Botify is a cloud-based SEO optimization software that helps businesses improve their website’s search engine visibility and performance. Botify streamlines website optimization, improves crawlability, and enhances data-driven decision-making.

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Botify Overview

Botify is said to be the first unified suite of apps that assist business SEO stakeholders in each step of the organic search process. These phases include technical SEO, content SEO, and actual keyword SEO.

The apps provide SEO stakeholders with the data, tools, and diagnostics essential to produce and manage high-quality digital assets for search engines and also voice assistants.

Botify Overview

Botify has been referred to as an enhanced version of Google Search Console. It has the greatest crawling capability, not only in terms of speed but also in terms of volume.

The suite is utilized by 500+ prominent worldwide firms in areas such as e-commerce,, Macy’s, eBay, RetailMeNot, and Monster. Digital marketing services such as Merkle, iProspect, and GroupM.

It is a VC-backed, fast-growing SaaS startup with $27 million in investment with offices in New York, Paris, Seattle, and London. The following Botify review will provide you complete information about the software.

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Pros & Cons

Botify Pros

  • The Analytics and Log Analyzer solutions from Botify assist corporate search marketers in optimizing their website and adjusting its structure to improve organic, interpersonal, and mobile traffic.
  • Botify Analytics assists search marketers in having their websites discovered and indexed by search engines like Google and other robots by recognizing key indications.
  • The Log Analyzer enables customers to determine whether unworthy sites are being crawled, discouraging the crawling of information that will not generate SEO traffic.
  • Monitoring capabilities include intelligent evolution charts and customizable performance and quality warnings that may impact significant ranking factors.
  • Botify helps businesses to optimize their website for PC and mobile bots, as well as distinguish the gap in crawling behavior in order to improve their tactics.

Botify Cons

  • It’s a pricey product, particularly for startups and small organizations looking for something to enhance their daily work. Even the cheapest package has a significant monthly price.
  • Botify is not the easiest tool to use, and grasping the full extent of its functionality requires a steep learning curve.
  • There are numerous filters to choose from, and learning which one to utilize takes time.


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Botify provides its clients with a web crawler that retrieves customer website HTML pages for inspection. It has a log analyzer that provides insight into bot behavior on customer websites based on HTTP logs.

It also provides excellent training and support while learning to utilize the technology. Furthermore, it schedules crawl on a regular basis by default. It’s a lifesaver all the time, especially if there are multiple clients.

Botify is a powerful crawler, and it is also a daily partner. It simplifies the assessment and identification of all indexing obstacles and it allows you to track key KPIs over time.

It allows you to make the most of your data, such as Google search console servers and structure crawl. Allowing an SEO to cover the broadest scope and stimulate the full potential of your site’s visibility.

The benefits of using Botify can be seen after just a few minutes of use. It keeps teams on track and encourages complete transparency, which is critical when developing a system design that spans multiple disciplines.

Botify is a very user-friendly application.

Botify Usability


SEO Auditing & Monitoring

  • SEO Monitoring: Notifies users in real-time about critical concerns and suggests or modifications that may jeopardize a website’s SEO performance.
  • SEO Auditing: Assesses a site’s overall SEO performance and suggests the website’s steps to address any flaws or improve content.
  • SEO Change Tracking: Keeps track of all modifications to the website’s content or architecture and allows you to access prior images or backups.
  • Technical SEO: Enables an SEO web crawler that checks and detects technical issues on a website on a regular basis.

SEO Content & Rankings

  • Localization: This feature provides keyword ranking statistics depending on geographical location and device type.
  • Content Insights: Provides SEO content optimization tools like lengthy keywords, audience insights, content analytics, and an AI writing helper.
  • Keyword Research: Provides information such as keyword frequency, complexity, and competition for a given search term and suggests related terms.
  • SERP Rank Tracking: Reports on current and historical stats for the average position, visibility, engagement rate, traffic, and other metrics for visually displaying targeted keywords.

SEO Reporting

  • Data Visualization: Uses charts and graphs to visually display rankings and critical metrics.
  • Custom Reports: This allows users to create their own SEO reports.
Botify Features

Support Quality

Botify provides email/help desk, chat, and FAQs/Forum as assistance alternatives.

Phone number: +1 206 266 4064


Botify’s customer service is outstanding. They are quick to respond and can usually solve difficulties quickly. Additionally, if you spend enough time on the Botify website, you can fix most of your problems through the FAQ.

The people in charge of the support chat are friendly and knowledgeable.


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Botify Pricing

There are three different options to suit your needs, each of which allows you to implement the full-funnel process on your website.

Basic: Starting from $15 /user/mo.

Essential: Starting from $35 /user/mo. Great for websites that are quite simple but still require thorough, end-to-end SEO data and prescriptive recommendations. 

Pro: Starting from $55 /user/mo. Excellent for businesses that depend significantly on organic search and would like to protect and expand their organic results revenue. 

Enterprise: Excellent for enterprises with large, complicated, and various web properties seeking accelerated scaling, support, and security. This plan is custom.

A free trial is also available. Visit the website for more info.

Botify Pricing


This Botify review found that Botify outperforms competitors in the market. The support for JS rendering is outstanding, something other providers seem to overlook or dismiss this as a minor amenity.

The app suite has built-in key features, and JavaScript output data is easily accessible. Botify Action Board allows teams to work independently of each other. Log Analyzer enables users to identify coverage gaps in both crawler and referral traffic.

Real Keyword complements Google Search Console by allowing the user to evaluate the effectiveness of keyword strategy.


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