Yoast is a popular SEO plugin for WordPress that helps website owners optimize their content for search engines. With features like content analysis, meta descriptions, and XML sitemaps, Yoast makes it easy to improve your website’s search engine rankings and attract more traffic.




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Yoast Review


Yoast SEO, also known as Yoast, is amongst the go-to plugins on WordPress for digital marketers. It is also one of the leading plugins used for WordPress-powered sites.

WordPress utilizes the finest coding practices for clean HTML output that is standard-compliant. By doing so, it becomes SEO-friendly from the get-go as evidenced in this Yoast review. Hundreds of sites strive to gain leading positions in search results with lesser keywords.

In this Yoast review, we will delve into the performance, features, and pricing of the SEO plugin.

Pros and cons

+ Easy to use — Yoast is not technical in nature and can be used by any WordPress-based website owner.

+ Has an internal linking feature — The plugin can link various contents within a website automatically.

+ Fair pricing — With the annual Yoast pricing of $69, the tool is fairly affordable.

+ Supports schema.org — Yoast is able to schema.org markup which is a useful tech stack tool. Schema.org helps give you more ways of letting search engines know about the content on the web pages.

-Occasionally fails to load premium features — Several customers have complained about premium Yoast features that won’t load when they need them most.

-The free version of the plugin does not come with customer support — We even tested it ourselves when writing this Yoast review.


An SEO plugin must help a website owner easily optimize the site in order to perform better in search engines. The plugins assist with features that WordPress cannot do much about. For instance, keyword management, content creation, sitemap submissions, and webmaster tools utilization.

Yoast has higher ratings with close to 5.5 million downloads. This explains why the plugin has stood the test of time. Moreover, it has been in existence for quite a while. So it has gone through numerous updates to give it a unique advantage over others.

Yoast features some key designs for the optimization of a website in search results. The plugin has built-in meta keyword and content analysis, description management, duplicate content management, social features, ample snippets, and XML sitemaps, among others.

In this Yoast review, we will establish all the components that make the plugin a must-have in your tech stack. With that said, let us have a look at the key Yoast features.

Yoast Features

Most of the things about Yoast explained in this review revolve around its key features. However, you may need the premium version to access all the Yoast feature. Major ones include:

  • Keyword Optimization. This is the primary role of the plugin as established in this Yoast review. Let’s say you are doing a blog post that is to be optimized for “corn maze”. You will just need to type “corn maze” into the keyword area and let the plugin analyze the blog content.
  • Internal Linking Options. This is another amazing Yoast feature, and is only available for the plugin’s premium version. It analyzes your content and suggests links to other content on your website. Better still, Yoast can do this as you continue writing your content.
  • Supports Schema.org. One of the most interesting things we encountered when writing this Yoast review, is that the plugin supports schema.org markup. This feature gives you more ways of letting search engines know about the content on the web pages. Search engine bots usually lookout for schema.org markup in order to gain more insight into websites, articles, authors, and businesses.
  • Duplicate content checker. Yoast also checks your article for duplicated content. Interestingly, this plagiarism-check feature is available in all Yoast pricing plans.

Yoast pricing — What does it cost?

One of the best things about Yoast explained even in other reviews is its flexible pricing plans. In fact, the software offers a free version, with most of the major functionalities. With this Yoast pricing plan, you are offered basic Yoast features at no cost. The second Yoast pricing plan offers supplemental or advanced Yoast features at a fee.

Free TrialYes
Premium Yoast SEOStarting from: $99 (excluding VAT) per website

Support Quality

Customer service is essential. Unfortunately, this Yoast review established that the free Yoast version does not come with Support. The support team at Yoast explained that it would be hard dealing with support queries from hundreds of users for free.

So, only the users with the premium Yoast pricing plan enjoy customer support, which this Yoast review finds logical. With that said, the support is quite helpful. The agents are well-trained and courteous, which allows them to address all arising issues.


If you want your site to rank high in search engine results, Yoast is a must-have tool. WordPress has multiple plugins that are useful for various functions. Among them, Yoast SEO is the most popular one. As evidenced by this Yoast review, the plugin is truly one of the best.

Yoast features several essential tools for proper WordPress website optimization. As a comprehensive SEO package, we strongly believe that the plugin outperforms all other WordPress SEO plugins available. If you haven’t tried it yet, get the freemium Yoast pricing plan then later advance to the premium version.

Try out Yoast now!

Get the Yoast SEO plugin and do well in search results. Even better, get the premium version to unlock advanced Yoast features.



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