or start-up. The Premium pricing plan, however, will cost $29.95 per user per month and is suited to medium-sized businesses.

For the large enterprise businesses, purchase the Enterprise pricing plan at $49.95 per user per month. If your whole team needs to use GMass, purchase the Premium (Team) pricing plan at $125 per team per month.

usability new │ Usability

GMass has achieved a fantastic Genius Score! But, how has this software product met its own aims and USP? Read the full GMass review to find out!

The purpose of GMass is to send a large volume of personalized emails, efficiently and effortlessly. Your emails are professional and will entice your customer to reply! 

You can track how many emails have been opened, and any unresponsive recipients are sent a follow-up email the next day.

This software product is easy to use and straightforward to navigate. Installation is fast; you only need a Gmail account, a G Suite account, and a Chrome browser. 

GMass offers a quick self-service system that you will soon become accustomed to, eliminating the need for onboarding. This is a mobile-friendly software application that you can use on the go from any mobile device!

Furthermore, analytical reports can be generated to assess and monitor recipient activities and behaviors. Use this essential software tool to inform the next steps in your email campaign and marketing strategies!

pricing new │ GMass Pricing – What Does It Cost?

GMass pricing begins at $19.95 per user per month for the Standard plan. The Standard subscription allows mail merge personalization, Gmail limit breaks, address verification, and plenty of other features!

A premium GMass pricing subscription includes all the features of a Standard plan plus follow-ups and sequences, API access, and A/B testing. You can secure this perfect plan for only $29.95 per user per month.

For only $49.95 per user per month, you can subscribe to the Enterprise GMass pricing plan. This subscription plan will also provide you with high-priority support, increasing the support quality you receive from the application.

If you need a subscription for your team, a Premium GMass pricing plan is available. This plan offers all of the features of the Enterprise for a team of users.

point new Free TrialYes!
point new StandardStarting from $19.95/user/month
point new PremiumStarting from$29.95/user/month
point new EnterpriseStarting from$49.95/user/month
point new Premium (Teams)Starting from$125/team/month


Discover your GMass quote today!

Find out which GMass pricing plan is the best option for you! Discuss your options with a GMass expert today!

tools new │ What Tools Are Included With GMass?

When purchasing GMass, a variety of tools are accessible to enhance your email marketing and engagement strategies.


Enhance your email campaign and reduce the time spent sending emails by utilizing mail merge personalization. Your email recipient will receive a personalized email connection to improve your engagement and marketing strategy. However, personalization is automated to save you time and effort.



Choose when you want a recipient to receive an email with GMass’s scheduling tool. Prepare the email campaign in advance and choose the best time of day or night when you want the emails to be sent.

Date-Driven Emails

Take email scheduling a step further and generate date-driven emails. Do you want to send your clients a personalized email on their birthday, offering specialist discounts? GMass will ensure that you do this effectively and in a way to attract and entice the customer!

Date-Driven Emails


Using GMass, you can merge reports and generate analytics, analyzing the total recipients that have received your email and the percentage of emails that were opened. Find out how many emails were not opened, and how many unique clicks you had through the email openings.

Points to Note
point new Personalize your emails, tailored to the customer.
point new Schedule email campaigns to be sent when you want them to be sent.
point new Send date-driven emails, such as birthday emails, to attract your customers.
point new Analyze your email campaigns and assess how many were opened and clicked.

example new │ GMass Use Cases

Which companies are using GMass to enhance their email marketing and engagement strategies?

point new Million Dollar Collar

Million Dollar Collar uses GMass to market and promote their menswear lines to new and retained customers. They customize strategies to reach their target audience, sending out a monthly newsletter without intrusive selling.

point new Agent Engagement

Implementing an engagement ring advice service, Agent Engagement utilize GMass to reach potential clients across the niche market. Engaging in a mass email campaign, Agent Engagement uses track clicks to assess which emails have been opened and read, automating follow-ups where appropriate.

Agent Engagement

point new Video Jaguar

GMass is used by Video Jaguar when creating email campaigns for their real estate videos. Connecting with potential clients through effective email campaigns, GMass helps to secure Video Jaguar real leads which ultimately leads to boosted sales.

support new │ Support Quality

GMass offers a vast range of support articles to help you navigate the software application and gain all major benefits. Such excellent support quality has resulted in a great Genius Score for GMass!

Direct support from the GMass Team is second to none, providing an immediate support email upon subscription. Email support is offered for all subscription packages, ensuring you receive excellent customer service. 

The technical support offered by GMass is particularly impressive, ensuring you get straight back to your email engagement tasks!

However, GMass does not yet offer live chat support across any price plan. This is a feature that would meet the needs of the user to an even greater extent.

You can access GMass support by completing a support form present on their website.

GMass Support
point new Support is available whenever you need it via email
point new Complete an online form to send your enquiry
point new Immediate support once a subscription has been set up
point new Excellent customer service quality


Try GMass today and streamline your email marketing!

Support is consistently available so you can gain the most out of your subscription package. Improve your customer engagement and marketing strategies using GMass software.

conclusion new │ Conclusion

GMass is one of the best software applications you can purchase to enhance the marketing and engagement functions of your business. 

Manage your email campaigns succinctly and generate automated follow-ups to boost your replies. Use behavioral targeting measures to assess activity and your next decisions.

Monitor your schedule effortlessly and tailor email follow-ups for a customized approach. In addition, you can use GMass effectively to track your clicks, generating analytic reports to grow your business further.

GMass offers fast email support for all users, with a high-priority feature available for Enterprise subscriptions. A range of GMass pricing plans ensures that you can access the best software application for your business!


Try GMass Now!

GMass is a must-have software application for professional businesses! Use GMass to send targeted email campaigns and manage the flow of responses. Reduce your time and workload in generating leads and engaging with customers.



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