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Audiense is a social media marketing tool that helps businesses understand audiences and get better results with social media marketing. Audiense primarily helps businesses that want to improve their Twitter marketing strategies.

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review new │ Audiense Overview

Social media (like Twitter) is more critical for businesses now than ever before; it can be an effective hub for marketing and building a dedicated audience. However, understanding how to market content and create an audience on Twitter is challenging for many companies and individuals.

Audiense is a platform that focuses on marketing Twitter content, but how good is it? Read our Audiense review to find out!

Audiense: Best software product for marketing Twitter content and gaining a dedicated audience.Use the numerous tools and features on Audiense to design intelligent Twitter marketing strategies to create an audience.

pros and cons new │ The Pros & Cons of Audiense

Before detailing the numerous features of Audiense, we need to describe the most significant pros and cons, so you get a sense of the best elements on the platform and the ones that require further work.

Here are the pros and cons of Audiense.

The Pros Of Audiense

First, we will look at the high points of Audiense.

tick new It Segments Your Total Audience So You Can Get A Clear Sense Of Your Target Market

One of the best elements of Audiense is how it segments your audience. 

Influencers and businesses will likely attract a large audience of many target markets, so knowing who finds their content more engaging can be highly beneficial. 

Audiense can segment your total audience so you can understand who reads your Twitter content. It can tell you the age groups, nationalities, and genders that identify with your content.

Additionally, it can give your insights into the specific target markets, including the content they read (and ignore) and the links they click. These insights can help to market your Twitter towards a specific target market to build your audience.

tick new It Has High-Quality Analytics Reports

Audience segmentation is one of many insights included in the detailed analytics reports on Audiense. Other insights included in the reports include:

  • Influencer indication insights are beneficial to businesses because it helps them to find the influencers most likely to engage with their marketing strategy and social media content. These insights can help by finding influencers who you can sponsor; they can then promote your business or product to their audience.
  • Personality insights are excellent if you want to get to know sectors of your audience. Specifically, they can help you to create a tone of voice that reflects your audience’s wants and needs and create marketing that corresponds with their personality.
  • Media strategy reports are brilliant for creating a detailed and measured approach to marketing media. It allows you to examine current media content, understand how they resonate with audiences, and bring in new customers. It also gives you crucial information to decide on the correct media channel for your audience.

tick new It Can Help Businesses And Influencers Understand Their Competitors’ Marketing Strategy For Twitter

Besides using Audiense to evaluate and improve your Twitter content, you can also use it to analyze and assess your competitors marketing strategies.

For example, you can look at the types of influencers they sponsor and, by extension, the audience those influencers attract. You can use this information to determine the correct target audience for your company and the cultures and age ranges you can engage the most.

You can also look at how companies provide their marketing content and media; for example, they might send the media as a link to a different platform (Youtube, for example) or embed it as a media file directly onto Twitter.

The Cons Of Audiense

Now, we will look into some of the most significant Audiense features that need further development.

cons new The Pricing Is Fairly Expensive, And Some Of The Keys Features Are Only On The Higher Pricing Tiers

Like other competitors, Audiense has multiple pricing plans for its Insights and Connect products. However, the price of the premium tiers is very high, which wouldn’t be an issue if the lower tiers had an appropriate number of features.

Unfortunately, most of the best tools and features are only on the highest pricing tiers. For example, many reporting tools have significant restrictions on the other pricing tiers (personality insights, audience segmentation, and influencer identification are examples); they are only fully accessible on the Audiense Insights tier ($696 per month).

cons new The User Interface (UI) Should Be More Intuitive

Audiense has many features and tools that users can access and use to improve their Twitter marketing strategy. However, navigating the platform and using the features of all the tools is more complex than some competitors.

For example, the menu system is too large, making the platform cluttered and confusing for new users. Additionally, some of the tools on the platform are less intuitive than they should be; many reporting functions are less accessible for new users and need to be more intuitive so anyone can easily navigate the tools and find the data they need.

cons new A Limited Scope

Although many companies appreciate how much detail Audiense can provide on marketing content for Twitter, the scope is undeniably limited, considering the high number of social media platforms companies use.

For example, some platforms, such as Instagram, are arguably better for displaying written and video marketing content than Twitter (even though Twitter is better for formal announcements), so many companies would find Audiense far more valuable if it could give them data on how their marketing content performs on other platforms.

Advantages Of AudienseDisadvantages Of Audiense
plus new It segments your total audience so you can get a clear sense of who your target market includes and the percentages of certain people.minus new The pricing is fairly expensive, and some of the key features are only on the higher pricing tiers.
plus new It has high-quality analytics reports like influencer indication reports, personality insights, and media strategy reports.minus new The user Interface (UI) should be more intuitive.
plus new It can help businesses and influencers understand their competitors’ marketing strategies for Twitter.minus new It has a limited scope because it only focuses on improving Twitter marketing; they don’t focus on other social media sites like Instagram.

Audiense Logo

Try Audiense Now To Take Advantage Of The Social Media Marketing Features! 

If you want the best marketing tool for improving your Twitter content, you can use multiple features on Audiense, such as the extensive reporting features, to learn the complete breakdown of your audience.

what new │ What is Audiense?

Before detailing the features of Audiense, we need to explain what it is and what it wants to do to help companies.

Audiense is a social media marketing tool that primarily focuses on creating or improving Twitter marketing strategies for companies. 

Twitter can be a confusing platform for understanding who views your marketing content and how to engage those people. Because of this, Audiense specifically focuses on Twitter to give its users the best approach for Twitter marketing; this focus is what separates Audiense from its competition.

Audiense has multiple features to create brilliant Twitter marketing strategies for users, such as numerous reports on their marketing content and competitors. 

The audience intelligence features on Audiense are especially successful; they are one of the market leaders in providing these features (influencer insights, marketing campaign creation, etc.).

While there are some problems with Audiense, many of the features and aspects are excellent and attract a large customer base. Here are the best parts of Audiense.

  • It can help you to understand your Twitter audience by clearly segmenting them on a tool; it can segment them by location, race, age, and more.
  • Its reporting tools are handy for learning how your competitors market their content on Twitter; you can use this information to improve your marketing strategy.
  • Using media strategy reports, you can determine how your audience access and engage with your marketing content.
  • You can use audience segmentation to target influencers to sponsor your brand and use influencer identification reports to find the most suitable ones.

how new │ How Does Audiense Work?

Before you use Audiense and its most beneficial tools and features, you must know how it works.

Once you select your Audiense pricing tier and pay for it, you can start using the platform. 

When you set yourself up on Audiense, you can see the menu with multiple tools. However, when you start using the platform, you might not get significant use out of it; you will only get use out of it when you input your Twitter marketing posts.

If you are creating a new Twitter marketing strategy, you can use the platform to input your current posts into it to determine the breakdown of your audience, and if the delivery of the content is attracting the maximum number of people.

If you are trying to improve a current Twitter marketing strategy, Audiense can be much more helpful. It can take a detailed look at your current strategy and send you multiple reports to show you who is reading or watching your marketing content, how you can increase your outreach, and more.

When you use Audiense Connect, it can directly help you when you want to create a new marketing post or a complete campaign. For example, it can take the data from audience segmentation reports and determine the best time for you to post marketing content. It also has a community management feature so you can improve audience interaction.

feature new │ What Are Audiense’s Top Features?

Now you understand what Audiense does and how it works to improve your Twitter marketing content, we will provide a full breakdown of the platform’s top features.

The five features below are some of the best for creating and implementing a new Twitter marketing strategy or improving a current one.

Here are the best features of Audiense.

point new The Audience Segmentation Feature (And Other Features That Determine Audience)

The most important thing you need to do to make a successful Twitter marketing campaign for your business is to understand your audience. Audiense can help you create clear visualizations to see your entire audience.

It presents your audience as segments on a comprehensive chart. Then, once you can look at the results, it goes further by finding trends between the various customer types to see what content will resonate with the most people.

Other features include personality insights that take a much more detailed look at the personality types within your target market and audience identification reports that focus on finding the main types of people within your audience (age, location, race, etc.).

point new The Influencer Identification Reports

When you know who you want to target your Twitter content toward, you need to find ways to expand your outreach to bring in the largest audience possible.

The influencer identification reports on Audiense are a crucial way to do this because they can help you find the most suitable influencers for you to sponsor. These influencers can promote your brand and any new marketing material you have to their audience.

The reports will track down influencers with audiences who will resonate with your company and products. It will also research the influencers themselves to see if they are a suitable sponsor for your brand; it will see what they like and share on their Twitter accounts.

point new The Media Strategy Reports

Once you know who to market to and to whom you want to promote the brand, you need to create a high-quality media marketing strategy; Audiense has an excellent tool for this.

The media strategy reports on Audiense have three main focuses; these include:

  • Audience intelligence reports go into more detail on your audience, such as their buying patterns, demographics, social media presence, and the influencers they follow.
  • Audience activation reports focus on finding the best social media platforms to post your marketing content. Additionally, it can show you how to place your content on the Twitter Ads platform to streamline the marketing campaign.
  • Audience measurement reports show you how your audience will change over time based on trends. You can use this data to create helpful KPIs.

point new Chatbots

When you post marketing content, you need your audience to engage with it so more people will see it; chatbots are a useful feature to help you do this.

The chatbots on Audiense can automatically message customers and Twitter followers to engage them with your marketing content and products.

Additionally, they can manage your followers and customers with optional opt-ins sent via direct message, create several topics to engage them, and more.

point new Community Management

The community management feature can give you all the information you need to interact with your Audience, including shares, tweets about your company, and more. 

It can recommend multiple topics to introduce to your audience to engage them.

Why Do You Need To Use Audiense?
point new Audiense can give you a new outlook and understanding of your audience so you can create compelling marketing content for them.
point new It can help to find the most suitable brand ambassadors for your business.
point new It can help you interact with your Twitter audience. 

Audiense Logo

Why Not Use Audiense To Find Brilliant Brand Ambassadors For Your Business?

It can be challenging to find influencers suitable for your brand; Audiense can help by locating the best influencers based on their audiences and content.

who new │Who Should Use Audiense?

Because Audiense has a specific focus within the social media marketing industry, it is more suitable for certain businesses than others.

Here are examples of businesses that should use Audiense.

point new Advertising companies

Companies that already focus on advertising various products to their target market can get a lot of use out of Audiense.

For example, the audience segmentation tools on Audiense can help an advertising company by allowing them to see who is viewing their advertising and marketing content. They can use this information to create advertising for specific audience groups to strengthen their relationship with them.

point new Small businesses

A large portion of the user base on Audiense consists of small businesses because they are unlikely to have social media experts to create marketing content that will reach a large and suitable audience.

Audiense can help with this by offering multiple insights so small businesses can understand their audience.

For example, media strategy reports can help small businesses to choose the best social media platforms to place their content and choose the best format for their Twitter marketing content (a link to another social media platform or an embedded video).

point new Large product-based companies

Large companies that sell multiple products need a massive customer outreach to gain the number of customers they need to make a profit. Audiense can help with this by providing companies with influencer identification tools to expand their audience.

The influencer identification tools will find the best influencers to represent your brand, so if you have a large company, you can use these to increase outreach and add new customers to your audience.

Who Should Use Audiense?
Advertising companies can use audience segmentation and identification tools to target specific groups of people to strengthen their audience and bring in new customers.
Small businesses can use the media strategy reports to help them create a compelling marketing campaign; specifically, they can use it to find the best way to format their marketing content and the best platforms to place it on (Twitter, Instagram, etc.)
Large product-based companies can use Audiense to expand their outreach. For example, influencer identification tools can find the best influencers to represent their brand, bringing in a larger customer base.

Audiense Logo

Use Audiense Now To Increase The Outreach Of Your Large Product-based Companies

Audiense can help large companies that need to expand their outreach to make a profit; the influencer identification tool finds suitable brand ambassadors to promote the brand and increase the company’s customer base.

cost and time new │How Much Money And Time Do You Need For Audiense?

Now you know about the main features of Audiense, you need to know how much time and money you need to use it.

If you want all the features on Audiense, you need to get the insights tier ($696 per month); the other tiers on Audiense are cheaper but include fewer features (limited reporting features, for example).

Thankfully, you can dedicate as much time as you need to when looking at the reports and tools on Audiense.

usability new │How Easy Is It To Use Audiense?

When you get a sense of the reports and tools on Audiense, it is relatively easy to use. However, the UI should be more intuitive and accessible for new users.

For example, the menus on Audiense are confusing and messy; there should be fewer menus and a clearer method of navigation to improve the user experience on the platform.

Also, when you first read some of the reports on Audiense, you may find them too complex and completely inaccessible. You can get help on how to interpret them, but Audiense should have an option for simple English reports or reports with only the essential information and conclusions (these would be better for new users).

However, once Audiense users understand how to use it, they will get a high level of satisfaction from reading the reports and using the data to improve their Twitter marketing content.

pricing new │What Is The Pricing Structure For Audiense?

If the features and benefits of Audiense convince you to use it, you need to know the pricing tiers so you can decide on the version you want to use.

Here are the pricing tiers on Audiense.

point new The Free Audiense Pricing Tier

The free Audiense has basic features, including limited analytics, community management tools, and limited audience insights.

The free Audiense tier essentially acts as a free trial, so new users can get a sense of the basic features before committing to paying for the full version.

point new The Twitter Marketing Audiense Pricing Tier

The Twitter marketing Audience tier is most suitable for small businesses who want most of the available features but don’t necessarily need unlimited versions of them.

The pricing tier comes with all the features on the free tier and additional features, including data exports, advanced community management tools, audience manager tools, Twitter ads, and more.

point new The Audiense Insights Pricing Tier

The highest pricing tier includes full access to all the insights and reports on Audiense.

The reporting features include audience segmentation, influencer identification, personality insights, and more.

The Free Audiense Pricing TierFree
The Twitter Marketing Audiense Pricing Tier$39 a month
The Audiense Insights Pricing Tier$696 a month

Audiense Logo

Try Audiense For A Reasonable Price For The Best Social Media Marketing Features

If you want all the basic features (and some limited reports), you can use the Twitter marketing pricing tier on Audiense. It includes data exports, advanced community management tools, Twitter ads and more.

tools new │What Are Some Specific Tools For Businesses On Audiense?

We now need to focus on some of the specific tools that can help businesses.

Here are some of the best tools for businesses on Audiense.

point new The Charts And Graphs On Personality Insights Reports

Instead of broadly informing you of your audience’s personality traits, Audiense provides detailed graphs and charts to visualize the breakdown of their traits.

For example, it may include a pie chart with categories that include proud, modest, and more; there are multiple charts (depending on the insights you need).

point new Performance Comparison Monitoring Tool

You can directly monitor your competitors’ Twitter marketing content and compare it with yours. 

For example, you can see how many people view their content and how you compare. Then, you can look at what they do differently to see if you need to change something to improve your marketing.

point new Tweet Analytics

Tweet analytics are handy if you don’t know what to include in a tweet; you can view how many people read your tweets to see the ones that resonate with your audience.

Use personality insight graphs and charts to visualize how your audience thinks; you can use this to create exciting marketing content.
Use performance monitoring to see how your marketing tweets perform and compare them with your competitors to see if they have any strategies that you should utilize.
Use tweet analytics to find the types of marketing tweets that your audience enjoys the most.

example new │Real-life Examples Of Businesses And Companies Using Audiense

It’s one thing us telling you how Audiense can benefit your business, but it’s an entirely different one to show you some examples of businesses using it to succeed. Here are some of the best examples.

  • Convosphere wanted to get around the heavy UK advertising restrictions by utilizing micro-influencers. They used Audiense’s influencer identification tools to find suitable influencers by searching their bio and interests.
  • Bayerische Staatsoper wanted to reach a more diverse audience and attract them to their opera house. They used Audiense to create a new marketing strategy that involved looking at current customer data,  researching current interests and relevant topics assessing what new audiences want.
  • Maven Road wanted to assist IBM in determining the upcoming sporting events with the most excitement surrounding them. They used Audiense to build and analyze an audience, use event-specific phrases to determine customer interest, and analyze the total audience to discover common interests and trends.

support new │What Are The Customer Support Options For Audiense?

There are multiple support options for those interested in Audiense and those who use the platform.

There are two primary contact options for those who want to ask more about Audiense. You can call a contact number or schedule an appointment with the Audiense sales team. The appointments are beneficial because you can ask any questions you have.

When using the platform, the customer support options include

  • An FAQ section to answer simple questions.
  • An email support system if you need Audiense to address a more complex problem or question.
  • A 24/7 live chat if you need a quick solution for a problem on the software ( tools not opening, for example).

Unfortunately, while the contact number is there for new inquiries, it isn’t a customer support option, which may disappoint those who prefer speaking to an advisor directly.

Audiense Customer Support OptionWhat Does It Do?
FAQ sectionIt answers simple Audiense questions, negating the need to use the email support system or live chat.
Email support systemIt allows users to send a longer and more detailed message to Audiense so they can solve a complex issue with the platform.
24/7 live chatThe live chat allows customers to speak to a customer support team member who can talk them through an issue on the platform.
What Is The Next Best Software After Audiense For Offering Social Media Marketing Features For Twitter?
Brandwatch is the next best competitor in the social media marketing industry.

It offers several audience intelligence tools to provide insights so companies can improve their outreach and create a more diverse customer base.

One of its focuses is analyzing social media conversations to see what customers want from a business or product.
A Comparison Between Audiense And Brandwatch
Audiense and Brandwatch have a comparable set of features. However, Brandwatch falls down in some areas.

For example, Brandwatch is more expensive than Audiense; both have excellent features, but Audiense ultimately offers more value.

Also, Brandwatch has a much slower investment return, meaning Audiense is more suitable for small businesses.

conclusion new │Is Audiense The Best Software Product For Providing Excellent Social Media Marketing Features For Twitter?

Audiense is one of the top social media marketing platform market competitors.

Its best features are the various detailed reports so businesses can learn more about their customers, find influencers to spread the word of their brand, create a clear strategy for where (Instagram, Twitter, etc.) and how (embedding marketing content or linking to a blog or youtube channel) to market their content, and much more.

Because it focuses on Twitter content, Audiense has a clear focus and is brilliant for small businesses that need a larger Twitter audience. However, because of the narrow focus, companies with multiple social media platforms they need to monitor and make content for will likely look for a social media marketing platform with a larger scope.

However, the massive number of reports and tools specific to Twitter make Audiense a valuable tool for any company that needs to understand its current customer base and build upon it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The cheapest pricing tier for Audiense is entirely free.

However, because of the lack of price, the features on the tier are lacking compared to the complete package.

The features include limited analytics, community management tools, and limited audience insights.

There are several methods that Audiense uses to find influencer profiles, specifically, the ones that are the most suitable candidates to promote their brand.

They search through their audience members, topics of interest, and the subject that their social media accounts concern.

To export any report on Audiense, you need to find the data you want to download, select the export format you want and export it.

When the Audiense export is ready for you, you can access it via an email or notification on the platform. When you open the Audiense export, it will open in a new window.

There are several reporting features on Audiense that you can use to create a large Twitter audience. For example, you can use audience identification and segmentation tools to analyze your current audience and find the demographics you can add to your customer base.

Then, you can use the influencer identification tool to find the influencers with the customer base you want to attract and make them brand ambassadors.



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