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SocialBee is a winning social media management tool that helps you efficiently engage with your customers. You can schedule social media posts for different platforms and measure the performance of individual posts.

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Social Bee Facts

Pricing ModelSubscriber based
Free TrialYes
Free VersionNo

review new │ SocialBee Overview

How do you manage your business’s social media? Reaching your customers and pursuing effective engagement are key benefits of social media. However, with many different platforms targeting customers, how do you manage all of your platforms?

SocialBee offers the solution to this problem. Providing a tool to manage your social media, you can post across all platform profiles. The simultaneous posting saves you time and ensures that the same message is portrayed across all social media.

SocialBee is best for managing your social media profiles. Content is published instantly across all social media profiles, pushing the same message across all platforms. An auto schedule can be provided to all social media accounts, simplifying your social media management.

Read our entire SocialBee review to discover more about how this effective tool can help manage your social media! Our Genius Score provides transparent information so you can make an informed decision!

SocialBee – Best for managing your social media profiles
social media

SocialBee manages your social media, across all profiles.

pros and cons new │ Pros & Cons of SocialBee

How can SocialBee help you to manage your social media accounts? Here are some of the many pros and cons to think about before making a SocialBee purchase!

SocialBee Pros

tick new Scheduling 

Create a content calendar that schedules your social media management, planning out when posts will be sent.

tick new Customer engagement

SocialBee develops your social media presence and develops how you engage with your customers.

tick new Numerous platforms

Whichever platforms you use, SocialBee has it covered! Sync several platforms to post content in line with your latest customer message.

tick new Tracking 

Track how many comments, likes, and shares a post has attracted, enabling you to use the same winning formulas next time!

tick new Pausing feature 

Place a pause on your scheduled content categories, making sure your social media posts work for you!

tick new Recycling 

Recycle top-performing posts across different platforms and profiles.

tick new Customization

Link posts across platforms yet add tweaks to each post to match the social media profile in question.

tick new Variations 

Unlimited post variations are available to freshen up your content across social media profiles.

tick new Support

Documentation and webinars are available to offer guidance and help across your SocialBee account.

SocialBee Cons

cons new Analytics

Not every social media platform can be used to analyze data which is a useful feature SocialBee should look at addressing.

cons new Integrations

Platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest need integrations to be used with the SocialBee tool.

cons new Speed

Some users report a slow upload when attaching photos and links to posts.

SocialBee AdvantagesSocialBee Disadvantages
plus new Schedule posts with a content calendarminus new Not all platforms can be used with analytics
plus new Develop your presence on social mediaminus new Integrations needed for some social media
plus new Sync across numerous platformsminus new Speed is sometimes slow
plus new Track high-performing posts
plus new Pause posting schedule
plus new Recycle top-performing posts
plus new Customize posts and add tweaks
plus new Unlimited post variations
plus new Webinars for help and support

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Try SocialBee Now!

Try SocialBee today and see how your social media profiles are easier to manage and navigate!

what new │ What Is SocialBee?

SocialBee is a social media management tool. The aim of this tool is to manage your social media fully, increasing your online presence through scheduled posting activity.

Creating stunning content is simple with SocialBee. Each post you create will be optimized for the specific social media platform it is intended for. You can measure the performance of your post and analyze how many comments, likes, and shares it has achieved.

You will save time recycling posts and conjuring up new content with the same winning formula! Try scheduling your content calendar so you can plan which posts need to be sent and when. SocialBee will then send your posts automatically according to the calendar plan.

Obtain key insights into your social media data, utilizing analytics to assess the performance of your posts across social media. The networks supported by SocialBe include Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Google My Business.

Manage your social media simply and tailored to the needs of your business with SocialBe!

  • Manage your social media profiles
  • Create pristine social media posts
  • Schedule automatic posts
  • Use your content calendar
  • Gain insights and analysis
  • Discover how your posts are performing

how new │ How Does SocialBee Work?

SocialBee is a social media management tool that focuses on improving your online presence. You can post optimized content across all social media platforms, managing their success and measuring their performance.

Schedule the posts you send across social media in line with your content strategy. You save time using a social media management tool instead of creating individual posts manually.

To determine how beneficial SocialBee is for your business, try the SocialBee free trial now! The free trial lasts 14 days and requires no credit card information so register your details today!

feature new │ Features of SocialBee

SocialBee effectively manages your social media posts, creating optimized content aimed at increasing your online presence. 

The reliable features offered by SocialBee have resulted in a high Genius Score! You need SocialBee as part of your business! So, what features can you expect when purchasing SocialBee?

point new Scheduling.

Try bulk scheduling your posts so that SocialBee can automatically assign relevant posts.

point new Pausing.

Press the pause button when you need a break from the content schedule.

point new Recycling.

Recycle the top-performing posts to optimize your presence and performance.

point new Customizing.

Adapt each post to meet the needs of the social media platform and the aims of the business strategy.

point new Evergreen content.

Update and refresh evergreen content, providing unlimited variations of posts with SocialBee.

point new Bulk posts.

Send many posts at once when assigning more profiles.

Why We Need to Use SocialBee

point new Manage your social mediapoint new Analyze analytics to assess content performance
point new Create optimized contentpoint new Update and refresh evergreen content
point new Schedule your calendar to send automatic posts

Social Bee Logo

SocialBee works for all business sizes! 

Get in touch with SocialBee now whatever size business you are operating! Social media is a key tool that can benefit a business tremendously in the Twenty-first Century. See how much your online presence will grow and try SocialBee now!

who new │Who Should Use SocialBee?

SocialBee is a great tool for managing your social media, but who will benefit most from using SocialBee?

Continue to follow our SocialBee review to find out how this social media management tool can help you!

point new Beginners

Beginners to business need to create an online presence, letting their customers know what their business has to offer! Using SocialBee’s post optimization, you will soon receive an abundance of likes, shares, and comments for your business.

point new Experienced

Experienced businesses need SocialBee to save them time and effort, reducing the time spend on creating social media posts.

point new Small and Medium Businesses

Small and medium businesses need SocialBee to let their business and their product stand out from the crowd online. Let your social media do the talking and let your customers know why they should pick you!

point new Beginners and start-up businesses use SocialBee to get noticed by the customer.
point new Experienced businesses save time when using SocialBee to automatically post content.
point new Small and medium businesses need SocialBee to develop their online presence

Social Bee Logo

Try SocialBee Now!

SocialBee is the social media management tool that will help beginner and experienced businesses engage and interact with customers online. Increase your online presence today!

cost and time new │SocialBee Time and Cost

How much time can be saved when using SocialBee in your business? When writing a post on social media, it can take time. You need to create catchy content that meets your business aims. You also need to make sure that you will not offend any social media users!

When using SocialBee, you can schedule automated content to be posted online to save you time! Your posts can be tweaked to meet the needs of different social media platforms, tailored to your customer and your aims.

Of course, saving time means saving money! You have more free time to spend on other tasks that aim to increase the productivity of your business directly. 

You will also save time away from thinking about how you can possibly increase the online awareness of your business. SocialBee does this for you!

usability new │Usability

A superb Genius Score has been achieved by SocialBee! But, does SocialBee meet its own aims and USP? Read the full SocialBee review to find out!

The purpose of SocialBee is to manage your social media in one place. Let’s say you had social media profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, and LinkedIn. How long would it take you to create appropriate posts for each account on a regular basis?

SocialBee posts across all social media platforms, offering an automated calendar to schedule your content. Content is optimized so your posts perform well, enabling you to analyze the success of your social media presence.

pricing new │SocialBee Pricing – What Does It Cost?

SocialBee begins its pricing with a free trial, available for 14 days with zero credit card details required. 

If you are happy with the free version of the software, purchase the Bootstrap package for $19 per month. This package is perfect for the solo entrepreneur and works across 5 social media accounts for 1 user and 1 workspace.

The medium subscription is the Accelerate packaged, priced at $39 per month for 10 social media accounts, 1 user and 1 workspace. 

Or, you could opt for the Pro package at $79 per month, perfect for agencies. The Pro package works across 25 social media account and allows 3 users per workspace across 5 workspaces.

For larger agencies, there is the Pro50 package for 50 social media accounts, 5 users per workspace, and 10 workspaces. Or choose the Pro100 package at $279 per month for the bigger agency! This package works across 100 social media accounts, 5 users per workspace, and across 20 workspaces.

The largest subscription package from SocialBee is the Pro150 package, costing $379 per month. This subscription will allow 150 social media accounts, 5 users per workspace, and 30 workspaces.

BootstrapStarting from $19/month
Accelerate Starting from$39/month
Pro25Starting from$79/month
Pro50Starting from$149/month
Pro100Starting from$279/month
Pro150Starting from$379/month

Social Bee Logo

Discover your SocialBee quote today!

Find out which SocialBee pricing plan is the best option for you! Discuss your choices with a SocialBee specialist now!

tools new │What Tools Are Included With SocialBee?

An array of tools are provided with your SocialBee subscription package.

point new Analytics

Assess your analytics on the dashboard to assess how your posts and content are performing and which social media accounts are optimized further. You can assess your audience status and duplicate success across the board.


point new Assess Your Profiles

Dive further into your social media profiles and assess their overall success with the included overview. View the next scheduled post for each social media account and view the notifications that you have in place.

point new Onboarding 

Understand how to gain the most out of SocialBee with the Onboarding tool! The way to create new content and post to your account is made easy whilst optimizing every step of the way!


point new Calendar

Schedule your social media content in the SocialBee calendar. Use the calendar to plan what needs to be posted, when it needs to be posted, and to which account. You can also pause your scheduled content for a set period if required.

Points to Note
point new Analyze your content and assess the top-performing posts.
point new Find out which content is due to be posted to which social media account and when.
point new Onboarding tool makes sure you get the most out of SocialBee.
point new Schedule your content calendar and pause postings when need be.

example new │SocialBee Use Cases

Which companies are using SocialBee to develop their social media management skills?

point new Xciting Webdesign

Xciting Webdesign is helps to develop small and medium-sized businesses with their online marketing skills. The business uses SocialBee to maximize its reach to customers, using a quick and simple tool to engage successfully with customers.

point new Global Superyacht Marketing

To reach their intended audience, Global Superyacht Marketing uses SocialBee. Incorporating glamorous videos and images of superyachts, the customer can visualize the product and service through social media.

point new Parrog Agency

Parrog Agency utilizes the skillset of SocialBee in their digital marketing agency. SocialBee helps to make Parrog Agency stand out from the crowd and target the customers that they need in their business. Parrog Agency loves how content is refreshed when no new content is uploaded.

support new │Support Quality

There are several methods to contact SocialBee when you need support and advice. Such excellent support quality has realized a super Genius Score for SocialBee!

You can choose to email SocialBee at [email protected] if you need general help that is not urgent. Or, you can opt to use the live chat function through the SocialBee app or via the website.

Alternatively, book a call with SocialBee! Simply book a time and date with the SocialBee calendar online or through the app. A SocialBee specialist will contact you at that time so you can discuss your issue thoroughly.

SocialBee Support
point new Book a call with a SocialBee expert
point new Choose to book a time and date online or through the app calendar
point new Use the live chat function through the app or online feature
point new Email [email protected] for general help and support

conclusion new │Conclusion

SocialBee is a social media management tool that helps you increase your online presence effectively. All social media accounts are incorporated into the SocialBee platform so you can send bulk content across the web!

SocialBee will save you time and money, reducing the time you spend posting content on social media. You will have more time for direct business activities in your role.

The free trial is a great place to start when considering a SocialBee purchase. You can then purchase a subscription, beginning at only $19 per month for the Bootstrap package. This price is very reasonable and is perfect for new entrepreneurs.

The array of support offered by SocialBee is substantial, including a live chat function and email contact. The icing on the cake is the live call that you can book at your own convenience through the app or the online website. Speak directly with a SocialBee expert to guide you through the platform.

There are other software products that offer a similar service to SocialBee, so how do they compare? 

Hootsuite offers a similar product to SocialBee and is a popular choice. However, the basic subscription for Hootsuite starts at $49 per month, rising to $129 and $739 respectively. SocialBee, therefore, offers the same great service at a fraction of the price!

Buffer is a software that is similar to SocialBee and is easier to set up. However, Buffer can be slow to reach roi, with SocialBee offering a more reliable service.

Social Bee Logo

Try SocialBee Now!

SocialBee is the key social media management tool that can help your business increase its online presence! You will improve your customer engagement online, posting across several social media accounts to reach the masses.

Try the SocialBee free trial today and see the benefits that this software can provide your business!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

SocialBee increases your online presence and improves your customer engagement online. It is a social media management tool that really does help your business control its content online.

Schedule posts and reduce the time and pressure on your shoulders when creating content.

Yes, you can secure a 14-day free trial of SocialBee now! You do not need to register credit card details when requesting your free trial so what are you waiting for?!

Once you have experienced the SocialBee free trial, the cheapest package to purchase is $19. There is a range of other pricing models to choose from too, priced at $39 and $79. If you are an agency, SocialBee has a larger range of packages specially for your business niche.

SocialBee caters for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google My Business, Instagram, Pinterest, and Instagram social media accounts.


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