Expert advice for website owners to improve their search rankings in 2019

cSearch engines especially google keep making constant updates in their search algorithm. The main reason is to provide the best search results to the user. To keep up with Google to boost your website rankings is not an easy task. You need to optimize your content to show higher results. There are many things that you can miss. Website auditing is one of the ways to see if there are any changes required for your website. If yes then make those changes to increase your organic traffic. Organic traffic is free and targeted traffic is best for improving your leads generation and conversions. Also, it helps in boosting your sales which results in increased revenue. Many factors affect your search engine ranking and one factor is the bounce rate of your website. To avoid this, we have created a list of tips which are as follows:

Create Engaging and Evergreen Content

Rather than creating short-term content, focus more on in-depth and long-term content. Google is looking for content that is evergreen and engaging and it ranks it higher in search results. Evergreen content has the potential to stay in power for a long time. If your content is good then the visitors will share it and make it viral. Social sharing was one of the factors in googles rankings. But in recent years, social sharing has been cut to half because of saturation. Most people know to share the content in private messages rather than on their walls. Most of the important thing is to create original content. Try to write longer content because it tends to rank higher. Moreover, make sure to use LSI keywords in your content.


Another big change in recent years is the use of smartphones. Most of the people searching on google use mobile phones. That is why; google is now considering a website version of your mobile as the primary version. It is difficult to develop two versions of a website, so use a mobile-friendly site. It will help increase the user experience and also helps improve your rankings. Google itself recommends that website owners make a responsive website.

Video Marketing

People are not aware that video marketing is a great source of traffic. Focus more on the quality of the content rather than the quantity. It is useless to publish posts with a low word count as long as it does not give any value to the visitor. You may think that if you have more pages indexed in Google will give your a ranking. Focus on content that is engaging and provides quality information to the visitor.

Bounce Rate

Another big factor in 2019 is the bounce rate of your website. If a visitor enters your website and then leaves the website immediately then you will start to lose ranking. But if a user enters your website and stays there it will give encourage the search engine to increase your rankings.