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GMass is an email marketing software that enables users to send a series of cold emails that maximizes responses and also helps companies personalize emails. This platform also uses built-in verifiers to validate lists and also maximize the deliverability. Other features include mass emails, email reporting analytics, and automatic follow-up emails.


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Starting price19.95 / mo
Pricing modelSubscriber based
Free TrialNo
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GMass Review


GMass is a service inside Gmail that allows users to schedule and send mail merges with Google Sheets. Users can also send cold emails using this platform. Moreover, it gives email tracking reports in terms of opens, clicks, and replies. Remember, you need Chrome to add GMass to your Gmail. Keep reading this detailed GMass review to learn about this exceptional, easy-to-use platform.

Pros and Cons


+Save time– GMass can help you send thousands of emails within a short time.

+Send more emails– GMass uses a distribution technology to improve Gmail’s daily sending limits.

+Get statistics– It is important to get statistics, especially for cold emails. Fortunately, as stated in this GMass review, the platform offers tracking reports to help you make the right calls.

+Personalize emails– With GMass, when you connect your email to a spreadsheet, it will personalize the emails any way you want.


Chrome extension only– Users need Chrome to use GMass.

No templates– GMass doesn’t include templates in its service.


GMass has over 200,000 users, showing that it is a reliable service. This has helped it receive a higher genius score. In this review, you will learn that it has simple features. Hence, it is easy to use the service. Installing GMass is straightforward, and all you have to do is download it as a Chrome extension.

When you connect to a Google sheet, GMass will help you send thousands of personalized emails. You can opt to personalize using a column, keyword, or first/last name. For instance, you can choose emails with your company’s name. If you don’t know a recipient’s first name, the service will auto-detect it. After finding your recipients and writing the email, click “GMass,” instead of “Send.” It is possible to schedule your emails for a particular period. You can also opt not to receive replies. Additionally, users can access email marketing functions from their Android devices.


With a higher genius score, you can expect that GMass has quality features, which is the case. Here are the primary ones.

  • Email reporting analytics– This GMass feature gives you reports of how many people have opened, clicked, or replied to your emails. This is especially important for cold emails.
  • Email verifier– With this GMass feature, you can reduce the chances of your email bouncing. It will verify all the chosen emails and flag invalid ones.
  • Automatic-follow up– The automatic-follow up GMass feature sends emails to your recipients to increase the chances of getting a reply.
  • Behavior-based campaign- This GMass feature enables you to send emails to a specific group based on their behavior on the previous campaign. For example, people who opened the last campaign or didn’t click it.
  • Mailing list management– The mailing list management GMass feature keeps your emails organized.
  • Email distribution system– This advanced GMass feature avoids detection by spam filters, increasing your email delivery rate.

Support Quality

In this GMass review, we discovered that getting help from the platform is more straightforward. All you have to do is visit the “Get Help” page on the website and fill out the support form, and the team will respond on time.

Furthermore, the GMass web has an FAQ section to provide you with instant answers. You can also upload screenshots or videos of your issue. However, ensure that you first go through the support terms and conditions to avoid mistakes.

GMass Pricing- What does it cost?

GMass pricing is friendly enough to be used by different people. The available GMass pricing plans are standard, premium, and enterprise. The standard GMass pricing plan is for individual use and has hundreds of features. However, it lacks A/B testing and sequences and follow-ups. The enterprise GMass pricing is the plan with the highest priority support. Here are the GMass pricing plans.

Standard$19.95, billed monthly
Premium$29.95, billed monthly
Enterprise$49.95, billed monthly
Premiumstarting from $125, billed monthly (5 to 100 users)

GMass pricing structure is Tiered.


As you have learned from this GMass review, the service is easy to use as all instructions are well-described. Besides, every GMass feature enables users to get the most from the service. This includes sending mass emails, verifying email addresses, personalizing content, permeating spam filters, sending statistics, scheduling emails, and automatically following up emails, among others.

Moreover, as mentioned in this GMass review, the service increases the sending limits of users since Gmail only accepts 2,000 per day. Therefore, you can send emails to thousands of recipients throughout the day. This feature is crucial if you consistently send cold emails.

Additionally, GMass pricing is affordable, which is a plus. All pricing plans offer reliable solutions. It is essential to go through the support terms to make the right moves. If you have an issue, reach out to the support team by filling out the “Get Help” form.

Try out GMass now!

GMass is an outstanding service that helps you send mass emails within a short time. This GMass review has provided in-depth details. Now it’s time to try the service.

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