Majestic is an SEO software that provides link intelligence data like trust flow, citation flow, visibility flow, and flow metric scores. You can also track your favorite websites with majestic campaigns, find links around you and your competitors, and discover any website’s backlinks. You can also compare URLs using Majestic.




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Majestic is an SEO tool that surveys the internet for links related to your website using the Link Intelligence database. A link database essentially means an internet map that is able to track all the websites that link to your pages. Then, through Majestic features, insights on how to help you do better in internet search positions are provided. Read our Majestic review to the end to get more information concerning Majestic features, usability, pros and cons, and support quality.

Pros and Cons

+ Customizable forms — Majestic features that enable you to create custom reports for your business clients with reasonable Majestic pricing.

+ Rank tracker and keyword checker — Important features that help in Search Engine Optimization.

+ Many URLs — Majestic is based on a database having over 8 trillion URLs.

+ Enhanced site performance tracking — Majestic tracks site performance in real-time.

+ Charts and stats that are easy to interpret — Majestic features that enable easy understanding of what the statistics try to inform you.

-Limited user accounts — Pro and lite packages include only a single user account.

-Limit on Historic Index tool — Lacks the Historic Index tool in the basic plan.


As an important Majestic review aspect, backlink tracking is one of the Majestic features that make the program very important, more so to content marketers. This is true since backlinks are incoming hyperlinks to a site or page from another one and your site’s inbound backlink network strength is an ideal SEO driver.

Secondly, Majestic review articles mention that the program is user-friendly and has Majestic features that are easy to interpret. With the strength of Majestic explained above, the process of logging in is unimaginably simple. So, the software has a friendly UI, is more self-serve, and seems to have more onboarding. But, the tool lacks the mobile version and could also benefit more from UX overhaul.


The Majestic links enable the software to draw useful conclusions using the Majestic features that have enabled many Majestic review contents to praise the software. With the usability of Majestic explained clearly, here are the features that enable such high user-friendliness:

  • Integrations. With the best Majestic pricing plans, you can integrate the software with Piwik PRO, Semrush, WebCEO, BuzzSumo, AgencyAnalytics, DashThis, BrightEdge, Netpeak Checker, and DeepCrawl among others. However, it does not allow integration with productivity tools, email, Google Analytics, and connector apps.
  • Backlinks profiles. Using the Trust Flow qualitative and Citation Flow quantitative dimensions, Majestic plots all sites’ backlinks in regard to their quantitative and qualitative importance on a scale of 0 to 100.
  • URL submission and site crawl. This is the feature that allows for resubmission of URL to Majestic backlink checker so that the pages can be re-crawled if an error occurred initially.
  • Backlink Checker. This is a feature that offers a summary of top anchor texts, backlink history, number of outbound links, trust flow, backlink language analysis, and citation flow.

Support Quality

Through Majestic explained email, blogs, help center, and online support functions, the support quality is high. Additionally, many Majestic review articles have applauded the program over the support quality it offers. Mark you, the support is the same for any Majestic pricing plan you choose.

There are specialists in the Majestic help center ready to explain every aspect of the program. Secondly, explanations of other features are on the blog of the program’s support function. Thirdly, emails get a quick response in the UK working hours. So, even though these are a few support options, they fully address the issues in question.

Majestic Pricing — What does it cost?

Majestic offers a free version that allows you to access the Site Explore Preview but with limited data. Other than that, Majestic pricing of the other premium packages is reasonable based on the resources used to provide data. The differences between the Majestic pricing plans are mainly on the number of users able to utilize the software at any one time with API allowing 5 users and the options priced for one only. Additionally, the plans offer a greater number of services, SEO consultants and more, the higher up you go.

Free TrialYes
LiteStarting from $49.99 per month
ProStarting from $99.99 per month
APIStarting from $399 per month


To conclude our Majestic review, and through the features of Majestic explained, it helps improve your internet search position. Advantages of the program include the customizable forms, rank tracker, and keyword checker.

In terms of usability, Majestic is ideal for content managers since it has a strong inbound backlink network. With the user-friendly aspect of Majestic explained clearly, users can enjoy this simple to use program utilizing it effectively. But, it can benefit better from a UX overhaul and a mobile version.

With features of Majestic explained, the program is a good SEO survey to choose. Moreover, the support is of high quality with email, blog documents, online support function, and help center available. Better still, there are various Majestic pricing packages on offer too.

Try out Majestic now!

Majestic is one of the important SEO tools with many URLs to help you build an optimized internet search position. With the functionality of Majestic explained properly, you can try it out.



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