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Revealbot is an ad management service that helps you create, manage, optimize, and automate your ad campaigns. Revealbot can improve your marketing and increase your ROI.

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review new │ Revealbot Overview

Any thriving business needs to invest in advertisement. You need to generate more interest from your customer base to generate more revenue. Increasing exposure for your business shouldn’t be time-consuming – which is why you might benefit from automating processes for your paid advertisements.

How can you automate processes for your ad campaigns? Revealbot is a platform that allows you more customization with your Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns, allowing you more freedom. Revealbot will enable you to manage, optimize, and automate your ad campaigns for more efficient marketing and better ROI.

Keep reading to learn more about Revealbot and what it can do for your advertising processes. Find out why Revealbot is the best for ad automation and why we have rated it so highly using our Genius Score. Don’t miss out on this fabulous SaaS tool!

Revealbot – Best tool for ad automation!
Revealbot is your ultimate ad automation, optimization, and management tool!

pros and cons new │ Revealbot Pros And Cons

Before we get into the details of Revealbot, here’s an overview of the main benefits and disadvantages of Revealbot.

RevealBot Pros

If you’re unsure why you should invest in Revealbot, here are the benefits that make Revealbot the best ad automation tool.

tick new Excellent Customer Support

Revealbot offers superior customer support – you can access live support 24/7, allowing you to get help outside your business hours. 

tick new Training Resources

There are plenty of training documents and webinars with Revealbot that will help you onboard your employees quickly and get the most out of the software.

tick new Custom Reports For Ad Accounts

Revealbot allows you to analyze how well your paid advertisements work with your ad accounts’ custom reports. View how many leads you’re generating and how well each campaign performs.

tick new Simple To Use With Attractive Interface

Many existing customers of Revealbot noted how easy it is to use the software and how clear and straightforward the user interface is.

tick new Automated Publishing

You can automate the ad campaign publishing process for your campaigns, allowing your team to focus on other tasks.

tick new Customer Targeting

You can target your ads to reach customers in your target demographics, allowing you to reach the people who are more inclined to buy your products or subscribe to your service.

RevealBot Cons

Nothing is perfect, and Revealbot doesn’t come without some flaws. Here are some of the cons of using Revealbot for your marketing management.

cons new Not Priced Competitively For Small Businesses

Some users noted that Revealbot was too expensive for smaller businesses with less extensive advertising needs.

Revealbot ProsRevealbot Cons
plus new Excellent customer supportminus new Not priced competitively for small businesses
plus new Training resources
plus new Custom reports
plus new Simple to use
plus new Automated publishing
plus new Customer targeting

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Need Ad Automation? Try Revealbot!

Make the most of your Facebook and Instagram advertising investments with Revealbot – the best ad automation tool!

what new │ What Is Revealbot?

Revealbot is a SaaS tool designed to help businesses automate processes related to their paid social media advertising. It is an AI-driven tool that automates, optimizes, and helps you manage your advertising campaigns on platforms like

  • FaceBook
  • Instagram
  • TikTok
  • Google ads
  • Snapchat ads

Whether you’re an eCommerce business looking to promote your products, a musician looking to promote your new album, or a business looking to promote its services, you can benefit from ensuring your ad campaigns are successful.

Revealbot allows you to create new ads in a matter of seconds with their customization tools and bend the restrictions that sites like FaceBook place on their ads. Once you have posted your ad campaigns, Revealbot helps you maximize ROI by analyzing how well your ad campaigns perform. 

You can also use Revealbot to manage your ad campaigns by establishing your budget and optimizing it with campaign automation. 

What Is Revealbot?
point new SaaS for automating paid social media ads.
point new Integrates with Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and more.
point new Allows you to create and customize ads.
point new Helps with budget creation and optimization.

how new │ How Does Revealbot Work?

Revealbot offers its customers three modules that help them to manage their advertising campaigns better:

point new Ad creation

Revealbot offers 64 ad variants that you can customize with your branding to make your ad campaigns ready for launch.

point new Reporting

You can create reports using Revealbot that give you insight into how well your email campaigns perform. The report layouts on Revealbot are beautiful and fully customizable. You can schedule the reports to suit your business needs.

point new Ad management

Revealbot allows you to manage your ads, put them on hold, adjust bids, and optimize your budget with campaign automation.

Using these three modules of Revealbot, you can optimize your ROI from your ad campaigns, manage your ad campaigns with automation, and create ad campaigns within seconds.

feature new │ Best Features Of Revealbot

Revealbot offers many features to help you manage your advertisements and achieve excellent ROI on your advertising investments. Here are the best features of Revealbot.

point new Integrations

To manage your advertising campaigns across multiple platforms, Revealbot allows you to integrate the software with TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, Google, Snapchat, and other advertising platforms. You can also integrate Revealbot with Slack and Google Sheets to unify your software platforms.


point new Scheduling

You can set custom timeframes for your advertising automation, and you can schedule your automation at intervals as frequent as 15 minutes.

point new Visual Builder

Revealbot provides a user-friendly and intuitive editor that allows you to build your advertisements and tailor them to suit your brand. Revealbot offers 64 customizable templates for your ad designs to get you started.

Visual Builder

point new Bulk Creation

You can use Revalbot to help you quickly create bulk advertising campaigns. You can create workflows for advertising and automate ad creation using templates. You can also perform split-set testing for your ad campaigns to ensure your emails are optimized for lead generation. Some other bulk creation features worth mentioning include

  • Multiple ad creation – use creative set components to create multiple varied ads without manual effort.
  • Flexible scheduling – reach your audience when they’re most active.
  • Validation – debug any errors before you publish your campaign.
  • Action tracking – see who did what easily with activity tracking.

point new Custom Reports

Revealbot is lauded for the attractiveness of its reporting tool. You can create beautiful reports to track how many leads your advertisements generate and whether they’re performing well enough to justify the expense. 

Why Should You Use Revealbot?

point new Integrations – use Revealbot for Facebook, Instagram, and more.
point new Scheduling – schedule your ad campaigns with Revealbot.
point new Visual builders – create ad campaigns effortlessly.
point new Bulk creation – create bulk ad campaigns with automated creation processes.
point new Custom reports – gain insight into how your campaigns are performing.

Revealbot Logo

Revealbot – Try It Now To Make Ads Simple!

If you want to improve your paid advertising campaigns without increased effort, why not try Revealbot? Automate ad management, optimization, and creation!

who new │Who Should Use Revealbot?

If you’re wondering whether RevealBot would be a good fit for your company, you need to know what businesses Revealbot is designed for. This section will cover the main business types that would benefit from Revealbot for ad automation. 

It’s important to note that Revealbot can be considered too expensive for a smaller business model, which is why we will not cover smaller businesses here. However, if you think Revealbot’s pricing suits your small business budget, you might consider investing in it for your ad automation.

Here are some of the main business types that would benefit from using Revealbot:

point new Ecommerce businesses

If you’re looking to promote your products on social media platforms on a large scale, you’ll need an advertising automation tool. Revealbot can help eCommerce businesses promote their products to the right audience and analyze whether their campaigns generate enough interest.

point new Promoters

If you’re looking to promote content or an album, you will benefit from automated ad creation that allows you to focus on other elements of music promotion. You can get your music to the right listeners and push your track up the charts.

point new Professional services businesses

If you’re looking to increase the number of subscribers and promote your services, then you’ll benefit from Revealbot’s bulk automation features. Scale your ad campaigns with ease, eliminating the need for more manual effort.

If your business needs to promote services, products, or content on a large scale, you will likely benefit from Revealbot. 

What Business Types Should Use Revealbot?
point new Ecommerce businesses – Use Revealbot to optimize your ad campaigns and promote your products to customers.
point new Promoters – If you need to promote content to a wide audience, you can use Revealbot to automate the ad creation process.
point new Professional services businesses – To gain more subscriptions and get more customers to invest in your service, you’ll need a wide reach. Make bulk ad campaigns easy with Revealbot.

Revealbot Logo

Try Revealbot For Ad Optimization!

Use Revealbot for competitively priced social media ad optimization and management. Create campaigns and manage them to get maximum ROI.

cost and time new │How Much Time And Money To Use Revealbot?

Revealbot isn’t tailored towards businesses without a significant budget for advertising, so if you’re considering using Revealbot for your business, you’ll need to determine how extensive your advertising budget will be.

Revealbot is designed to help you achieve the best ROI on your advertising investments with analytics, so reaching ROI with Revealbot shouldn’t take too long. 

To start automating ad processes with Revealbot, you’ll need to upload images and content for your ad campaigns and establish workflow processes to make the most out of the software. Learning how to use the software to meet your business’ advertising goals may take a short while, but the automations you establish will ensure your business saves a lot of time on advertising campaigns.

usability new │How Easy Is It To Use RevealBot?

Revealbot’s goal is to enable businesses to create bulk advertising campaigns quickly and with ease. 

Since Revealbot provides its customers with resources to help them use the software to the fullest, you shouldn’t struggle to use Revealbot. They offer webinars, online training resources, and online communities with expert marketers. And, you can access cost data from millions of sources for Facebook ads.

The user-friendly interface and beautiful reporting templates on Revealbot make it pleasant to use and simple to understand.

pricing new │How Much Does Revealbot Cost?

Now, let’s talk bacon. How much is Revealbot going to cost you? Well, if you’re just looking to test out the software and see if it’s a good fit, then you might benefit from the 14-day free trial. You can get a taste of what it’s like to use the software without investing.

Regarding Revealbot’s pricing plans, you don’t need to worry about features. For any Revealbot tier, all of the features are included! Revealbot’s pricing plans aren’t based on which features you get. Instead, they’re based on your monthly ad spend limit. So, you don’t need to worry about not getting all the best features if you only have limited advertising needs.

When purchasing a plan from Revealbot, it’s best to remember that the tool will be more cost-effective if you opt for the yearly plan. They provide a significant discount for those opting for the annual payment plan.

Monthly Ad Spend LimitRevealbot Cost

Revealbot Logo

Don’t Miss Out! Try Revealbot!

Looking for advertising campaigns at the snap of a finger? Try Revealbot for ad automation – create ad campaigns in a matter of minutes.

tools new │Revealbot – Best Tools For Your Business

Wondering which Revealbot features and tools are best suited to your business? Here are the best Revealbot tools for businesses.

point new Imagery Analytics

When you use Revealbot’s reporting feature, you can easily gain insight into which kinds of imagery resonate most with your audience, and make the right creative decisions for your advertising campaign.

point new Daily Slack Notifications

Your ad teams have plenty of tasks to attend to throughout the day – they shouldn’t constantly be checking on your ad campaign reports to see how they’re performing. So, Revealbot integrates with Slack to provide your team with daily updates on your ad performance reports so that they can stay in the loop without any extra effort.

Daily Slack Notifications

point new Post Boosting

With the post boosting feature, your company can automatically promote your Facebook Ads once they meet custom conditions. Additionally, you can promote your Facebook Ads to lookalike audiences, custom audiences, page fans, and retarget customers.

point new Locating Top Performing Audiences

With your Revealbot tool, you can figure out which are your best-performing audiences across multiple ad campaigns and accounts. You can also find out which audiences aren’t working and find out the best solution to maximize ROI on your advertising investments.

Locating Top Performing Audiences
What Are The Best Revealbot Tools For Businesses?
point new Imagery analytics – find out which images most resonate with your audience.
point new Slack notifications – get reports sent to you daily via Slack.
point new Post boosting – get your posts seen by the right audience.
point new Locate top performing audiences – perform lead scoring.

example new │Who’s Using Revealbot? Best Revealbot Use Cases

point new Scentbird

Scentbird is a New York-based perfume subscription company. To maximize the reach and ROI of their advertising campaigns, Scentbird implemented Revealbot’s software. They found that Revealbot helped them to perform 80% more creative testing for their ad campaigns, finding the winning angle more efficiently.

point new Ignite 

Ignite Your Brand is an advertising agency that needed a tool to help them manage their clients’ advertising campaigns at a greater scale. With Revealbot, they helped one of their clients to meet $3.9 million in sales in a single month.

point new Voy Media

Voy Media is one of the leading Facebook advertising companies in the world. They found that Revealbot helped them take on more clients, allowing them to take on more clients without hiring more agents.

point new AdQuantum

AdQuantum is a performance marketing agency specializing in driving new revenue to apps. When they implemented Revealbot, they reduced the time it took to manage and optimize their campaigns by 30%.

support new │Revealbot Customer Support

When you start using Revealbot for your advertising, what customer support is available? Are there onboarding resources? Let’s discuss.

Revealbot offers its customers fantastic and responsive customer support every step – from helping you set up the software and use it for your company’s needs to helping you answer any questions you may have while using the tool.

Here are your customer support options when using Revealbot:

  • Help center – Revealbot has a help center with a search bar function that helps you search through their extensive resources for optimizing your use of the software and troubleshooting any issues.
  • 24/7 support – Revealbot offers round-the-clock phone and email support to help you get the answers and solutions you need.
  • Blog – Revealbot has a blog to help your employees learn about the most innovative and effective advertising techniques and to help you learn more about Revealbot.
  • Courses – Revealbot offers a Facebook advertising course to help you upskill your employees and give them a more extensive knowledge of Facebook advertising.
  • Experts – if you need help optimizing your ad campaigns, Revealbot has partnered with the top advertising experts to help you gain more inside knowledge on ensuring your ad campaigns are providing the best ROI.
What Customer Support Is Available With Revealbot?
point new Help center – answer your queries using the help search function.
point new 24/7 support – access customer support at any time.
point new Blog – learn more about Revealbot and advertising trends.
point new Courses – upskill your employees with Facebook ad courses.
point new Experts – access guidance from the best in business.
Revealbot Alternative – TrustAds
TrustAds is an advertising automation tool for Facebook and Snapchat advertising. It offers lookalike audience creation and helps you with rule creation and ad creation. If you’re interested in checking out a Revealbot competitor, you can access a 7 day free trial with TrustAds.
TrustAds Vs Revealbot – Which Is Best?
When deciding between TrustAds and Revealbot, it’s important to note that Revealbot offers unlimited ad accounts, while Trustads only allows you to use 1 ad account with their bottom pricing tier. Additionally, Revealbot has Trustads beat when it comes to their attractive reporting templates.

conclusion new │Conclusion

Revealbot is an advertising automation tool that helps you to create, optimize, and manage your advertising campaigns with ease. The software comes with a built-in ad creation tool with over 60 templates to get you started. You can create ad campaigns in bulk and do more with less effort and time.

Revealbot integrates with Facebook, Snapchat, TikTok, Google, and more to ensure you can handle all your advertising platforms in one place. 

Gain more insight into your ad campaign’s performance with automated reports – with the Slack integration, your employees will receive daily updates identifying how well their ad campaigns are performing.

With a clear and simple interface and gorgeous reporting layouts, Revealbot offers its customers user-friendly automation and more clarity of thought for advertising campaigns. Revealbot’s existing customers noted that they managed to create more optimized ad campaigns and generate more sales with less time and no additional staff members.

If you’re considering using Revealbot to streamline your ad campaign management – give it a go. With their 14-day free trial, you’ve got nothing to lose!

Revealbot Logo

Create Ads That Appeal To Your Audience With Revealbot!

Need to find out which images are appealing to your audience in your ad campaigns? Use Revealbot’s sophisticated reporting and analytics functions to find the imagery that draws in your target audience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Revealbot is a SaaS platform that helps businesses to automate advertising processes and create bulk advertising campaigns more quickly and more easily. It offers customers the ability to create, manage, and optimize their advertising campaigns to get the best ROI.

Revealbot’s cost depends on your advertising budget and the scale of your business. Each pricing tier is based on your maximum ad spending per month from $10K and upwards. You get a free 14-day free trial to test the software out before investing. It’s cheaper to invest in the annual plan as opposed to the monthly payment plan.

Revealbot is revered for its attentive and extensive customer support resources. Revealbot helps you learn how to use the software to your advantage with their help center, blogs, and Facebook advertising courses. Additionally, you can access 24/7 attentive support.

Revealbot’s main features are the ad creation tool, the reporting tool, and the budget management tool. Together, these three primary features allow you to manage the cost of your ad campaigns, analyze their effectiveness, and create bulk advertising campaigns with ease.


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