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Buzz is a sales engagement platform that allows businesses to generate more leads and increase the reach and success of their sales strategies. It helps businesses create videos for sales strategy and helps optimize email and LinkedIn outreach.

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review new │ Buzz Overview

Businesses need to optimize their sales strategies to generate more leads and increase revenue. However, scaling your sales strategy can lead to software exhaustion – but not with Buzz.

Buzz is a sales engagement platform that allows businesses to generate more leads and increase the reach and success of their sales strategies without software exhaustion. The SaaS tool helps businesses to create videos for their sales strategy and helps to optimize email and LinkedIn outreach for improved sales engagement.

Your business can optimize video communications with automated workflows – allowing you to create more exciting content – which is integral to promoting your services.

So, what’s all the buzz about? Keep reading our Buzz review if you’re interested in using a SaaS platform to improve your sales engagement. This guide will discuss why Buzz is the best sales engagement SaaS and why we have ranked it highly using our Genius Score ranking system.

Buzz – Best For Sales Engagement!Try Buzz To Improve Your Sales Engagement Via LinkedIn And Email.

pros and cons new│Buzz Pros And Cons

Let’s jump in – what are Buzz’s main advantages and disadvantages? Here are some top reasons why Buzz is best for sales engagement and some areas where it misses the mark (nobody’s perfect, eh?).

Buzz Pros

Here are the main advantages Buzz has to offer!

tick new User-Friendly UI

Buzz is easy to use and provides a user-friendly interface with an intuitive design to help you improve your sales engagement without confusion.

tick new Access A Variety Of Data Sources

You can upload data from many different sources using Buzz. LinkedIn, Excel, and many other data sources can be added to your Buzz account.

tick new See Who’s Engaging With Your Content

You can use Buzz to segment your prospects and clearly define who is engaging with your content and who isn’t

tick new Scheduling

Buzz allows you to track your email communications. It also allows you to create schedules around your members for the best meeting times.

tick new Short Learning Curve

When you begin using Buzz, you’ll find a very short learning curve – it won’t take long to grow accustomed to using the software.

tick new Integrations

Buzz offers a wide range of integrations that help you to unify your sales data, including Zapier, Salesforce, HubSpot, and more.

tick new Excellent Customer Support

Buzz offers plenty of support for its customers, with email, chat, and phone support options. Or, you can take a self-serve approach to customer support by accessing their FAQs resources and knowledge base.

tick new Training Resources

To onboard your employees and ensure they have no difficulty using Buzz for sales, there are training videos and documents available on the Buzz platform.

Buzz Cons

Here are a couple of the downsides to Buzz.

cons new Slow For SMBs To Reach ROI

For small and medium businesses, Buzz’s pricing can make it difficult to reach ROI quickly.

cons new Updates May Cause Downtime

Some existing Buzz customers noted that when there are software updates, they can experience some downtime.

Buzz ProsBuzz Cons
plus new User-friendly UIminus new Slow to reach ROI for SMBs
plus new Variety of data sourcesminus new Updates may cause downtime
plus new Prospect engagement data
plus new Scheduling
plus new Short learning curve
plus new Integrations
plus new Excellent customer support
plus new Training resources

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Buzz! Create More Sales Engagement

Engagement is the key to driving sales – so why not use a tool that helps you to manage your sales engagement on a large scale? Try Buzz!

what new│What Is Buzz?

Buzz is a sales engagement platform to help you close more deals and generate more prospects. The tool makes reaching your customers and improving engagement easy – it offers a simple, easy-to-use interface to help you manage your outreach.

Buzz helps you to enhance your outreach across email and LinkedIn, with email automation that allows you to reach your customers’ primary inboxes. You get more insight into your customers’ engagement as Buzz notifies you when your messages and emails are opened, clicked on, or replied to.

With the reporting features of Buzz, you can easily assess how well your email and LinkedIn outreach campaigns are working and identify room for improvement – gearing your business to do more with your outreach efforts.

Buzz also allows you to increase engagement with video campaigns that are visually stimulating and grasp your prospects’ attention. Create hybrid screencast videos by overlaying your employee’s picture – adding a more personalized touch.

Buzz helps you level up your sales engagement without taking the trouble to learn how to use a complex and tricky tool – it’s one of the easiest sales engagement tools and provides an intuitive user experience.

What Is Buzz?
point new A sales engagement platform for email and LinkedIn.
point new Buzz helps to provide more insight into customers’ engagement and activity.
point new Buzz helps you create video campaigns for more engaging content.
point new Buzz provides a user-friendly and intuitive sales engagement experience.

how new │ How Does Buzz Work?

Buzz helps you to automate processes and increase the delivery of your campaigns to maximize engagement. It also gives you the resources you need to track and monitor engagement. Using the engagement tracking feature, you can find out what’s working well in your campaigns and communications and what isn’t encouraging strong engagement. 

You can increase engagement in your communications by using Buzz to create video communications, which will provide a more attention-grabbing media format for your customers and potential leads. 

Traditional messaging formats can be stale, and Buzz helps you to appeal to your prospects with more exciting content – and makes the creation of this content more straightforward and efficient. You can provide the 1 on 1 experience at a greater scale with personalized video content.

Buzz helps you to create targeted campaigns based on the interests of your prospects with unlimited touchpoint tracking. You can target specific posts, groups, and events to reach your prospects at just the right touchpoint. 

Buzz’s features help you to take a more proactive approach in your email, LinkedIn, and video campaigns, generating more engagement and increasing your prospects.

feature new │What Are The Main Features Of Buzz?

Now you’re familiar with Buzz and what it’s all about, let’s take a gander at some of the main features on offer for Buzz customers.

point new Automated Video Creation

Buzz allows users to create bulk video messages using automated workflows and even provides templates to help speed up the process. Once you have made your videos using Buzz, you can easily reach more prospects with their outreach sequencing.

point new Hybrid Video

If your video communications require screencasting, they can lose their personal touch – all the prospect sees is a screen, no face in sight. If your employee is talking and providing commentary on the screen recording, it might be best to show their face to make your content more personal for your prospects. With Buzz, you can create an overlay of your employee’s face to ensure you always add that personal touch to your content.

point new Email Deliverability

When your emails are sent to your prospects, you need to ensure that your content doesn’t end up in their junk or spam folders – otherwise, all your effort will be wasted. Buzz helps with email deliverability using a sending strategy; all you need to do is ensure your email is warm and has a reputable domain.

Buzz helps you to broaden the reach of your email outreach with automated email warming. This feature helps you to deliver to the user’s primary inbox, and also helps you to avoid sending limits.

point new Smart Sequencing

Even if your emails are making it to your prospects’ primary inboxes, you need to know that your prospects are engaging with your content. Buzz allows you to gauge how well your email outreach is performing with smart sequencing. 

You can see which of your prospects are clicking, opening, and replying to your email campaigns. This will allow you to make more informed decisions regarding future email outreach campaigns.

point new Detailed Reporting

Buzz offers smart and readable dashboards that give you insight into your key metrics. Their reporting feature gives you more oversight on how your email outreach, LinkedIn outreach, and video communications are performing and how engaged your prospects are. 

point new LinkedIn Outreach

Buzz helps you to improve your LinkedIn outreach and improve the efficiency of your CTAs. You can use Buzz to optimize your LinkedIn direct messages, Inmail, and email. You can reach your prospects at exactly the right time using the Buzz unlimited touchpoints. 

You gain access to unlimited campaigns and A/B testing to ensure your campaigns are maximizing engagement.

Why Should You Invest In Buzz?
point new Automated video creation – create engaging video campaigns with ease.
point new Hybrid video – personalize your video campaigns.
point new Email deliverability – ensure your emails reach your audience.
point new Smart Sequencing – track engagement through clicks and replies.
point new Detailed reporting – gain insight into your ad KPIs.
point new LinkedIn Outreach – improve the efficiency of your CTAs.

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Looking For More Engagement? Try Buzz!

Buzz is the best sales engagement platform that gives you a detailed insight into how well your campaigns and outreach are performing. Why not give it a try?

who new│Who Should Use Buzz?

Now that you’re familiar with what Buzz is and its best features, you might wonder whether Buzz is suitable for your business. So, in this section, let’s discuss the business types that would benefit most from using Buzz for their sales engagement.

point new Sales Reps And Leaders

Since Buzz is a sales engagement platform, it’s no surprise that it would benefit sales reps and leaders. The workflow automation and outreach optimization with Buzz allow sales reps and sales leaders to build stronger customer relationships and increase the engagement of their outreach campaigns – more impact, less work.

point new Recruitment Businesses

Buzz allows recruitment businesses to find the most valuable talent faster. Recruitment businesses can use Buzz to enrich their profiles with more data and have more efficiency in their search for the right candidate.

point new Logistics Businesses

Logistics businesses can benefit from Buzz by using it to identify opportunities on a seasonal basis – getting their reefers prepared for strong fruit harvest seasons and preparing themselves to better meet demands throughout the year. They can also use Buzz to better engage and forge relationships with logistic managers and potential shippers.

point new B2B Sales Businesses

Buzz is extremely valuable for B2B sales businesses. It helps them to generate leads without wasting time on guesswork. They can access a database of over 350 million verified work emails to ensure they’re always in contact with the right person to further their lead generation goals. 

Who Should Use Buzz?
point new Sales leaders – build better customer interaction.
point new Recruitment businesses – widen the reach of your recruiting campaigns.
point new Logistics businesses – keep track of seasonal opportunities.
point new B2B sales – generate leads and access over 350 million verified work emails.

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Buzz For Sales Engagement – Try It Out!

Whether you’re looking to improve the reach of your recruitment, improve customer relationships, or generate leads without guesswork – you could benefit from Buzz. Why not start a free trial?

cost and time new│How Much Time And Money Does It Take To Use Buzz?

You might be wondering how time-consuming it is to set up Buzz for your sales engagement, and how much money it will take.

Well, in terms of reaching ROI, it may take longer if you’re a small or medium sized business. Some customers noted that the software was a little pricey for SMBs. So, if you’re considering implementing Buzz for your SMB, you may wish to consider the time it would take to reach ROI. For larger-scale businesses, however, it takes less time to reach ROI.

If you’re wondering how long it takes to set up Buzz, all you need to do is set up your account with Buzz and add any accounts you need to integrate with Buzz. Once you have taken these steps, you can start using Buzz right away.

usability new │How Easy Is It To Use Buzz?

You need to know that the software you’re investing in is going to be easy to use. What makes Buzz the best sales engagement software is the user-friendly and intuitive interface. Once you’re familiar with the software, you shouldn’t have any trouble using it.

When you’re introducing your sales team or new hires to the software, you can make use of their extensive training resources to handle the onboarding process. Rather than taking the time to train your employees on how to use Buzz yourself, you can point them towards the live training sessions that Buzz offers. They can learn how to use the software without you.

Buzz is accessible and user-friendly. If you’re curious to see how Buzz works, you can use their free trial, or you can check out demos on YouTube before investing in the product.

pricing new│How Much Does Buzz Cost?

Let’s talk bacon. How much does Buzz cost, and what’s available with their pricing plans? Well, unless you’re paying annually, you will only have access to one pricing plan – the basic tier. So, as we discuss the pricing tiers, please keep in mind that they are only available to those who are paying annually.

Here’s how the pricing plans are structured for Buzz sales engagement:

point new Basic tier

With the basic tier, you gain A/B tested outreach templates, built-in chat support, 1,000 enriched profiles monthly, and done-by-you software.

point new Essential tier

With the essential tier, you gain done-with-you support, dedicated customer success support, extensive onboarding resources, an ongoing 1-1 success strategy, and 3,000 enriched profiles monthly.

point new Pro tier

With the pro tier, you can access entirely done-for-you software, A/B tested targeting and outreach, a dedicated campaign manager, copywriter, and success support, and 5,000 enriched profiles monthly.

point new Enterprise

You gain unlimited users with the enterprise tier, along with custom onboarding and support, adoption analysis and strategy, collaborative workspaces, and custom profile enrichment.

The basic features of Buzz are included in all pricing plans, such as detailed reporting, unlimited campaigns, and unlimited touchpoints.

Buzz Pricing TierCost
Basic Tier$125/month
Essential Tier$375/month
Pro Tier$1925/month
Enterprise TierContact Buzz for a quote.

Buzz Logo

Don’t Miss Out! Try Buzz For Sales Engagement

Want to maximize the efficiency of your outreach and improve engagement? Why not give Buzz a go! Use their detailed reporting features to analyze the efficiency of your campaigns and make informed adjustments.

tools new│Buzz Tools For Businesses

Now that you know how much Buzz costs, here are some of the best Buzz tools for businesses to help you analyze whether Buzz is a suitable investment for your company.

point new Single-Click Retargeting

Retargeting is a powerful tool at your disposal to encourage engagement. If a user interacts with your site or social media, Buzz allows you to ensure they are reminded of your site through promotions with single-click retargeting. This feature helps you to ensure you don’t miss out on any potential leads once they leave your site – and you can do it with a single click.

point new Success Center

Buzz doesn’t just hand you the tools for success and leave you to it – they actually offer you support to ensure you’re using the software to drive engagement successfully. The success center helps you to analyze how well you’re using Buzz to increase engagement and readdress any strategies that are failing.

point new Lead Scoring

Buzz allows you to perform lead scoring. You can use data based on their previous engagement and interests to rate your leads and ensure you devote more time to leads that are more likely to generate sales. 

point new Profile Views, Follows, And Connections

Buzz helps you to structure your engagement information, making it all accessible on a single platform. With Buzz, you can review data regarding your profile views, follows, and connections without travelling to multiple different platforms.

What Are The Best Buzz Features For Businesses?
point new Single-click retargeting – re-engage any prospects that have visited your pages and website.
point new Success center – gain support to use Buzz to your advantage.
point new Lead scoring – devote more time to your most valuable leads.
point new Profile views, follows, and connections – unify your engagement data.

example new │Buzz In Action – Best Use Cases

Here are some of the top use cases of Buzz in action – and how it has helped its customers to grow their business and increase engagement.

point new Canada Logistics And Transportation

Nathan Smith, VP of logistics at a Canadian logistics company, stated that within 6 months of using Buzz for sales engagement, he was able to add $15 million to his annual contract value. Additionally, he was able to add 3 senior executives to his fully remote team using the powerful recruiting support offered by Buzz.

point new Canada Financial Services

Carl P is a Canadian financial services expert. When he implemented Buzz, he was able to close $75k of additional business. He stated that the software allowed him to change the way he engaged prospects and booked meetings.

point new USA Recruiting

John Carter is the head of marketing at a successful USA recruiting firm. When he began using Buzz for sales engagement, the ROI he made on the investment enabled him to justify spending over $125K on Buzz annually.

support new │Buzz Customer Support – What’s On Offer?

One of the most essential aspects of any SaaS platform is customer support. If you have invested in a software solution, you need to know that you can access support to help you when the software isn’t working to your advantage.

With Buzz, you gain the following customer support options:

  • Email – reach out to Buzz’s support team via email for fast response.
  • Phone support – Buzz has phone support for those that would prefer to discuss the problem with 1 on 1 support.
  • Chat – get quick answers to your smaller queries with the Buzz chat support function.
  • FAQs – Buzz has a list of FAQs to help you access self-serve customer support and learn more about the software.
  • Knowledge base – the Buzz knowledge base is filled with information that will help you resolve any issues you might have using the software.
  • Training – if you need to onboard employees and teach them how to use Buzz, you can outsource the training through Buzz. They provide live training seminars, along with YouTube videos that help you learn about the software.

If you find yourself stumped while using Buzz, you have plenty of options to find the support that suits you. However, not all support options are available with every plan, so check which support options are included in your pricing plan.

What Customer Support Does Buzz Offer?
point new Phone support
point new Chat
point new Email helpdesk
point new FAQs
point new Knowledge base
point new Training resources
Alternative To Buzz – ActiveCampaign

If you’re looking to check out Buzz’s competitors, you should start with ActiveCampaign. ActiveCampaign is marketing automation and customer experience automation tool – its goal is to help you improve the reach of your marketing campaigns without any additional manual effort. It helps with email automation, sales automation, and CRM.

ActiveCampaign Vs Buzz – Which Is Best?

ActiveCampaign is a more affordable software solution, which makes it ideal for SMBs with a less significant budget. However, when it comes to monitoring engagement, Buzz offers far more scalability. ActiveCampaign is tailored for marketing automation, whereas Buzz is designed to help you use data to boost engagement.

conclusion new│Buzz Summary

Buzz is a sales engagement tool that helps businesses to unify their engagement information and analyze it to devise more effective strategies for their email, LinkedIn, and video communication campaigns.

Buzz offers video communication creation, allowing companies to create hybrid videos that combine screen recordings and personalized images. Buzz also offers email and LinkedIn outreach automation and provides detailed reporting, lead scoring, and analytics to help you assess how well your outreach campaigns perform and whether they’re optimized to increase engagement.

Buzz offers several pricing tiers, and although it may be slower for smaller businesses to reach ROI, large businesses are maximizing ROI (as seen in their use cases).

If you’re considering increasing sales engagement and automating outreach processes to do more with less time, you should consider implementing Buzz at your company.

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Buzz – Try It Now For Sales Engagement

Are you looking to boost engagement without spending extra hours? Use Buzz to create automated outreach campaigns and improve your customer relationships.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Buzz is a sales engagement platform that helps businesses to improve engagement and encourage more success with their email and LinkedIn campaigns. Buzz serves three main functions - email automation, Linkedin outreach automation, and video creation.

Sales engagement is an umbrella term for any communications between a business and a prospect throughout the sales process. Businesses can improve their sales engagement strategies to encourage healthy growth.

Buzz offers several different features that help businesses with LinkedIn outreach, email outreach, and video creation. Buzz offers analytics features that help businesses to assess how well their outreach campaigns are working to cultivate engagement.

Buzz offers several different forms of customer support - onboarding support, phone support, email support, live chats, a knowledge base, and FAQs. However, not all support options are available with every pricing plan.



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