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Adzooma is an online advertising platform that helps businesses simplify digital marketing with easy-to-use tools and educational resources. It makes it easy to create and manage digital ad campaigns.

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│ Adzooma Overview

In the modern world, digital advertising is absolutely essential for almost any kind of business, but it can be tricky and time-consuming to understand the ins and outs of Google ads, PPC, Facebook marketing, and more. 

Enter Adzooma. Adzooma is an online advertising platform that aims to help businesses grow by simplifying the world of digital marketing through easy-to-use tools and educational resources. But is Adzooma right for you? Read through our Adzooma review to find out.

Adzooma – Best for ad managementAdzooma is one of the best tools around to help you demystify the world of digital advertising, providing tools to make and manage digital ad campaigns easily and conveniently. Give it a try today and see how Adzooma can enhance your digital advertising position.

pros and cons new │ Adzooma Pros and Cons

Before we take a look at some of the key features of Adzooma and examine some use cases of this platform in action, let’s first focus on some of Adzooma’s main pros and cons to help you see if this platform might be right for you.

Adzooma Pros

tick new Completely free to use 

One of the most impressive things about Adzooma is that most of the platform is completely free to use. This is really impressive, and it shows that the developers of this platform truly care about making advertising easier and more accessible for all.

tick new Save hours on ad management 

Another amazing aspect of Adzooma is what a big time-saver it is. Many businesses spend hours managing and adjusting their ad campaigns, but Adzooma makes everything much easier and faster for its users.

tick new Ideal for a wide range of users 

Whether you’re setting up a brand new business and trying to get eyes on your products and services or want to improve your company’s existing ad campaigns, Adzooma can work for you and help you get results.

tick new Detailed reports with actionable data 

Adzooma also provides its users with automatically generated, in-depth reports to show general levels of performance and detailed ratings for each of a company’s campaigns. This can provide you with really useful and actionable data to push your campaigns further.

tick new A beginner-friendly interface

Another excellent part of the Adzooma experience is its interface. The interface is sleek, modern, and user-friendly, and Adzooma cleverly uses a simple red, yellow, and green color system to show areas that need improvement and areas where you’re doing well.

Adzooma Cons

cons new Only focused on major platforms

One of the downsides of Adzooma that some users may notice more than others is the fact that it only focuses on major ad platforms like Google and Facebook, so if you want to advertise on minor platforms or lesser-known ones, you may not get great results from this tool.

cons new Set-up can be a little lengthy

Even though Adzooma is a really easy tool to use and can save you a lot of time in the long run, the initial set-up phase can be a little long and time-consuming as you need to link your various accounts and enter some data.

cons new Can be a little buggy

Another downside that some users may notice and others won’t is that Adzooma can have some bugs from time to time, and you might need to click multiple times to get a certain report to load or to clear something from your recommendations list, for example.

Adzooma Advantages
Adzooma Disadvantages
plus new Most features are freeminus new Minor platforms are ignored
plus new A huge time-saverminus new Initial set-up process takes time
plus new Works for many potential usersminus new Some users have experienced bugs
plus new In-depth analytics
plus new Intuitive and easy to understand

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Try Adzooma now!

If you want to build up your brand and get more eyes on your products and services, you need effective, efficient ad campaigns. Adzooma can help you make the most of every campaign you launch.

what new │ What Is Adzooma?

Adzooma is a digital advertising platform that helps users not only manage their ad campaigns but also optimize their campaigns to get the best results and value from each investment. It also provides automation tools and reports, and the whole purpose of Adzooma is to make digital marketing easier and less time-consuming for users.

In fact, the entire Adzooma platform was founded on this principle, and the developers were eager to create something that would help users minimize the amount of time, money, and resources they put into their ad campaigns while maximizing the output of those campaigns.

It’s a really smart system, and the best part is that most of it is completely free, too. So there’s not really any risk in creating your Adzooma account, connecting your ad accounts, and making the most of this platform’s features in order to monitor and improve your campaigns.

So what are those features? Well, one of the main things that Adzooma does is make recommendations regarding things you can do to improve your digital marketing strategy, providing hints, tips, and suggestions to help you get more value out of each campaign, or to save time and money on campaigns that aren’t providing a great ROI.

As an Adzooma user, you’ll be given a checklist of opportunities that you can tick off as you make improvements to your campaigns, based on Adzooma’s own algorithms and technology. The platform also offers detailed reports and insights to help you learn more about your performance so far, and it works with all major ad platforms like Google and Facebook.

Overall Rating4.5/5
Time-SavingAdzooma is a super time-saving tool
ManagementAdzooma helps you manage your campaigns with ease
InsightThis platform provides reports with meaningful data about your ads
IntuitiveAdzooma features an intuitive color-coded system for beginners
FreeMost of Adzooma’s features and functions are free to use

how new │ How Does Adzooma Work?

So, how does Adzooma work? Well, this platform is actually quite simple to start using, and it doesn’t require too much in-depth experience or expertise, so you shouldn’t have any issues getting started. 

The first step is to head over to the Adzooma site and make your account. The sign up process with Adzooma is quick and easy, and once you’ve got your account, you can start viewing your business marketing score via your Adzooma online profile. 

You can also go through Adzooma’s step-by-step checklists to start improving your score and building up your brand’s marketing potential. Adzooma will automatically provide you with lists of improvements to make that can strengthen your brand’s position.

You can use Adzooma to create and manage new digital marketing campaigns, too, via the site’s very own campaign builder. And once your campaigns start to run, Adzooma will automatically track their performance and provide you with insights and data to help you learn more about the effectiveness of each one. 

Then, over time, you can monitor your marketing score, view Adzooma’s free reports of your marketing potential, and make improvements, as recommended by Adzooma’s algorithms, in order to strengthen your online branding. You can also make use of the excellent Adzooma Academy resources to learn more about how to market your brand effectively and efficiently. 

Adzooma also works for companies that are already advertising. It allows you to enter some basic data about your current campaigns and get an overview of where you’re at, as well as identifying opportunities for improvement.

feature new │ Adzooma Features

Adzooma offers a wide range of impressive features for all users, and we can break them down into five key areas. Here’s a quick explanation of those five main features and what they have to offer.

point new Dashboard 

All Adzooma users will have their own central dashboard. This is like your advertising homepage, showing you top-level data on the performance of your campaigns so far. The dashboard also lists top opportunities you can implement to save time and optimize your marketing efforts, along with data for your top campaigns, keywords, and adverts so far.

point new Management 

Over on the Management tab of Adzooma, you can view full breakdowns of your campaigns so far, seeing information on everything from budget, keywords, impressions, and so on. You can adjust budgets with a click and activate or deactivate campaigns on the fly. There are also filters and search tools to help you find specific campaigns with ease.

point new Opportunities 

Opportunities are arguably the most important feature of Adzooma. On the Opportunities tab, you’ll find a list of recommendations to follow to optimize your campaigns, improve performance, and save time. Adzooma is always analyzing your account data and looking for potential areas of improvement to help you really get the best value for your marketing budget.

point new Automation 

Automation is another major aspect of Adzooma. The Automation tab shows all of your existing automations and comes with its own automation builder, letting you create new automations based on your own rules and data. For example, you can set up notifications to let you know about campaigns that exceed a certain CPC rate.

point new Reports

Finally, we come to Reports. Adzooma has a powerful reporting suite, tracking all kinds of metrics to measure the performance of your ads. It automatically generates reports over time, and you can view them whenever you want to see what you’re doing well and where you could improve, using Adzooma’s classic green, amber, and red color-coding system to let you easily scan through and find optimized and less-optimized aspects of your advertising.

Why We Need to Use Adzooma

point new Saves you time on advertising 
point new Helps you optimize your advertising performance 
point new Make the most of your ad budget
point new Get the data you need to make the right decisions

Adzooma Logo

Use Adzooma for easy ad optimization

If you’re worried about overspending on ads or not getting the best possible value from your campaigns, Adzooma is here to help. Give it a try for free today and take your digital advertising game to the next level.

who new │Who Should Use Adzooma?

There are lots of potential users of Adzooma, and almost any business or individual relying on digital ad campaigns on platforms like Google and Facebook can make use of this service. Here are some of the main groups of possible users.

point new Startups

If you’re setting up a brand new business, you may be looking for as many free or low-budget tools as you can. Adzooma is one of the top free advertising platforms you can use in the early stages to grow your brand.

point new E-commerce

If you’re running an online store or e-commerce business, you can also benefit from the powers of Adzooma. This platform lets you track and organize all of your different campaigns for the products you sell online.

point new Small Businesses

Small businesses often rely on digital advertising campaigns like PPC campaigns to generate leads and attract customers to their brands. Adzooma is a super tool for this, helping you optimize your digital marketing strategy.

point new Mid-Size Businesses

Even if you’re running a bigger, medium-sized business, you can use Adzooma to help you expand the reach and effectiveness of your advertising efforts. Adzooma is fully scalable to suit the needs of larger companies and organizations.

point new Useful for businesses of a range of different sizes
point new Ideal for businesses with limited budgets
point new Helps you maximize value from your ad campaigns

Adzooma Logo

Give Adzooma a try for ad management

Whether you’re setting up a brand new business and looking to make your mark on the industry or wishing to expand your company’s existing reach, Adzooma can help. Give this platform a try today to see how it can help you grow.

cost and time new │Adzooma Cost and Time

When it comes to cost, Adzooma is one of the best options around, as it doesn’t cost a thing! You can access and enjoy most of the main features and benefits of this program without even spending a single cent, so it’s an amazing prospect in terms of value for money.

In terms of time, too, Adzooma is a winner. It may take a little bit of time to get set up initially, but once you’re up and running with Adzooma, this tool can save you hours of time on a daily basis, maximizing the efficiency of your business.

usability new │Adzooma Usability

So, how easy is Adzooma to use? Well, most users agree that this platform is a breeze to use, and even total beginners can get to grips with what Adzooma has to offer in next to no time, so you won’t have to worry about a lengthy learning period or steep learning curve.

Adzooma has a smart and simple interface, with clearly marked tabs that you can switch between to access the various sections, as well as an easy-to-use dashboard that provides all of the main info you need.

Even when it comes to Adzooma’s more advanced features, everything is designed to be as simple and intuitive as possible, and Adzooma cleverly uses its color-coding system across its reports and recommendations to make things super simple.

pricing new │Adzooma Pricing

So, how much will you need to spend to enjoy Adzooma’s useful features and benefits? Well, one of the most impressive things about this platform is that most of it is completely free! Adzooma was created to make digital advertising more accessible and understandable for all, so the developers decided to make most of their features and services free for all. 

However, there are some paid plans if you want to take your Adzooma experience to the next level. Here’s how the plans break down.

point new Essentials

The Essentials plan is the equivalent of Adzooma’s free plan. It won’t cost you a penny to access the features and functions of the Essentials plan, and anyone can sign up and start enjoying this service right away. With Essentials, you get campaign monitoring, optimizations, recommendations, campaign reports, and more.

point new Plus

The Plus is the next level up from Adzooma’s entry-level Essentials plan. The Plus plan is for businesses that are starting to grow and need even more features. This plan costs $41 per month if you pay annually or $69 per month if you prefer a monthly payment plan. It gives you all the Essentials features, as well as premium opportunities, listings and reviews management, over 80 additional automation templates, and advanced SEO insights.

point new Enterprise

If you need something more bespoke to suit the high demands of your big business, Adzooma also offers custom, enterprise-level plans. Pricing and features for these plans vary, so you can contact the Adzooma team and talk with them to figure out a plan that works for you.

PlusFrom $41 per month
UltimateContact Adzooma for a quote

tools new │Adzooma Tools for Business

Adzooma has plenty of useful tools to help you grow your business and make every ad campaign more efficient and effective for your company. Here are a few of the platform’s best tools for business.

point new On-the-fly Campaign Management 

One of the best features of Adzooma for business is the ability to not only monitor your campaigns from your dashboard, but also to make instant changes to your budgets, keywords, and campaign durations.

point new Collaboration 

Adzooma also supports and facilitates collaboration between teams. It allows you to invite multiple users to your account, letting different people access the same information and make necessary changes or improvements to ad campaigns.

point new Automation

Automation is a huge part of the Adzooma experience. This platform lets you automate a range of tasks or set up automatic notifications and reminders when you need them to let you know about important aspects of your ads.

Points to Note
point new Work solo or as a team to maximize your ad efficiency
point new Enjoy easy, on-the-fly ad management
point new Make the most of your ads across multiple major platforms

example new │Adzooma Use Cases

There are plenty of businesses out there that are already using Adzooma to maximize their ROI for every ad campaign. Here are a few examples of businesses that have experienced growth and other benefits since they started to use Adzooma.

point new Veeme Media

Veeme Media is a digital marketing agency. It decided to make use of Adzooma to enjoy the platform’s free analytics and time-saving automation features, and the Veeme Media team was highly impressed by Adzooma’s beginner-friendly interface.

point new Powerphrase

Powerphrase is a marketing and advertising company that decided to make use of Adzooma to assist with automating Google Ads campaigns and optimizing each one of those campaigns to get better results.

point new Sentio Marketing

Sentio Marketing is another marketing agency that decided to set up an account with Adzooma and has been able to gain new clients since it started work with the platform. This company also praised Adzooma’s overall ease of use and handy reports.

support new │Adzooma Support

So, how does Adzooma compare to other platforms in terms of customer support? Well, if you need any assistance with the platform, you can contact one of Adzooma’s support agents via either Facebook or email. 

The support team usually provide fast, friendly responses and should be able to answer most questions and solve most problems with minimal fuss. 

Unfortunately, there’s no phone support, but if you pay for Adzooma Plus, you can get your own dedicated support manager who is specifically. And even if you don’t pay any extra fees, you can still rely on Adzooma’s extensive help center with guides and tutorials to get started.

point new Email and Facebook support
point new Friendly and rapid responses
point new Dedicated support managers with Plus accounts
Alternative to Adzooma – Madgicx
Madgicx is a marketing platform that offers a range of features like creative insights, campaign overviews, and AI tags to help users both manage and optimize their advertising campaigns.
Comparing Adzooma to Madgicx
Both Adzooma and Madgicx have plenty of features in common. They both make it easy for users to manage campaigns and both offer features to help users optimize campaigns, too, although Adzooma is arguably even more impressive in this aspect, as well as being completely free.

conclusion new │Conclusion

Overall, Adzooma is a great platform. The fact that it’s completely free makes it very easy to recommend, and it’s not hard to see why so many businesses, startups, and even solopreneurs have decided to make use of this service.

The platform boasts a huge range of features to help users get amazing results out of every ad campaign, and everything is so intuitive, beginner-friendly, and easy to use, so you won’t need to waste any time.

There may be a few bugs and you might have to pay extra for the Plus service as your company grows even bigger, but for startups and small businesses, Adzooma is a must-try. And since it’s free to use, there’s no risk for you as a user.

Adzooma Logo

Try Adzooma Now!

Adzooma is one of the most useful digital advertising platforms out there right now, making ads easier to manage and more effective at getting the results you crave. Make your account for free today to see what it can do for you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Adzooma is a multifunctional advertising platform that lets you manage and optimize your ad campaigns.

Adzooma is based in Nottingham in the UK.

Adzooma was founded by Robert Wass and David Sharpe, who now serve as co-CEOs of the company.

Almost any business using digital ad campaigns can use Adzooma, especially if you have a focus on major ad platforms like Google and Facebook.


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