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Moz Pro is a comprehensive SEO tool that can help businesses improve their website’s search engine ranking. With features such as keyword research and link analysis, Moz Pro is a great choice for businesses looking to optimize their website for search engines.




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Moz Pro Review


Moz Pro is a pioneer Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tool that has set the standards in the market. It is used by website owners to optimize crawling, keywords, and web page positioning to ensure maximum incoming traffic.

Continue reading this Moz Pro review to find out how the optimization process works. Also see why it remains the best in terms of metrics in the market, compared to other sites.

Moz Pro has a higher score due to its excellent metrics and success in the SEO field. It remains the ultimate optimization tool available today.

Pros and Cons

+Metrics — Even marketers engaging other SEO tools use Moz Pro metrics because they are the best in the market.

+SEO tools — Moz Pro has a huge array of tools for SEO that will meet all your needs.

+ Reports — Moz Pro generates detailed SERP reports that are useful keyword guides.

+Crawling features — In a bulletin, Moz Pro explained that they have redesigned their crawling features and the result is absolutely amazing.

Poor Support Quality — The readily available means of contact is the e-mail with 24 hour response time.


An important aspect of any Moz Pro review is to look at how easy the site is to use. We have gone through many reviews and the consensus is that Moz Pro scores highly on this front. But, the learning curve is a little steep. That is normal for a site with so many tools. Once you master them, you will breeze through the site like the wind.

The user interface is easy to master with a little practice. Overall, nearly every expert Moz Pro review points out that the user experience on the site is great. This is one of the attractions for the millions of users of the site.

The most exciting thing is the wealth of Moz Pro features you can use to learn SEO and inbound marketing techniques. All of them a really easy to master. With this wide variety available, you will realize that Moz Pro pricing is surprisingly affordable.


Moz Pro features enable you to check your site health, build links to other sites, conduct keyword searches, analyze keyword performance, and even look at your competitors’ efforts. Moz Pro scores highly on reviews for their features.

Let us take a look at the leading Moz Pro features below.

  • Keyword optimization. This is the most important of the Moz Pro features. As Moz Pro explained in their news report, it helps you to target keywords with accurate volume and difficulty metrics. You can also save keyword lists for future targeting.
  • Rankings tracker. This is another of the important Moz Pro features. It helps you to track your keyword performance against that of your competitors. The search visibility score report will give you a picture of where you rank.
  • Crawler and site auditing. You can use this to crawl through your sites and remove anything that is hampering the performance.
  • Links. You can use this to link to other sites and learn which sites your competitors are linking to.

Support Quality

This Moz Pro review, like many others, gives an average score for support quality on the site. The readily available means of communication is e-mail. You send a message and receive a response within 24 hours. In their bulletin, Moz Pro explained that they would soon be offering other means of communication for their clients. When that happens, there will hopefully be an online live chat. That can speed things up a little. We hope our future Moz Pro review will award higher marks.

Moz Pro Pricing – What Does It Cost?

Moz Pro explained in their pricing in the bulletin. Moz Pro pricing is among the most competitive in the market as follows.

  • Moz Pro pricing standard plan. Costs $99 monthly or $79 per month if you pay annually. Offers 300 keyword rankings monthly and 100,000 crawled pages weekly.
  • Moz Pro pricing medium plan. $179 monthly, ($143 if paid annually). Has 1,500 rankings monthly and 500,000 pages weekly.
  • Moz Pro pricing large plan. $299 monthly ($239 if paid annually). Offers 3,000 rankings monthly and 1.25 million pages weekly.
  • Moz Pro pricing Premium plan. Costs $599 monthly, ($479 if paid annually). Has 4,500 keyword rankings monthly and 2 million crawled pages annually.


Moz Pro is easily one of the very best tools you can use to optimize your website performance, in terms of attracting visitors. It is highly ranked for the numerous Moz Pro features. These enable you to conduct SEO searches, gauge your relative site ranking, crawl your pages to eliminate flaws, and link to other sites. Moz Pro pricing is affordable relative to the numerous tools you will get on it.

The Moz pro features are also outstanding for enabling you to monitor what the competition is doing. This keeps you abreast with marketing developments in your field. Moz Pro explained that they will be increasing the features in the future. This will give even more options to users. In this Moz Pro review, we award the site a high score for all these reasons.

Try out Moz Pro Now!

For the best SEO boost to your site and up-to-date reports on the site’s performance, try out Moz Pro today. You will not get a better optimization tool.



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